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firm their belief in the efficacy, safety, Now in the press, a Literary Life and and policy, of pursuing vaccine inocu. select Works of Benjamin stillingfieet. lacion.

By ARCHDEACON Coxe. Illustrated with The gecond volume of Mr. MOORE's plates, in three volumes, octavo. Tales of the Passions, containing the

Messrs. Daniell's Picturesque Voyage Married Man, being an illustration of to India, by the way of China, with fifes the passion of Jealousy, is expected to coloured engravings, and descriptive let appear in the course of this month. ter-press to each, is nearly ready for pub

The Rev. Joux RUDD, F.L.S. and lication. President of the new Literary and Phi. Early in the spring is intended to be losophical Society of Preston, has in con- published, in octavo, The Protestant Dissiderable forwardness, a Botanist's Guide senters" Annual Register, for the year through Lancashire, in which all the 1810; designed to embody all facts of an plants, indigenous to the country, will be historical, ecclesiastical, or political, waenumerated, and the habitacs of the ture, that are interesting to Protestant same ones accurately given.,

Dissenters. Mr. RudD will also publish, in a few

A Life of William Waynfleet, Bishop days, a voluse of Devotional Exercises, of Winchester, Lord High Chancellor to selected and composed for the use of, Henry Vf. and Founder of Naydalen Congregations and Families.

College, Oxford, by the late Dr. RICHARD Dr. İBUTTON's new edition of his CHANDLER, is in the press. Dictionary of Mathematics and Philo- The edition of Fabyan's Chronicles of sophy, is ready for the press, with many Englanit

, and France," edited by Ilenry improvements, made from late disco- Ellis, Esq. is nearly ready for publici veries in those sciences,

tion. Messrs. SETCHEL and Son, have re- Select Letters of Tippoo Sultan tơ var printed the Memoirs of the Life of Sir rious Public Functionaries, arranged and. Stephen Fox, ancestor of the present' translated by Col.: KIRKPATRICK, are in lord Holland, and it will make its ap- the press, including Iris principal military pearance in a few days.

commanders, governors of forts and proMr. LAMBERT, who lately publishedi vinces, diplomatic and coininercial his travels through Canada, and the agents, &c. &c.; together with some ad.. United States of America, has

the dressed to the tributary chieftains of Salle press an American work, entitled “Salo hore, Kurnool, and Cannanore, and sune magundi, or the Whim Whams and dry other persons. Opinions of Launcelot Langstaff, esg.

Mr. BENJAMIN TRAVERS, demonstraand Others;" to which he has added an tor of anatomy at Guy's Hospital, sure, introductory, Essay on the Genius and' geon to the Fionourable East India Coin. Character of the Americans, together pany, and to the London Infirmary for with explanatory notes.

diseases of the eye; has in the press, An Major Moor is about to publis", An, Inquiry concerning injuries to the Canal Account of the Measures pursued with of the Intestines; illustrating the treats different Tribes of Hindoos for the abo- ment of penetrating wounds, and stran. lition of the practice of the systematic gulated hernia. murder of female children by their Pát- Mr. Wincu has nearly ready for the rents; with incidental notices of other press, the Flora of the counties of Norcustoms peculiar to the inhabitants of In: thumberland and Durhavi, of which the dia. ByGovernor Duncan, and Lieut.-col, Botanist's Guide through those counties Walker.

may be considered as a prodromus. It The volume of the County Annual will comprise about 2000 indigenous Register for 1811, is in forwardness; in plants, and be illustrated by some coaddition to the usual matter relating to loured engravings, made by Mr. Sowthe counties, it will contain a concise and" ERBY. impartial History of Europe for the year. The Rev. Jonsson GRANT will shortly

A Description of the Ancient Terra-' publish the first volume of a summary of cottas in the British Museum, is an. the History of the English Church, and. nounced: the descriptive part by Mr.

of the sects which have separated froin COMBE; and the engravings from draws it, from the earliest periods to the reigir ings by MR. WM. ALEXANDER.

of Jainies the First. MR. KENDALL has in the press, and A new edition of Dr. STUKELEY'S ac; will speedily publish, Remarks on the count of Richard of Cirencester, and of Calumet,

a library of useful boobs, and introducing troductions for the Organ or Pian
all the new Voyages and Travels, with dedicated (with permission to
the best speciinens of poetry, &c. he has ceptor, Dr. Crotch. They a
greatly lessened the demands of his read- in the course of the presenti
ers for the pernicious trash called novels. A very entertaining wor!
His new catalogue, just publishing, is a pen of NAD. DE GENLIS, »
specimen of a collection that is creditable the course of a few days;
to the character of the city.

