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Natty w. Wakefield, eloth manuradorer. (Beaver, Goddard ). Kennet wharf. for. (Widdle Wilte, kot
Wakehela, and Evans, Hatton Garden

land, and Rubielos. Gray's ing place
Battye T. Lane, Almondbory, York, cuthier. (Stephen. Gofing S., J.and A. Mark lane, wine merchants,
lon, Wolminth, and Sattye, Chanery inne

(Palmer, Tomlinson, and Thomfon, Coprball court Bratrn s. Down Nead, Somerfet, jobber. Coute, Auf Greenharth J. Eltul, Sury, bo alicáter, whiliter. (Wuodtia Friaro, and Healey, Whales Houfe. Dorfur

cock, kury, and Blakerock, and Nakin on. Temple Bentley J. Halifax, York, cotton-cera maker. (Wigler Greenhaigh J. Tottington, Lancaner, cutson idinner. (Uge worth and Thainproo, Nalifax

win, Mancheiter, and Milne and party. Teinple Bibby G. Norton Falgafe, fuiverfinith. (Hulme, Ruffel Greening). Crocked lanc, London, orange merchant, 14uxre

(Pitches and Sampfon, swithin's lane Birkby H. Lewer Rowfolds, York, card maker. (Evans Gregory G. Jun. Liverpool druskin. (Atkintung Wilde, Mitton Garden, and Carr, Gointrial, York

and Mackareil. Chancory lowe, and Lare, Liverpool Buffett J. Burlergare, Herefo'd, cordwainer. (Taylor Griffins s.Old Bofwell court, Carey Areet, tailor. (Budd

ant son, Feathtritone buildings, and Dangerfield, and Hayes. Eedford row Brostyard

Naminend S. Leventholme, Manchester, blk and cortes Bloore W. Ha's Moon alley, Biftupriate Árect, timber manufacturer. (Edge, Temple, and Murrow, Li. merchant. (Batsforo, Horlieydown labe

Blow J. Hertford, currier, (Higeen and Sym. Currier's Harper w, Friday Atreet, Glk weaver. (shelton, Seliana
Hi, I enden wat

Houit, Old Buily
Bople paard J. and D. Joprop. Ringley, Lancetter, ca- Harris w. Chulary. Hereford, miller. (Coleman, Leo.

lico printers. (Tarrant, Clarkr, and Richards, Chan. minder
cery lane and claughton, Manchester



Harry w. wefon. Hereford, dealer in cattle Meredith, Boulton G. E. Wortefter, china manutacturer. (Cardade Kohbbins, and Tomkyns, Lincoln's inn, and Harvey and Spear, Gray's ten, and Saunders, Worcefter

GAG Cooke, Rors, Hereford Bowden W. Downhead, Somerset, dealer.

(King Bed. Hart A. and P. Simops, Portlea, nary agents. (Templer, ford row, and Hyati and Magell, Snepron Mallett

Burt ereet, Exit Smithfeld Brad eld R. Altiebron, Norfolk, miller. (Bignold, Hartley J. Manchefer, manufacturer. (Luis Chancery Norwich, and Bleafdale, Alexander, and Holme, New fane, and Cardwell, Minchester

Haris T. ane B. Southwark, biver (miths, (Tarna Bradly R. Famlam. Brewer. (Holleft, Farnham, and Warnford court Dynes, Lincoln's infelds

Mennei R. Berrata freet, Rufet fuvart, ceal trchiesta Bro veribill T. Leeds, bierinith. (Lee and Raynar,

(Annecy, Temple Leeds, and partye, Chancery late

Higris T. Mete, witte, viftusfter. (Seymour, Mere, Bruiner J. Rochdaic, Lancatrer, dealer. (Birkett, Rood aud Bleandale, Alexander, and Holme, New inn court, Walbrock, und Sraith, Birminghali.

Higginfon ). Manchester, manufacturers (wiliams Burton J. Liverpool, merchant. Clements, Livet pool, Manchester, an Hurd, Temple and Black dock, Temple

Hipwell J. Hardman's Föld. Lancashire, calico printer. Byfeld J. Duvai's Tane, illington, dealer. (shatarman, (Hewitt and Kirk. Mancheter, and Ellis, chancery 246 Hart treet, Bloomibury

Hooke W. Beccles, Suffolk, Kler. (Debary, Derby, Camcron w. Liverpool, liquor inerchant (shephard and scudarrere, Temple, anu Bohua, Beccles and Adlington, Bedford row, and Dawfull, Liver. HOPPET C. Tynemouth, ion keeper.

