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fætus, 144:

Dendera, temple of, acct. of, 488. Filangieri, Chevalier, his life and
Deschamp, M: singular case result. respeciable character, 387.

ing from popliteal aneurism, 459. Flinders, Capt. on the marine ba«
Desfontaines, M. on jalap, 467. . rometer, 162.
Desmarest, M. on epochas of vol. Fluids. See Parseval.

canoes, 465. On fossils, 468. Fætus, extra-uterwe, case of, 144.
D'Espinasse, Mlle, de character of, Foote, Samuel, particulars of his

birth, life, character, and death,
Detonating matter, new, memoir

on, 469.

Foreigners, their stock in the
Deyeux, M. on the sap of plants, English funds ought not to be

457. On the blood in jaundice, taxed, 85.
458. On the filaments of a plant, Fossils, memoir on, 468.

Fothergill, Dr.on an extra-uterine
Diabetes, two cases of, 146.
Diogenes. See Grotefend.

Fourcroy, Vauquelin, &c. M. M.
Dizé, M. on the concrete citric

on the gaseous oxid of azote,
acid, 458.

466. On cow's milk, ib. On
Drag. Harrows, account of, 414. natural manure, 467. On taba-
Dram drinking, its pernicious ef- sheer, ib. On smutted wheat,

468. On a new inflammable mate"
Dublin, bay of, its entrance de-

ter, 469. On the action of ni.
scribed, 151

tric acid, ib. On crude platina,
Dying Indian,poetic speech of,231. ib.
Dyson, Mr. case of inverted ute. Fourmilliers, memoir on, 470.
rus, 145

Fax, Mr. sketch of his character,


France. See Institute. See Education.
Ear, human, anatomically describe

commercial treaty with,
ed, and remarks on its diseases, remarks on, 180. Curious treaty

between, and the king of Cochin
Education, modern, in France, sys-

China, 349
tem of, 176.

Franklin, Mr. on the use of Vraic
Eichstadt, M. his animadversions on as a manure, 429.
Plutarch, 541.

Friends, or Quakers, strictures on
Equations, memoirs on, 450. 451.

their notions, 218. 409.
Equilibrium, doctrine of, remarks

on, 238.

Galley.foist, that phrase in Mas-
Equivoque, fair, poetical, &c. 91. singer explained, 224.
Evidence, medical, good remarks Garrick, Mr, his duel with Gif.

on, 209
Exanthemate, or rashes, account Gas. See Bondt.
of that order of cutaneous erup Gayal, or oriental ox, account of,
tions, 377-

Exter, 'M'. on stall-feeding cattle Germination, experiments on, 19.
with oat chaff, 419.

Gernhard, M. on passages in Ci.

cero, 543

Giffard, the actor, his duel with
Falconer, Dr. on the morbus cardia-

Garrick, 133•
cus, 143. On ischias, 145. Gilpin, Mr. on the magnetic nee-
Farms, experinental, plan fory

dle, 169.

Glenie, Mr. on properties of the
Feltham, Owen, some account of,

circle, 401
and of his Resolves, 330. Tóns, on the significations of that
Fovers. See Balfour.
field, Mr. curious case of cance- Grampians,strata of described,398.
rons ileum, 145

Greek theatre. Sec Bode.
NA 2


454. 456.

fard, 133.

word, 539

castle, 419.

Grey, Mr. on the size of farming History, observations on that spt.

cies of composition, 61.
Griffiths. Mr. on a rare species of Hives, for bees, of a peculiar code
worm shells, 159.

truction recommended, 246.
Grotefend, M. on the galliambics Hoare, Mr. his letter to the Re-

of Diogenes, 540. His Grees viewers, 336.
translation of Horace's hymn to Hogarth, remarks on his genius
Mercury, 542
His German

and talents, 192.
transl. of Pindar's first ode, 544. Home, Mr. on the shell of a sea-
Gunlaug and Rafen, an Icelandic worm, 159. On the camel's
poem, 359

stomach, 161.
Horace. See Grotefend.

