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Married.] At Newland, Mr. John Hay. Died.] At Bicester, Miss Reading, late ward, of the Forest, Dean, to Mary, second post mistress there. daughter of the lare Mr. Samuel Jenkins. At Charlbury, Mr. James Gardner.-Mr.

At Westbury upon Trym, Mr. John Bush, John Barrett, late of Queen square, Weste of Bristol, 10 Miss H. G. Prideaux, youngest

miester, daughter of Mr. John P. of Shirehampton. At Bloxham, Jolin, youngest son of Mr. J.

At Cheltenham, John William Paxton, Davis, 20. esq. of the East Ind'a Company's civil service, At Wheatley, Mrs. Kennedy, relict of the to Frances, second daughter of the late Wil. Rev. Mr. K. of Abing lon. liam Fatrickson, esq.

At Oxford, Mr Fisher, sen.-Mr. George. Died. At Gloucester, Mr. John Hurch- -Mrs. North.-Mr. W. Mott, upwards of ings, 45.-Mrs. Lane.- Mrs. Miles, muther 20 years canon's burler, of Christ Church, 67. of Mr. M. Of the Swan and Falcon ian.

At Colford, Mrs. Thomas, wife of the Died.) At High Wycombe, Sarah Louisa, Rev. Mr. T. who for many years kept the only daughter of the date Captain Charles Free Grammar School, at Newland, in this Douglas, R.N. county:-Mr. John Dew,

At Tyringham, Mrs. Praed, wife of Wil. Ac Newent, Ma. George Cowles. At Slimbridge, Elizabeth Workman, 97., Mr. William Simpson, master of a larze At Cheltenham, R. Aiken, esq.

academy at Prospect Place, near High Wy. At Cirencester, Mr. John Cherrington. combe. He left his residence, without es At Shardington, Mr. Samuel Harman, 80. signing any reason for so doing; and ten days At Northleach, Mr. Thomas Asdwin, 64. afterwards was found by some watermen

Ac Whitcomb court, Mr. Henry Bubb, drowned in the Thaines, near Lundon Bridge 87.

HERTFORDSHIRE, At Tewkesbury, Mr. John Edgecomb. Died.) At Aspeden Hall, Mrs. Boldero, Mr. Örmwell Lloyd, a member of the cor- relice of John B. esq. poration, and one of the oldest inhabitants of the borough.

Died.] At Wroxhill Farm, Marston, Elia Ac Tetbury, Mr. Wright,

zabeth Judith; eldest daughter of Mr. John At Ebley, Elizabeth, third daughter of Foster, of Reyton Chapel, Lenham, Kent, Mr. John Daniels.

16. Ai Chambers Court, near Tewkesbury,


Married.) At Long Busk by, Mr. B. Peek, At Vley, Mis. Suiton, wife of Mr. Septi- of St. Ive's, Huntingdon shire, to Miss Ey mus S, surgeon.

Denney, daughter of W. S. Denney, esq. of OXFORDSHIRE.

the former place. The workmen who discovered the Roman Died.] Ac Peterborough, the Rev. Henry burial ground on Beaconsfield farm, have, in Mather Schutz, D.D. rector of Burton Cogs pursuing their work, arrived at the Roman gles, Lincolnshirc, and of Paston, in this bath described by Plott, in his Antiquities of county, 80. He was the oldest of the king's Oxfordshire. The bath was always visible, chaplains, having been appointed in 1700. but was considered as a small stew, walled At Easton, near Stamford, Mr. James round with rough stone, till the workmen Woodward.Mrs. Bonner, 70.--Mr. Gcorge discovered the cesselated Hvor near it. Here West, 55. the Roman tiles and the tesselarion are Ac Noseby, Mr. Hart Buck, and a few still in a site of good preservation, although days afterwards, Mrs. B. his wife. in a wet situation. The pak dug up is sound, At Pyichley Luige, Mr. Luke Nunneiey. black, and heavy. From the present and At Northampton, Chirles James, youngest viher similar places that have been found, and son of W. Surton, esq. 23. hicierto not noticed, we can trace that the The Rev. John Clarke, master of the free Roman stations in the reign o Domitian were, grammar'school Guilsborough, vicar of DusWallingford, Giçester, the Bartons, Greac ton, in this county, and of Weston Under. Tew, Wigginton, (wliere some Roman tiles wood, Bucks, 87. and coins have been found), Swerford, Hook. Al Ketiering, Mr. Jacob Watson, aged 87 n.orton (Berry.field farm), Chipping Norton, years, 27 of which he spent with reputation Sarsden (probably a chiet station), Churchill, as a draper ac Thraston. He was the father Cheltenham, Cirencester, and Winehcome. of the town of Kettering. In the year 1745

