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THINK not, O thou guide of my guese; and could hardly contain when

youth, that abience can impair i saw the Daures dress their heads with my respect, or interposing trackless de- horns, The Oltiacs powdered with red farts blot your reverend higure from my earth; and the Caluck beauties trickmemory. The farther I travel, I feel ed out in all the finery of theep. skin apthe pain of separation with stronger peared highly ridiculous; but I foon force; those ties that bind me to my perceived that the ridicule Jay not in native country, and you, are still un- ihem but in ine; that I faltely conbroken. By every remove, I only drag demned others of absurdity, because a greater length of chain.

they happened to differ from a standard Could I find ought worth transmits originally founded in prejudice or parting from so remote a region as this to tiality. which I have wandered, I should glad. I find no pleasure, therefore, in taxJy send it; but instead of this, you must ing the English with departing from nabe contented with a renewal of my for. ture in their external appearance, which mer professions, and an imperfect ac- is all I yet know of their character; it count of a people with whom I am as is possible they only endeavour to imyet but superficially acquainted. The prove her simple plan, firce every exremarks of a man who has been but three travagance in dress proceeds from a dedays in the country can only be those fire of becoming more beautiful than obvious circumstances which force them. nature made us; and this is so harm. selves upon the imagination : I confider less a vanity, that I not only pardon myself here as a newly-created being in- but approve it: a desire to be more extroduced into a new world; every ob. cellent than others, is what actually ject strikes with wonder and surprise. makes us fo; and as thousands find a The imagination still unsated, seems the livelihood in society by such appetites, only active principle of the mind. The none but the ignorant inveigh against most trilling occurrences give pleasure, them. till the gloss of novelty is worn away. You are not insensible, most reverend When I have ceased to wonder, I may Fum Hoam, what numberless trades, possibly grow wise; I may then call the even among the Chinele, fubfilt by the reasoning principle to my aid, and com- harmless pride of each other. Your pare those objects with each other, nose-borers, feet-fwathers, tooth-Itainwhich were before examined without ers, eye brow pluckers, would all want reflection.

bread, hould their neighbours want Behold me then in London, gazing vanity. These vanities, however, emat the strangers, and they at me; it ploy much fewer hands in China than seems they find somewhat absurd in my in England; and a fine gentleman, or figure; and had I been never from home, a fine lady, here dressed up to the fa. it is possible I might find an infinite fhion, seeins scarcely to have a single fund of ridicule in theirs; but by long limb that does not suffer fome distortions travelling I am taught to laugh at folly from art. alone, and to find nothing truly ridicu- To make a fine gentleman, several lous but villainy and vice.

trades are required, but chiefly a barWhen I had just quitted my native ber : you have undoubtedly heard of the country, and crossed the Chinese wall, Jewish champion, whose strength lay in I fancied every deviation from the cus- his hair : one would think that the Eng. toms and manners of China was a de- lish were for placing all wisdom there : parting from nature : I smiled at the to appear wise, nothing more is requisite blue lips and red foreheads of the Tona here than for a man to borrow hair from


the heads of his neighbours, and clap verv black their teeth; the snow on the it like a bush on his own: the distri- tops of Bao is not fairer than their cheeks; butors of law and phyfic stick on such and their eye-brows are (mall as the line quantities, that it is almost in possible, by the pencil of Quamfi. Here a lady even in idea, to diftinguish between the with such perfections would be frightful; head and the hair.