Horsely, Bp. his last authoritative
Hairs, of plants See Deyeux. charge, 328.
Hake, Sir Matt. biography of, and Huber, M. the naturalist, his op-
view of his character, 402-4050

tical defects, 246. His observa-
His works, 406.

tions on bees, ib.
Hall, Sir James, on the action of Hugo de Basseville, poetic vision
hell, 398.

founded on his death, 50.
Hallet, Mr, on the use of tobacco. Hutton, Dr. his geological theory,

water in preserving fruit-crops, 399. The inquiry abandoned by

him, and assumed by a more
Harington, Mr. on the doctrines

competent philosopher, ib. His
of Buddha, 501.

hypothesis corroborated, 401.
Harold the Harry, song of, 360. Hydrocephalus internus, case of,
Harrows. See Drag.

Haichett, Mr. acc. of Mr. Brande's

experiments on the urine of the Jackson, Dr. alias Dr. Viper, ac.
camel, 162.

count of, 131. note.
Hayti, or St. Domingo, captivating Zulap, memoir on, 467.

description of that island, 291. Iceland, poetry of, specimens of
State of society among the blackz English translations of, 356.
there, 292. Benevoience of a fe- Tleun, cancerous: case of, 145
male ot, 295

Imrie, Col. on the strata of the
Heart, mal-conformation of, ac- Grampians, 398.
count of, 145

Influenza, of 1803, remarks on, 146
Heat, action of, as modified by Insects, at Rio de Janeiro, annog.

compression, experinis.on, 398. ance of, 342.
Hecate, of the Greeks, remarks on, Iristitute, National, of France, ac-

count of, 175
Heights, on the measurement of, by Johanneau, M. on Celtic antiqui-

the barometer, 470.
Heindorf, M. on Plato's Theutetus, Johnson, Dr. his letter to Dr. War-

ton, 234.
Hemorrhage. See Arteries.

Joints, nodosity of, practical re-
Hepati:is, account of, 144.

marks on, 149.
Hernia, inguinal, symptoms of, de. Joseph. Pére, character of, 473.

scribed, 33. Vario:18 observa. Irish, character of that people, 157.
tions respecting herniæ, ib. 36. Irrigation, remarks on, 420.
Strangulated, curious case of, Ischias, use of Bath waters in that

complaint, 145.
Įlerring:fiskery. See Noel. Isles, sacred, of the west, essay on,
Ilerschell, Dr. on Saturn and its

ring, 171.

Fury, trial by, observations on, 121.
Hinduis, religion of, memoir on,
Sacred isles of, essay on,

495. Sacred writings of, memoir Kent, the architect, his merits disa
00,496. On their astronomy,501.

ties, $37•

cussed, 197,



of, 155.

Killarnej, lake of, short account Manures, essay on,416. See Vraic.

Marcet, Dr. cases of pains in the
Knight, Mr. on the alburnous ves.

stomach, 145
sels of trees, 160.

Marshall, Dr, on cowpox, 144.

Martin, Mr. on a mineral basin in

Wales, 161.
Labillardiere, M. on two kinds of Mary, Queen of Scots, poctical
litchi, 463.

portrait of, 111.
Lacépède, M. on ant-eaters, 470. Massinger, the dramatist, memoirs'
La Grange. See Parseval.

of, and comments on his works,
Lambton, Brigade - Major, on the 1--13. 224.

measurement of an arc,. 499. Mathias, Mr. his ode to Mr. Ros-
Lancret, M. on curves of double cne imitated, 57.
curvature, 452.

Matthews, Mr. on the high prices
Land, proprietors of, their privi- of provisions, 419. On family
leges among the Anglo-Saxons,

wines, 420.

Measles, account of that disease,
Lands, leasing of, and management 377.
of marsh laods, essays on, 420.

Mechanics, view of the writers on
Laws, observations on, and on the that subject, 235.

formalities of, by Mirabeau, 5c6. Medicine, remarks on the state of,
Leblond, M. on pepper sent to

in the 18th century, 141.
Cayenne, 464.

Meritelle, M. his meteorological
Lee, Dr. case of a negroe, 144.

observations, 458.
Legislation, various remarks on, Meru, Mount, described, 496.

by a Neapolitan writer, 387--397. Metaphysics, a horn-book of, much
Leibnitz. See Bernoulli.

wanted, 252.
Lettsom, Dr. on an hepatic disease, Meteorology, observations in, made

at Cayenne, 458.
Lhuillier, M. on Polyhedrome- Metres of Æschylus. See Æschylus.
try, 450.

