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When born? Where educated? Profession? First publication? Character of his odes? What Latin classic translate? What is said of it? What periodical did he assist in? To what post chosen in 1755? Qualifications? What next did he publish? What is its character? What edit in 1797? For what is he in general distinguished? When did he die?

ELIZABETH MONTAGU, (p. 24.) Whose daughter? Birth? Whose society enjoy in early life? Whom marry, and when? What publish in 1769? Who have praised it? What club met at her house? Why so called? What annual entertainment did she give? When die? What are her works? Their character?

HUGH BLAIR, (p. 29.) Birth? Where educated? What good intellectual habit did he early form? What profession enter? What lectures deliver in 1759? What dissertation publish in 1763? What else What of his did he publish? When die? sermons? For what most now known? What is said of them?


Maiden name? With whom did she early correspond? With what literary characters become acquainted? What first publish? When married? Result? What did she publish in 1773? What is said of it? What in 1775? When did she die?

Where born and educated? What profes-

sion did he enter?

said of his character? What as a writer? What of his works? Which the most ingenious and original of them? What is its object? What the most exceptionable of his works? Why? What anecdotes told of him when at the university? What of his Natural Theology? (note.)


When born? What of her early years? What attainments did she make before her twenty-first year? What higher attainments? Her first appearance in print? What good early habit? (note.) What did Dr. Johnson say of her? Repeat the complimentary lines in the "Gentleman's Magazine." What write in 1746? What Greek author translate? How did Johnson praise her scholarship? What of her poems? What rule did she make in her social intercourse? What do you think of it? Her chief prose compositions? When did she die?

MUNGO PARK, (p. 64).

Birth? Education? Early occupation? ReInto what service enter? Expedition? sult? Discoveries? Second expedition? Result? Death?

HENRY KIRKE WHITE, (p. 70.) Repent the lines of Byron? When born? His early propensities? His early tasks? How What prize did he commence his studies? gain? When appeared a volume of his poems? How treated by the critics? Who encouraged him? What change took place in his character? How effected? Consequence of his How aided? severe application to study? What honors gain? At what expense? When What of his character? His poems ? Opinion of Sir Egerton Brydges?

die? His first publication? What publish in 1770? Its aim? Training of his son? What is his celebrated poem? When published? How received? What else did he publish? On what does his fame chiefly rest? His character? What of his minstrel? (Note, p. 50.)


How characterized? Where born? Where educated? What college anecdote told of him? What did he publish in 1785? What works subsequently? When did he die? What is

ANNA SEWARD, (p. 78.) Whose daughter? Early life? By what appellation known? First publication? What in 1799? When die? Her poetry?


Where pass her childhood? Repeat the lines? Of her youth? When married? What of the connection? Misfortunes? Of her son


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His early life? Controversies? What attainments in consequence? What office hold? What circumstance gave a new direction to his life? To what decision of the courts did this finally lead? With whom correspond? What instance of great conscientiousness? What works did he publish? What kindred object of philanthropy now engaged him? What incident aroused the nation to a sense of the wickedness of the slave trade? What other good work did he originate? Of what society first chairman? When did he die? What of his character? Works? Inscription on his monument in Westminster Abbey?

HERBERT KNOWLES, (p. 108.) Where born? What of his character? Re


When born? Where educated? What write? What profession enter? How long hold the post? By whom succeeded? His next publication? What in 17581 What next? When die? Character?

CHARLES WOLFE, (p. 131.)

When born? Youth? Where educated? What prize obtain? Profession? Where settled? At what age die?


By what work known? Early life? How apprenticed? Occupation? What led to his earliest attempts at poetry? Where retire? Business? Who aided him? What publish?

How received? Other publications? Difficulties? Death? Best poems? Who has praised them? "Farmer's Boy," how divided!


Whose son? Where educated? Influence of his mother? When called to the bar? First cause? In what great cause did he exert his talents! Success? How appear in 1781? Anecdote? (note.) In what engage in 17591 What is said of it? Most arduous effort? How opposed? Result? On what side in politics? What pamphlet publish? To what post elevated? Influence upon him? Where and when die? What of his eloquence?