Dutch and Chinele beauties, indeed, Those whom I have been now de- have some resemblance, but English woScribing, affect the gravity of the lion : men are entirely different ; red cheeks, those I am going to describe, more re- big eyes, and teeth of a moft odious semble the pert vivacity of smaller ani- whiteness, are not only seen here, but mals. The barber, who is still master wished for; and then they have such of the ceremonies, cuis their hair close masculine feet, as actually serve some for to the crown; and then with a compo- walking ! fition of meal and hog's lard, plaisters Yet, uncivil as Nature has been, they the whole in such a manner, as to make seem resolved to outdo her in unkindness; it impossible to distinguish whether the they use white powder, blue powder, patient wears a cap or a plaister ; but to and black powder, for their hair; and a make the picture more perfectly ftrik- red powder for the face on some partiing, conceive the tail of some healt, a cular occasions. greyhound's tail, or a pig's tail, for in- They like to have the face of various Itance, appended to the back of the colours, as among the Tartars of Kohead; and reaching down to that place reki, frequently sticking on, with spittle, where taiis in other animals are gene- little black patches on every part of it, rally seen to begin; thus betailed and except on the tip of the nose, which I bepowdered, the man of taste fancies he have never seen with a patch. You will improves in beauty, dresses up his hard. have a better idea of their manner of featured face in smiles, and attempts to placing these spots, when I have finished look hideoully tender. Thus equipped, a map of an English face patched up to he is qualified to make love, and hopes the fashion, which shall Tortly be sent for success more from the powder on the to encrease your curious collection of outside of his head, than the sentiments paintings, medals, and monsters. within.

But what surprizes me more than all Yet, when I consider what sort of a the rest, is, what I have just now been creature the fine lady is, to whom he is credibly informed by one of this counfupposed to pay his addresses, it is not try: • Moft ladies here,' says he, have strange to find him thus equipped in or • two faces; one face to fleep in, and der to pleate. She is herself every whit another to shew in company: the first as fond of powder, and tails, and hog's 'is generally reserved for the husband Jard, as he: to speak my secret fenti. ' and family at home, the other put on ments, most reverend Fuin, the ladies to please strangers abroad; the family here are horridly ugly; I can hardly face is often indifferent enough, but endure the right of them; they no way • the out-door one looks something betrefemble the beauties of China: the 'ter; this is always made at the toilet, Europeans have a quite different idea of where the looking-glass and toad-eater beauty from us; when I reflect on the ' fit in council, and settle the complexion small-footed perfections of an Eastern

• of the day. beauty, how is it possible I should have I cannot ascertain the truth of this reeyes for a woman whose feet are ten mark; however, it is actually certain, inches long. I shall never forget the that they wear more cloaths within doors beauties of my native city of Nanfew, than without; and I have seen a lady How very broad their faces; how very who seemed to shudder at a breeze in her short their noses ; how very little their own apartment, appear half naked in eyes; how very thin their lips ; how the streets. Farewell,




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T Japonere, yet trainer than the in
HE Englith seem as silent as the 'freedom ; if the French hould con-

quer, what would become of English habitants of Siam. Upon my arrival I liberty ? My dear friends, liberty is attributed that reserve to modesty, which ' the Englishman's prerogative; we must I now find has it's origin in pride. Con- preserve that at the expence of our descend to address them firit, and you • lives, of that the French shall never are sure of their acquaintance; stoop to deprive us; it is not to be expected flattery, and you conciliate their friend- " that men who are lives themselves thip and efteem. They bear hunger, would preserve our freedom thould cold, fatigue, and all the miseries of • they happen to conquer.'—' Ay,

life, without shrinking; danger only • slaves,' cries the porter, they are all calls forth their fortitude; they even • llaves, fit only to carry burthenis every exult in calamity; but contempt is what one of them. Before I would stoop they cannot bear. An Englishman fears to llavery, may this be my poison,' contempt more than deatlı; he often flies and he held the goblet in his hand, to death as a refuge from it's pressure ; may this be my poison--but I would and dies when he fancies the world has sooner lift for a soldier.' ceased to esteein him.

The soldier, taking the goblet from Pride seems the fource not only of his friend, with much awe fervently their national vices, but of their national cried out it is not so much our li. virtues also. An Englishman is taught • berties as our religion that would sufto love his king as his friend, but to ac- í fer by such a change: Ay, our reliknowledge no other master than the laws 'gion, my lads.. May the Devil sink which himself has contributed to enact. ine into flames,' such was the soHe despises those nations, who, that lemnity of his adjuration, ! if the French one may be free, are all content to be thould come over, but our religion flaves; who first lift a tyrant into terror, I would be utterly undone.' So saying, and then Ihrink under his power as if instead of a libation, he applied the gohdelegated from Heaven. Liberty is echo- let to his lips, and confirmed his fentied in all their assemblies, and thousands ments with a ceremony of the most permight be found ready to offer up their levering devotion. lives for the sound, though perhaps not In short, every man here pretends to 'one of all the number underitands it's he a politician; even the fair-lex are meaning. The lowest mechanic, how- sometimes found to mix the severity of ever, looks upon it as his duty to be a national altercation with the blandith. watchful guardian of his country's free- ments of love, and often become condoin, and often uses a language that querors by more weapons of destruction might seem haughty, even in' the mouth than their eyes. of the great emperor who tracés his an- This universal passion for politics is cesty to the moon.