(Barker, North pool

Shields, and Setree, St. Mary Art Carter w. jun. Liverpool, merchant. (Chambre. Chapel Horstal! R. and S. Stanton, Coventry, ribbon manufiuretag drea, Bedford row, and Statham and Kughes, Liver. Kinderley, Long, and Ince, Gray's ion, and lroute

tou and Lea, Coventry Carwell N. L. Cheimsford, Innkeeper. (Brook and Hughes R. Poultry, poldmith. (Chetnam, Falcon

and Bridges, Red Lion Square, and Tindal and Perkins, quare, and Donpllon, Colinah Areet bund oss Crelmsford

Murrell T. York Arett, At. James's tailor.
Charlton M. Argyle Areet, vidualler. (Whitton, Great Teathefik ne buildings Hot
James Areet, Bedford row

Jackfon T. Cheetham, Manchester, cotton manufacturer Cietind A. Carles Broet, Marg.le-honner uphorferer. (Milne, Manchener (Saunders, Charlotte ftreet, Fitzroy Square

Jenkins T. Prescot freet, Grodman's fields, opholderer. Cloit v. Handley, Stafford, potrer. (Vernon, stone, (Collins and Waller, Spital quart

Stafford, and Dawes, Apgel court, Theogmortos Jones J. Baling nali freet, Blackwell Hall, factor (Empe #reet

fun, (larlotte reet, Biackfriars rued Coleman T. Ockley, Surry, fhopkeeper. (Lupfun, Judkini . Chefter, lipen drarer. ft nilpott and Stones Charlotte freet, Blackfriars road

Temple, aud Furchett, Cheter Colcrick AGk ba treet, Wapping, needle merchant. Kay X. Birraingham, brandy merchant. (Rodfield, Hindd

(Turner and like, Bloomsbury Square, and Gwardner, court, Fleet freet, and Maualley, Birmingham Redditch, Worcester

Kenaway T. Well Cowes. baker

Worilty, Newport Cooper J. Cheer, woollen draper. (Faulkner, Chefter Kerp J. Iniugan, dealer in hay. Irwingham, Unia Cooper T. Highan, Kent, butcher. (Chippendall, Arbet, Whitechapel Great Quecu Atreet, Lincorp's in helde

Kern L. And . Mullut, Amen CornerPaternofter towy Crossland S. Liverpool, thip chandler. (Windle, Joha and Fettet lane, furriers. (Woods, Langbuurner treet, Bedfied row, And Stanitrost and Lden, Liver.

Word Chambers pool

Kimbell w, Gofwell freet,coach maker. Denton J. Burnhamn, Effex, seedfinaa. (Fowell, Finch derf te Rreet lane, Cornhill

King R. Duke ficet, lincoln's inn helds, tailor

(Cape Dingle k. Plymouth Pock, cabinet maker, (Williams pard, Baptist Chambers, Chaucery lane

and Darke, Prince's Areet, Bedford row, asid So, Landals W. jun. Mull, victualler. Plymouth

Lage, and Walmacy, Hull

(Eule, chaocery Dixou J. and E. Liverpool, merchants. (Grenvis init Lea w. Depifora, tronnionger, (Blakelock and Makbifans

Broome, Liverpool, and Greefon and Dixon, Ancel Temple court, Thrakmortori ftret

bet ) ). S. Martineat, and J. Wilkin fons Bread Preet, Dowding T. Pateraotter row, warehouseman. (Phi)

factors. (Meyrick and Broderip, Red Cion murre Gurer lane

Leigh R. and D. Armrong, Liverpool, merchants. Downey T. Wapping Areet, glazier and painter (Staw (Lowe, Temple, and Leip.8. Liverpool Broad street, London Dock

Lewis J. Abergavenny,

Moninoutng cabinet make: Duckett w. Ramigate, carpenter. (Daniel, Ramsgate, (JamesGray's indique é, a na Cornith. trifol

and Exley, tucker, and Dawson. Firnival's inn Longiden J. Scockport, Cheiler, timber merchant. (Edge, Sutton T. Liverpuol, cabinet maker. (W sole, John Tempie. and Harrop, Stockport

treet, Buford row, and Penn anton, Liverpool Longidon M. Hd P. Maneficiter, and G. Willion, ironmen. Lafton W. Bread freer, Cheapfide, factor. (Pearce,

ger lane, merchants. (Hewitt and Kirk, Manchener, Paternofter row

and Ellis, Cbancory lane Ellam ). In: Wealeigh, Lancaster, butcher, (Waong Lumley T. Grest Gricksby, Liacaln, soccr. (Nichotfon Leiph, and Blakrlock, and Makinfon, Temple

Aouth, and Leigh and Mason, Bridge &reet, Slack. Blliott H. Kt ng #d, Surry. frucer. (Bovili and Tutin,

Wars Bridge Street, Blackfriars

Macneall J. Preston, Lancaster, lioen draper. 'Blake Eveleigh, F. Launcelton, Cornwall. bruzier. (Egertoa, luck and Makinfon, Temple, and Pilkington, Preloa Gray's ina Square, aod Spurrier and Ingleby, Bips Maddock J. Liverpool, soap boiler.

(Atkinfan, wilde. Iningham

and Mackarail, Chancery lane, and Halal, Liver. Fairçluugh G. juo. Chorley, Lanaater, grocer. (Chip: pool

pendall, Grced Queen meet, Lincoln's inn fields, and Maiman W. old Gravel lane, butcher. (Daviesa Hough and Parkinson, Chorley

Lothbury fawceto M. Liverpool, mufic teller. (Rorfes, Liverpool, Ma (den W. and H. Manchefer, cottun mann fa durer's and Windle, John Greet, Bedford row

lis, Chancery lane. and Cardwell Macheter Petrie u. Ost fine, Blackwell Mali, factor. (Stevens, Marsden W. and J. Houghton, Tower, Lancafter, corea sion College girdeus, Aldermanbury

* manufacturers. (Ridkelock and Makia fou, Tempio, Dinlay fun wind T. Deares, Liverpool, inerchants. and startirant, Pretun (wilde and Knight. Cattle threet, Faicou square

Marion S. Gra se road, Bermondfey, baker.

