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mind and often checked the angry It was a beautiful morning, in the word, when she remembered that month of May, when two little “ The servant of the Lord must not girls, of ten and thirteen years of strive, but be gentle unto all men, age, were wending their way across apt to teach, patient.” a green field to the parish Church, But my little readers must not whose bell was calling them to the imagine it was the sight of this text Daily Service. The elder of the alone had made Mary Morton the two was a fair haired girl, of a gentle, loving creature she was; she more thoughtful countenance than knew that of herself she could do no is common to her age, and she ever good thing, and she had prayed often and anon cast a look of reverence and earnestly that God would give and affection on the time-worn her His Holy Spirit to keep her in edifice they were approaching, and remembrance of what she was made although shewing no impatience at at her Baptism; and the first time the repeated questions put to her this text in its bright scroll had by her more giddy little sister, her struck her eye, she had breathed a thoughts were evidently bent on short prayer that God would help some subject foreign to the conver- her to become what those words told sation, which she at length stopped, her she ought to be. She had had by reminding Annie that they many a struggle with herself before ought now to remember Whose she overcame even in a small degree house they were entering: at which her natural proneness to a fretful, her merry laugh subsided, and she not to say a hasty temper; when too wore a thoughtful, but by no corrected for a fault, or told to do means a sad face, for these children what she would rather have left had early been taught to consider it undone, a dark cloud would pass a great privilege to be allowed to over her naturally pleasant face, join in the praises of the great God and the angry tear would sometimes of heaven and earth, and to think start, and once-never but oncethe Church a beautiful and a holy words of resistance escaped her lips, place, which all ought to love; and and those words, child as she was, the one they now entered was well she saw had pierced her mother's calculated to excite such feelings, heart as with an arrow; and bitwith its brightly stained windows, terly did she weep that night, when, recording many a story of Holy for the first time in her recollection, Writ, and the rays of the morning she lay down on her pillow without sun, were now bathing the chancel her mother's kiss and blessing, for in á flood of light of many hues, her 'proud spirit had checked the and on the walls were texts of confession of repentance which the Scripture both of comfort and little voice within * told her ought advice, which to Mary had often to follow such an offence; she been as silent teachers to keep her would fain have retired to rest in the path of duty; there was one without saying her accustomed in particular, which meeting her prayer, but that she dared not do, eye more frequently than the rest, and when she came to the sentence had become impressed upon her in which she begged God to make

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was gone

her fit to die, if it should please and the kind lady who helped her Him to take her to Himself that to teach these little girls the right night,” the sin she had committed


far away for a short rushed upon her in all its force, time, so that Mary and Annie were and she rose from her knees in an left to themselves; but they were humbled and chastened spirit. The not on that account less reverent hours she knew must pass before and quiet in God's House, for they her mother would visit their room, had been taught to remember that previous to going to her own, His 'Eye was always upon them, seemed as a whole night to the when no one else saw them. penitent child; at length she heard On their return, they stole on her parents' voices on the stairs, tiptoe to their mother's room, (for and with a beating heart she it was still early) that they might listened to their approaching foot- not wake the baby; and as Annie steps and as the sound of her own stooped down to kiss his velvet name caught her ear through the cheek, a smile passed over his face. half-opened door, she knew but too “I suppose, Mamma, a good well that her father had been ac- angel is talking to Charlie now, for quainted with her naughty conduct, Nurse Aileen told me the other day, and that he would pass her bed the people in her country think without imprinting the accustomed that is what makes babies smile kiss on her forehead; a feeling of when they are asleep. It is a nice shame had almost prompted her to thought, Mamma, and Aileen said hide her face till they were gone; something, too, about every body again the words of her prayer having angels to take care of them; flashed across her mind, and she do


think I have one?met her mother at the door, with "Yes, my dear, our Saviour clasped hands, a tearful eye, and speaks especially of children's anwords of contrition, which brought | gels, in the lesson for yesterday again the glad smile to her mother's morning.” face, and her murmured “God bless O yes, Mamma, I remember Mr. and forgive you, my child,” restored Everard reading about little chilpeace to Mary's heart, and she re- dren coming to Jesus, but, if you turned to her bed, resolving never, please, I should like just to read it by God's grace, again to offend over again to you.” She then went such a kind, gentle parent.

