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tervals were taken up in defending every time; some pound his fingers and toes pernicious mealure of the crown, and to pitces between two ftones; others all employed in destroying the liberty of the while dittending and stretching every his country. Need the cause of his dif- limb and joint, to encrease the incongrace be mentioned here, to prove that, ceivable horror of his pains. During notwithttanding his wonderful abilities, this, the milerable fufferer, sometimes he wanted fortitude to rehit the force of rendered insensible by the torture, falls a trifling sum of money, and honesty to into lo profound a fleep, that they are discharge the important duties of his obliged to apply the fire to recover him, trust? Or what all we say of a man, and untie him, to give a breathing to who, while he was establishing the highett the fury of their own revenge. Again testimony of human genius, for two or he is tied, and his teeth drawn one by three hundred pounds erected an ever. one, his eyes beat out, and no one trace lasting monument of human baseness of humanity left in his visage. In this too? In reality, science and underttand- fituation, all overone continued mummy, ing can do nothing more than teach one inexpreflible wound, they beat bim our constancy and fortitude a nobler from one to another with clubs; the way of appearing; the qualities them. wretch now up, now down, falling in felves must procetil from a firmer foum- their fires at every step; till at laft, dation than both. The wisdom of So. wearied out with cruelty, some of their crates gave a manner to his fortitude, chiefs put an end with a dagger to his which left an irresistible charm in his sufferings, and terminates the execudeath; but the fortitude itself proceed- tion, which often laits five or fix hours, ed not from the excellence of his un- by ordering on the kettle, and making a derstanding, but the goodness of his feast as horrid and barbarous as their heart.

revenge. But to prove, beyond a possibility of Butwhat renders this more furprising, dispute, that a knowledge of the fci- is a contest which subsists all the time ences has nothing to do in the qualities between the sufferer and them, whether under consideration, let us only refer to he has molt fortitude in bearing, or they the behaviour of a poor Indian, as re- ingenuity in aggravating, his pangs. At lated by Lafitaw, taken in battle by his every interval they give him, he imokes enemies, and condemned as a sacrifice unconcerned with the reft, without one to the manes of such as either hc himnieif murinur or shadow of a groan; recounts or his countrymen destroyed in the field. what exploits he has done, and tells -The moment he is condenned, he them how many of their countıymen opens his death-long, and is faitened to he has killed, in order to encrease their a itake, the chiefs of the nation which fury; nay, he reproaches them with an has taken him fitting round a fire, and ignorance of torturing, and points out {moaking all the time. Such as chute fuch parts of his holly himself as are to be concerned in the execution, begin more exquifitely sendible of pain. The with torturing at the extremities of his women have this part of courage with body, till by degrees they approach the the men ; and, incredible soever as fuch trunk; one pulls off all his nails from ap astonishing constancy of mind may the roots; another takes a finger and appear, it would be as odd to fce one of tears off the ileri with his teeth ; a third these people suffer in another manner, as takes the finger, this mangled, and it would be to find an European who thruits it into the bowl of a pipe made could fuffer with any thing like their red-hot, and fmokes it like tobacco; fortitude. An inflexible uniformity to others cut and 112th the flily parts of the principles in which they are bred is his body, and fear the woun is imme- the occafion of this fortitude; and, withdiately up with burning irons; fome ont one spark of learning, occafions a strip the skin off his hea:l, and pour behaviour which distances the most ceboiling lead upon it; others tear the futh lebrated stories of antiqnity, and battles entirely from his arms, and twist the the profoundelt lessons of all the philobure tendrils and finews round red-hot sophers. irons, twisting and snapping at the same

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I was

TE W of the nobler qualifications are Monday the provost, who was an old

to generally pretended to as Friend- acquaintance of my father's, took me thip, or a capacity of entertaining so out in a chaise with him to a neighcordial a regard for the interest of ano- bouring gentleman's house; and as my, ther person, as to make it equally an ob- friend was not treated with the same dirjeet of importance with our own. tinction, he grew envious of his Pylades, talking last night with my old acquaint. behaved intolerably cold at our next ance, Will Threadbare, on this very meeting, which I could not but observe; subject, at the Queen's Arms in St. and being perhaps a little too tart in my Paui's Church-yard; when Will related reproaches, he took an occasion to quarover the history of his friend lips to me rel with me; the consequence of which for the ninety-ninth time, and concluded was, that he and I never spoke a word towith his usual invective against all the gether after. This lad's esteem for me world, and the little confidence which commenced first of all from my dextcis to be placed in the honour or honeity rity in robbing orchards ; an amuseinent of any man. To save hin the trouble of which he was particularly fond, and of repeating his narrative again, I thall therefore could not hielp efteening a temtake the liberty of making it the subject per that bore to firong a resemblance to of the present paper; more especially as I his own: but as the basis of our regard know the publication can be no way dif- 'was fo very trivial in itself, our friendagreeable to him, and may probablyprove thip must be supposed to have but a llenof some entertainment to my readers. der fupport; and therefore a misunder

standing was but a matter of course. FROM my very infancy up, Mr. Bab- Ar Oxford I commenced an everlast.

