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Page Of the Gathering of Manna

593 Of the Correcting of Wines

593 Of Bitumen, one of the Materials of Wild-fire

593 Of Plaster growing as hard as Marble

594 Of the Cure of some Ulcers and Hurts

594 Of the Healthfulness or Unhealthfulness of the Southern Wind 594 Of Wounds Made with Brass, and with Iron

595 Of Mortification by Cold

595 Of Weight

595 Of Super-natation of Bodies

596 Of the Flying of Unequal Bodies in the Air

596 Of Water, that it may be the Medium of Sounds

597 Of the Flight of the Spirits upon Odious Objects

597 Of the Super-reflexion of Echoes

597 Of the Force of Imagination imitating that of the Sense

598 Of Preservation of Bodies

598 Of the Growth or Multiplying of Metals

598 Of the Drowning the more Base Metal in the more Precious - 599 Of Fixation of Bodies

600 Of the Restless Nature of Things in themselves, and their Desire to Change


CENTURY IX. Of Perception in Bodies Insensible, tending to Natural Divination and Subtile Trials

602 Of the causes of Appetite in the Stomach

609 Of Sweetness of Odour from the Rainbow

609 Of Sweet Smells

610 Of the Corporeal Substance of Smells

610 X Of Fetid and Fragrant Odours

611 Of the Causes of Putrefaction

612 * Of Bodies unperfectly Mixed

613 Of Concoction and Crudity

613 Of Alterations, which may be called Majors Of Bodies Liquefiable, and not Liquefiable

615 Of Bodies Fragile and Tough

616 Of the two Kinds of Pneumaticals in Bodies

- 616 Of Concretion and Dissolution of Bodies

. 616 Of Bodies Hard and Soft

617 Of Bodies Ductile and Tensile

. 617 Of several Passions of Matter, and Characters of Bodies 618 Of Induration by Sympathy

619 Of Honey and Sugar

619 Of the Finer sort of Base Metals



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Page Of Certain Cements and Quarries

620 Of the Altering of Colours in Hairs and Feathers

620 Of the Differences of Living Creatures, Male and Female 621 Of the Comparative Magnitude of Living Creatures

622 Of Producing Fruit without Core or Stone

622 Of the Melioration of Tobacco

623 Of several Heats working the same Effects

623 Of Swelling and Dilatation in Boiling

624 Of the Dulcoration of Fruits

624 Of Flesh Edible and not Edible

625 Of the Salamander

626 Of the Contrary Operations of Time on Fruits and Liquors - 626 Of Blows and Bruises

626 Of the Orrice Root

627 Of the Compression of Liquors

627 Of the Working of Water upon Air Contiguous

627 Of the Nature of Air

628 Of the Eyes and Sight

628 Of the Colour of the Sea or other Water

630 Of Shell-fish

630 Of the Right Side and the Left

631 Of Frictions

631 Of Globes appearing flat at Distance

632 Of Shadows

632 Of the Rolling and Breaking of the Seas

632 Of the Dulcoration of Salt Water

632 Of the Return of Saltness in Pits by the Sea-shore

633 Of Attraction by Similitude of Substance

633 Of Attraction

633 Of Heat under Earth

634 Of Flying in the Air

634 Of the Scarlet Dye

634 Of Maleficiating

63+ Of the Rise of Liquors or Powders by Means of Flame

635 Of the Influences of the Moon

635 Of Vinegar

637 Of Creatures that Sleep all Winter

638 Of the Generating of Creatures by Copulation, and by Putrefaction


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Of the Transmission and Influx of Immateriate Virtues, and

the Force of Imagination

610 Page

645 651

Of the Emission of Spirits in Vapour, or Exhalation, Odour

like Of Emissions of Spiritual Species which affect the Senses Of Emission of Immateriate Virtues, from the Minds and

Spirits of Men, by Affections, Imagination, or other Im

pressions -
Of the Secret Virtue of Sympathy and Antipathy
Of Secret Virtues and Proprieties
Of the General Sympathy of Men's Spirits

652 660 671 672

NOTE. I have not been able to procure a copy of the first edition of the Sylva Sylvarum, which was published in 1627. Wherever therefore I speak of “the original,” I must be understood to refer to the second edition, which appeared in 1628. The same remark will apply to the New Atlantis, in the next volume. - J.S.

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