Married.] At Glympton Park, ! nonias he volunteered into che regiment of carbi. Perrott, esq. lieutenant-colonci the Ox- niers raised by that patriotic nobleman, Juha fordshire militia, to Miss Davies, only daugh. Duke of Montague, and ouached with therg ter of the late R. Davies, oi Kythebys, Gla. into the north, under the command of Ma. morganshire.

jor Swinney, to assist in quelling the rebela Ac (stord, Captain Hayes of the Royal lion;' he is believed to be the last member Marines, to Margaret, eldest daughter of jo. of that respectable corps. About the year shua Cooke, 4

1777, he retired trom Thrapston and returnAt Witney, Mr. Robert Walsh, to Miss ed to this his native place; after which, hic Charlotte Clarke.

married his chird wife, whoin he survived 14


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years. He was an early riser, and enjoyed house. He was formerly of Emanuel college, with but little interruption a long life of Cambridge, B.A. 1767, M A. 1777. health, He was, till within ren days of

SUPFOLK. his death, an early and constant attendant Married.] At Hadleighi, ihe Rev. Frede. on public worship. His urbanity and sua- rick Croker, vicar of Goxhill, Lincoln, and of vity of manners, rendered him through life, Perristres, in this councy, to Miss Ann Butt. 20 agreeable companion, a good neighbour, weil. - Mr. P. Martineau, jun. of Norwiche, and a desirable friend.

to Eliza, youngest daughter of Wm. Barnard, HUNTING DUNSHIRE.

esq. Died ) Ac Śt. Neots, George Fowler, esq. Mr. Orbell Hustler, of Stoke next Clare, At Brainplan, Mrs. Richards, wife of John to Miss Harriett. Battyle, of Haverbill.

At Stow market, the Rev. W. Ward, to CAMBRIDGESHIRE.

Mrs. Byles, relict of Mr. John B. Married.] Ac Gretna Green, the Hon. Mr. Knowles, surgern, of Soham, to Miss Charles Ewan Law, second son of Lord Ellen- P. Edwards, second daughter of the late Mr. borough, to Elizabeth Sophia, daughter of E. Surgeon, of Newmarket. che lace Sir Edward, and sister to the present Died.] Ac Aldborough, Mrs. Lord, wife of Sir Charles E. Nightingale, bart, of Knees- Cape. la worth House, in this county.

At Kęssiogland, Mrs. Crickmore, 72. At Cambridge, Richard Comings, esq. to The Rev. John Malkin, son of the late Anne, second daughter of the late Mr. Ha, Rev. Gilbert M. rector or Thorntuu, tk. zard.

At Peccles, Thomas Ride, esą. 79, Dicd.) At March, Isle of Ely, R. H. A. Needham Market, Captain Stephenson Lewin, esq.