ler, says Will, I found that all those ing friendship, to he five, with Ned attachments which we are weak eno'gh Guzzle, because I was unalterably atto distinguish by the name of Friend. tached to the bottle myself, and he was Thip, were nothing more than the effects reckoned the hardest drinker in the unie of our folly, or the consequence of our versity. Our everlafting friendship, howdelign. A parity of sentimenis always ever, continued but fix weeks; for a cou. created an intimacy between a couple of ple of unlucky rogues pitted us against rascals, who, willing to believe that they one another to drink for a rump of beef were capable of feeling the exalted glow and a dozen of Madeira, in which it beof a virtuous friendihip, inagwed they ing my fortune to swallow half a pint really did feel it; and having once flat- more than my antagonist, he wrote me tered themselves with this opinion, retted a letter, wlien he got up next evening, dewonderfully pleased with the superstruc- firing that all manner of correspondence ture, without ever examining the foun- might be dropped between us for the dation upon which it was built.

future. When I was ac Eaton, no two in the When I came up to town, and got world could be more intimate ; that is, poffeffion of my little fortune, Dick in the language of the world, entertain Wildman and I were inteparable; we a greater friendship for each other, than lodged in the same house, spent every a fellow who now poffetles one of the evening at the same tavern together, and most valuable employinenis in the king. retired every morning with a strumpet dom, and your humble fervant. How to the fame bagnio under the pinz21. often have we swore that nothing should We were always coupled in our amours; ever separate us when we came into the and never attacked a joilliner's appren. great theatre of life, as actors for our-, rice, or a tradeiman's wife, unless there jelves! This regard we carried to such were two to find us bot's employment in an excess, that we have frequently boxed the same family. This was not all; I one another's battles, and always looked once fought a due for him behind Minupon the least affront offered to either, tague Houle, and ran the double charice

an unparionable injury to both. both of the gallosis and cold iron. Yet, But, alas! Mr. Babbler, one Whitiun- lce the fatality attanding all fublunary


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things! -Dick surprized me one morning and believing in my soul, that there is in bed with one of the maids where we not a spark of virtue in any man alive, I lodged, whom he had been soliciting for an absolutely determined never to have some time, though unknown to me; and another friendship, but to starve as dewas. fo offended at the unpardonable cently as I can upon my seventy pounds preference which the hussey gave me, a-year, and to repeat that admirable senthat he instantly ordered his man to timent of Swift, when any well-hehavpack up his things, and decamped next ed scoundrel makes me the finallest deday without saying a single fyllable. claration of his esteem

I could recount a variety of instances where iny friend thips were equally un- Whene'er a prating Rascal cries, successful, though I never refused either He is your dearest Friend-he lies; my sword, or my purse, to any of those Todose a guinea at piquet, partners of my heart; but finding, by Would make him rave, blaspheme, and sweat, fatal experience, that no friendthip is Bring from his heart fibcerer groans, lasting which is not founded on virtue, Than if he heard you broke your bones.


I poprot kentive any do podercumftance nuity of carriage, mixed with a fundamente fusion, as the general propensity among accomplishments ; he has read a great all ranks of people, when they meet in deal; and, what is infinitely more, he company, to be joyous, as it is called ; never took up an author without perfect. nor any thing where, in the purfuit of ly understanding him. As well as a pleasure, and the hope of spending an coinpleat scholar, Harry is really a preto agreeable evening, they are so uiterly ty gentleman, and postesses no less a mistaken in the means. I am led into good heart than a fine understanding. this reflection, as well from the expe- As my nephew's qualifications are very rience of my own younger days, as the well known, it is impossible. but every universal confeffion of all my juvenile body mutt be fond of his company. acquaintance of the present times, with This sometimes leads him into fojbles ; whom I very frequently chat half an 'and, in spite of his good sense, an ealia hour upon the subject; and as a discuss' ness of temper that cannot resist the foe fion of this point may perhaps prove as licitations of his friends, frequently pleating to my readers as a discourse runs him into errors, which, with all my upon any other topic, I shall make a partiality for him, I can by no means little narrative, which I bad yesterday approve, notwithftanding the rogue from iny nephew, Harry Rarue, the would make any body overlook them substance of the ensuing paper. by the self-accusing honesty and readiness

I have often told my subscribers, of his own reflections, Whenever I that, though confiderably on the wrong get Harry for a subject of discourse, I fide of titty, an unaffuming air of gaiety scarce know how to end, I am so fond of and freedom ftill renders me tolerable dwelling upon what I cordially esteem. to the society of the young people, and But, not to trespass upon the patience of that there is feldom a day in which I my readers, who are no way interested have not a visit, or an invitation, from in his qualities, it is bigh time I should several to whom I might almost be a proceed to the purpose I fet out with, grandfather. Among the many by and affume the matter, instead of preachwhom I am thus favourably diftin. ing on the man. Well, then, yesterday guished, my filter Rattle's youngest fon morning Harry called upon me about Harry treats me with a cheartul familia- eleven, his face spiritlets and pale, his rity, without ever tranigrefsing the lips livid and swoln, a visible fatigue finaliest house of respect. There is a spread all over his features, and his eyes Something in this young feilow, wbichi, funk in his head. I began instantly to abftracted from his aliinity to me, I open at the young rogue, guessing juftly cannot help admiring. An open inge- enough at the cause of his appearance;


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