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play to them that high and inesti- adorn it with all the flowers of mable reward, that glory, honour, rhetoric. and perfection, which are laid up Men are keen-sighted in obin store for the righteous. serving improprieties, and can

It was in this manner that St. easily distinguish the warm effuPaul preached. But a ministersions of passion from the unaffeccan never affect the hearts of his ting productions of labour and audience, unless he feels himself taste.

Z z. the truths, which he delivers ; and his usefulness will be abridged in proportion as his sincerity

For the Panoplist. and piety are doubted. Persua. sion hangs only upon sincere lips. When a preacher exhorts

No. 5. us by the most solemn considera. (Continued from p. 152.) tions to follow the light of truth, In Japan the priests and noto repent and to believe, and ex. bility have the title of Cami. horts us in a cold and inanimate The country is called the kingmanner, which gives us no con- dom of Chamis.

Chamis was viction of his sincerity and earn- Scin, or San, the sun, who was estness; his words will be in- Cham, or Ham, the son of Noah, effectual ; and the strange com- The laws of the empire are the bination of interesting motives laws of Chamis, and all their gods and cold presentation of them are styled Sin or Chami.* The will leave upon the mind a confu- founder of the empire is said to sed impression of wonder, and a have been Tensio Dai Sin, or kind of incredulous belief, which Tensio the god of light. Near his can hardly force the mind to ex- temple is a cavern visited for ertion.

religious purposes, on account But in order to true pulpit elo- of his having been once hidden, quence it is not necessary to dis; when neither sun nor stars applay all the gesticulations of the peared. A common method of theatre ; nor will the powers of representing the time when persuasion be increased in any Noah was shut up in the ark. proportion to careful attention to One of their principal gods manner. Art can never affect is Jakusi, similar to Tacchus us like nature ; and would the of the west. He is the Apol. preacher draw the bow with such' lo of Japan, and his characenergy as to impel the arrow to ter is like Orus in Egypt. Half the heart, his own soul must first a large scollop shell forms his be impressed with the truths, canopy, and his head is surroundwhich he delivery. Without the ed with a crown of rays. He was fervour of benevolence in his de. Noah.s Canon, anotlier deity of livery even a truly eloquent dis- the Japanese, is the reputed lord course would lose its effect; and of the ocean, represented coming without warmth of feeling in the out of a fish, crowned with composition of his sermon, in vain would he introduce in it the Kaemfer. most alarming considerations, and $ Father Boushet. Hennipin.

Powers. In India the same deity the dead, did not return for some is called Vishpou, and Macauter. time, but finally came back with He is known in other parts of a green branch. The people of the East. The Indians have al- Terra Firma had received a traso a tradition of a flood in the dition of the flood ; that it was days of Vishnou, which covered universal, that one man and womthe whole earth.* The Bramins an, and their children were presay there was a time when the served in a canoe, from whom serpent of a thousand heads with- the world was again peopled. drew himself, and would not sup- The Peruvians gave information port the world, because it was that they had heard from their so overburdened with sin. Imme- ancestors, that many years before diately the earth sunk into the they had kings or Yncas, when great abyss of waters, when man- ' the world however was very popkind and all that breathed were alous, there happened a great destroyed ; but Vishnou raised flood; the sea, bursting over its the earth from the flood. The bounds, covered the earth, and oldest mythological books of the destroyed all the inhabitants. The East Indies give an account of a people of the inland parts of Brauniversal deluge, sufficiently cor- zil had little knowledge of God responding with that of Moses.* or religion ; yet they had distinct

The Parsees mention a time traditions of the flood, when all of great wickedness, when there mankind perished, excepting two seemed to be an universal oppo- brothers, and their wives, who sition to the supreme Deity, became the heads of two distinct when it was thought proper to people. The inhabitants of Otabring an universal inundation heite have a tradition that their over the face of the earth, that island was broken from the conall impurity might be washed tinent a long time ago, when the away. This being accomplished, supreme God was angry, and every living creature perished, dragged the earth through the and the earth was for some time entirely covered.