(Empfos, Pitck R. Cattle Hedingfiam, Effice, Butcher. (Sparling, Charlotie Areet. Blackfriars road

Colchefer, and cutting, Bartletts Buildings, Hol Martin 1. Cadle direct, Finsbury foudre, builder. (Shorf. born

land, Old waily Fletcher, M. Liverpont, carinen ware dealet, (Forre&, Maynard J. Wells, Sornetfet, cabiner maker. Liverpoud, and windle, John Arcer, Bedford row

and Dyne, Lincolu's inn fields Varber w. and G. Lewis, Liverpool, merchan:s. Windle, Muboorue c. R. and J. Awan, ola Eund treet, paper John freet, Hestard for, and stagigreet aud deur


(Kibblewkite, Rowland, and Robinson, Liverpool

Gray's inp placa


(Lamb, al.


Mercier C. and C. Chervett, Bartholomew Close, priatets.

(Sherwin, Great James treet, Bedford row Mertyweather 6. Manchefer, manufacturer. (Buckley,

Manchester and wine and Parry, Teinpie Mid* ). Manchester. merchant. (WDis Fairfione,

and Clarke, warfard cout and liellop, Manchuber Midwond J. Huddersfield. York, maltter. (Baltye,

Chancery lane, ad Crossland Huddarsteld Mildram w. Totnes, Devin, linen diaper. (Brution,

Nex Millman ftreet, and Brutton, Exerer Millar J. Liverp ol, merchant. Tarrant Clarke, and

Richards, Chancery lane, and Mastey and Cartwrighi,

Liverpool Mollifin c. Tavistock piace, merchant. (Dan and

Crossjard, Bquad street Muore S. Wolverhampton, fadler. (Corer, wolves.

hampton Morris M. Calle Areet, Holborn, Jeweller. (lce, Calc

freet. Holborn Mullion R. Liverpool, merchant. (Barrow, Threadneedle

freet, and Miscy and Cartwright, Liverpool Nailer 1. Jeffrries fquare, St. Mary Axe, merchant.

(Rofs anu Co. New Borwell court Xeron G. Liverpool, cow keeper. (Blackftock, Temple,

and Murrow, Liverpool Newton G. Maiditune, sadler. (Bond and Fairbanks,

Secthing lane Norris E. Ilchefter, Somerset, innholder. (King, Bed.

ford row, and Hyatt and Maskell, hepton, Mallett North J. Manchester, merchant. (Ellis Chancery lane,

and Jobofor, and Lom faale. Man heter Osborn 6. Tottenham Court upholsterer (Saunders,

Charlotte freet. Fitzroy fquare Palmrt T. New road, wbitechapel, foap maker. (Hol

kuway, Chancery lane Parkes J. Birminghamn, timber merchant. (Pownali,

Staple's inu Parfuns w. Shepron Mallet. Sorr.erf t. cornfactor. (shop

hard and Adlington, Bedford row, and Shephard,

Bath Peacock C. Clement's inn, navy agent. [Briggs, Eftex

Atreet, strand Pearce J. Balinghall freet, clothier. (Highmoor and

Young, suh lane Pearfun T. New roed, St. George's is the Eaft, grocer.

(Holloway. Chancery lane Pepper 1. W. Veal, butcher (May and Mercer, Deal,

21 d Kinderley, Cour aud Ince, Eray's inn Phillips W. Liverpool, broker. (Tarrant, Clarke, and

Richards, Chancery lane and Keychriey, Liverpool Philic fan H. Corringham, York, nurferyrrian. (Broadley

and Swan, Nuli, ad Robarts, Cie Dent's inn Piaifter M. Hudderstield, thotmakt (Allison, Aud.

dersfield, and Walker, Lincoln's inn Puole T. D. Arlington, Gloceller, miller. (Meredith,

Rubbins, and Tomkyns, Lincolu's 1on, and Bevia,

Circoceter Potter $. Tillingham, Effex. Shopkeeper. (Rearden and

Davis, Curbet court, Gracechurch Areet Preft widge G. 9. Mais lane, Souin wark, brewer. (Man.

tarue, Henrietta ftreet, Covent Garden Rees T. D. Great May's buildinxs. Sr. Martin's lare, vic.

tualler. (Hinrich, Cecil ftreet, Arand Richard on T. Liverpool, foap boiler.

Parr and Thompfon, Liverpool, and Shephard and Aclington, Bedroid

row Robe E. Plymouth Dock, milliner. (Williams and

Darke, Prince's treet, Becord row, and Bozon,

Plymouth Romer J. Rosamond freet. Clerkenwell, watchmaker,

[Williains and Wilmut, New ino Rowney R. Hatton Garden, perfumer. (Walker, Old

Jewry But T. Karchmont Qreet, Tavistock Square, oilman.

(Vixhand and mung, Brunswick quare Savane S. ad J. Slack, Macelesheia, sik manfaâurers.

(Helland Rintcrick, Bow lane,, and Grini

disco, Macelesfeld Scott T.H. Tiverton, Devon, fpirit merchant. (Kendall,

Exetes, and Abbott, Abchurch yard Scrivener T. and J. Alcefter. Warwick, Deedle makers.

