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ABATE, to depress, sink, sub-Allow, to approve.

Aspersion, sprinkling. due. Allowance, approbation,

Assay, test. ABC-book, a catechism.

Amaze, to perplex or confuse. Assinego, a he-ass.' Abjects, servile persons.

Ames-ace, the lowest chance of Assurance, conveyance or deed. Able, to qualify or uphold.

the dice.

Assured, affianced. Abortive, issuing before its time. Amort, sunk and dispirited. Astringer, a falconer. Absolute, highly accomplished, An, as if.

Ates, instigation from Ale, the perfect. Anchor, anchoret.

mischievous goddess that inAbused, deceived. Ancient, an ensign.

cites bloodshed. Aby, to pay dear for. Anight, in the night.

Atomies, minute particles disAbysm, abyss. Ansuer, retaliation.

cernible in a stream of sunAccuse, accusation.

Anthropophaginian, a cannibal. shine that breaks into a darkAchieve, to obtain.

Antick, the fool of the old farces. ened room, atoms.
Acquittance, requital.
Antiquity, old age.

Atone, to reconcile.
Action, direction by mute signs, Antres, caves and dens.

Altasked, reprehended, corrected. - charge or accusation.

Apparent, seeming, not real, heir Attended, waited for. Action-taking, liligious.

apparent, or next claimant. Attent, attentive. Adilitions, titles or descriptions. Appeal, to accuse.

Attorney, deputation. Adélress, to make ready.

Appeared, rendered apparent. Attorneyship, the discretional Allressed, or aldrest, ready.. Apply, to attend to, consider.

agency of another. Advance, to prefer, to raise to Appointment, preparation. Attorniel, supplied by substituhonour. Apprehension, opinion.

tion of embassies. Adversity, contrariety.

Apprehensive, quick to under- Attributive, that which attributes Advertisement, admonition.


or gives. Advertising, attentive.

Approbation, entry on probation. Araunt,contemptuous dismission Advice, consideration, discretion, Approof, proof, approbation. Averring, confirming. thought.

Approve, to justify, to make good, Audacious, spirited, animated. Advise, to consider, recollect. to establish, to recommend to Audrey, a corruption of EthelAdvised, not precipitant, cool, approbation.

dreda. cautious.

Approred, felt, experienced, con- Augurs, auguries or prognosticaAfeard, afraid. victed by proof.

tions. Affect, love.

Approvers, persons who try. Aukward, adverse. Affection, affectation,imagination, Aqua-vitæ, strong waters. Authentic, an epithet applied to disposition, quality. Arbitrate, to determine.

the learned. Affectioned, affected. Arch, chief.

Awful, reverend, worshipful. Affections, passions, inordinate Argentine, silver.

Avless, not producing awe. desires.

Argier, Algiers. Afeered, confirmed:

Argosies, ships of great burthen,
Affield, betrothed.

Affined, joined by affinity. Argument, subject for conversa-
Afront, to meet or face.

tion, evidence, proof.

Baccare, stand back, give place. Afly, to betroth in marriage. Arm, to take up in the arms. Bale, misery, calamity. Aglet-baby, a diminutive being. Aroint, avaunt, be gone.

Baleful, baneful. Agnize, acknowledge, confess. A-row, successively, one after Balked, bathed or piled up. A-good, in good earnest.


Balm, the oil of consecration. Aiery, the nest of an eagle or Art, practice as distinguished Band, bond. hawk.

from theory, theory.

Bandog, village dog or mastiff. Aim, guess, encouragement, sus- Articulate, to enter into articles. Bank, to sail along the banks. picion.

Articulated, exhibited in articles. Banning, cursing. Alder-liefest, beloved above all Artificial, ingenious, artful. Banquel, a slight resection, a de things. As, as if.

sert. Ale, a merry meeting. Aspect, countenance.

Bans, curses. b




Bar, barrier.

Bilboes, a species of fetters. Breeching, liable to school-boy Barbed, caparisoned in a warlike Bill, a weapon carried by watch- punishment.

men, a label, or advertisement, Bridal, the nuptial feast. Barful, full of impediments. articles of accusation.

