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self, and of his religious thoughts, whether he had secured their pasor feelings, or practices. This is

sage. “Yes, father,” replied Conthe way in which Satan will try to

rad, “you will only have to pay 200 gain entrance a second time into crowns; I have arranged all as well his heart, and to rob him of the as I could.” As he finished these benefit of any improvement that words, the poor youth could hardly there might be in him. But this

suppress a sigh. is, of course, no reason why he "How! 200 crowns! It is very should give up his prayers and little for five persons, besides a child. endeavours, his repentance and self- Did you tell the captain how many examination, his watchfulness and

we are in number self-denial. These are plain duties, “Yes, father, he is waiting for and, therefore, we cannot be too

us. Let us make haste, the vessel earnest or take too much pains with

is ready to sail.” them, if only we remember that if

“This captain then takes us across we are proud or satisfied with our

for charity? He must be a very selves on account of them, we throw worthy man!” This observation away all hope of the blessing which caused Conrad so painful an emowe might otherwise have looked for tion that he turned away his face to from them. To do otherwise would hide his tears. His father perceived be to distrust God, and to pretend it. “Why, what is the matter?” to be wiser than He: it would be to asked Herman, astonished; “you say that the way which He has appeared to me the only one of us appointed for us to walk in is too

who undertook this expedition with dangerous for us, and that we must pleasure, and now you weep at the walk in a way of our own. And

very instant you are setting off. as to its being said, that to make

Have you changed your mind?" much of repentance is to draw a

“No, father, this voyage is now man's thoughts away from Christ,

our only resource; I undertake it I believe that it is just the con

with courage ;--but let us go for trary. For what is repentance but

my brother and sisters, for fear of seeking to know our sins, and to

the vessel starting without us ; we despise and loathe ourselves on

might not find another which would account of them ? and it is plain take us on the same conditions.” that he who has most of this self

Half an hour afterwards the abhorrence will be most ready to look to Christ for hope and pardon. vessel

, which was already crowded

whole family were on board the But I must leave you now,


with emigrants. so good bye; God bless you."

" Here you are at last !” ex

claimed the captain, who was a THE EMIGRANTS TO BRAZIL.

coarse looking man, with hard and

repulsive features; “pay me imAfter a long and weary journey, mediately the 200 crowns. I have Herman and his family arrived at

been cheated more than once by length at Amsterdam. His first people like you, and I do not mean care was to find a lodging for his

to be so again.” children : he then directed his steps

“Do not be uneasy,” replied to the Port, where he had appointed Conrad firmly; "people like us do Conrad to meet him. He found not cheat." him already there, awaiting his The honest Herman, mute with arrival After their mutual greet- astonishment and indignation, handings, Herman enquired of his son ed his purse to his son. Conrad


upon it.


followed the captain to his cabin, “You are a fool! Begone !" gave him the 200 crowns, and Conrad returned to his family, signed a paper which this unfeeling who were impatiently waiting for man coolly presented to him; but, him. as he signed it, a big tear rolled “Is all settled ?" asked his father.

“Yes, dear father,” replied Con“How !” exclaimed the captain, rad, "they will show us directly a 'you are crying like a child ! Once place below for ourselves and our arrived at Rio de Janeiro, I beg you baggage.” will not blubber in that way; no one would have anything to say to you, and our bargain would not be The place assigned to each pas. a good one for me.”

senger was not more than seven feet “Sir,” said Conrad, "they are long and five feet wide. In this the last tears I shall shed over my narrow space they had to move misfortune. I am a man and a about, eat, sleep, and keep their Christian, and my good father has luggage. Seventy other emigrants, taught me early the necessity of almost all of the lowest class, and courage and resignation.”

very dirty and coarse in their habits, “ Now that is what I call reason- were crowded with Herman and his able,” said the captain, as he locked family between decks, so that the up the money and the paper, “then air, contaminated by the breath of you will put a good face upon it, so many people shut up in such a and I shall not lose by you. But, small compass, was almost pestilendo you know, your younger brother tial. Damaged provisions in insufis stout and strong; if you would ficient quantities, were served out propose to him-him-privately you to these passengers. The sea bisunderstand-for, according to what cuit, which formed the principal you have told me, the good man part of their food, was full of magyour father would not consent to it gots, which they had to pick out --if you could persuade him to sign before they could eat it. Their an engagement like yours”— dinners consisted of dried peas and