Kitching, born March 19, 1733. He was At Thorney, Mrs Watson.--Mr. T. Old- the second son of John K. esq. of Carleton,

near Skipton, county York, by Margaret, his At Fulbourn. Thomas Hancock, gent. 72. second wite, who was diughter of John Ste

Ac Trinity College, Caubridge, Mr. Wil. phenson, esq. of Old Laund, in the forest of liam Giipin, eldest son of the Rev, Mr, Gil. Pendle, cosusy. Lancaster. On the %1st of gin, of Pulverbatch, Shropshire. Ple was a October, 1774, he entered himselt a volunyoung man of a capacious understanding, re- toer oflicer in the first West Riding militia, hnes by superior attainments in miny branches Yorkshire, then commanded by Colunel Sir of hurjan knowledge, and his mind was at. George Saville, bart. He married to his tempered to almost divine tranquility, by fer- first wife, Anbe, .daughter of Henry Little, vent religion and animated pietr.

citizen of London, by whom he loved one Ac Wisbech, Mrs. Gynn, relict of Robert daughter, who diea Augest 21, 1788 aged G. esq. 83.

19 years and a halt; co his second wist (1770)

Diana, widow of john Proby, of Elton, Nora Married.) At Swafiham, the Rey. John thamptonshire, esq. who was M.P. for StamDolignon, to Eliza, eldest daughter of the ford, county Lincoin, and also tor the county Rev. Archdeacon Yonge.

ot Huntingdonshire, 1788; to lus third wife, Capt. Mills, 66th regiment, to Mrs. Anna Marja, only daughter of T. Burdett, of Brown, of the Manor House, Earlham. London, esq. and widow of Thomas Hartley,

The Rev. Mr. Edwards, of Hetherset, to merchant, of Fish-sareet-will, London; he Emily, daughçer of John Custance, esq. or married to his fourth wile, Jane, daughter of Weston House

Mr. Tabor, oj Brighılandsca, Essex, gent. Died.] Ac Lyon,, Mr. Lionel Self, 80. and widow of James Peto, si Stratford grove, At Stalham, Benjamin Cubitt, gent. 73, Essex, esq. ; be married. to his fifth wife, At Shelton, Mr. S. Daphy, fi.

Miss Beduing field, ot.Needhana. Market, who At Hedenham, Mr. Richard Sheppard, 44. Surviveshin. At Besthorpe, Mr. Daniel Buckenham. As Lakenheath, Mr. W. Marshail, 87.

AC West Winch, Ms. Jono Holman, of At Haughley, B. Riy, esq. one of the Shouldham, 69.

senior benchers of Lincoln's Inn, 89. At Titleshali, Mirs Gunton, 35.

At Comos, 18.15, Stow market, Mr. Wm. AClenchwarton, near Lynn, Mr. Collier Cross. Mailand, attorney, and many years steward Al Ipswich, Mrs. Frernun.-Sarah, third to Asmiral Benţinck, 63,

daughter of Mr. Barnes, llist kussel, At Yarmouth, John Locon, esq.

daughter of Capt. R. of the East Essex milia At Siipdem, Elizabeth, wife of the Rev. sja.-Mrs. Toosey, seni, sing Colby Butlock

Ac Bury, Miss Crisp, S9 Ac Norwich, in b's 67th year, the Rev. Mrs. B. Stuntun, eldest daughter and coPhilip Wodeh-we,' prebenda y of she cathe: Heiress of the late. T. S. esq. or Sibion-pak, oral, and rector of Hingnan and Barnham anu grand daughter of the first Lord bunardo Brome, wit Blickeiston and Kinderly. He,

- 25$**, was second scii wt the late Sir domine Node- Died.) At Woodlor, adra. Mathews, Feliet kouse, and brother of que precos Lord Wode of Job M. esq.



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bert D. esq.