(Turner and Pske, Bloomsbury Square, and Guardnet,

Redditch, Worcrfter Seiway R. Bath, harneiš maker. (Hirhinoor and Young,

Bun lane. London, and Wingate, Bath strand D. Liverpool, merchant. Bird, Liverpool Snorran W. Huckley, Warwick, corn dealer. shephard

and Adlingtofi, Bedford row, and Tidnas. Warwick Shaw J. Rouhdalé, Lancaster, hatter. (Shuttleworth,

Rochdale, and chippendale, Serjeant's inn, Fleet

freer Sheriff A. St. Mary Axe, merchant. (Mayhew, Symond's Sherrinceon #, and G. Cooper, Prellan, Lancaster, corton

fpivax [Wiylesworth Gray's inn square, and

Alden and shuttleworth, Preton
Sbo utbred J. Bruad @reet, London, mercbant. (Laos)

America lyuare ***
Sievers H. E.Hackney road, merchant.

(Fimer, Neifon fyuare, Blackfriars road Silcox's Beckington, Somerfet clochier. (Timbrelljar.

Trowbridge, and Debary, Derby, 200 scudature,

Temple Smith H. and H. Chefmer. Grea: Wincbelter Atreet, mer

chants. (Smith's, Bagngball treet Emithson J. and J. B. Bishop wearmouth, coalitters.

(Blaxifton, Symond's inn, and law, Sunderland Imanes t. Upper Last smithfield, POHOR mercbant,

(Tarn,' Waroford court MONTHLY MAG. No. 211.

Sorgenfrey A. W. Liverpnol, merchant. [Cooper and

Lowe. Southampton buildings, Chancery lain, and

Orred and Baines, or Crump and Lodge, Liverpool Spencer J. Brightnil, Jiren draper. (Douroition and

Hewitt, little Friday itreet, Chraprice Spencer W. and A. Wudhead, New court, Bow Lane,

Terchants (Milne and Parry, Ternple Stanton J. Brumrove, Worcefter, miller.

[Bray and Gate, Droit wich Steishi Richriond, Surty, furgeon, (Richardsons, Stewart A. Broat ftreet, Ratcliff, hoop bonaer. (Noy

áta Pope, Mincirc tane Stolic. and J. Fischneider, fet, Birmingham. leather

sellers. (Eurdu.on and Hewit.Litis Friday freet,

Cheeplade, and imcox, Biriningnam Stower C. Paternuter row, printer. (Rufen, Crown

ruurt, Allefiate treet Sumner T. Bonas, Lancashire, miller. (Blakelock and

Makinfon, Teinple, and Ga'uner, Garang Sutton T. Woulwich, victualier. [Whittons, Great

James freet, Redford row Swancoit M. Foner lane. Cheapfide, warehouseman,

(bel amy. Clifford's inn Taylor R. LeiceAer fqualc, holier. (Shepherd, Bartlett's

buildings Taylor J. Bristol, manufacturer. (Heelis; Staples inn,

and Burgc#, Ariftol Thornton J. Golden square, feather terchant.

cha dions, New ian Tomlinson R. Leek, Stafford, shopkeeper. [Barber,

Fetter lane, and Wheatley and Fowler, Stone Trow R. Gray's inn linc road, cow keeper. (Rufen,

Crown court. Aldgate Tyndall J. Lirmingham, button maker. [Webb and

Tyndall, Birmingham, and Tarrant, Clarke, and

Richards, Chancery lane Wagfaff H. Manchester, machine and spindle maker.

(Edre, Manchester, and Ellis, 'cery lane Waible J Liverpool, builder. [Meddowcroft, Gray's

inn, and Daviss, Liverpool Watton' J Liverpool merchant. (Conper and Luke,

Chancery lant, and Orred and Baines Liverpool Weth H. Enacid, corn factor. [Taylor, Waltham

Abbey Webb J. Einey. Glocefter, clothier. (Conftable, Symond's

inn, anu Lambourn. Stroud Webb w. Mildenhall, Suffolk. money fcriveper. (Farlow,

Houverie irect, Fleet firect Webber M and willchefer, Somerfet, dealers. (Mer

liter, Wincanton, and Dyne, Lincoln's in fields Wells R. Fareham, upholderer. (leasdale, Alexander,

and Homes, Newinn, and Paddoms, Fareham Welsh R. and Gilerpool, brukers. Atkinson, Wilde,

and Mackarall London and Lace, liverpool Well M. Colchester, merchant [ parling, Colchester,

and Cutting. Bartleri's buildings Weitbury J. K London terrace, Hackney road, cloth ner.

chant (James, Gray's inufquare, and Davis,

Whire Henry. Drury lane, apothecary. (Philipson and

Brewes, Staple's inn
White J. L. Cannon ftreer, wine merchant.