gratified by Daily Gazettes, as with us A few days ago, passing by one of at China. But as in ours the emperor their prisons, I could not avoid stop. 'endeavours to instru&t his people, in ping, in order to listen to a dialogue theirs the people endezvour to instruct which I thought might afford me foi the administration.

You must not, entertainment. The conversation was however, imagine, that they who comcarried on between a debtor through the pile these papers have any a&tual knowgrate of his prison, a porter who had ledge of the politics, or the government itopped to rest his burthen, and a foldier of a itate; they only collect their mate. at the window. The subject was upon rials from the oracle of fome coffee. a threatened invasion from France, and house, which oracle has hinteif gather. each leerned extremely anxious to rescue ed them the night before from a beau ac his country from the impending danger. a gaming-table, who has pillaged his

For my part,' cries the prisoner, the knowledge from a great man's porter, greated of my apprehensions is for our who has had bis information from the


great nate;

great man's gentleman, who has invent- and give away benefits with an air as y ed the whole story for his own amuse- they despised thein. ment the night preceding.

Walking a few days ago between an The English in general seem fonder Englishman and a Frenchman into the of gaining the elteen than the love of suburbs of the city, we were overtaken those they converse with: this gives a by a heavy shower of rain. I was unformality to their amulements; their prepared; but they had each large coats, gayeft conversations have something too which defended them from what seemed wise for innocent relaxation; though in to me a perfect inundation. The Engcompany you are seldom disgusted with lifhinan seeing me fhrink from the weathe absurdity of a fool, you are seldom ther, accolted me thus: • Pha, man, lifted into rapture by thole strokes of vi-, ' what doft fırink at? Here, take this vacity which give initant, though not coat; I don't want it; I find it no permanent pleasure.

way useful to ine; I had as lief be What they want, however, in gaiety, • without it.' The Frenchman began they make up in politeness. You imile to thew his politeness in turn: My at hearing me praise the English for their dear friend,' cries he, 'why won't politciels : you who have heard very you oblige me by making ule of my different accounts from the millionaries

coat; you see how weil it defends me at Pekin, who have seen such a different • from the rain; I thould not chuse to behaviour in their inerchants and sea- part with it to others, but to such a men at home. But I muit itill repeat • friend as you, I could even part with it, the Englith leem more police than my skin to do him service.' any of their neighbours; their great art From tich minute instances as these, in this relpeci lies in endeavouring, while most reverend Fum Hoam, I am fengible they cblige, to letlen the force of the your fagacity will collect inftru&ion. favour. Other countries are fond of The volume of nature is the book of obliging a tranger; but seem defirous knowledge; and he becomes molt wile that he thould be fenfible of the obliga- who makes the most judicious fele&tior

The English confer their kind- Farewell. nels with an appearance of indifference,






fingular passion of this liation for po. would think, a mortifying repulse in the lirics. An Englithman, not satisfied pursuit of wifilom; yet our politician, with finding by his own profperity the no way discouraged, hunts or, in order contending powers of Europe properly to collect fresh materials, and in order Halanced, delves ajlo to know the pre- to be again disappointed.' cile value of every weight in either fcale. I have often admired the commercial To gratify this curiosiy, a leaf of poli- spirit which prevails over Europe ; bave tical instruction is ferved up every morn. been surprised to see them carry on a ing with tra : when our politician has traffic with productions, that an Afiatic feafted upon this, he repairs to a coffee- ftranger would deem entirely u'eless. It house, in order to ruminate upon what is a proverb in China, That an Euro. he has read, and encreate his collection; pean suffers not even his spittle to be from thence he proceeds to the ordinary, Jost; the maxim, however, is not fufenquires what news, and treasuring up ficiently Atrong, since they fell even their eve: y acquisition there, hunts about all Lies to great advantage. Every nation the evening in queft of more, and care. drives a considerable trade in this comfully adds it to the rest. Thus at night modity with their neighbours. he retires home, full of the important An Englifh dealer in this way, for advices of the day. When Jol awake instance, has only to afcend to his work. ing next morning, he finds the inftruc- house, and manufacture a turbulent rions of yelterlay a collection of absur. fpeech averted to be ipoken in the lenate; or a report supposed to be dropt at rences upon the part they shall take in court; a piece of scandal that itrikes at the present commotions of Europe. Some a popular mandarine ; or a secret trea. are for sending a body of their troop, ty between two neighbouring powers. confifting of one company of foot, and When finished, these goods are baled fix horsemen, to make a diversion in faup, and consigned to a factor abroad, vour of the Empress Queen ; others are who lends in return two battles, three as ftrenuous atlerters of the Prussian in. keges, and a shrewd letter filled with terest; what turn these debates may take, dalhes