JANE TAYLOR, (p. 149.)

Whose daughter? Early developments? Whither remove? What in 1802? First piece? Project? Publication? Health? Writings? Labours for the poor? Death? Writings?


What of his character? Where educated? How apply himself? His first published work? Where reviewed? How? Influence of it? What publish in 1812? How received? What followed? Whom marry? Result?

peat the "Lines written in the Churchyard." On whom did society lay the blame? How did he bear it? What works compose? Conduct abroad? In what cause engage? Where and when die? Character of his poetry?

JOHN WOLCOT, (p. 110.)

How known? Profession? Whither go? First publication? His Lousiad? Number of his publications? Death? Character of his poetry? Anecdote of Peter Pindar?

THOMAS BROWN, (p. 115.) For what distinguished? Where educated? How distinguished? What first publish? What profession study? What next publish? What new field enter? Poems? His great work, what? When die? Character?

ANNE HUNTER, (p. 123.) Whose daughter? Wife? In what excel? What of her try?

ANNA LETITIA BARBAULD, (p. 166.) Whose daughter? What of her childhood? Who conducted her education? Residence? What first publish? How received? Whom marry? In what did her husband engage? What did she next publish? Where go? SubTrials experience? Sequent publications? Death? Character of her writings?


Whose son? Youth? Where educated? What prize gain? What publish? What post of honor and usefulness receive in 1822? When go? How qualified? When die? Posthumous poetry? ? Hymns?

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HENRY MACKENZIE, (p. 220.) Where and when born? Where edu tel? First work? Of what periodicals the e What poet was he the first to bring in notice? Of his private life? Character of his writings? When die?

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WALTER SCOTT, (p. 228.) Where and when born? Youthful erardyments? Where educated? What of hi reading? What profession did he s. ly Whom marry? First publication? quit his profession? Remarks? Whapa lish in 1805? In 1808? Success? What one lications followed? What in 1814? Its poplarity? What succeeded? What objezd he accomplish? What partnership Consequences? What did he undertake? sult? Compared with whom, and how? (noce.) Sickness? Efforts to regain his health? 1 return home? When die? Circumstan 237 death? What of his poetry? Moral Its general subjects? Remark of I. nold? His prose works? Character of Their influence?

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JAMES MACKINTOSH, (p. 263.) How distinguished? When born? habits and education? Early friend? ProEarly fession? To what did he chiefly give his attention? When go to London? political event at this time? What distinWhat great guished work appeared then? to it? Title of Mackintosh's work? Who replied cailed to the bar? Course of lectures? In When what great cause engaged? What office receive? Benefits from it? What write? General character?

HANNAH MORE, (p. 271.)

Whose daughter? Where born? Where settle? What enterprise engage in? first literary efforts? Her Succeeding publications? Change of opinions? Whither retire? Publications? Traits? Success? What publih in 1799? What afterward? publications? When die? Influence of her Her last writings? Poetry? Prose?

WILLIAM WILBERFORCE, (p. 286.) When born? Early training? Remarka11 indiention? Where educated? Whither travel, and with

enter Parliament?


wom? Influence? In what great cause en

guge in 1787? His first speech? What pub

in 1797? Succes?

What witness in of him? His eloquence? 1807? When die? Lord Brougham's opinion


How styled? When born? Where educated? His attainments? With whom become intimate? What Utopian project? To whom married? Where settle? In what enKate? How long last? Where travel and study? Where settle on his return? His bad habit? Its effects? Where go for his health? character? When return? After life? Defect in his clef prose works and poetry? When die? Under whose care placed? His poetry? Conversation? Question to Lamb His influence? What of his prose? Of his and reply?

EDWARD IRVING, (p. 306.)

Where born? Where educated? Where settled? Power as a preacher? Appearance? Popularity? Of what accused? When die? Testimony of Dr. Chalmers? tions? His publica

CHARLES LAMB, (p. 311.)