Of Sophocles, observations on,
Light, its influence on plants, 459. 540.

See also 543
Litchi, memoir on two kinds of, Micrometers. See Burckhardt.

Military instruction, observatione.
Lithotomy, observations on the po- on, 314.
sition proper

for the operation Milk, of cows, experim. on, 466.
in, 146.

Milton, his alleged " Joactivity"
Livy. See Wernsdorf.

during the civil wars explained,
Logarithms, new mode of com- 70. His republicanism defended,
puting, 165.

74. His noble address to Crom.
Logic, Arabic treatise on, 492. well, 76.
Long, Mrs. letter relative to, from Minium, native, account of, 159.
Dr. Swift, 233•

Mint, English, remarks on its

excellencies and defects, 284.

Mirabeii?, Comte, his great talents,
Maclaurin, Prof. his method of his character of himself, and his

finding the law of the composi. hypocrisy, 502-508.
tion of forces, 239.

Misletbe, vegetat. of, mem. on, 460.
Madeira, chamber of skulls at, 339. Money. See Coin.

Manners of its inhabitants, 340. Montpellier, biriks, marriages, &c.
Magnetism given to steel, memoir in that ci'y, 460.
on, 467.

Monuments, public, strictures on
Manning, Mr. on computing Lo. some lately erected, 194. 309.
garithms, 165.

Morbus Cardiacus, opinions rel. to
Mantis oratoria, or camel-cricket, in ant, and modern times, 143.
described, 136.

Morgen-gift, among the Anglo.
Manure, natural, memoir on, 467. Saxons, remarks on, 1in.


of, 414

Mourgue, M. on births, marriages, Peace, the prospect of gloomily
&c. 460.

coloured, 364.
Murat, M. on the influence of Pelvis. See Tenon.
night on diseases, 484.

Pepper. See Leblond.
Music, ode to, 231.

Philosophers, at Paris, Dr. Priest-

ley's account of their ignorance

of Christianity, 372..
Names of counties, in Domesday- Pindar, German translation of his
book, 119.

first ode', 544.
Naples, insurgents of, their ineffec. Pithing, recommended, and parti.

tual menorial to Lord Nelson, cular directions for performing
201. Differently treated by Capt. it, 162.
Trowbridge, 202.

Pitt, Mr, view of his character, and
Needle, magnetic, on the variation of his conduct on the resignation
and the dip of, 369.

of Mr. Addington, 83. His loss
Negotiations, between contending deplored, with that of Mr. Fox,

states, observations on, $14. 87. Remarks on his speech on
Negroe, case of, with an artificial the pacific overture of the First
anus, 144.

Consul, 204.
Nelson, Lord, poetic denunciation Pitts, Mr. on Hydrocephalus inter.

against by a witch and a demon, nus, 144.
53. Representation of his con- Planting, directions for, 420.
duct towards the Neapolitan Plants, experiments on the food
rebels, 200.

Food of, chemically
Nieuport, M. on the equilibrium of discussed, 417. See Decandolle.
a flexible string, 456.

See Deyeux.
Night, its infuence over diseases Platina, crude, memoir on, 469.
investigated, 481-485.

Plato's Theæretus, remarks on,
Noel, M. on boats, Sc. in the

herring.fishery, 463.

Plutarch. See Eichstadt.

Poiteau, M. on the earth-nut, 463.

Polygons, regular, on the equa:ion
Ont choff, recommended for stall. of, 456.
ferding cattle, 419.

Folyhedrometry, theorems on, 450.
Obedience inculcared on children, 38. Pond, Mr. on fixed stars, 170.
Odier, Dr. case of ovaries trans- Poor. See Bernard. See Pryce.

formed into hydatids, 459. Poppy, on the cultivation of, 431.
Ornaments, architectural and fuPotatoe, remarks on important

nereal, strictures on their emble. uses of, 420.
maric and appropriate charac Prade, M. de la, on the influence
ter, 31).

of night on diseases, 482.
Ox. See Gayal.

Priestley, Dr. particulars of bis
Oxen, advantages of the use of, in life and death, 371-374.
husbandry, 415.

Prosody, observations on, 212.
Oxid of azote. See Fourcroy. Provisions. See Matthews.