(Sloper and Herth, Mintague areet, Rullei syuare Whiteley W. and J. Ieeds, dyers. (Granger, Leeds,

and Lake, Dowpace hill. London Whitentury E ancheter, merchant. [Ellis, Chant

cery lanie, and Higion and Atkinton. Mancheter Wibcriey Ji and W. Pepper, Nottingh m.

nefiers. (famion and Lees, Nottingham, and strevenfon, Lig.

coln's inn Newfquae Williams J. Compton åreet. $t. Giles's, baker, [Price,

Poland itreet Withey j. Trowbridge, Wilts, clothier, (Timbrell,

Trowbridge, aud Debary, Derby and Soldamore,

'lernple Worms Menty, Wapping Dock Areet upholsterer. (Howard

aud Abris, Old Jewry Wrinh J. Lambain, merchant. (Crosley, Holborn

court, Graysian Wyatt j. F. Fleet ihreet, tall ow chandler, (Sweet and

Stukes, Temple

DIVIDENDS ANNOUNCED. Aldridges. Vello fquare, furecon March 10 Aulin). L. Tower kill, drugs, Marchis Ayre: j.ratto, Ix, Coalichaat, April :o Báintora ). swylaod, Haitt.x, York, fuxian manufacturer,

Aprilia Beck A. Orford Greet, radler, March 6 Bret S. Bury Art, St. Mar Axe, jeweller, March 30 Bratord C. Manchefer. merchu. April EJ. E. ard), de Camp, Catharini areet, Sirind, book

filters, April 13 Bidwell. Whitechapei, linen draper, April, Birch J and L. Leverion, Hoxton, cutour manufacturert,

April 9 Bird 6. Edgware road, frone marun, March 30 Biber R. Ray street Clerkenwell. victualler, March 30 Bovil 1. Catharine court, Tower til, corn factor. Anil 6 Bradley, J. Maia lane, Southwark, faith, April 16 BT. Bruttobrandy merchant, April in Bunn s. Great Charlotte freet, Blackfriars road, mert hant,

April 6 Burnett W. North Vethertor, Somerset baker, April 8 Canpitord w. George troet, Oxturd road, baker, March 16 Carier ). Sandwich, drapery Aprilia

% M


Caw T. Buch lant, Cannon Arcet, merchant, May 7
Chudwick J. Bredbury, Cheer, hat manufacturer, April 10
Chadwick A. Bredbury, Cheiter, widow, April 17
Child T. B. Neath, Glamorgan, tanner, Aprilis
Clarke J. H. St. James's Gree, mariner, March 26
Conan A. and S. Sheer efs, flopillers, March 16
Comforth W. Bishopwearmuuth, Durham, faj maker, April
Corfoa ). Mincinglane, merchant, March 16
Cowperthwaite W. Old Fim-treet Hill, crucer. April 26
Crabb J. and W., and N. Larkhams Wilton, cluthidrs,

March ::
Cranch N. Exeter, merchant, April 13
Critchley J. Nottingham, araper, March 2}
Croudace j. Hull, cheese.factor, March 26
Curtis J. Spring erect, St. Mary-le buone, tallow chandle ,

March 19 Davenport J., and J. Finney, Aldermanbury, merchants,

April 6 Dawes J., W. Noble, R. A. Croft, and R. Barwick, Pall

Mall, bankers, April 20 Deipini C.A. St. Martin ftrect, merchant, April go Dickenson S. and w, senior and junior, Broad areet, Lon

don, merchants, May 18 Dickenson W. enior, Poultry, banker, May 18 Dickeofon F. Junior, Poultry, banker, May 18 Dickie T. Cornhill, bockiller, March 13 Dixon M. Borough High Areer, hop merchant, April 20 Dow J. Buthlane, Canton street, merchant, March jo Drury P. Evetham, Worcefter, braziel, Aprils Eady s. St. Ives, Huntingdon, warehoulcman, April 9 Elfstrand D. Hul, merchant,' Aprils Elout E. Lambeth, victualler, April 6 Illam W. Windle, Lancafer, tanner, April 10 Ellis R. Earl street provision broker, March 23 Eity. Oxford, wine merch int, April 17 Fairfield J., and J. Luckky, 'Liverpool, merchants,

April Taveli E. and J. Cambridge, painters, April Fisher W. Houndsdiech, linch draper, April, Fuiler R. Deal, thor keeper. March 73 Gardner F. Deptford, Inariner, March 23 Gajkull T. Bruton Oreet, Berkeley square, linen draper;

April 27 Gcar il, Rull, cabinet maker, March :9 Gibbons G. and W. Sherwood, Liverpool, merchants,

April 17 Gibron T. High Atreet, Maryole.bonne, ironmonger,

March 30 Gordail T. Poultry, banker. May 18 Hambury C. Catharine court,' Tower hill, corn" faâor,

April 6 Hancorne W. Swansea, hopkceper, March 13 Harrion 1. Camomile freei, ttationer, April 27 Hayward J., and G. Turney, London erect, merchants,

March 16 Henning D. Leicester square, upholferer, March 26 Nenzell G. Little East Cheap, under writer, March 30 Heye: J. Mancheiter, dyer, April 3 Hicainbottom L. Manchetter milliner, .May is Hoddinott B. Bruton, Somerset, March 25 Hoogron J. junior, Có eman ftreet, merchant, April 27 Hollamby W. Leadenhall free, librarian, April, holmes F. Warwick, grocery April 4 Holmes C. Bull's Head couri, Newgate Aree, taberdasher,

March 30 Hors fall w. Hampftead road, victualler, March 23 Hofkin R. Croydon, linen araper, April 6 Houston J. Blect it reet, linen draper, March 26 Nubbard J. Eethnal Green, brewer, April 27 Hubbud C. Norwich, haberdasher, April 2 James J. Brillol, cooper, April 17 Jones A. St. James's Areer, milliner, My 4 Jones B. Rotherhithe Wall, tobacconi, March 13 Jones T. High Holborn, locking-glass iwanufa&urer,