“God forbid !” exclaimed Conrad beans, boiled with rancid bacon, of with horror.”

which each received a small slice. “Faith! I am not asking you to Their only drink was bad water, in do this for nothing," continued the such small quantities, that they captain ; “I will give you fifty suffered from unceasing thirst, ingood crowns.

creased by the constant use of salt “I sell my brother !" cried Con- | provisions. Herman bore his own rad; no, never! It is enough to sufferings with patience, but when have sold myself. I have sacrificed he saw Margaret's sweet infant myself for my father and my family. pining away day by day, grief overIt was my duty, and I have done came him, and he often reverently it."

exclaimed, “Oh, God, take pity on "I will add ten more crowns,"

us!" Providence had reserved for urged the captain, who was a man them a still more severe trial. The incapable of appreciating a noble babe, deprived of its proper nourishsentiment.

ment, and breathing infected air, “No, sir."

died during the passage ; what a “I offer you seventy-five crowns.” sight for a mother! The sailors

“No, no, a thousand times no, tied its little body on a plank, and and always no, even were you to threw it into the sea, to become the offer me a hundred thousand.” food of the voracious sharks. Mar. garet sat bathed in tears, her family | directions, and caused many hurts wept around her.

“ Thou art very

and bruises; added to which most unhappy, my child," said the father of these unfortunate creatures were to Margaret, “but think on the suffering from sea-sickness. sufferings of the Blessed Virgin, “God has ordered all for the best," beside the cross of her Divine Son, said Margaret to her father, as the our Saviour, and beg of Jesus Christ tempest subsided; “let us thank to give thee strength to bear thy Him for having taken my poor child affliction.”

to Himself before this dreadful Before they approached the Bra storm began. He could scarcely zilian shores, a furious tempest have survived it, and might have arose. The captain had all the been crushed to death in this rolling passengers shut up below, for fear of the vessel. He would have suftheir alarms might make them fered more than he did, and so hinder the sailors in navigating the should we. Yes, all that God does ship. The pitching of the vessel is well done : may His Holy Name threw them one against another; be blessed for ever!” boxes and trunks rolled about in all



Canticles ii. 10-13.



29th of May, 1851. Thou Festival of Mysteries sublime!

O Day of Separation, not of grief ! Ascension draws our spirits to a clime Where all our toils and pains shall find


Of all the year, I love the month of May;
For May is Love :-the love-lorn nightin-

Trills from her tree-top bower Love's

roundelay ; Field, flood, and forest, echo the same

tale. At this sweet season Love descends in

showers Into the bosom of our mother earth, To impregn her fruitful womb with kindly

flowers, And all creation teems with a new birth.

The early rains drop warm from cloudless

We rise, this day, to where our Lord

hath gone; That we, with Him, may never cease to

dwell : To God's Right Hand th’ Eternal Son

hath flown, And in His flight He bids us rise as

well. The Same Who was in Bethlehem's man

skies ; The winds blow southly; the clear streams

are curi'd; The day shines bright; y-basked the

swarmy flies Dance with new feathers o'er the dodal

world. Then my young heart own the soft infiu

ence, And, like all Nature, spring with genial


ger born, And died at Calvary, upon a Tree, And after, rose again, on Easter Morn,

Hath now Ascended through Infinity! As Man--in human form and features

clad As Man---the very first-fruits of the

tomb As Man--erewhiles so sorrowful and sadGOD, rose triumphant from our world of


The Lord hath carried our humanity

Beyond the bounds of all created space, Unto that throne of awful mystery Whence God pours forth His marvels

and His Grace.

That God-Who once was born a sinless

Man, Hath raised our manhood to the Throne

of God! What child of earth may ever dare to

scan The Eternal might or thwart the Al

mighty Nod?