Brief, a short account, letter, of Barm, yeast.

Bird-bolt, a species of arrow. enumeration.
Barn, or bairn, a child.
Bisson, blind.

Bring, to attend or accompany. Barnacle, a kind of shell-fish.

Blank, the white mark at which | Brize, the gad, or horse-iy. Base, dishonoured.

an arrow is shot.

Broached, spitted, transfixed. Base, a rustic game, called pri- Blast, burst.

Brock, a badger. son-base. Blear, to deceive.

Broke, to deal with a pander. Bases, a kind of dress used by Blench, to start off.

Broken, toothless. knights on horseback. Blent, blended, mixed.

Broker, a matchmaker, a proBasilisks, a species of cannon. Blind-worm, the slow-worm. curess or pimp. Basta, Spanish, 'tis enough. Blistered, puffed out like blisters. Brooch, an ornamental buckle. Bastard, raisin wine.

Blood, ancestry, high spirits, true Brooched, adorned as with a Bat, a club or staff.

metal, passions, natural pro- brooch. Bate, strife, contention.


Brotherhoods, confraternities of Bate, to flutter as a hawk. Blood-boltered, daubed with corporations. Ballet, an instrument used by blood.

Brow, height. washers of clothes.

Blown, puffed or swollen. Brownist, the name of a sect. Batten, to grow fat. Blows, swells.

Bruit, noise, report. Battle, army.

Blunt, stupid, insensible. Bruited, reported with clamour. Bavin, brushwood.

Board, to accost, to address. Brush, detrition, decay. Bawcock, a jolly cock

Bobb, to trick, to make a fool Buckle, to bend, to yield to pret Bay, the space between the main beams of a roof.

Bodged, boggled, made bungling Bugs, bugbears, terror. Bay-window, bow window, one work.

Bulk, the body. in a recess. Bodkin, a small dagger.

Bumbard. See Bombard. Beak, the forecastle, or the bolt-Bold, confident, to embolden. Bunting, a bird outwardly like a sprit. Boldness, confidence.

skylark. Beard, to oppose in a hostile Bolted, sifted, refined.

Burgonet, a kind of helmet. manner, to set at defiance. Bolting-hutch, the receptacle in Burst, broken. Bearing, carriage, demeanour. which the meal is bolted. Bury, to conceal, to keep se Bearing-cloth, a mantle used at Bombard, or bumbard, a barrel. cret. christenings.

Bombast, the stuffing of clothes. Bush, the sign of a public-house, Beat, in falconry, to flutter. Bona-robas, strumpets.

Busky, woody. See Bosky. Beating, hammering, dwelling Bond, bounden duty.

But, only, unless, except. upon.

Bony, or bonny, handsome, good-Butt-shaft, an arrow to shoot af Beaver, helmet in general.


butts with Beck, a salutation made with the Book, paper of conditions., obedient, under good head.

Boot, profit, advantage, some- command. Becomed, becoming.

thing over and above. By, according to, by means of. Beetle, to hang over the base. Bore, demeaned.

By'rlakin, by our ladykin a Being, abode. Bore, the caliber of a gun, the

little lady Belongings, endowments.

capacity of the barrel.* Be-mete, be-measure.

Bores, stabs or wounds. Be-moiled, be-draggled, be-mir-Bosky, woody;

с ed.

Bosom, wish, heart's desire. Bending, unequal to the weight. Bots, worms in the stomach of a Cadilis, a narrow vorsted gale Benefit, beneficiary.


loop. Bent, the utmost degree of any Bourn, boundary, rivulet. Cade, a barrel. passion. Bow, yoke.

Cadent, falling. Benumbed, inflexible, immove- Brace, armour for the arm, state Cage, a prison. able.

of defence.

Cain-coloured, yellow, Beshrew, ill befall.

Brach, a species of hound. Caitifs, a prisoner, a slave, Best, bravest. Braid, crafty or deceitful.

scoundrel. Bestowed, left, stowed, or lodged. Brake, a thicket, furze-bush. Calculate, to foretell

or prophesy Bestraught, distraught or dis- Brave, to make fine or splendid. Caliver, a species of musket. tracted. Bravery, showy dress.

