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Du Bois H. Loux, Ph. D.

Author of "God Speaking in the First Person in His
Kingdom ;" "France, the France I Love,"
French and Italian texts in preparation;
“Songs of Theocratic Democracy,"

Victory Circle Literature, Etc.



Copyright, 1920
International rights reserved



It is not excessive to say, that the chief effect of the war has

1 been to rest the ear of the Church of Jesus Christ on the throbbing pulse of the Kingdom of God. One needs but read our Church papers to find himself greeted with the new consciousness. It brightens upon us in our Centenary and New Era Movements, in our Pilgrim and Victory Drives, in the Every Man Movement of the Protestant Episcopal Church, in the equally .. effective enterprise of the denominations in general. We have begun to talk for the Kingdom, and to write for the Kingdom, and to give for the Kingdom, as never before in our modern day.

With equal fervor, and in the same hallowed sense of dedication, the Church throughout Christendom has been giving itself instinctively to the weaving of new and beautiful ideals into the thought of democracy–into democracy as fraught with the sacrifices and heroisms of the seventh part of the lifetime of a generation of humankind.

Simultaneously, no small part of the thoughtful population of the civilized world that cannot be classified as belonging to the Church have been contributing the ideals of pure reason to the new conception of democracy.

Out of the entire movement of thought and purpose flowing thus as the chief consequence of the war, steady, diversified, resistless, confident, a new science seems to have sprung into being. Branching streams of new political knowledge have bedded themselves, as it were, in the human brain. Or, as it appears to the more precise and thoughtful, new power has laid hold of the finite mind to grasp the knowledge of the working of the Infinite Mind, in the advance of the world from materialism and unreality into consciousness of the sovereignty of Love.

We seek a name for this upspringing sense of new political knowledge to embody alike the quickened enterprise for the Kingdom of God and the stirrings of the less clearly defined hope in a Power that will not suffer democracy to fail in the earth. One phrase persists. It is the phrase Theocratic Democracy. The Church is familiar with the word theocratic, and has applied it to the Old Testament beginnings of the Kingdom of God. And certainly the exalted, most extraordinary and wonderful conviction of the divineness of democracy that obtains with the people in

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