Proust, M. his observations on che-

mistry, 459.
Papilio, remarks on the transform. Pryce, Mr. on parish work-houses,

ations of that class of insec16,537. 418.
Parry, Dr. on improved sheep, by Ptinus fatidicus, or death-watch,
the Spanish mixture, 416.

account of, 135.
Parseval, M. on equations of the Punishments, future, the doctrine

propagation of sound, 451. On of their eternity combated 335.
equations in the motion of fluids,

454. Ou somming the series of
La Grange. 455. On series, &c.ib.
Patterson, Mr. on the Hindu reli. Quakers. See Friends,
gion, 488,


of, 232.

of, 2550


Scrotum, case of enlargement of,
Ramond, M. on measuring heights 146.
by the barometer, 470.

Sculpture, obs. on the state of that
Ranelagh house, a sziire, specimen art in England, 193-4.

Sea.weed. See Vraic.
Rasbes. See Exanthemata. Sensation, remarks on the doctrine
Refraction, terrestrial, observations
071, 464.

Series, memoir on, 455.
Regrer Lodbrock, Song of, in Eng. Sheep. See Parry. See Somerville.
1155, 362.

Shelburne, Lord, his patronage of
Reizius, M his extracts from Prof.

Ir. Priestley described by the
Christius's papers, 542.

Doctor, 373
Reptiles. See Brongniart. Shells. See Ilarm-shells.
Resolution, the ship of Capt. Cook, Sinclair, Sir John, his plan for ex-

transformed inio a smuggling perimental farms, 460.
wbaler, 342

Skulls, chamber of, in the island of
Resurrection, final, reflections on,

Madeira, 339.
as typified by the vernal season, Slating, new method of, 419.

Sleep, Latin verses op, imitated in
Revett, Mr. character of that in.

English, 92
genicos and modest artist, 196. Smith, Mr. on eroup, and on te-
Reynolds, Sir Joshua, his character

tanus, 144
sa printer, 192.

Dr. on the operation of
Rheumatism, important practical lithotomy, 146.
marks in, 148.

Smithson, Mr. on minium,159,
Rhys ap Thomas, his magnanimous Sot-Lunar influence on fevers, ob.

character, 428. His son Rhys servations on, 486.
Gryffith basely accused and exe- Soldiers. See Army.
cuted, ih.

Somerset, agriculiural improve
Ri: belieu, Cardinal, obs.on his cha. ments in that county, 413.

racer and measures, 471-474. Somerville, Lord, on the use of oxea
de Janeiro, annoyance of the ig husbandry, 415. On the pro.

Infesis at, 342. Gallantry of the duce of Merino wool. ib. His
ladies, 344.

prize claim for a sheep stock,416.
Robertson, Professor, on the Bino-

Song of Thryn, specimens of, 356.
mial theorem, 163.

Sound. See Parseval.
--, Mr. James, on the varia.

Spain, rem.on its abject state, 513.
tion of the compass, 167.

Spitalfields, the poor of, their pe-
Roscoe, Mr. ode to, 57.

culiar bardships, 331–
Roth, M. his Carmen Seculare, 540. Starkader, lamentation of, 331.
Roxburgh, Dr. on the Bassia Bu. Stars, fixed, on the declination of,
tyracea, 497


Steele, Sir Richard, account of his

latter days, 426.

Stewart, Prof. bis metaphysical
St. Domingo. See Hayti.

reasoning controverted, 253.258.
Saint Paul, sunmary of his cha- Stomach, p-ins in, cured by the

white oxyd of bismuth, as.
racter, 325
Saint Paul's Cathedral, obs. on Stone herige, paralleled in France,

monuments in, 189. 194. 309. $35.
Saturn, and its ring, obs. on, 171. String, flexible, on the equilibri.
Scarlatina, remarks on the varieties um of, 456.
of that disease, 379, 381.

Sturzius, M. on the significations
Schutz, M. in his edit. of Eschy. of yóris, 539.

lus, unfairly pillages the Glas. Sufferings of a virtuous and of a vi-
gow edit. 527.

cious man conu 28ted, 40.
Seouring. See Cbaptah

Swijt, Dr. his letter relative to
Mrs. Long, 233


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