Call, to visit. Beteem, to give, to pour out, to Brawl, a kind of dance.

Callet, a lewd woman. permit or suffer.

Breach, of the sea, breaking of Calling, appellation. Bewray, betray, discover.

Calm, qnalm. Bezonian, a term of reproach. Breast, voice, surface.

Canary,a sprightly nimble desce. Bid, to invite, to pray.

Breath, breathing, voice. Candle-waisters, those who urt Billing, place, abiding. Breathe, to utter.

up all night to drink. Bigging, a kind of cap.

Breathed, inured by constant Canker, the dog-rose. Bilberry, the whortleberry.


Canstick, candlestick, Bilbo, a Spanish blade of pecu- Breathing, complimentary. Cantel, or Cantle, a corner or liar excellence, Breeched, sheathed.

piece of any thing,

the sea.



Cantons, cantos.

Changeling, a child changed. Clout, the white mark at which Canvas, to sift. Channel, a kennel.

archers take aim. Canvas-climber, a sailor who Character, description, hand-Clown, a licensed jester in faclimbs to adjust the sails. writing.

milies. Cap, the top, the principal, Charácter, to write, to infix Clubs, a popular cry on a street. Cap, to salute by taking off the strongly.

quarrel. сар.

Charactery, the matter with Clutched, grasped. Capable, perceptible, intelligent,

which letters are made. Coach-fellow, one who draws with quick of apprehension, ample, Chares, task-work.

a confederate. capacious.

Charge, to put to es pense. Coasting, conciliatory, inviting. Capitulate, to make head. Charge, commission, employ- Cobloaf, a crusty, uneven loaf. Capon, metaphor for a letter. ment.

Cock, cock-boat. Capricious, lascivious.

Charge-house, the free-school. Cockle, a weed. Captious, capacious or recipient. Chariest, most cautious.

Cockled, inshelled like a cockle Carack, a ship of great bulk. Chariness, caution.

Cock-shul-time, twilight. Carbonadoed, scotched like meat Charitable, dear, endearing. Coilling, anciently an immature for the gridiron.

Charles's-wain, the constellation apple. Card, perhaps a sea-chart.

called the Bear.

Coffin, the cavity of a raised pie. Care, to make provision, to take Charneco, a sort of sweet wine, Cog, to falsify, to lie, to defraud. Charter, a privilege.

Cognizance, the badge or token. Care, inclination. Chaudron, entrails.

Coigne, corner. Careires, the motion of a horse,

Cheater, escheator, an officer in Coil, bustle, stir, Carkanet, necklace or chain.

the exchequer; a gamester. Cold, naked. Carl, clown or husbandman.

Check, command, control. Collect, to assemble by obseryaCarlot, peasant.

Check, to object to, to rebuke. tion, Carrer, a critic.

Checks, probably for ethics. Collection, corollary, conseCarpet-consideration, on a carpet, Cheer, countenance.

quence. a festivity.

Cherry-pit, a play with cherry-Collied, black, smutted with coal. Carriage, import.

Collier, formerly a term of the Carried, conducted or managed. Cheveril, soft or kid leather. highest reproach. Carry, to prevail over.

Chew, to ruminate, consider. Colour, pretence. Cart, a chariot.

Chevet, a noisy chattering bird. Colourable, specious. Case, contemptuously for skin, Chide, to resound, to echo, to Colours, appearances, deceits. outside-garb.

scold, to be clamorous. Colt, to fool, to trick.
Case, to strip naked.
Chiding, sound.

Co-mart, a joint bargain.
Casques, helmets.
Chiding, noisy.

Combinate, betrothed.
Cassock, a horseman's great-coat. Child, a female infant.

Combine, to bind Cast, to empty, as a pond, to dis-Childing, unseasonably pregnant. Combined, bound by agreement. miss or reject.

Chopin, a high shoe or clog. Comforting, aiding. Cast, cast up, reckoned.

Chough, a bird of the daw kind. Commence, to give a beginning, Castilian, an opprobrious term.