blanks and time only can discover. However, cerkars *

of great importance. tain it is, we shall be able to bring into Thus you perceive, that a single ga- the field at the opening of the next camzette is the joint manufacture of Europe; paign, seventy-five armed men, a comand he who would peruse it with a phi. mander in chief, and two drumıners of losophical eye, might perceive in every great experience. paragraph something characteristic of SPAIN. Yetterday the new king the nation to which it belongs. A map shewed himself to his subjects, and after does not exhibit a more diftin&t view of having said half an hour in his balcony, the boundaries and fituation of every retired to the royal apartment. The country, than it's news does'a picture night concluded on this extraordinary of the genius, and the morals of it's in- occasion with illuminations, and other habitants. The superstition and erro- demonstrations of joy. neous delicacy of Italy, the formality The queen is more beautiful than the of Spain, the cruelty of Portugal, the rising fun, and reckoned one of the first fears of Austria, the confidence of Prul- wits in Europe: the had a glorious op. fia, the levity of France, the avarice of portunity of displaying the readiness of Holland, the pride of England, the ab- her invention, and her skill in repartee, surdity of Ireland, and the national par- lately at court. The Duke of Lerina, uality of Scotland, are all conspicuous coming up to her with a low bow and a in every page.

finile, and presenting a nolegay set with But, perhaps, you may find more fa. diamonds- Madam,' cries he, 'I am tisfaction in a real news paper, than in your molt obedient humble servant.' my defcription of one; I therefore send Oh, Sir,' replies the quicen, witha specimen, which may serve to exhibit out any propter, or the leait hesitation, the manner of their being written, and I'm very proud of the very great hodistinguish the characters of the various 'nour you do me.' 'Upon which me nations which are united in it's compo. made a low curtsey, and all the cour. ation."

tiers fell a laughing at the readiness and

the smartness of her reply. Naples. We have lately dug up LISBON. Yesterday we had an auto here a curious Etruscan monument, da se, at which were burned three young broke in two in the railing. The cha. women accused of heresy, one of thein racters are scarce visible; but Nugosi, of exquisite beauty; two Jews, and an the learned antiquary, supposes it to old woman convicted of being a witch: have been erected in honour of Picus, a one of the friars, who attended this last, Latin King, as one of the lines may be reports, that he saw the devil fly out of plainly distinguished to begin with a P. her at the stake in the shape of a flame It is hoped this discovery will produce of fire. The populace behaved on this something valuable, as the literati of occasion with great good-humour, joy, our twelve academies are deeply engag. and fincere devotion. ed in the disquisition.

Our merciful Sovereign has been for Pisa. Since Father Fudgi, prior of some time pait recovered of his frights St. Gilbert's,' has gone to relide at though so atrucious an attempt deserved Rome, no miracles have been perform- to exterminare half the nation, yet he ed at the shrine of Si. Gilbert; the de. has been graciously pleased to spare the vout begin to grow unealy, and some lives of his fubjects, and not above five begin actually to fear that St. Gilbert hundred have been broke upon the wheel, has forsaken them with the reverend fa- or otherwise executed, upon this horrid ther.

occasion. Lucca. The adminift ators i cur Vienna. We have received certains ferene republic, have frequent com.ic. advices that a party of twenty thout and


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