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of that nation. There is a native bash- some peculiar mode of dress. The Ro. fulness inherent in my countrywomen,

mans assigned different habits to persons which it is not easy to surmount: but our of different ages and stations; and I modern fine ladies, who take as much hope, that when the bustle of the enfu. pains to polith their minds as to adorning elections is over, the new parliament their persons, have got over this obfa- will take this matter into consideration, cle with incredible facility. They have and oblige the several claffes of females so skilfully grafted the French genius to distinguish themselves by fome exter, for intrigue upon British beauty and, nal marks and badges of their princiliberty, that

eir conduct appears per- ples. fectly original: though we must do the Till some act of this nature shall take French the justice to allow, that when a place, I shall propose a method, by which lady of this airy disposition visits Paris, every lady may exactly learn in what she returns most wonderfully improved, clats the may be reckoned. The world Upon the whole, France appears the pro

must know then, that my very good perest school to inftruét the ladies in the friend Mr. Ayscough has at length with theory of their conduct; but England, infinite pains and study conttructed a and more especially London, the most thermometer; upon which he has delicommodious place to put it in practice, neated, after the manner that the de. In this town, indeed, a lady tłudious of grees of heat and cold are marked on improvement, may in a very short time the common fort, the whole scale of fe. become a considerable proficient, by fre. male characters, from the molt inviolaquenting the several açadennies kept con- ble modesty to the most abandoned imHantly open for her profit and instruc- pudence, It is of a commodious fize tion. The card-tables and masquerades to wear at a watch: the liquor within in particular have trained up some la- - the tube is a chemical mixture, which dies to a surprising eminence, without being acted on by the circulation of the the least asistance from a foreign edu- blood and animal spirits, will rise and çation,

fall according to the desires and affecIt is observed, that the difference be.tions of the wearer. He will very shorttween the several species in the scale of ly publith a large afortment of them, beings is but just sufficient to preserve to be sold at his shop on Ludgate Hilla their distinction; the highest of one order and I fatter myself, there are many woapproaching fo near to the lowest of the men in England who will be glad to other, that the gradation is hard to be purchase such an effe&tual regulator of determined; as the colours of the rain their paffions. Every lady, therefore, bow, through an infinite variety of may avail herself of the initructions of shades, die away into each other imper- this pocket-monitor; a monitor, who ceptibly. The Demi-Reps hold this will give her the most profitable lessons, intermediate station, in the characters of without the usual impertinence of ad. females, between the modest women and vice. It will be of equal efficacy, if the women of pleasure; to both which worn by the men.

But I expect my they are in some measure connected, as, friend will have but little of their cul, they itand upon the utmoit verge of re- tom; for as the mere reputation of putation, and lotter on the brink of in- chastity is the utmost aim of a fine lady, fainy. It were therefore to be wished, to preferve even that, in a fine gentle that these ladies wore some symbol of man, is accounted mean and unmanly, their order, or were distinguished by 0

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Ne y: THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1754.

Σκηψας ελαυνει λοιμος εχθες ος σολο. .



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the court; and we are assured, that some

parts of the country are also tainted with BATSON'S GOTTLE-HOUSE, it. I have had the honour to attend

TIB. 26, 1754. feveral members of parliament, whose Muft beg leave on a

cases are very desperate. Some I a fubject, which I fear will be attended their friends; others are so weak, that with the most dreadful confequences to they can't stand alone; and many are the whole nation. Notwithttanding the forestless, that they are continually Jalt mail brought the college positive af- turning from side to side. As I found surances from the French King's phy- they had great reed of support, I have sicians, that the late Plague at Rouen advised them to drink plentifully of was entirely ceased, I have the strongett ftrong liquors, and guard again the reasons to apprehend, that the contagion ill confequences of a Return. is already {pread to this city. My own I visited the other day a young gentlepra&ice daily furnifhes me with lament. man, who has lately been promoted to able initances, that manifeftly indicate a à command in the iguadion defigned for peftilential disorder in the blood and the Eaft. Indies. I found him in a most humours.