Christom, the white cloth put on Commended, committed. Castiliano vulgo, a cant term of

a new baptized child.

Commission, authority, power. contempt. Chrystals, eyes.

Commodity, interest, profit. Cataian, some kind of sharper.

Chuck, chicken, a term of en- Commonty, a comedy. Catling, a small lute-string made


Compact, made up of. of catgut. Chufs, rich, avaricious.

Companion, fellow. Caraleroes, airy, gay fellows.

Cicatrice, the scar of a wound. Company, companion. Caviare, a delicacy made of the Circumstance, detail of an argu- Comparative, a dealer in comparoe of sturgeon. ment, a circumlocution.

risons. Cautelous, insidious, cautious. Cital, recital.

Compare, comparison.
Cease, decease, die, to stop.

Cite, to incite, to show, to prove. Compassed, round
Censure, judgment, opinion.
Civil, grave or solemn.

Compassionate, plaintive.
Censure, to judge.

Civil, human creature, any thing Competitors, confederates or asCensured, sentenced, estimated.


sociates. Centuries, companies of an hun-Clack-dish, a beggar's-dish. Complements, accomplishments. dred men each. Claw, to flatter.

Complexion, humour. Ceremonies, honorary ornaments, Clear, pure, blameless, ivnocent, Comply, to compliment, tokens of respect.

quite, fully, perfectly. Compose, to come to a composiCeremonious, superstitious.

Clearest, purest, freest from tion. Certes, certainly, in truth,


Composition contrct or bargain, Cess, measure.

Clear-story; a species of windows consistency, concordancy. Chace, a term at tennis.

in a church.

Composture, composition, comChair, throne.

Cleave, to unite with closely. post. Chamber, ancient name for Lon- Clerkly, like a scholar.

Comptible, submissive. don. Cliff, a key in music.

Con, to know. Chamber, a species of great gun. Clinquant, glittering, shining.

Cling, to shrink or shrivel up. Conceit, fanciful conception, Chamberers, men of intrigue.

thought. Champian, an open country.

Clip, to embrace, to infold. Concent, connected harmony in Chance, fortune.

Closely, secretly, privately. general.

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kon upon.


Conclusion, determination, reso- Cotsale, Cotswood in Gloucester- | Cursed, under the influence of lution. shire,

malediction. Conclusions, experiments. Covered, hollow.

Curst, petulant, crabbed, shrewd Concupy, concupiscence.

Count, to make account, to rec- ish or mischievous, severe, Condition, temper, character,

harsh, vehemently angry. qualities, vocations or incli- Count Confeet, a specious noble- Curstness, ill-humour. nations.

Curtail, a cur of little value. Condolement, sorrow,

Countenance, false appearance, Curtal, a docked horse. Conduct, conductor.


Curtle-ax, or cutlace, a broad. Coney-catched, deceived, cheated. Counterfeit, a likeness, a por- sword. Coney-catcher,a cheat,or sharper. trait.

Custard-coffen, the crust of a cusConfession, profession. Counterpoints, counterpanes.

tard or pie. Conject, conjecture. County, count, earl.

Customer, a common woman. Conjecture, suspicion.

Cower, to sink by bending the Cut, a horse. Confound, to destroy, to expend, hams.

Cyprus, a transparent stuff. to consume.

Cowl-stas, a staff for carrying a Confounded, worn or wasted.

large tub. Consent, to agree. Coy, to soothe or stroke.

D. Consent, conspiracy, will, as- Coyed, condescended unwilsent, united voice.


Daff or dol, to do off, to pat Consigned, sealed.

Coystril, a coward cock, a mean aside. Consist, to stand upon.

or drunken fellow.

Dally, to play or trifle Consort, company.

Cozier, a tailor or butcher, Damn, condemn. Consort, to keep company with. Crab, a wild apple.

Danger, reach or control. Constancy, consistency, stability. Crack, dissolution.

Dank, wet, rotten. Constant, firm, determined. Crack, a boy or child, a boy- Danskers, natives of Denmark. Constantly, certainly, without child.

Dare, to challenge or incite. fluctuation. Cranks, windings.