THE EXHIBITION. “John, think you, you shall get to see

this Exhibition grand ? Go where I will, I find it is the talk

throughout the land." I am too poor,” said John," or I that

noble sight should see, Though I've an EXHIBITION here, with

more variety; “Things new and old' I find therein, oh,

'tis of untold worth !” He in his bosom placed his hand, and

drew TEE BIBLE forth. L. M. T.

[blocks in formation]

GOD'S ACRE. I like that ancient Saxon phrase, which

calls, The burial-ground God's acre! It is

just; It consecrates each grave within its walls, And breathes a benison o'er the sleep

ing dust. God's acre! yes, that blessed name im

parts Comfort to those, who in the grave

have sown The seed, that they have garnered in

their hearts, Their bread of life; alas, no more their

Own. Into its furrows shall we all be cast, In the sure faith that we shall rise

again, At the great harvest, when the Arch

angel's blast Shall winnow, like a fan, the chaff and

grain. Then shall the good stand in immortal

bloom, In the fair gardens of that second birth; And each bright blossum mingle its per

fume With that of flowers which never

bloomed on earth. With thy rude ploughshare, Death, turn

up the sod, And spread the furrows for the seed we

SOW; This is the field and acre of our God, This is the place where human harvests grow!

Longfellow, (American Puet.)

The stream of the elect doth ever rise, Drawn upward by the genial warmth

of Love, E'en as a golden vapour, toward the skies, Until absorb'd in Him Who dwells


And as He rose, so shall our Lord return With all these Saints--in Glory and in

Power,As Judge—this world of sinfulness to

burn; As Spouse---to call His Bride unto her dower.

T. H. G.




EAST, 1849—50.

the rock rose precipitately and, at a In the morning it was discovered

short distance beyond, presented a that we had had a most providential perpendicular wall of vast height, escape, for that, at a very short dis- indented with caves and crevices. tance below the place where the

At the summit of this huge rook, boat had been stopped, were some

which is the Gebel-el-Teir, or the ugly, rocks which could scarcely

Mountain of Birds, is the ancient have failed (had we come against Coptic Monastery, which can only them) to have sunk, or materially

be reached from the river by means damaged, the boat.

of ropes and pulleys. My comOn the following day the wind panions were not inclined to delay continued, and little else was ef- our progress (especially as we had fected besides bringing back the a fair wind) to visit this relic of unfortunate Lotus (for such was

the first Christian ages, and I was the name of our friends' boat) to forced to console myself with the her former moorings, and advancing hope that I should be able to see it a mile or two up the river.

on my return—a hope, alas! not In the way of scenery there was destined to be gratified. The Moabsolutely nothing attractive until nastery, as I saw it from the river, we reached the rocks of Gebel-el- appeared an irregular stone strucTeir. In most places the coast was ture, rudely built, rising out of the flat, although a range of rocks with rock of which it seemed almost to flattened tops, commencing opposite form a part. It was surmounted Benisouëf, extends up the eastern by two domes, marking, as I side of the river to Gebel-el Teir. supposed, the positions of the two As we approached the Mountain of Churches, mentioned by Curzon as Birds (for such is its English sig- being some of the oldest Christian nification) the range of rocks rose Churches remaining in the world. more abruptly from the river and It is probable that one of them is of gradually grew higher and more the third century. Much do I reimposing. Shortly before reaching gret having missed seeing such Gebel-el-Teir, upon a low promo- remnants of antiquity as these, notary of sand, we perceived a

Churches built in the purest and crowd of diminutive looking objects brightest ages of the Faith! which, by aid of the telescope, we The aspect of the present inmates discovered to be persons composing of the monastery was not encouthe procession of a Christian funeral. raging. As we approached the The neighbourhood of the Coptic rocks of Gebel-el-Teir we saw vaMonastery of Gebel-el-Teir is inha- rious figures on the heights and bited by Christians, who, though others running down steps which holding the Coptic heresies, have have been cut for a certain distance professed constancy to the faith of in the rock and then cease. In a the Redeemer, from father to son, short time we saw naked men since the days when the Martys of swimming around our boats in all Alexandria, by faith, effected the directions, while two or three of overthrow of the time-honoured them actually jumped on board in altars of Osiris. From this point their anxiety to obtain "bakshoesh"

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