Baseball Before We Knew It: A Search for the Roots of the Game

U of Nebraska Press, 2006 M03 1 - 340 páginas
It may be America?s game, but no one seems to know how or when baseball really started. Theories abound, myths proliferate, but reliable information has been in short supply?until now, when Baseball before We Knew It brings fresh new evidence of baseball?s origins into play. David Block looks into the early history of the game and of the 150-year-old debate about its beginnings. He tackles one stubborn misconception after another, debunking the enduring belief that baseball descended from the English game of rounders and revealing a surprising new explanation for the most notorious myth of all?the Abner Doubleday?Cooperstown story. ø Block?s book takes readers on an exhilarating journey through the centuries in search of clues to the evolution of our modern National Pastime. Among his startling discoveries is a set of long-forgotten baseball rules from the 1700s. Block evaluates the originality and historical significance of the Knickerbocker rules of 1845, revisits European studies on the ancestry of baseball which indicate that the game dates back hundreds, if not thousands of years, and assembles a detailed history of games and pastimes from the Middle Ages onward that contributed to baseball?s development. In its thoroughness and reach, and its extensive descriptive bibliography of early baseball sources, this book is a unique and invaluable resource?a comprehensive, reliable, and readable account of baseball before it was America?s game.

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Being an exhaustive examination of bat-and-ball games from around Europe which attempts to identify evolutionary ancestors to America' s national pastime. Although the author dips his toe into the ... Leer comentario completo

Baseball before we knew it: a search for the roots of the game

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Baseball always attracts impassioned amateur writers pleading a cause. Here, baseball collector Block beats his way back through the mists of baseball time. He dismisses the English game of rounders ... Leer comentario completo


Uncertainty as to the Paternity
Rounders Shmounders
Abner and Albert the Missing Link
Was Abner Graves Telling the Truth?
Rules of Baseball The Prequal
How Slick Were the Knicks?
In the Beginning
Stools Clubs Stobs and Jugs
Constitutions and ByLaws
Some Comments on Sporting Journals of the 1850s
A Place Leavel Enough to Play Ball
The Letters of Abner Graves
Dr Adam E Fords Letter to Sporting Life
Battingball Games
Nine Surviving Descriptions of Baseballlike Games Written and Published before 1845

Traps and Cats
Its Starting to Look Familiar
Baseball before We Knew It
Roots of the Game in PreCivil War Literature

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David Block is a long-time collector of early baseball books and memorabilia, and is a passionate, lifelong fan of the game and its history.

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