Dark-house,a house made glooing Contemptible, contemptuous. Crants, chants.

by discontent. Continent, the thing which con- Crare, a small trading vessel. Darkling, in the dark. tains.

Craven, a degenerate, dispirited Darraign, to arrange, put in orContinents, banks of rivers.


der. Continuate, uninterrupted. Craven, mean, cowardly, to make Daub, to disguise. Contraction, marriage contract. cowardly.

Daubery, falsehood and imposiContrarious, different.

Create, compounded, or made tion. Contrive, to spend and wear out. up.

Day-bed, a couch. Control, to confute.

Creilent, creditable, credible. Day-light, broad-day. Conrent, to serve or agree. Credit, account, information, cre- Day-woman, dairy-maid. Convented, cited, summoned. dulity.

Dear, best, important, dire. Conversation, familiar inter- Credit, a great light set upon a

Dearn, lonely, solitary. course, conduct, behaviour. beacon.

Death-tokens, spots appearing on Converse, interchange. Cressive, increasing.

those infected by the plague. Conversion, change of condition. Crest, the top, the height. Deboshed, debauched. Convertite, convert.

Crestless, those who have no right Decay, misfortunes. Convey, to perform slight of to arms.

Deceirable, deceptious. hand, to manage artfully. Crisp, curling, winding, curled, Deck, to cover, a pack. Conveyance, theft, fraud.

bent, hollow,

Decline, to run through from first Convince, to overpower, subdue, Critic, cynic.

to last. convict. Critical, censorious.

Declinel, the fallen. Convicted, overpowered, baffled. Crone, an old worn-out woman. Deem, opinion, surmise. Convive, to feast.

Crosses, money stamped with a Defeat, destruction. Cope, to encounter, to engage.

Defeatures, features, change of
Cope, covering.
Crow, to exult over.

features for the worse.
Copped, rising to a cop, or head. Crow-keeper, a scare-crow. Defence, art of fencing.
Copy, theme.
Crown, to conclude.

Defend, to forbid.
Coragio, an exclamation of en- Crowned, dignified, adorned. Defensible, furnishing the means
Crownet, last purpose.

of defence. Corinthian, a wencher. Cry, a troop or pack.

Defiance, refusal. Corky, dry, withered, husky. Cue, in stage cant, the last words Deformeil, deforming. Corners, by-places.

of the preceding speech. Deftly, dexterously, with adroitCorollary, surplus.

Cuisses, armour for the thighs. ness. Coronet, a crown.

Cullion, a despicable fellow. Defy, to refuse, to disdain. Corrigible, corrected.

Cunning, sagacity, knowledge. Degrees, steps. Costard, the head.

Curb, to bend or truckle. Delay, to let slip. Coster-monger, meanly, merce- Curiosity, finical delicacy, scru- Demerits, merits. nary.

pulousness or captiousness. Demise, to grant.
Cote, to overtake.
Curious, scrupulous.

Demurely, solemnly.
Coted, quoted, observed, or re- | Curled, ostentatiously dressed. Denay, denial.
Currents, occurrences.

Denied, disbelieved or contended.


to me.

Denier, the twelfth part of a Dof, see Daf.

Engross, to fatten, to pamper. French sou. Dole, lot, allowance.

Engrossments, accumulations. Denotements, indications or dis- Dolphin, the Dauphin of France. Enkindle, to stimulate coveries. Don, to do on, to put on.

Enmeu, to coop up. Deny, to refuse.

Done, expended, consumed. Ensconce, to protect as with a Depart, to part. Dotant, dotard.

fort. Departing, separation.

Double, full of duplicity. Enseamed, greasy; Depend, to be in service. Doubt, to fear.

Enshield, shielded. Deprive, to disinherit.

Dout, to do out, extinguish Entertain, to retain in service. Deracinate, to force up by the Doule, a feather.

Entertainment, the pay of an roots.

Down-gyved, hanging down like army, admission to office. Derogate, degraded, blasted. what eonfines the fetters round Entreatments, the objects of enDescant, a term in music.

the ancles.

treaty. Desert, merit.

Drab, whoring.

Envy, hatred or malice. Deserved, deserving.