La Botavique, Historique
A New Bristol Guide will appear in suivie d'une Nouvelle,
the course of the spring, that is well cal- Fteurs ou Les Artistes.
culated to make that ioteresting city, and A Winter in Paris,
its vicinity, the resort of numbers of tra- Madame de C., writis
vellers, who are lorers of mineralogical appear in the cour
science; and will exhibit also, the value' month.
of the surrounding country,

An edition of Nir. Miss Mutford, who lately published a d'Ilirer, is nearly rs volume of elegant Poems, has in the Mr. Bissett, press, a Poem, in four cantos, founded with his wonted a on the events which arose out of the mu. . pared a medal, tiny of the Bounty, which is entitled ihe Regency, in Christina, the Maid of the South Seas. imperial metal

Mr. GEORGE SINGER ,continues his So large a series of Lectures on electricity and elec- Rev. Richari' tro-chemistry, at the Scientific Institu- 8vo. now in tion, 3, Princes-street, Cavendish-square. by his frieni'

Mr. Parkinsox has requested us to vertised fi
announce, that the third and concluding however,
volume of Organic Remains of a former Rev. Josi
World, containing the fossil remains of London.
echini, sheils, insects, crustacea, fisbes, Mr. ]
amphibia, quadrupeds, &c. with twenty- brew (
three coloured plates, will be published have )
in the middle of June.

Dr. Busby has just completed a poin'
Translation, in rhyme, of the six hooks Ann
of Lucretius on the Nature of Things. bru
Lord Grenville, to whom the work is to H.

vis this year: be dedicated, has, we understand, seen il the first book, and expressed his unqua

; (Ibilus Illus, lified approbation of the style in which the doctor has executed this arduous

Prælium cum Gal undertaking. Previous to its publica

commissum. tion, the poem will be read, at Dr. Bo's residence, by Mr. George Busby, to

ya shpest select literary audience

We hop in our next Number, to be able to presr. our readers with further particulars, to lay before them some specimen the version.

The Rev. THOMAS JERVIS, of I is printing a volume of Sermons,

hot from the Dr. Reid will recommence bis of Lectures on the Theory and I of Medicine, on Wednesday, the May, at nine o'clock in the mo: his house, Grenville-street, B. square.

ULIW 。 Mr. J. J. JONES, organist drew by the Wardrobe, and Blackfriars, intends to putin scription, a set of Six fugl

a ne


for Sir,



alent expectoration not been a philanthropist, would

when the origin bably have been a maniac.
+acted to be A case of hypochondriasis bas likewise
inal canal. occurred lately within the practice of the
nsuinpo Reporter, which approached in its symp-
*s of toms to that of melancholy, above re.
y ferred to, but which originated from, and

has been perpetuated by, a very differeot
use. The former arising from circum.
meg, acting immediately upon the
he other, upon the mind, through
m of the body. The depres-
regularity of the spirits, in
ce, seemed to be in a
not entirely produced,
in the principal organ

mach appeared on sert an ascendancy faculty. The connecnem, involves in fact, a pendance.

« The mind e like a jerkin, and a jer5, rumple the one, and you he other.”+ The operation of a or in the physical part of our frame, vore frequently evident in inducing it a total obscuration, but a twilight of the intellect, an intermediate and equi. vocal state between entire sanity, and decided derangement. A state in which a large proportion of hypochondriacal

men, and of hysterical females, under disine the influence of the vapours, may be conattentionsidered as nosologically placed. as, which,

J. REID, ud self-con- Grenville-street, Brunswick-square,

to monopolise March 26, 1811. us to lose a sense is and concerns in perly digested and assimilated into the habit, eral sympathy withi would prove a better preservative against Howard, had he, the malady of mental derangement, than any

prophylactic that is to be found amidst the ule sermon of the late Dre precepts of moral, or the prescriptions of ms. . On the duty of not living to dical, science. if the principles of it were pro

+ Sterne.


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HABETICAL LIST of BANKRUPTCI Eş and DIVIDENDS, announced between the 20th of February and the 20th of March, extracted from the London Gazettes.

BANKRUPTCIES, (This Month 19.)

Andras J. Bath, baberdalner. (Webb, Bath, and As

, cors' Names are between Parentheses.) Aston J. Salford, Mancheter, róper. (Edge, maschefer,

and Ellis, Chancery lane id J. Ludlow, Walworth, oilmen. (Wat.