The natives of New England The Mexicans have a tradition had a tradition of the universal of a flood in which all men were deluge, when all mankind perishdrowned. The Iroquois say, ed, excepting one man and womthat a lake of their country once an, who escaped by ascending overflowed, and in a short time one of the White hills, supposed covered the whole earth. The to be the highest summits in original inhabitants of Cuba had North America. much information concerning a So uniformly have the inhabflood, which destroyed the whole itants of the world maintained world, excepting an old man, a remembrance of the flood. who foreseeing the deluge, built Though their accounts are difa great ship, went into it with his ferent, as might have been exfamily, and abundance of ani- pected, as to immaterial circummals; after a season he sent stances, yet they all coincide in forth a crow, which feeding on proclaiming an universal deluge.


• Sir W. Jones. Encyclopedia.

M. Thevet,


In one

If, not satisfied with the testi- Noah. We add only one proof mony of every age and country,

From the institutes of we dig into the bowels of the Menu, an ancient work on Hinearth, there we behold traces of doo jurisprudence, written in the the deluge; if we appeal to Sanscrit language and translated the world itself, the world, the by Sir W. Jones, it appears, not rocks, the hills, and mountains only that the Hindoo account of reply, there has been an universal the creation confirms the reladeluge. In the Andes of South tion of Moses, but that the HinAmerica, ten thousand feet above doo puranas contain the history the level of the ocean, are found of the deluge, and of Noah. marine shells in abundance. In They relate that he was preservthe Alleghany mountains of ed in an ark from a deluge North America the stones are which destroyed all mankind. full of sea shells; not only those The story which follows, rein the vallies, but those on the specting him and his sons, exsummits are marked with these actly corresponds with the hismarine substances.*

tory of the Hebrew Legislator. place among the Alleghany

Philo. mountains are forty thousand acres covered with oyster and (To be concluded in the next number.) cockle shells.

If from America we pass to the eastern continent, the moun

For the Panoplist. tains of Scotland, of Switzerland and Italy, Atlas and Ara- CONTEMPLATIONS rat still exhibit on their summits, the spoils of the ocean ; moun

(Concluded from p. 209.) tains of every region from Japan Iy describing his office as to Mexico proclaim the same Mediator, the scriptures particufact, recorded in scripture, thatlarly reveal him as the prophet of the waters of the flood once over

the highest, who came immeflowed their

highest summits. diately from God. “ Never man The moose deer of America is spake like this man.” Friends found buried in Ireland ; the and foes, the wise and unwise, Elephant of Asia and Africa is were astonished at his wisdom. found in England and North- The Jewish rulers expressed America. Crocodiles, of the their surprise thus :

“ How Nile are dug up in the heart of knoweth this man letters, having Germany. What is more, the never learned ?" His answer sol, ruins of plants, trees, and ani- ved the difficulty, and is the only mals, now not known in the solution of it.

“My doctrine is world, are discovered in various not mine, but his who sent me.” countries,

It could not otherwise be, that These are facts which give all a person of his obscure birth and possible support to the history education should excel, beyond of Moses respecting the univer- comparison, every teacher who sal inundation in the time of had gone before him--confound

the wise, and bring to nothing • Evans,

the understanding of the prudent,



The acutest foes used every art heavenly-mindedness and devoto entangle him ; but were al- tion. Every friend to mankind ways entangled themselves. If will wish that these things may they took counsel against him prevail. ever so privately, or even con- The example of this great ceived a thought against him, he teacher was a transcript of his shewed that he perfectly knew precepts. His vigilant and imtheir most secret counsel, and placable enemies could not conthe thought of their heart. 17, vict him of a fault. He sought