March 30 Keyft T., and C. P. Wyatt, Longbourn Ward Chambers,

merchants. March z Kidd J. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, merchant, March 28 Lagnitera J. P. St. Martin's lane, Cannon ftreet, merchant,

March 19 Lance c. Grosvenor place, baker, March 19 Laycock T. Minories, nopteller, March 13 Lec H. Holywell Areer, Shoreditch, fitversmith, May 4 Little R., and W. Crandon, Hythe, Kent, lineu draper,

March 30
Lloyd J., and w. Wydown, Upper Thames Arect, grocers,

March 26
Lomes D. Watford, Herts, corn merchant, March 30
Lowron E. Mark lane, merchant, April 4
I ye R. Gorwell Arect, builder, Marin 16
Makehain I Upper Thames ftreet, dealer, March 33
Marriott R. Northampton, banker, March 22


Containing official Pupers and authentic Documents.

Lord Wellington has moved his head quare MIE French army continues to detain ters in the direction of the enemy. Hin

lordship is master of the Fabian system, gal. Massena has broken up froin Santa- but we still exclaim, cui bono ? com, his late head-quarters; and perhaps Near Cadiz there has been an affair of useless valour; but who ever doubted previously been sent towards Chiclana, with the superior prowess of the British solo out meeting with the enemy.) On the diery, and their power of defeating an march, I received notice that the enemy had equal or moderately superior number of appeared in force on the plain, and was ado auy other troops in the world? What vancing towards the heigbis of Barrosa. was done at Cressy, Poiçtiers, and Agin. that of Santi Petri, I immediately counter

Martinnant P. St. James's freer, warehou fernan, April 6 Malkrry W., and 'j. Aikin, Whitechapel road, dealers in

Glars, Apriljo Mafon E. Great Swan alley, Coleman Atreet, carpenter,

April 6 Middlch rit M. Wigan, Lancaster, corn and flour dealer M'Lachlan A., and J. Galt, Great St. Helen's, factors,

April 27 Morgan ). Fotter atreet, Bithcprzate, cheese inonger, May Morgan ... and E. Builh, Brecon, tanners, April Morkau ., and M. R. Moricy, southwark, hup factors,

March 23 Moseley D. Wakefield, York, innkeeper, April 1 Neve J. Birmingham, linen and wollen draper, April 13 Oakley ). St. Joun arce, bedítead maker, March 30 Ogilvy w. juniur, G. Mylne, and J. Chalmers, Jeffreys

fjuare merchants. Apr: 6 Olivant G. Mancheiter, merchant. April 13 Parker S, South Lambeth, nderwriter, April6 Paty T. Lime it reet, inerchant, March jo Peirre T. Canterbury, brazier, Aprilio Perry J. Angel court, Thropmorton Arect, broker, March Phillips T. M. and w. Twyfurd Wilts, mealman, Aprig Pickup ). Burnicy, Lancalier, cotton spiones, Aprilia Pickwood C. Cloak lane wine merchant, April 6 Pratt M. Dar ington, Durham, drukgift, April 27 Pritchard G. Tew fticet, Fetter lade, bricklayer, April 28 Racky B. Ofteit. York. ck hier, Apiala Randall T. Oxford, linen drapery Apri. 3o Randall Dean ftreet, upholfterer. March 23 Rawlins C. E. Bristol, grocer, March 26 Revell G. Poplar, bricki yer, April 13 Reynolfou T. Manchetter, cotton merchant, April 10 Richardson J., and J. Sa de fun. Kent, tariners, March 19 Koberts J. Keat road, Suithyark, ftone nason, March so Roberson ). Lydd, Kent, linen diaper, Apni 13 Sanders R. Croydo, cow-keeper, Ich 30 Sa ders J. Hinckley, Leicester, corn dealer, Aprile Saqui A. J. Bury ftreet, London, inercbant, April 6 Saunders r. Borogh inarket, south wark, builder, May 16

cort T. Mannington Kent, victualer, March 26 Sheron T. Market B sworih, Leiceter, draper, March 21 Sherwood, J. W. Newgate ürect, cheefemonger, April 20 Singleton J. A. Manche er, varch inaker, Aprilio Slater 1. ortery St. Mary. Teron, currier, March 22 South F., and W. Harrison, Addle Arect, Warehouseats,

APTU2 Stanley S. Derby, grocer, April 6 stune W. and 'r. Laurace, Rutland place, Upper Thatats

treet, and s. Payne Chelsea, coal merchants, April 30 StrettenWillingdo, S. Tex; topkeeper, March 23 Sutherland X. Newman orect, merchant; March 16 Swallow A. Selby. York, money-scrivener, March 26 Tabart B. Bond Arect, bookfeller, May 8 Taylor C. Britel,, Machas Th mfan J. Colchester. Et cer, Marchego jolfun P. and R. Leeds, York, inerchants, April 3 Tripp J. Bristol, woollen draper April 30 Trott D. Oid Change, Calico printer, March 13 Tubb w., and J. H. A. Scott, King's road, Pimlico, susa

ferymen, April 6 Tuliol . Great Coram Atreet, Rudel square, Bierchant,

April 2 Turner K. R. H. 11, grocer, April Tweddill J. Liverpool, fadler April 10 Vallance W. Eadlane, Bennondley, builder, March 23 Valley S. Hull, merchant, Apilis Van Dyck; P. Don A. J. G. Leaven, and W. A. de Grustet