Draught, the jakes.

Ephesian, a cant term for a toper. Design, to mark out.

Drawn, embowelled,exenterated. Equipage, stolen goods. : Despatched, bereft.

Dread, epithet applied to kings. Erewhile, just now. Desperate, bold, adventurous. Drew, assembled.

Erring, wandering. Detected, charged or guilty. Dribbling, a term of contempt. Escoted, paid. Determined, ended.

Drive, to fly with impetuosity. Esil, a river so called, or vinegar. Dibble, an instrument used by Drollery, a show performed by Esperance, the motto of the gardeners.


Percy family. Dich, dit or do it.

Drugs, drudges,

Espials, spies.
Dickon, familiarly for Richard. Drumble, to act lazily and stu- Essential, existent, real.
Die, gaming.


Estimate, price.
Diet, regimen.
Dry, thirsty.

Estimation, conjecture.
Diet, to oblige to fast.

Ducdame, duc ad me, bring him Eterne, eternal. Diffused, extravagant, irregular.

Even, calm, equable, temperate Digress, to deviate from the right. Dudgeon, the handle of a dagger. equal, fellow. Digression, transgression. Due, to endue, to deck, to grace. Even, to act up to. Dint, impression.

Dull, melancholy, gentle, sooth- Examined, questioned, doubted, Direction, judgment, skill.


Excrement, the beard. Disable, to undervalue.

Dull, to render callous, insen- Excrements, the hair, nails, fcaDisappointed, unprepared


thers of birds, &c. Disclose, to hatch.

Dullard, a person stupidly un- Execute, to employ, to put to use. Discontenting, discontented. concerned.

Execution, employment or exerDiscontents, malcontents. Dump, a mournful elegy.

cise. Discourse, reason.

Dup, to do up, to lift up. Executors, executioners. Disdained, disdainful.

Exempt, excluded. Disease, uneasiness, discontent.


Exercise, exhortation, lecture, or Diseases, sayings.

Disgrace, hardship, injury. Eager, sour, sharp, harsh. Erhale, hale or lug out.
Dislimns, unpaints, obliterates. Eanlings, lambs just dropt. Exhibition, allowance.
Dispark, to destroy a park. Ear, to plough.

Exigent, end.
Disponge, discharge as a sponge. Easy, slight, inconsiderable. Exorcist, a person who can raise
Dispose, to make terms, to settle Eche, to eke out.

spirits. matters.

Ecstacy,alienation of mind, mad- Expect, expectation. Disposition, frame.

Expedient, expeditious. Disputable, disputatious.

Effects, affects, or affections, ac- Expiate, fully completed. Dispute, to talk over.

tions, deeds effected.

Expostulate, to inquire or discuss Dissemble, to gloss over. Eftest, deftest, readiest.

Erposture, exposure. Dissembling, putting dissimilar Egypt, a gipsy,

Express, to reveal. things together. Eld, old time, or persons.

Erpulsed, expelled, Distaste, to corrupt, to change to Element, initiation, previous Exsufflicate, contemptible, abo. a worse state. practice.

minable. Distemper, intoxication.

Embossed, inclosed,swollen,puffy. Extend, to seize. Distemperature, perturbation. Embowelled, exhausted.

Extent, in law, violence ia gene Distempered, ruffled, out of hu- | Embraced, indulged in.

ral. mour. Eminence, high honours.

Extern, outward, Distractions, detachments, sepa- Empery, dominion, sovereign Extirped, rooted out. rate bodies.


Extracting, that which araws Distraught, distracted.

Emulation, rivalry, envy, facti- away from every thing but its Diverted, turned out of the course ous eontention.

own object. of nature.

Emulous, jealous of higher au- Extravagant, wandering. Dicilable, divided.


Extremes, extravagance of conDirision, the pauses or parts of Encare, to hide.

duct, extremities. musical composition.

Enfeoff, to invest with possession. Eyases, young nestlings. Dirulged, spoken of.

Engine, instrument of war, mili- Eyas muskel, infant lilliputian. Doctrine, skill.

tary machine, the rack. Eye, a small shade of colour.


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