The doctrine brought from not his own glory or his own heaven by him gave light to na- will, but the will and glory of him tions who sat in darkness, with- who sent him. out God, and without hope- The works which he did in uncertain whether repentance his Father's name witnessed that would be accepted, and ignorant he was the Christ, that prophet what true repentance means. He of whom Moses and succeeding taught the worship of the prophets spake. A voice from Father in spirit and truth, heaven, on one occasion and ancame to call sinners to repent- other, witnessed the saine thing. ance, and proclaim remission of Add to these proofs, the accomsins through the blood of his plishment in him, and in him oncross. No man cometh unto the ly, of a succession of prophecies, Father, but by him. Whatsoever from the beginning of the world we ask in his name, the Father until he appeared ; together with will give. To whom shall we the fulfilment of his own prophego for the words of eternal life, cies, particularly respecting his but to him who came from the passion and resurrection, the bosom of the Father, to teach desolation of Jerusalem, and the way of God in truth, to open state of the Jews. The evibefore us the gates of immortali- dence arising from his doctrine, ty?

precepts, example and works Would we see a perfect sys- form a body of evidence, which tem of morality, where shall we completely cvinces that Jesus find it, but in the sermon he

was the Christ. preached on the mount, which It was forctold that the Mes. filled the multitudes who heard siah should make atonement for it with astonishment? The max- sin. “ The chastisement of our ims themselves—the principles peace was upon him. The Lord upon which tlu'y are founded laid upon him the iniquity of us the motives to the observance of all. He poured out his soul unthem, all concur to prove him a to death, that he might make reteacher infinitely superior to any conciliation for iniquity, and that hath appeared in the world bring in everlasting righteousbefore or since. That distin

Awake, O sword, against guished sermon contains every my Shepherd, and against the precept of purity, temperance man that is ny FELLOW, saith the and moderation ; of content Lord of hosts : smite the Shepment, self-denial and meek- herd.” The evangelical prophet ness ; of humility, charity and has given a lively description of forgiveness ; of resignation, his passion, exactly corresponde ing with the history contained kings, and Lord of lords.” His in the gospels; and connects his kingdom is not of this world. intercession in heaven with his His laws are enforced by spiritusacrifice. He bare the sin of al and eternal sanctions. His many, and made intercession for people shall be willing in the day the transgressors." David, speak- of his power. He is head over ing of him, saith, “ Thou art a all things to the church-able to priest forever. The Son of Man defend it from all its foes. Righcame to give his life a ransom teousness is the girdle of his for many. God sent his Son to loins, and faithfulness the girdle be a propitiation for the sin of of his reins. The spirit of wisthe world, and in him is recon- dom and understanding, counsel ciling the world to himself, not and might, knowledge and the imputing their trespasses. fear of the Lord rested on him.


Having offered one perfect sa- Defended by him, the gates of crifice, our high priest sat down hell have not prevailed against forever on the right hand of his church. He shall have doGod, where he maketh continual minion from sea to sea. In his intercession for us. All our ser- days shall the righteous flourish, vices must be performed in the and the meek inherit the earth. name of the Mediator, that God He must reign until all things may be glorified. He is able to are put under him. Thus the save to the uttermost all that kingdom shall be the Lord's. come to God by him, seeing he Lastly, Authority is given him ever liveth to make intercession. to judge the world; because he His resurrection proved him to is the Son of Man. For this be the Son of God with power. purpose he will descend from The decree was then pronoun- heaven, in like manner as he ced, “ This day have I begotten was seen to ascend, attended by thee. I have set my King upon hosts of angels. They shall my holy hill of Zion. I will gather all nations before him ; give thee the heathen for thine and under his direction, sever inheritance, and the uttermost the wicked from among the just. parts of the earth for thy pos- Apostate spirits are reserved unsession." The dispensation of to the judgment of the great the Holy Ghost, after he ascend- day. At that day, impenitents ed, in the view of the astonished of mankind and infernals will disciples, assures us, that he is unite in confessing, “ Thou art exalted to be a Prince and a Sa- righteous, O Lord, because thou viour. Miraculous gifts were hast judged thus.” Holy angels doubtless continued in the church and glorified saints will then through the apostolic age, though unite in the acclamation-Now in all probability gradually with is come salvation and strength, drawn, after the martyrdom of and the kingdom of our God, Paul. Angels, authorities, and and the power of his Christ. powers above are made subject May all men know assuredly to our exalted Redeemer. He that God hath made the crucified " hath on his vesture and on his Jesus both Lord and Christ. He thigh this name written, King of shall be revealed from heaven Vol. l. No. 6.


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