Baker ), Litton, Derby, cotton manufa&turer. (Shaw,

Weton Hall, Tidwell, Derby, and Ware, Gray's inn 8. Clayton in the Woods,

Baker J. Prome, selwood, Somerfet, fedtera (Chiflet, cturers. (Bl. kelock and Maklofon, Frome, and Ja Gray's inn fquare Blanchard and Bickerftafi, Preston

Ballingall, R. Liverpool, merchant. (Stanlatreet and ey, Lancaster, manufacturer.

(Murd, Eden, Liverpool, and Windle, John Ercet, 6edfote Jackfon, Manchester

TOW 5. Lancafter, viltvaller, (Clantpaton Barelelot W. A. Portsmouth, perfumer (Callawayo Warrington and Santon, Chancory Poremngth

Bath R. Maker, Devon, rope maker. (Willams ang * Moenaker. (Elio, Chancery lane

Darks, Prince's Areet, Bedford row, sod Boxon, Plye

Batty his other worles, with a copious commen

Mr. Nicholas Carlisle has sent to tary, is preparing for the press.

press, his Topographical Researches in A new work is preparing by Mr. PETER Wales, which he hopes to lay before the NICHOLSON, on the Mechanical Exercises public in the beginning of May. of Carpentry, Joinery, Bricklaying, Ma- Mr. J. CARTER has near completed a sonry, Turning, &c.; with plaies of the collection of drawings in illustration of. various tools used in each branch of bu-, the Costume of England, from the resiness.

motest periods to the present day. The Sir George ALLEY, is preparing for subjects consist of stalues from niches, the press, Reports of the Utility and Em-, tombs, basso-relievos; effigies from ployment of Mercury, in the treatment brasses; paintings on walls; illuminated of inflammatory and other diseases, in missals; and authenticated public his which the exhibition of that remedy has torical paintings. The number of these been neglected and considered as inade representations already amounts to 350. missible.

Mr. ANTHONY Topp Tuompson, has A stereotype edition of the Bible in nearly ready for publication, The London French, collated with the most approved Dispensatory; containing the Elements foreign editions, is in considerable for and Practice of Materia Medica and wardness.

Pharmacy, with a translation of the The Hon. ANNABELLA Hawke, has Pharmacopæias of London, the Edinnearly ready for publication, Babylon, burgh, and the Dublin, Colleges of Phyand other poems, in foolscap, octavo. sicians; many useful tables; and cop

A View of the present State of Sicily, per-plates of the Pharmaceutical Appaits Rural Economy, Population, and Pro- ratus; the whole forming a Synopsis of duce, from a late Survey of the Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics. of Agriculture at Palermo, with Obser. Pysche, or the Legend of Love, with vations on its general character, com- . other poems, by the late Mr. HENRY merce, revenues

, &c. by a British officer, Tigue, will speedily issue from the press. serving in the Mediterranean, will appear An alteration has been made at Trio in a few days, in one quarto volume. nity College, Cambridge, in the form of

A botanical work, entitled, Illustra. adınission; those who intend to become tiones Theophrasti in usum Botanicorum members being no longer admitted by præcipue perigrinantium, in an octavo proxy, but obliged to appear in person. volume, is nearly ready for delivery. It The order of Fellow Commoner is also contains a list of more than four hundred abolished in this society. species which have been described by * The following are the subjects for Sir, that celebrated ancient. It is arranged Wm. Browne's gold medals for this year: in three parts; the first containing an al- For the Greek Ode, In Obilum Illus-, phabetical list of the plants, with their trissima Principissa Amelia. notices and descriptions as they occur in For the Latin Ode, Prælium cum Gala the two great works of that author; a lis in Busuci Montibus commissum. systematic table of the several species For the Epigrams, according to the Linnæan system, and a Η σιγήν καίριον ή λόγον ωφέλιμου lexicon explaining all the technical terms made use of by Theophrastus.