languishing condition; his fpirits were I was fiert induced to fufpect, that quite depressed; he had a violent palforne epidemical distemper was taking pitation of the heart; and the whole root among us, from my being called in

nervous system was relaxed. I would to a noble patient, who (as the public have prescribed the well-known diete prints have informed you) has lately drink brought into practice by the late, been afflicted with a violent boil on his Bishop of Cloyne; but he rold me, back. From this patient there have

every thing went againft his stomach that issued continually great quantities of favoured of Tar. However, I at length corruption of a yellow hue. llis com- prevailed on him to fubmit to a long plaint feems to be in some fort consti- courfe of fea-water. I have observed tutional, as it commonly breaks out with the same prognostics in fome of our extraordinary virulence every seven land-officers ; to whom I have recomyeus; and as this is the crisis, we can. mended the frequent use of exercise, tonot pronounce our noble patient out of gether with a course of steel, and a powe danger, till he has got over the ensuing der composed of nitre and sulphur. Spring. It is morcover to be feared, A friend of mine, one of the coinmon. that the contagion has likewile reached council men of this city, is infected to a Ireland; where we hear that the best strong degree with the present perilence: physicians are using the molt forcing His chief complaint is a canine appetite; medicines, and are of opinion that no. and his wife assures me, the has often thing can relieve the unhappy people, felt the wolf in bis belly. The seat of till they have voided a STONE. A great this distemper is originally in thre palate, man there labours also under the above- and discovers itself by a watering of the mentioned complaint of having a vio. mouth from the salival glands, and a lent BOYLE on bis back".

grinding of the teeth as in the action of I thall now proceed to give you the mastication. This disorder being very hiftory of some other cases, which have common in the city, and likely to spread fallen under my notice, and are to me among the livery, I have directed him an indisputable proof that the Plagưe to perform quarantine for forty days, har got footing among us. It's malig- by abitaining from fleth during the prenancy thews delf particularly about fent Lent. * Alluding to some disputes in Ireland.

I know another, a very worthy alder- hardly knows any of his old acquainte man, who now lies in a moit deplorable ance: the muicles of his face are all condition. He is twelled to a molt enor. contracted into an austere frown, his mous size; his whole face, and particis. knees are stiff and inflexible, and he is farly his note, is crusted over with fiery unable, poor gentleman! to bend his pustules of the confluent kind. He is body, or inove his hand to his head. I afflicted with an insatiable thirit, and is have oblerved others seized at times very lubject to falling-fits. I was sent with a strange kind of deafness; and ac for last vight, when one of these fits had certain intervals, I have found them so juft seized him. He lay to all appear- prodigiously hard of hearing, that though ance dead on the floor, wallowing in the a tradefinan has bawled ever so loudly midit of a fatid mass, partly folid, in their ears, it has had no effect upon par ly Auid, which had inued from his them. inouth and noftrils with repeated eructa- By what means this Plague has been tions. I would immediately have ad- introduced among us, cannot eafily be ministered to him a proper dose of Ag. ascertained ;-whether it was imported Font. tepefal. but on offering him the in the fame band-box with the latt new draught, he dhewed the strongert fymp. head, or was secretly. conveyed in the toms of a confirmed bydrophobia.

plaits of an embroidered fuit: but that I went out of charity to lee a poor tra. it came over hither from France, plainly gic author, (no reflection upon any of appears from the manner in which it the profetion, Mr. Town) who has affects our people of fafion, especially been obliged to keep his room all the the ladies, who bear about ther the most winter, and is dying by inches of an evident marks of the Frenco difeafe. inveterate atroply. By his extravagant This is known to affect the whole babit ravings, fiduen Itarts, incoherent ex, of body, and extends it's influence from preliions, and passionate exclamations, I head to foot. But it's strongeft attacks judged his dilorder to be scared in the

are levelled at the face; and it has such brain, and therefore directed his head to an effect upon the complexion, that it be bilistered all over. I cured another, entirely changes the natural colour of a comic author, of a lethargy, by make the skin. Ai Paris, the face of every ing a revultion of the bad humour from lady you meet is besmeared with unthe part affected with ftimulating ca- guent, cerufs, and plaifter ; and I have thartics. A mort squabby gentleman kately remarked, with infinite concert, of a gross and corpulent makewas seized the native charms of my pretty counwith a kind of St. Vitus' dance, as he try-women destroyed by the fame cause. was practiling Harlequin for the mat. In this case I have always proposed callqnerade: his whole body was convulled ing in the assistance of a fürgeon to pare with the most violent writhings and ir. off this unnatural Epidermis or scarf. regular twitches; but I presently re- ikin, occasioned by the ignorance of Em. moved his complaint by applying blisters pirics in the immoderate application of to the soles of his feet.