to the table, and opening a Bible, It was more than two years since turned to the 18th of St. Matthew, this little occurrence had taken when she came to the 11th verse place, when my story begins, and she stopped, saying, “ I never quite gradually the clouds on Mary's face understood that verse, Mamma, I became less and less frequent, and thought it meant, that little chilshe had attained sufficient command dren's spirits when they die always over herself to bear many little saw God's Face, but I see now that trials, which at first seemed hard, it means quite a different thing, I without a change of countenance. don't think I shall ever be afraid

But to return to the bright May now in the dark, or when I am morning. It was an unusual cir- alone in bed.” eumstance for these children to be “None but the wicked ever need alone in their daily walks across be afraid, my child, for we read in that field, but God had just given the Psalms too, that the Angel of their mother a little baby boy, | the Lord encampeth round about which obliged her to stop at home, / them that fear Him, and delivereth


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The bell now sounded for break- remembrance that it is given but to ' fast, so away tripped the little girls the few amongst us, to have the with light hearts, for they were to

time and opportunity of searching start directly after, to spend a long into the best works of our most day with their friends Fanny and valuable authors, it is sought under Laura Everard, who were just the above heading, to offer to the about their own ages, and having many readers of our Periodical, (as, known each other as long as they , indeed, we have occasionally alcould remember, and being in a ready), some of the choice thoughts manner brought up together, no

and deeds of the spiritually, morally, pleasure was complete in which all and intellectually distinguished of could not join. It had been Mr. the past and present; keeping in Everard's practice, for some time, view, during our course, the sensito catechize the children in Church,

ble advice of Erasmus, and affording and as the people in this little vil- such subject matter as shall require lage forgot all distinctions of rank, only light contemplation, not digresin God's House, rich and poor re

sing into lengthy inditing likely to ceived instruction together; and

tire the spirit. Let us begin :the four little girls always managed

The most horrid and cruel blows to meet in the week, to help each other in preparing the best answers,

that can be offered to civil society upon whatever the subject might

is through atheism. be Mr. Everard had given to pre- “ They who hold Revelation give pare for the following Sunday. Then double assurance to the country.”— Mary and Fanny had each a class Edmund Burke. in the Sunday School, an office to which the two younger ones were

“No cloud can overshadow a true eager aspirants; but their parents

Christian, but his faith will discern thought they were not quite old

a rainbow in it." —Bishop Horne. enough yet to attempt instructing “Let us proportion our alms to others, so they were obliged to our incomes, lest God should procontent themselves with accom- portion our incomes to our alms.” panying their sisters as listeners. -Bishop Fleetwood. There was also another tie that

“ When a soldier bragged too bound Mary and Fanny together,

much of a great scar in his forethey were this year to be confirmed, head, he was asked by Augustus, if and Mr. Everard had carefully he did not get it when he turned trained both to a deep sense of the

his back on the enemy? If I have importance of the vows they were

done anything well, I will never now going to take more immediately

think it worth while to tell the upon themselves.

world of it.”-Feltham.

“ The world twines itself about SAYINGS AND DOINGS

the soul, as a serpent doth about an OF THE GOOD, THE WISE, AND THE cagle, to hinder its flight upward,

and sting it to death."--Bp. Horne. “ A reader of tolerable quickness,"

The pleasure of the honey will says Erasmus, "may occasionally derive from reading trifles, more

not pay for the smart of the sting." food for profitable reflection, than ' Temperance is reason's girdle, from many a work of grand or and passion's bridle.”—Bp. Jeremy gloomy argument.” And in the Taylor.


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“ Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass

against us:"


LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, of to compassion, than unworthiness

! greatness so good, of goodness so in stirring up Thy indignation, great as passeth all understanding ! even as it belongeth unto Thee stir up Thy might, and come and “ not to retain anger, but to delight succour us with great power; that, in mercy!” Gracious Lord God, by the help of Thy Holy Spirit, accept as an atonement for all our tắe indulgence of Thy mercy may worldlinesses, suspicions, hard inquicken what our sins impede, and terpretations, jealousies, envyings, enable us to surmount by Thy and unkindnesses — all that Thy grace what we suffer for our sins ! Blessed Son offered up for us; and

LORD JESUS, Thou Fountain of pour in our hearts that true love Life, “in Whose light we of Thee and of our fellow-creatures, light,” Thou Mediator between which is the very life of the soul, God and man, mighty to save—be independent of friend or enemy, Thou our help and refuge; and help or hindrance, place or prejubefore we close our eyes in sleep dice! Liken us, by closer spiritual this night, may we have laid hold contact and communion, unto Him on FORGIVENESS, through the sac- Who was Himself the perfection of rifice and atonement made for us all love-love untiring, love unby Thy Blood, and learnt to loathe changing, without cloud or darkourselves more than ever, in the ness, shade or shadow of turning! confession of our sins.

