Works of Francis Bacon, Volumen13

Brown and Taggard, 1860

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Página 357 - that hath better iron than you, he will be master of all this gold. 188. (99.) There was a gentleman that came to the tilt all in orange-tawny, and ran very ill. The next day he came
Página 331 - and wherein ? Mr. Bacon answered ; Because he had stolen many of his sentences and conceits out of Cornelius Tacitus. 59. (199.) Mr. Popham, 3 when he was Speaker, and the Lower House 4 had sat long, and done in effect nothing; coming one day to Queen Elizabeth, she said to him; Now, Mr. Speaker, what hath passed
Página 186 - though I am not ignorant that those kind of writings would with less pains and embracement (perhaps) yield more lustre and reputation to my name than those other which I have in hand. But I account the use that a man should seek of the publishing of his own writings before his death,
Página 186 - which I have endeavoured to do in my work of The reign of King Henry the Seventh. As for my Essays, and some other particulars of that nature, I count them but as the recreations of my other studies, and in that sort purpose to continue them
Página 351 - 160. (162.) There was a philosopher that disputed with Adrian the Emperor, and did it but weakly. One of his friends that had been by, afterwards said to him ; Methinks you were not like yourself, last day, in argument with the Emperor; I could have answered better myself. Why, said the philosopher,
Página 356 - 182. Bias gave in precept; Love as if you should hereafter hate; and hate as if you should hereafter love. 183. (169.) Aristippus being reprehended of luxury by one that was not rich, for that he gave six crowns for a small fish, answered ; Why what would you have given? The other said; Some
Página 392 - 14. I knew a wise man, that had it for a by-word, when he saw men hasten to a conclusion, Stay a little, that we may make an end the sooner.
Página 353 - can you have to your music, than that stones come about you, as they did to Orpheus? 167. (226.) Cato Major would say; That wise men learned more by fools, than fools by wise men. 168. (227.) When it was said to Anaxagoras ; The Athenians have condemned you to die: he said again ; And
Página 380 - one of them ; / will tell you, I know but one friend and one enemy my Lord hath; and that one friend is the Queen, and that one enemy is himself. 27. The Lord Keeper, Sir Nicholas Bacon, was asked his opinion, by my lord of Leicester, concerning
Página 333 - am loth to lend my books out of my chamber ; but if it please thy tutor to come and read upon it in my chamber, he shall as long as he will. It was winter ; and some days after, the same fellow sent to Mr. Mason to borrow his bellows; but Mr. Mason said to his pupil;

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