Alteratives, The Plague, as I observed before, From what I have been able to colputs on different appearances in different lect from observations on my female juvjects. A person of quality, one of patients, I have found little variation in the club at White's, was leized with the the effects of the Plague on that sex epidemical phrenzy raging there, which Most of them complain of a lassitude, propagates itself by certain black and listlessness, an upealiness,pains they don red spots. He had fufiered so much lofs know where, vapours, hysterics, wan by continual evacuations, that his whole of rest, want of spirits, and loss of ap fubstance was wafted; and when I saw petite: confequently the same regime Lim he was to reduced, that there were may serve for all. I advise them to us no lopes of a recovery. Another no.

great deal of exercise in driving abou bleman caught the infection at New. the town, to dilute properly with tea, t market, which brought upon him such perspire freely at public places, and i a running, that he is now in the last their seasons to go to Bath, Tunbridg flage of a galloping consumption. A Cheltenham, or Scarborough. roeiead divine, lately made a dignitary I was indeed surprised with an extra of tive church, bas unhappily Toft his ordinary new case the other night, whe Withory; and is so blind withal, that he I was called out of bed to attend a ma



of honour, who is frequently afflicted family. The master and mistress were with fits of the mother. Her abdomen, both of them in a very high fever, and I found, upon examination, to be pre. quite frantic and delirious: their tongues ternaturally diftended: the tuinour has were prodigiously enflamed, with the tip been gradually increasing; but I would very sharp, and perpetually vibrating not attempt to discuss it, as it was not without the least interinission. I would yet arrived to maturity. I intend foon have prescribed fome cooling and lenito remove her into the country for a tive medicines; but the husband in the month, in order to deliver her from the heighth of his phrenzy Aung my tye. complaint the labours under.

wig into the fire, and his wife Quiced I have been induced, Sir, to write to me with extravasated urine. As I reyou on this occasion, as you are pleased tired with precipitation, I heard the same to take this city under your immediate wild ravings from the nursery, the care. So alarming an evil calls upon kitchen, and every other quarter, which us all to oppofe it's progress: for my convinced me that the peftilence had own part, nothing mall deterime from seized the whole house. " I ran out of a diligent discharge of the duty of my doors as fast as possible, reflecting with profession; though it has already exposed Terence! If Health herself would fave me to the greateft dangers in the execu- • this family, the could not.' tion of it. An old captain of a man of war, who is grievously troubled with Servare prorfus non poteft banc familiam

ipfa fi cupiot Salus, choler and overflowing of the gall, on my only hinting a clyster, swore vehe- Upon the whole, I may conclude with mently that I should take one myself, the aphorisin of Hippocrates That and applying his foot directly to my

no people can possibly be amicted with fundament, kicked me down stairs. This (fo


and so terrible disorders, unvery morning I escaped alınost by mira- « less the PLAGUE is among them." cle from the contagion, which raged in I am, Sir, your's &c. the most violent degree through a whole W

B. G.





I fome

Iralian poet, a fable called " The flutes, or touch the ftrings of their lyres, Education of the Muses.' Apollo is with judgment and grace. However, there laid to have taken them at their by much

practice, they improved grao birth under his immediate care, and as dually under the instructions of Apollo, they grew up, to have instructed them, till at last they were able to exert all the according to their different capacities, powers of music, and they now form a in the several branches of playing and compleat concert, which fills all Para Singing. Thalia, we are told, was of nassus with the most enchanting har. a lively turn, and took delight in the mony. most comic airs; but was at first with The moral to be drawn from this lit. difficulty restrained from falling into tle fable is naturally applied to those ridiculous drolleries, and what our au- servants of the Muses, Authors; whe thor calls extravaganzas in her man. muft neceffarily rise, by the same now ner. Melpomene, who was of a serious degrees, from their firit lame attempts in ftrains of melancholy; but when the best of them, without doubt, went and grave