We would be transformed from the Father Who art in Heaven, if rich treasure-house of His grace, Thou wert extreme to mark what by such renewing of our minds as is done amiss, who could stand ? would bring glory to Thee in the but blessed be Thy Name, when way of Thine Own especial attriwe remit but our one thousand,


even by our becoming Thou art ever ready to FORGIVE “prone to mercy,” “slow to wrath,” our ten thousand !

«« with what loving unto every one, measure we mete it is measured to unto all men as we would they us again.” Oh! out of the bound- / should do unto us ;” and thus less treasury of Thy free mercy would we persuade our hearts bepardon us; and when we feel the fore Thee, and be able to pray, day's DEBT OF FORGIVENESS TO with the assurance of a good conOUR DEBTORS grievous to be borne, / science, “FORGIVE US OUR TRESand the guilt of every thought and PASSES, deed hanging heavy on our hearts, THAT TRESPASS AGAINST US." make it Thy glory to pass by trans- FATHER! we would be taught gressions, and blot them from Thy the mystery of Thy Presence in remembrance, continuing to us lov- our most inward hearts; we would ing-kindness, and letting compunc- be enlightened with that spiritual tion prevail more in moving Thee ' perception of sin, which would






make us search out and confess fully suffering for well-doing should before Thee, not the unkind word it be Thy will. May the law of only, but the unloving thought, kindness” be ever on our lips, and the harboured shyness, the cold truth and sincerity in all our reserve, the least beginning of es- thoughts and speech; watchful lest trangement-all that shrinks from we turn the obedience of our "will" and eludes the world's eye, but is from Thine, and counting it a holy known to Thee, Who countest the loving discipline, to be followers feeblest beatings of the soul's pulse. of Christ's footsteps, whether we SUN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS! shine be cleansed and perfected by the within our hearts; reflect on our discipline of temptation, persecudistempered souls, and refine our tion, loneliness, or contempt! sinful Hesh! and though our very Gracious Father! be these our light turn darkness, in the bright- ends and aims, till finally we meet ness of Thy glory, yet rather be in that blessed Communion of the shame our portion here, than an Saints in light, where loving will eternity of shame hereafter! Bless- be all rest, and resting love; where ed be Thy Name, Thou dost revive all our troubles here will not be the spirit of the contrite ones,” worthy to be named with the glory and supply the shadow of the that shall be revealed; and when Cross, as a sure sanctuary for the by wrestlings against evil, and cruhumble-hearted, and the confirma- cifixion of self in the daily wrongs tion of the “just!”.

and snares of life, Thy cleansing Lord God! our Peace and Rest, work shall have been perfected, and Centre of all good; in Whom and every brother of the Firstborn and by Whom are all things, let transformed into His likeness !! all our springs be in thee!0 For Thine is the Kingdom, the make us manifest as Thy children, Power, and the Glory, for ever and by that love of unity which follow

ever. Amen. eth after things that make for peace. Let that quietness, meekness, and gentleness be ours, which can raise from lowest depths to life again. Let us be content to be

NOTICES TO CORRESPONDENTS. « least of all,” “servants of all,”

Received.--Juventus; W. Wif so be that the “ Name of our Lord Jesus Christ be glorified in

N.-; C. P.--; C. S-; I. E. W.-;

D, TM; H. L-; Oxoniensis; G. C. G-; us, and we in Him!” As members

H. B-; C. J-; Rev.W. W. M-; J.S-; of one another, born to “bear one

E. HM;

T. L. K- P. Y-; F. R. another's burdens,” we would “FOR


H. T-; S. M-; C. F. SFORGIVEN; and if “arrows,” even cruel words, be shot against us, remember Him Who, when re- Replies.-H.C. H-; your initials were proached, committed all judgment misprinted in the last number, but the unto Thee! Lord! we would look reply was intended for you. C.J—; your on all men as having like passions question is practically answered this with ourselves, and direct our month. E. H-, Pentonville; will you thoughts and hearts to Thee in kindly send us your address, as we should prayer for them, humbly accepting be glad to confer with you about Church trial and disappointment as the Guilds. C. S-; “The Lord our Rightejust punishment of sin, and cheer- ousness;" see Jeremiah xxxiii. 16.



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