REPORT OF DISEASES, Under the Care of the late Senior Physician of the Finsbury Dispensary, from the

201h of February to the 201h of March. A

pitfall situated in the high-road of regard to the actual existence of pthysis lise," the Reporter has been sufficiently pulmonalis. Nearly all the symptoms earnest and reiterate in his warnings, of which may be exhibited by other dismore especially to those who, with a cases, which have no immediate or es. seeming security, approach to the edge, sential connection with the lungs. One of the precipice. But, although upon instance, illustrative of this fact, has rethis subject the more frequent and more cently occurred under the notice of the, fatal fault, consists in the want of a Reporter, in which the patient displayed well-founded fear, there are often at the the countenance, and all the other in.



dications, except purulent expectoration not been a philanthropist, would proof pre-advanced pthysis, when the origin bably have been a maniac. of his complaint was detected to be A case of hypochondriasis bas likewise merely worms in the intestinal canal. occurred lately within the practice of the To discriminate between true consuinpo Reporter, which approached in its symption, and the deceitful resemblances of toms to that of melancholy, above re. it, is a matter of extreme importance in ferred to, but which originated from, and the practice of medicine. Nervous has been perpetuated by, a very different atrophy affections, arising from some cause. The former arising from circumsanker upon the mind, is particularly apt stances, acting immediately upon the to be mistaken for the effect of pulmo- mind; the other, upon the mind, through Dary disorganization.

the medium of the body. The depres· The Reporter has recently met with a sion, and irregularity of the spirits, in case, in which an unexpected mortifica- the latter instance, seemed to be in a tion of overweening pride brought on a great measure, if not entirely produceil, state of mental aberration, under the by a want of type in the principal organ form of melancholy. It is remarkable, of digestion. The stomach appeared on that the proud are, of all persons, the this occasion, to assert an ascendancy most liable to this humiliating affliction. over the mental faculty. The connecUpon a similar principle, inordinate tion between them, involves in fact, a egotism will be found for the most part reciprocal dependance. “ The mind to be a prominent feature in the character and body are like a jerkin, and a jere of persons who are prone to insanity. kin's lining, rumple the one, and you Themselves are, in general, the favourite rumple the other."t. The operation of a subjects of their conversation, and of disorder in the physical part of our frame, course of their silent thoughts. Nothing is more frequently evident in inducing can be so likely to endanger, in case of not a total obscuration, but a twilight of any adverse occurrence, the stability of the intellect, an intermediate and equi. reason, as this miserable absorption in vocal state between entire sanity, and self. He who suffers most for the mise decided derangement. A state in which fortunes of others, will be best able to a large proportion of hypochondriacal bear his own. A practical benevo- men, and of hysterical females, under lence, by, habitually urging us to disine the influence of the vapours, may be con terested exertion, alienates the attentionsidered as nosologically placed. from any single train of ideas, which,

J. Reid, if favoured by indolence and self-con- Grenville-street, Brunswick-square, templation, might be apt to monopolise Alurch 26, 1811. the mind, and occasion us to lose a sense of our private feelings and concerns in perly digested and assimilated into the habit, an enlarged and liberal sympathy with would prove a better preservative against the general good. * Howard, had he, the malady of mental derangement, than any

prophylactic that is to be found amidst the An admirable sermon of the late Dr. precepts of moral, or the prescriptions of me. Priestley's, On the duty of not living to dical, science, ourselves;" if the principles of it were pro

+ Sterne,

ALPHABETICAL LIst of BANKRUPTCIEş and DIVIDENDS, announced between the 20th of February and the 20th of March, extracted from the London Gazettes,

BANKRUPTCIES, (This Month 19.)
(The Solicitors' Names are between Parentheses.)
APAMS : Indluw, Walworth, oilmen. (Wat.
Alarcow M. and R. Clayton in the woods,

con Inanufacturers. ( Bl.kelock and Makiofon,

Temple, and Blanchard and Bickerftaff, Prenon
Aitkea J. Burnley, Lancaler, manufacturer. (Nurd,

Temple, and Jackson, Mancheber
Alcock W. Heywood, Lancafier, vi&tualler, (Clanghton

agd Fitchett, Warrington, Bud Santon, Chancery

lang Adderfon W. Hull, Moemaker, (Euis, Chancery lane

360 Golland, di

Andras J. Bath, baberdafner. (Webb, Bath, and Aa

fice and Cox, Temple Alton J, Salford, Mancheler, roper. (Edge, manchefer,

and Ellis, Chancery lane Baker ). Litton, Derby, cotton manufa&urer. (Shaw,

Wekon Hall, Tidiwell, Derby, and Ware, Gray's inn
Baker s. frome, selwood, Somerset, faster (Chiflet,

Frome, and James, Gray's inn fquare
Ballingall,' R. Liverpool, merchant: (stanitreet and

Eden, Liverpools and Windle, John arcet, $ed foto

Bartlelot w. A. Portsmouth, perfumer. (Callawesi

Bath R. Maker, Devon, rope maker. (Willams ang

Darke, Prince'i Arect, Bedford cow, Rod Boton, Ply-


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