disposition, indulged herself in cultivating the arts of Apollo. The aimed at the most pathetic Atrokes, was through many more stages of writing, often harsh, or run into wild divisions. than appears from the palpable grada. Clio, and the rest of the Nine, had not

tions itill remaining in their works. yet learned to temper their voices with But as it is impoffible to trace thein fweetness and variety ; nor could they from their first secting out, I hall here


present the reader with the sum of my ing my late success in that kind of poetry, own experience, and illustrate, in the and the great opinion I entertained of life of Mr. Town, the progress of an my own talents, I durft not venture on author.

their stile and manner. Right or wrong, I have ever been ad- As love and poetry naturally produce dicted to fcribbling. I was famous at each other, it is no wonder, that before school for my readiness at crambo and I was seventeen I had fingled out my capping verses : I often made themes for particular Sachariffa. This, you may other boys, and fold my copy for a tart fuppose, gave birth to innumerable songs, or a custard. At nine years old I was elegies, and acrostics. In the space of taken notice of for an English distich; two years I had written more love-verses and afterwards immortalized myself by than Waller, or any other poet; when, an holiday's talk in the fame language, just as I inagined I had rhymed myselé which my málter, who was himself a into her good graces, I had the mortifi. poet, pronounced to be scarce inferior to

cation to find that my mistress was marhis favourite Blackmore. These were ried to a cornet of horse, a fellow, who followed by a multitude of little pieces; I am sure never wrote a line in his life. which, like other fruits that come be- This threw me into such a violent rage fore their season, had nothing to recom- againft the whole fex, that I immediate mend them but their early appearance. ly burnt every syllable I had written in

Filled, however, with great concep; her praise, and in bitterness of soul tions of my genius and iinportance, I tranflated the sixth satire of Juvenal. could not but lament, that such extra. Soon after this, the son and heir of ordinary parts should be confined within Lord Townley, to whom I have the ho. the narrow circle of my relations and nour of being a dittant relation, was acquaintance. Therefore, in order to engaged in a treaty of marriage with a oblige and amaze the public, I soon be rich heiress. I sat down immediately

came a very large contributor to the with great composure to write an epi. monthly magazines. But I had the un. thalamium on this occasion. I trimmed speakable mortification to see my fa. Hymen's torch, and invited the Loves vours sometimes not inserted, fometimes and Graces to the wedding: Concord poitponed, ofren much aliired, and you was prepared to join their hands, and may be sure always for the worse. On Juno to bless them with a numerous all these occasions, I never failed to race of children. After all these pains, condemn the arrogance and foily of the when everything was ready for the wed compilers of these miscellanies ; wonder- ding, and the latt hand put to the epiing how they could fo grossly inistake, thalamium, the match was suddenly their own intereft, and neglect the en- broke off, and my poem of course rentertainment of their readers.

dered useless. I was more uneasy under In the inean time a maiden aunt, with this disappointment than any of the parwhom I lived, a very pious old lady, ties could possibly be; till I was in turned Methodist, and often took me formed of the sudden marriage of 4 with her to the Tabernacle, the Foun- noble lord with a celebrated beauty, dery, and many private meetings. This On this popular occafion, promising mymade fuch an impresion upon my mind, self universal applause, I immediately that I devoted myself entirely to sacred published my epithalamium; which, like fubje&ts, and wrote feveral hyinns, which Bayes's prologue, was artfully con were received with infinite applause by trived to serve one purpose as well as all the good women who visited my aunt; another. ánd (the servants being also Methodists) As my notions had been hitherto they were often sung by the whole fa- confined within a narrow sphere of life, mily in the kitchen. I might perhaps my literary pursuits were consequently in time have rivalled Wesley in these less important, till I had the opportudivine compositions, and had even be- nity of enlarging my ideas by going gun an entire new version of the Psalms; abroad. My travels, of which I have when my aunt, changing her religion á before hinted something to the reader, fecond time, became a Moravian. But opened to me a new and extensive field the hymns usually sung by the United for observation. I will not presume to Brethren, contain sentiments so sublime boaft, that I received any part of my and incomprehensible, that notwithstand- education at Geneva, or any of those


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