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with the machinery of the last vision ; each vision

treating alike of the latter three times and a half.

p. 120.

(1.) The symbolical heaven answers to the holy city.

p. 121.

(2.) The part of heaven occupied by the woman

answers to the temple with its inner courts.

p. 122.

(3.) The part of heaven occupied by the secular mem.

bers of the dragon answers to the outer court

and the holy city exclusive of the temple and

the inner courts. p. 124.

(4.) The man-child answers to the two witnesses ;

the woman, to the measured worshippers col-

lectively; and the dragon in his secular mem-

bers, to the unmeasured Gentiles. P.


3. An application of the hieroglyphical picture to his-

tory. p. 128.

(1.) The fall of the third part of the stars. p. 129.

(2.) The parturition of the woman, and the birth of

the man-child. p. 130.

nouncing it to be the Roman Empire in its

greatest chronological duration. p. 172.

(2.) The reason of the thing proves the same. p. 173.

(3.) The ground of the common erroneous notion re-

lative to the epoch of its rise from the sea as

beheld by St. John. p. 174.

III. Respecting the seven heads of the Roman beast. p. 177.

1. The principle, on which the bieroglyphic is framed in

regard to its seven heads. p. 177.

2. The principle of the historical appropriation of the

seven heads, which appertain to the Roman beast.

p. 181.

3. The seven heads are seven homogeneous successive

forms of supreme Roman government. p. 184.

(1.) The chronologically first ruling head was the

Roman Kingship or Emperorship or Prince-

dom or Basileis. It rose A.A.C. 753 or 748;

and fell A.P.C. 1806. p. 194. .

(2.) The chronologically second ruling head was the

Consulate. It rose A.A.C. 508; and fell

A.A.C. 27. p. 194.

(3.) The chronologically third ruling head was the

Dictatorship. It rose A.A.C. 497 ; and fell

A. A. C. 27. p. 194.

gard to the chronological rise of the ten horns.

p. 221..

2. The prophetic character of the ten horns involves an

apparent, though not a real, contradiction. p. 223.

V. A discussion of the name and number of the seven-headed

and ten-horned beast. p. 225.

1. The first article in the apocalyptic description of the

name of the beast. p. 227.

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