W. esq.

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At Chigwell, Mrs. Denham, relict of Ro- At Minster, J. Bentham, esq. to Miss

Chanibers, of Sheerness. Ac Heyden, Julia, youngest daughter of Died.] At Bifrons, near Canterbury, Ge. the Hon. William Frederic Wyndham, bru- neral Sir Wm. Green, bart. late chief royal ther to the Earl of Eyremont.

engineer, aged 86 years, whose honourable At Leyton, Mrs. Wildman, wife of Henry and faithful services to his king and country,

during a period of 70 years, particularly at Ac Manningtree, Mrs. Warren, relict the memorable siege of Gibraltar, conciliated of Mr. Warren, late of Whatfield Hall, the esteem of all his military cotemporaries, Suffolk.

whilst his amiable disposition and urbanity of At Kelvedon, Mrs. Shepheard, relict of the manners endeared him to a numerous circle Rev. George S. 88.

of friends and relations, who now deeply deAt Borcham, Mrs. Ray, wife of the Rev. plore his loss. Mr. R.

At Tenterden, Mr. Stephen Millsted, 77. At Harwich, Capt. John Saunders, a capi. At Sittingbourn, Mr. Wm. Stanton, sur. tal burgess of that corporation, formerly a

geon. comniander of the Argus revenue cutter. At Faversham, Mrs. Eleanor Stevens, 30. Mr. Philip Fenning, a capital burgess. -John Cobb, esq. 69.

At Great Baddow, Mrs. Walker, wife of At Hythe, Mrs. Kemp. the Rev Mr. W.62.

At Herne, Mrs. Wadham.-Mrs. John. At Kessingland, Mrs. Crickmore, 72. cock.

At Colchester, Mr. Thomas Hedge, soli. At Wingham, Mrs. Denne. citor.-Samuel Tabor, jun. esq.-Mr. Abra- Ac Boughton-under-Blean, Mrs. Spillett. ham Stradling.

At Upper Hardres, Mr. John Birch, yco. At Braintree, Mrs. Elizabeth Coot, 44. man, 86. He sat down to dinner apparently

At Oxend Farm, Bandfield, Mr. Wm. in good health, dropped back in his chair, and King

died in a few minutes. At Salcot, Mr. John Kendle, 65; and a few At St. Laurence, Thanet, Mr. Richard days afterwards his daughter, Mrs. Richard. Stevens, 86.-Mrs. Bax, 82.--Mr. Richard son, 27.

Often, 80.—Mr. Edward Daniels, 89.-Mrs. At Clacton, Mr. W. C. Neall, school. Ann M'Donald, 97. master, 65.

At Canterbury, Mr. Wm. Denne, 69,At Hatfield Peverill, Miss Bennett, Mr. Wm. Plumley, 36.-Mr. Charles Moss, daughter of the Rev. Mr. B. vicar of that 20.- Mrs. Twyman.-Mrs. Martha Sutton. parish.

-Mrs. Rouse, 31.

At Deal, Capt. Wm. Oakley, R.N. 63. The Elizabeth, Phillips, from London to Ac Dover, Wm. Cullen, esq.-Mrs. Hen. Plymouth, took fire in Ramsgate harbour, rietta King. (January 21st,) and was burnt to the water's At Maidstone, Mrs. Barnet, 86.-Mr. edge. The cargo, valued at 14 or 15,0001. Richard Cutbush, 65.-Henry, son of Dr. consisted chiefly of grocery, oil, and callow. Shearman. On the lower tier were stowed about ten pipes At Halden, Mrs. Day, 92. of wine, which being under water, were At Ramsgate, Mrs. Tanner.-Mr. Hob. not materially damaged. The consternation day. on board the shipping there was very great : At Rochester, Mr. Ashenden, 74.- Mr. had there been much wind, or the accident R. Smith. taken place at low water, the effects might

SURRY. have been dreadful.

The following singular phenomenon has Married.) At Deal, Lieut. Guthrie, R.N. been observed at Woking, in this county. to Miss Peak.

