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To the Right Honble S' Lyonel Jenkins Kn' One of His

Maties Principal Secretaryes of State.

Boston, New England, May 29th 1682. Right Hon ble These are (with our most humble service to your Hon') to accompany our worthy Friends Joseph Dudley & John Richards Esq"s who are by the Govern' & Company of this Colonie, appointed their Agents, to attend His Majesties service & Comands, being well Knowne unto us, to be of approved Loyaltie to His Majesties Interest, as well as Intelligent in the affaires of this His Colonie. We have formerly acquainted Your Hon' with those difficulties, we haue mett with in this Matter, & therewithall with our Resolutions (as soon as possible we could obtaine a removall of ym) to yield obedience to His Maties comands therein. We also informed Your Hon' more lately how impossible it was for us to appeare, by the time limited in His Maties Gracious Lre of Octo? 21. 1681. This is the first Ship from this Port, since y' time, excepting That by w'h we gaue yo Hon' that Information, w'h was ready to Saile w" we Received His Maties Said Gracious Le So that we humbly hope (the Reality of our Intentions now appearing) His Matie will Graciously please not to impute the Lapse of time to us, as a Neglect, but look upon it as an effect of those Obstructions with which we haue been attended.

Rt. Hon ble As His Maties Princely Clemency and Goodnesse assures us of His Gracious Aspect upon our Agents, so we humbly beg Yo Hon" Favour to them (God having been pleased to set You in a place of so great Eminencie near unto His Matie) By meanes of wh they may have accesse into His Malies Presence, and be greatly furthered and happily conducted in their Negociation and seasonably dispatched, to the Hon' & Satisfaction of his Sacred Malie & the Advantage & Settlement of this people. Hereby we Shall be greatly obliged to pray for the long continuance of Yo Honour and prosperity in this Life and future Happiness.

We are, Right Honrble, Your Hon" most obliged and most humble Servants, The Govern" & Council of the Mattachusetts in New England. (Signed) SIMON BRADSTREET




To The R' Hon ble the Earle of Nottingham his Majties

Principall Secretary of State, — Att Whitehall.

My Lord, I have only to assure yo" Lordsh” that the Generallity of their Majties Subjects (soe far as I can understand) doe with all thankfulness receive the favours which by the new Charter, are granted to them. The last worke (weeke?] the Generall Assembly (which yo' Lordsho Knows is our New England Parliament) convened at Boston I did then exhort them to make an address of thanks to their Majties wch I am since informed the Assembly have unanimously agreed to doe as in duty they are bound. I have also acquainted the whole Assembly how much not myself onely but they and all this Province are obliged to yo? Lordsh” in particular which they have a gratefull sence of, as by letters from themselves yo' LordshP will perceive.

If I may in anything serve their Majties Interest here, I shall on that account think myself happy and shall always studdy to approue myself, My Lord, Yo' most humble Thankfull and

Obedient Servant,

INCREASE MATHER. Boston, N. E. June 23, 1692.


Boston, Nov" 16th 1716. ST When His Majesty thought fit about a year since to dismiss me from the Government of this Province I had No. tice given me from Whitehall, how much I was oblig'd to you in offering to recomend one of my Sons for the Lieut. Governour's Comission.

This I understand to be design'd as a mark the King's favour for my thirteen Years successfull services to the Crown here, & though it was not done then, yet now I am to give you my humble Thanks for naming M Dumer to that employment, who marry'd my Daughter, & for his many worthy qualities is as dear to me as if he were my

own Son.

I beg S you'l believe that though I have Sentiments of great gratitude for this honour done to one of my family, yet had it not been, my loyalty & good Behaviour to the Governm' should have been equally apparent to every Body. The King has for ever endeard the hearts of his loyal Subjects in these Provinces by appointing so prudent & good a Man as Col. Shute to Rule over them.

I am nov grown Old, & having liv'd to see His Majesty triumph over his Enemies, & the Administration of the Kingdom settled in a wise & faithfull ministry, I think I have liv'd long enough: I humbly pray Almighty God to preserve your Life for the Great good of the Nation, & remain, Sr Your Most faithful Humble Servant

(Signed,) J. DUDLEY.

No address, but indorsed, “Boston, Nov. 16, 1716, M Dudley late Governour.]

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