For what distinguished? When and where born? Where educated? How employed? To whom did he devote his attention almost exclusively? First appearance as an author? What else publish? Most celebrated work? What is said of it? What else publish? What in conjunction with his sister? When die ? Rank as a poet? Prose? Style?

JAMES HOGG, (p. 321.)

Familiar appellation? Early life? Mother's influence? First effort? What in 1813? Other works? Death?

FELICIA HEMANS, (p. 326.) Maiden name? When born? Early life? First publication? What in 1812? To whom married? Result? Whither retreat? How there employed? What prize obtain in 1819? What in 18217 What publish in 1823? What subsequently? Whom visit in 1829? What publish in 1830? Where afterward reside? Health? When die? Jeffrey's opinion of her poetry? (note.) General character of her writings?

NATHAN DRAKE, (p. 338.)

Where and when born? Where educated? Where settled as a physician? How long? When die? What of him as a physician? What are his publications? Influence on the mind? What of his general character? What says Gillies? (note.)

SIR EGERTON BRYDGES, (p. 345.) How distinguished? When born? Where educated? To what devote his time? What profession enter? Where reside? How embarrassed? What claim prefer? Influence? When enter Parliament ? Where afterward reside? When die? For what are we indebted to him? To what did he chiefly devote his attention? His first publications? What commence in 1805? His subsequent publications? What has been remarked of him as a writer? What of his "Autobiography?" (note.) What of his Sonnets?

ARCHIBALD ALISON, (p. 356.) Whose son? Where educated? Profession? What publish in 1790? What in 1814? When and where die?


Where and when born? State of her family in her early life? Her first productions? Their multiplicity? To whom married, and when? Whither go? Her death? What of her genius?

THOMAS HAYNES BAYLY, (p. 367.) Where born? Whither retire? For what most celebrated? Death?

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sequent? What called out his talent? Where


THOMAS HOOD, (p. 440.) What of his writings? Early employment? Spend his last years? Testimony of MontWhat post occupy in 1821? For what magazine write? What of his life? What of his works?

When die?

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FRANCIS JEFFREY, (p. 509.) How distinguished? Where educated? What profession enter? What society join in 1792? Whom there meet? When called to the bar? To whom married? Projectors of the "Edinburgh Review ?" How published? Who the first editor? Who the liberal publisher? (note.) Who composed the fraternity of critics? Remarks of Stanton? When did the first number appear? What demand for it? Greatest circulation? What of the times? What of the ability of its contributors? What of Jeffrey's part? To what post elected in 1820? In 1829? In 1830? When enter Parliament? What publish in 1844? What of the influence he has exerted? Who subsequent editor of the "Review?" How employ his latter days? When die? General character? His great influence in the literary world?


Whose son? Birth? Youth? Education? How distinguished in college? Whom marry? Death? Publications? His edition of Pope? Best poems?


When and where born? Profession? What first publish, and when? With whom form a friendship? Next publication? Its reception? Who condemned it? To whom married? Where reside? By whom there visited? Consequent appellation? What publish in 1814? How received? Opening of the Edin. visit in 1831? How honored in 1835? In burgh" article? Next publication? Whom 1839? In 1842? When die? Opinions of the literary world? What does Southey say? What Walter Scott? (note.) What Mr. Talfourd? (note, p. 534.) What sure test to try the merits of a poet? (See under Moir, p. 562.) Lord Jeffrey's subsequent opinions? General estimate of his character?

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DAVID MACBETH MOIR, (p. 552.) Birth? Influence of his writings? For what magazine write? Signature? Profession? Where settle? Professional rank? Publish in 1831? In 1843? In 1851? What is said of them? Death? Character? What of his poetry? The true test of poetry? (com

EBENEZER ELLIOTT, (p. 502.) For what celebrated? Where and when born? How early employed? What of his early developments? What first stimulated him? Who was his favorite author? Where enter into business? First publication? Sub-mit, on p. 562, 563.)

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