In the church yard, as long as any thing is At Rochester, Mr. W. Foreman, of Town left of a curpse interred there, besides the Malling, to Miss Cutbushi, of the Three Tuns bones, a kind of plant grows up from it, about inn, Maidstone.

the thickness of a bulrusn, with a top like At Lee, John Allan, esq. of Clapham the head of asparagus, which comes near the Common, to Eleonora, youngest daughter of surface, but never above it; the outside the late Samuel Brandram, esq. of Lee black, but the inside red; and when the corpse Grove,

is quite consumed, the plant withers away. At Tenterden, Tanner, esq.

of Vi- Married.] At Chertsey, the Rev. John versfield, Sussex, to Mary, daughter of Mr. Bond, of Friston, Suffolk, to Emily, second John Neve.

daughter of the late John Dixon, esq. At Malling, Capt. Wm. Rowan, 52d regi. Died.] At Woodcote, Epsom, George ment, to Martha, third daughter of G. Spong, Smith, esq. a magistrate for the county, 45. esq. of Aylestord.

At Kingston, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. ThoAt Ospringe, John, son of. Wm. Wight- mas Taylor. wick, esq. of Romney, to Miss Chapman, of At the Rectory House, Sanderstead, Mrs. Whitehalle

Courtney, wife of the Rev. John C. and only



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esq. 24.


daughter of the Rev. Edmund Ferrers, rector premises, when Adkins ound, in the roof of of Cheriton, Hants.

the privy, a variety of valuable papers con, At Croydon, Emily, wife of R. Gooch, cealed. In consequence of those and other

suspicious circumstances, he was charged with Ac Morden, the Rev. F. H. Papendick. having set his premises on fire, for the pur

pose of defrauding the linion Fire Office ; and, A few months since, a great part of Ash- having been taken into custody, he underdown Forest, in this county, was inclosed by went a final examination at Lewes, before a set of men called Forresters, and also by the Lords Chichester and Shefield, and was fully Rev. R. Bingham, the curate of the parish of committed for trial.-Such is the account Mayersfield; but the forest being deemed to given of this affair in all the public prints, be the right of the Duchess of Dorset, the but it appears that at the late Horshain asinclosures were thrown down by order of her sizes, the Rev. Mr. Bingham was bonourably grace, Lord Whitworth, and Lord Sheffield acquitted on the charges which had been (the acting magistrate for that county). fabricated against bim. The means taken This act irritated those who had made inclo- to influence the public against him by the sures, and some of them were heard to make most scandalous faisehoods, and the treate use of threatening language. On Sunday, ment he met with in prison, render this one December 16, a letter was found on the road of the most diabolical conspiracies on record, near Mayersfield, by the sons of Mr. R. Jen- and the public calls aloud für exemplary legal Der, a respectable farmer, directed to their vengeance against all the parties concerned in father; the boys took it home, but their it. At least, the punishment which they had father being absent, they gave the letter to designed for this respectable clergyman, ought their mother, who on opening it, discovered to fall on them. that it was beaded, in large letters, “ Fire ! Died.] At Yapton Place, in child-bed, Murder! and Revenge !!" and the contents Mrs. Whyte, wife of Capt. W. of the Royal were threatening destruction to the parson, Navy. churchwardens, farmers' houses, barns, and At Uckfield, Mrs. Newton, relict of the stacks. The boys told their mother, that Rev. G. Newton, rector of Isfield, in this afcer Mr. Bingham performed the morning county, service at Mayersfield church, he got on At Brighton, in consequence of her clothes horseback, to ride to a neighbouring parish to accidentally taking fire, Mrs. Pankhurst

. do duty there in the afternoon; he passed At Pevensey, Mrs. Austin, wife of Mr. A them, and when he was a short distance from of the Castle Inn. She was found dead in them, they saw a paper drop from his pocket, her bed, with her infant sucking at the which they were positive was the letter they breast. picked up, and they suspected it to be his At Arundel, Mrs. Puttock. hand-writing, although it was evidently very much disguised; for these suggestions, how- Married.) At South Stoneham, Mr. 'ever, the boys were reproved, Mr. Bingham Charles Hurry, of London, to Miss Lane, being considered a highly respectable cha- daughter of Johu L. esq. of South Stoneham facter, and a very intimate friend of Mr. Jen- House. ner's. The circumstance caused considerable At Christ-church, Mr. Thomas Taylor, of alarm in that part of the country. Lords London, to Mary, second daughter of Mr. Whitworth and 'Sheffield published an adver- Meshack Pike, the present acting mayor of tisement, offering a reward of 2001. for the Christ-church. discovery of the writer of the letter; and a