Viok Circus, Minories, merchants, March 26 Wall. ). Oxford ficer, hatter, April 30 Wallis J. E, Culhefter, merchant, April 2 Wailon J. Elton, Lancaster, cottvo spinner. April 16 White T. į nior, truua, Kent, coal merchani, April Williams A. Cheltenham. Jeweller, March 13 Willings T. Church lanc, Whitechapel, painter, April 20 Willi 1. Pudding ane, London, merchant, May 1 Willis l., G. M. Jukcs, J. 6. Jackfun, and J. Langles,

Salisbury fquare, Fleet freet, merchaots, April 13 Wilfon W. Colchetet, merchant. April ? Winniett B. Margaret Atreet, Hock-broker, March 30 Wittinghard W. Lynn, Norfolk, printer, April 20 Wood R. Margate, grocer. March 26 Woodrorte E. Wcollastonc, Gloceder, iTOR manufaaynerg

April 17 Woodward J. Derby, lace manufacturer, April 15 Woolcoinbe w.and w. Rutherfithe, Hip builders, March 22 Woorten C. Batb, milliner, Aprils Worth M. Dowgate hili. ftationer, April

16 Wright w, Stockport, Cheller, hair áretet, April 10 Wright s. senior, Grunge Road, Beruondley, bricklayer,

March 30.


As I considered that position as the key of court, may be done again by English marched, in order to support the troops left troops on any suitable occasion. We have subjoined the interesting dispatches this manæuvre was executed, served as a

for its defence; and the alacrity with which of GENERAL GEALAM.

favourable omen. It was liowever impossible Downing-stret, March 25.

in such intricate and difñcult ground to pre. Dispatches, of which the following are serve order in the columns, and there never copies, were last night received at the was time to restore it entirely. Farl of Liverpool's Olhce, adúressed to But before we could get ourselves quite his lordship by Lieut-Gen. Graham, disentangled from the wood, the troops on dated Isle de Leon, Gib and 10th of the Barrosa hill were seen returring from it, Narch, 1811.

while the enemy's lef: wing was rapidly asIsle de, Marcb 6, 1811.

cending. At the same time his right wing My LORD,-Captain Hope, my first Aid

stood on the plain, on the edge of the wood, de Camp, will have the honour of delivering within cannon shot. A retreat in the face of this dispatch to intorm your lordship of the

such an enemy, already within reach of the glorious issue of an action fought yesterday by easy communication by the sea-beach, must the division under my command, against the

have involved the whole allied army in all army commanded by Marshal Victor, com

the danger of being attacked during the unposed of the two divisions, Rufin and Laval.

avoidable confusion of the different corps are The circumstances were such as compelled riving on the narrow ridge of Bermesa, nearly me to attaek this very superior force. In or

at the same time. des as well to explain to your lordship the

Trusting to the known heroism of British circunstances of peculiar disadvantage under troops, regardless of the numbers and position which such an action was begun, as to justify of their enemy, an immediate attack was demyself from the impatation of rashness in the termined on. Mejor Duncan soon opened a attempt, I must state to your lordship that powerful battery of ten guns in the centre. the allied army, aiter a night's march of six. Brigadier general Dilkes with the brigade of teen hours from the camp near Veger, ar

Guards, Lieutenant-colonel Crowe's (of the rived in the morning on the fifth, on the low 28th) Alank battalion, Lieutenant colonel Norridge of Barrosa, about four miles to the cott's two companies of the 2d rifle corps, and southward of the mouth of the Santi Petri Major Acheson, with a part of the 67th foot, riyer. This height extends inland about a

(separated from the regiment in the wood) mile and a half, containing on the north the formed on the right. extensive beat hy plain of Chiclana.

Colonel Wheatly's brigade, with three pine forest skirts the plain, and circles round companies of the Coldstream Guards, under the height at some distance, terminating Lieutenant-colonel Jackson, (separated like. down to Santi Petri; the intermediate space wise from his battalion in the wood), and between the north side of the height, and the Lieutenant-culonel Barnard's flank battalion forest being uneven and broken.

formed on the left. A well conducted and successful attack on As soon as the infantry was thus hastily* the rear of the enemy's lines, near Santi got together, the guns advanced to a more Petri, by the vanguard of the Spanish army

favourable position, and kept up a most de. under Brigadier General Ladrizabel, having strictive fire. opened the communication with the Isla de The right wing proceeded to the attack of Leon, I received General De Penas's direc. General Rufin's division on the hill, while tions to move down from the position of Bar. Lieutenant-colonel Barnard's battalion, and rosa, to that of the Torre de Bermesa, about Lieutenant-colonel Bushe's detachment of the half-way to the Santi Petri river. in order to 20ch Portuguese, were warmly engaged with secure the communication across the river, the enemy's tirailleurs on our left. over which a bridge had been lately esta. General Laval's division, notwithstanding blished. This latter position occupies a nar

the havoc made by Major Duncan's battery, row woody ridge, the right on the sea cliff, continued to advance in very imposing masses, the leit falling down to the Almanza Creek, opening his fire of misquetry, and was on the edge of the Marsh. A hard sandy only checked by that of the left wing. The beach gives an easy communication between left wing now advanced, firing; a most dethe western points of these two positions. termined charge by the three companies of

My division, being halted on the eastern Guards, and the 87th regiment, supported by slope of the Barrosa height, was marched all the remainder of the wing, decided the about twelve o'clock through the wood to. defeat of General Laval's division. wards the Bermesa, (cayalry patroles having The eagle of the eighth regiment of light


A great


which suffered immensely, and a howitzer, soners; the field covered with the dead bodies rewarded this charge, and remained in pos- and arms of the enemy, attest that my consession of Major Gough, of the 87th regi. fidence in this division was nobly repaid. These attacks were zealously sup.

