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Nor does the author mean to profess by the titlepage, that he is about to condense within his narrow bounds all the inherent demonstrations of the divinity of the New Testament. Those demonstrations are exceedingly numerous; they multiply under every fresh perusal of the Holy Volume ; and he can only select from the inexhaustible storehouse such views as have most forcibly impressed themselves on his own meditations.

The scriptural prophecies, and their stupendous fulfilments, are usually classed in the external department of the christian proofs. Yet the author, irrespective of mere geographical distinctions, would gladly have attempted their discussion, had his limits allowed it. The argument from prophecy is one of the most powerful weapons in the armory of sacred truth. The christian fathers thought it even more conclusive than that founded on miracles ; and it is stronger now than it was when the fathers wrote. It has gathered new confirmation from the lapse of centuries. But it requires a minute exposition of all the predictions of the Old Testament, as well as of the New, and a close historical survey

of their wonderful accomplishments, perfected and progressive. The subject would supply ample materials for an independent work of no inconsiderable length. Had the author attempted to abridge it within his brief essay, he would, by mutilating, have rendered powerless, so far as in him lay, the mighty argument founded on prophecy fulfilled.

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