At Odiham, Mr. C. Mant, surgeon, of number of persons were employed to watch Southamplon, to Miss Harman, only daugh. Mr. Jenner's premises, and to patrole in dif- ter of the late James H. esq. of Reading. ferent parts. On the 16th of January last, Died.] At Ryde, Isle of Wight, Alexander Mr. Bingham's house was discovered to be on G. K. Shippard, student at the Royal Naval fire, and great part of the premises was de. College, eldest sop of Capt. S. of the Royal stroyed, as has already been stated. The Navy. account given by Mr. Bingham of the fire, At Jumper's House, Christ-church, Mr being very extraordinary and unsatisfactory, Bullock, wile of Benjamin B. esq. Lord Sheffield sent to the Public Office, Row. At St. Heler's, Jersey, Mrs. E. Beuzestreet, for an active and intelligent officer, ville, relict of the Rev. Samuel B. ang sister and Mr. Read sent Adkins. Upon the offi. to the late Admiral Ourry, 86. cer's arrival, after making inquiries, he At Winchester, Mrs. Kernot, 55.-Miss strongly suspected that Mr. Bingham had set Murdin, 60. his own house on fire, and in consequence At Newport, Isle of Wight, Lady Pinhorn, placed several men to watch. One of them wife of Sir John P. 66. discovered Mr. Bingham bringing a great At Alresford, Mr. Hart, 72. quantity of books from his stable, and bury. At Bighton, the Rev. Mr. Harrison, rectos ing them in his garden. From a variety of of that place, 72. other suspicious circumstances, a warrant was At Romsey, Mrs. Davis. granted against Mr. B. and one to scarch his Ac Totton, Mr. Wm. Hinning, 82.



At Soutliampton, Mrs. Lotherington, wife At Lovell's Hill, Windsor Forest, in his of C20$. I. or the merebant service. -Mr. 66th year, the Rev. E, Stone, sector of Hore Thomus MSles.

vendon, Bucks, vicar of Sursden, HedlordAt Maortovesi, near Ringwood, Mr. Philipshire, and a magistrate for the countjes of Blasch, fourib sol of Wm B. e q.

Bucks and Oxon. At stockbridge, Mr. Geurga Wooldridge, of

SOMERSETSHIRE. Wherwell, 65.

The buildings of the upper crescents at Clif. Ar Herstborne Priors, Jane, second daugh. tøn, are nearly complextid, and the terrace of tes of lry Lawds.

the largest will not be rivalled by any streit in At Grely, Mr. Joseph Butt, 87.

England: Besides the iwu upper crescents, Al Farehams, J. Thresher, esq67. there are great buildings going on upon the

drawns ; and the lower crescent, (Mr. Prok. Married:] Ar salisourv, Mr. James Burt, er's ) will undoubtedi; sulin follow. "I hus, of Esse Scrower, Durset, to Mrs. Ann Benner, Clifton will assume the appearance of a new mosbes of Mrs. Nichols, of the Plume of city; and doubtless will soon, from the my. Peachers in'n.

nilience of the merchants, be accommodated Dra.) At Salisbury, Mrs. Muspratt, 86. with a market, new churcli, &c. The hotel, Tbomas Harrison, weaver. No authentic ererted by Mr. Oriel, is far superior in point document of his age could ne found; but it of magnitude, to any known there before ; and his own statement was accurate, he was born it is said, will afford neat accommodations to very early in 1709, and was consequently 102 all classes, and elegant rooms for dancing, years old.Mr. George Morris, 92..Mr. cards, &c The place was never before se Lavgridge.--Mıs. Young, moelier of Mr. full of company. A great improvement is Isaac y. of the Red Lion inn, 86.