Where all have so distinguished them. ported by Colonel Belson, with the 28th re. selves, it is scarcely possible to discrimina e giment, and Lieutenant-colonel Prevost, with any as the most deserving of praise. Your a part of the 67th.

lordship will, however, observe how gloriA reserve formed beyond the narrow val. ously the brigade of guards, under Brigadiere ley, across which the enemy was closely pur- general Dilkes, with the commanders of the sued, next shared the same fate, and was battalions Lieut.-col, the Hon C. Onslow routed by the same means.

and Lieut. Col. Sebright (wounded), as well Meanwhile, the right wing was not less as the three separated companies under Lieut.. successful; the enemy, confident of success, col. Jackson, maintained the high character met General Dilkes on the ascent of the hill, of luis Majesty's household croops. Lieut.and the contest was sanguinary; but the un. col. Browne, with his fank battalion, Lieut.. daunted perseverance of the brigade of col. Norcott, and Major Acheson, deserve guards, of Lieutenint-colonel Browne's hat equal praise. talion, and of Lieutenant-colonel Norcott's And I must equally recommend to your and Major Acheson's detachment, overcame lordship's notice Colonel Wheatly, with Coevery obstacle, and General Rufio's division Jonel Belson, Lieut. colonel Prevost, and was driven from the heights in confusion, Major Gough, and the officers of the respecleaving two pieces of cannon.

tive corps composing his brigade. No expressions of mine could do justice to The animated charges of the 87th regi. the conduct of the troops throughout. No. ment, were most conspicuous; Lieutenantthing less than the almost unparalleled ex- colonel Barnard (twice wounded), and the ertions of every officer, the invincible bravery officers of his Aank battalion, executed the of every soldier, and the most determined duty of skirmishing in advance with the enedevotion to the honour of his Majesty's arms my in a masterly manner, and were ably sein all, could have atchieved this brilliant conded by Licut..col. Bussbe of the 20th Porsuccess, against such a formidable enerny, so tuguese, who, likewise twice wounded, fell posted.

into the enemy's lands, but was afterwanis In less than an hour and a half from the rescuert. The detachment of this Portuguese commencement of the action, the enemy was regiment behaved admirably throughout the in full retreat. The retiring divisions met, whole aftair. halted, and seemed inclined to form: a new I owe too much to Major Duncan, and the and more advanced position of our artillery officers and corps of the Royal Artillery, not quickly dispersed them.

to mention them in terms of the highest The exhausted state of the troops made approbation; never was artillery better pursuit impossible. A position was taken on served. the eastern side of the hill; and we were The assistance I received from the unstrengthened on our right by the return of wearied exertions of Lieut..col. Macdonald, the two Spanish battalions that had been at- and the officers of the adjutant generai's de. tached before to my division, but which I had partment, of Lieut-col. the Hon. C. Cathcart, left on the bill, and which had been ordered and the oflicers of the quarter-master geneto retire.

ral's department, of Captain Birch and Capt. These battalions (Walloon guards and Ciu- Nicholas, and the officers of the Royal Engidad real) made every effort to come back in neers, of Capt. Hope, and the officers of my time, when it was known that we were engaged. personal statt, (all animated by their exam

I understand, too, from General Whitting- ple,) will ever be most gratefully rememham, that, with three squadrons of cavalry, bered. Our loss has been severe; as soon as he kept in check a corps of infantry and ca. it can be ascertained by the proper return, I valry that attempted to turn the Barrosa shall have the honour of transmitting it. height by the sea. One squadron of the 2d But, much as it is to be lamented, I trust it Hussars, King's German Legion, under Capt. will be considered as a necessary sacrifice, Busche, and directed by Lieut.. Col. Pone for the safety of the whole allied army. sonby, (both had been attached to the Spanish Having remained some hours on the Bar. cavalry) joined in time to make a brilliant and rosa heights, without being able to procure most successful charge against a squadron any supplies for the exhausted troops, the of French dragoons, which was entirely Commissariat mules having been dispersed on routed.

the enemy's first attack of the hill, I left An eagle, six pieces of cannon, the general Major Ross with the detachment of the 2d of division Rutin, and the general of brigade battalion of the 95th, and withdrew the rest Rousseau, wounded and taken; the chief of of the division, which crossed the Santi Petri the staff, General Bellegarde, an aide-de. river early the next morning. camp of Marshal Victor, and the colonel of I cannot conclude this dispatch without the 8th regiment, with many other officers earnestly recommending to bis Majesty's killed, and several wounded and taken pris gracious notice for promotion, Brevet Lieu.


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