Works: Collected and Edited by James Spedding, Robert Leslie Ellis, and Douglas Denon Heath, Volumen10


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Página 125 - I will have one doctrine, one discipline, one religion in substance and ceremony: never speak more to that point, how far you are bound to obey.
Página 289 - Sir Francis Bacon was married yesterday to his young wench in Maribone Chapel. He was clad from top to toe in purple, and hath made himself and his wife such store of fine raiments of cloth of silver and gold that it draws deep into her portion.
Página 117 - ... of Scripture, spending severally some quarter of an hour or better, and in the whole some two hours ; and so the exercise being begun and concluded with prayer, and the president giving a text for the next meeting, the assembly was dissolved. And this was as I take it a fortnight's exercise; which in mine opinion was the best way to frame and train up preachers 1 the : A, B, R.
Página 261 - An act to prevent and avoid dangers which may grow by popish recusants; nor any other law or statute of this realm made against papists or popish recusants; except the...
Página 106 - And, therefore, it is good we return unto the ancient bounds of unity in the church of God; which was, one faith, one baptism; and not one hierarchy, one discipline; and that we observe the league of Christians, as it is penned by our Saviour; which is in substance of doctrine this : " He that is not with us, is against us :" but in things indifferent, and but of circumstance this; " He that is not against us, is with us.
Página 145 - Princes' actions must have no abrupt periods or conclusions, but otherwise I would think, that if you had my Lord of Essex here with a white staff in his hand, as my Lord of Leicester had, and continued him still about you for society to yourself, and for an honour and ornament to your attendance and Court in the eyes of your people, and in the eyes of foreign...
Página 150 - I) it is now far too late, the matter is cold and hath taken too much wind...
Página 204 - ... not the use of the English tongue, it shall be lawful to say or use all their common and open prayer in the Latin tongue.
Página 103 - But on the other side, who knoweth not, that time is truly compared to a stream, that carrieth down fresh and pure waters into that salt sea of corruption which environeth all human actions ? And therefore, if man shall not by his industry, virtue, and policy, as it were with the oar, row against the stream and inclination of time; all institutions and ordinances, be they never so pure, will corrupt and degenerate.
Página 251 - Multum incola full anima mea, than myself. For I do confess, since I was of any understanding, my mind hath in effect been absent from that I have done; and in absence are many errors2 which I do willingly acknowledge ; and amongst the rest this great one that led the rest ; that knowing myself by inward calling to be fitter to hold a book than to play a part, I have led my life in civil causes ; for which I was not very fit by nature, and more unfit by the preoccupation of my mind.

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