talked of, and is indeed much wanting the At Cricklade, Mrs. Jape.

clearing the springs of the Old Huiwell; At letfont, Mrs. Ann Larkham, 28 ; and they ough to be thrown open to the light, the following day her husband, Mr. James and received from the foruncain head (firectly, L. 26

without pirmping.

Paths' alsu should be At Melksham, Mr. leaac Farl, 80.

erected, 'as their well-known efficacy in curing At Shipton, Mr. George Rumsey, 76. ulcers, wouldchen be proved in diabetes, they At Seend, Mr. Daniel Jones, 37.

are an acknowledged remedy for all disorders At Market Lavington, Mr. Woolmer, apo of the bowels; but, as a cure for consumption, thecary.

it is now thought that the have always At Maddington, Mary Anne, daughter of failed. Thest elunges, once affected, these the Rev. Mr. Legge.

pure springs would soon be more re: orted to

than ever. Merried.] Ac Wargrave, the Rev. E. W. When the new cur is finished, from Rath Estcourt, rector of Newington and Shipton, ro Bristol, the Kennet and Avon will be comco Bereha, second daughter of Thomas Wyatt, pleat, and a water intercourse immediately osq.

established between the two latter daily. * At Pangbourne, the Rev. George Hulme, Married.] 4t Clifton, George Yeeles, esq. of Shinfield, 10 Elizabeth, eldest daughter of of Buthford, fo Henrieita, third daughter of the Rev. Dr. Breedon, of Bere Court. the late Jomes Cross, esq.

Ar Donnington, Lieut. Col. Quintin, 10th At bath, the Rev. E. Meyrick, of Rans. Bighr dragoons, to Georgiana, daughter of the bury, to Nys Habersham, of Lassdown Creso late James Laurell, esq. of Upper Grosvenor. cent. --Capt. Penny, of the East India Com. streer.

pany's service, lo Elizabeth, only disughter of Ac Reading, Mr. C. Woodward, of London, the late S. P. Bean, esq. of Stoke-onder. to Miss Margaret Lamb, youngest daughter Hambden, in this county. - Thomas White, of Mr. John L.

eng to Louisa, eldest daughter of Robert Lieut, Bradley, R. N. to Harriet, second More, esq. of Linley Hall, Salop. dwghter of the Rev. Ms. D'Avenant, of At Bristol, the Rev. F. Belfield, jun. of Kintbury House.

Primey Hill, Devon, to Eleanor, eldest Did] *t Clewer, the infánt son of Capt. daughter of Thomas Daniel, exq. Hirst, of the Blues

Diddl Al Bath, aged 79, Colonel Robert Ac Maidenhead, Mr. Jaines White, late of Brookt, of the East India Company's service, York.

who eminently distinguished himself by his At Radley, My. Greenaway, 73.

military conduct in India, and, in the starion Ar Horarbourne Priors, Janie, second daugh- of Governor of St. Helena, manifested his ter of Mr. Lawes.

real for his king and country, by the sta504At Reading, M19. Smith,

able aid he gave of (ruops, money, and wiliAt Windsor, at the Lower Lodge, Miss tary stores, to assist at the first conquese of Gaskoin, the attendant of the late Princess the Cape of Good Hogu; und by fitting out Amelia,

and equiçkiny a squadron of company's ships, At Bryn Hill, near Maidenhead, Mr. W. to act uder Copicain (now Admiral) Essini Francis, formerly mister of the Free School ton; for intercepting and capturing i ftetif at Shinfielt, but since of the Commar School home ward-lound butels East Indianen. By of Hungerford.

those who knew his public merits and services


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