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Of Straining or Percolation, outward and inward
Of Motion upon Pressure
Of Separations of Bodies liquid by weight
Of Infusions in Water and Air
Of the Appetite of Continuation in Liquids
Of Artificial Springs
Of the Venomous Quality of Man's Flesh
Of Turning Air into Water
Of Helping or Altering the Shape of the Body
Of Condensing of Air, to yield Weight or Nourishment
Of Flame and Air Commixed
Of the Secret Nature of Flame
Of Flame, in the Midst, and on the Sides
Of Motion of Gravity
Of Contraction of Bodies in Bulk
Of Making Vines more Fruitful
Of the Several Operations of Purging Medicines
Of Meats and Drinks most Nourishing
Of Medicines applied in Order
Of Cure by Custom
Of Cure by Excess
Of Cure by Motion of Consent
Of Cure of Diseases contrary to Predisposition
Of Preparation before and after Purging
Of Stanching Blood
Of Change of Aliments and Medicines
Of Diets
Of Production of Cold
Of Turning Air into Water
Of Induration of Bodies
Of Preying of Air upon

Of the Force of Union


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Of Making Feathers and Hairs of divers colours
Of Nourishment of Young Creatures in the Egg, or Womb
Of Sympathy and Antipathy
Of the Spirits, or Pneumaticals in Bodies
Of the Power of Heat
Of Impossibility of Annihilation

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X of Music

Of the Nullity and Entity of Sounds
Of Production, Conservation, and Delation of Sounds
Of Magnitude, Exility, and Damps of Sounds
Of Loudness and Softness of Sounds
Of Communication of Sounds
Of Equality and Inequality of Sounds
Of more Treble and Base Tones
Of Proportion of Treble and Base
Of Exterior and Interior Sounds
Of Articulation of Sounds

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Of the Lines in which Sounds move
Of the Lasting or Perishing of Sounds

Of the Passage or Interception of Sounds
X Of the Medium of Sounds

Of the Figures of Bodies yielding Sounds
Of Mixture of Sounds
Of Melioration of Sounds
Of Imitation of Sounds
Of Reflexion of Sounds
Of Consent and Dissent between Visibles and Audibles
Of Sympathy and Antipathy of Sounds

Of Hindering or Helping of Hearing
X Of the Spiritual and Fine Nature of Sounds

Of Orient Colours in Dissolutions of Metals
Of Prolongation of Life
Of the Appetite of Union in Bodies
Of the like Operations of Heat and Time
Of the differing Operations of Fire and Time
Of Motions by Imitation
Of Infectious Diseases
Of the Incorporation of Powders and Liquors
Of Exercise of the Body, and the Benefits or Evils thereof
Of Meats soon Glutting, or not Glutting

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Of Clarification of Liquors, and the Accelerating thereof
Of Maturation, and the Accelerating thereof; and of the Ma-

turation of Drinks and Fruits
Of Making Gold
Of the Several Natures of Gold
Of Inducing and Accelerating Putrefaction
Of Prohibiting and Preventing Putrefaction -
Of Rotten Wood Shining
Of Acceleration of Birth
Of Acceleration of Growth and Stature
Of Bodies Sulphureous and Mercurial
Of the Chameleon
Of Subterrany Fires
Of Nitrous Water
Of Congealing of Air
Of Congealing of Water into Crystal
Of Preserving the Smell and Colour in Rose Leaves
Of the Lasting of Flame
Of Infusions or Burials of Divers Bodies in Earth
Of the Affects of Men's Bodies from Several Winds
Of Winter and Summer Sicknesses
Of Pestilential Years
Of Epidemical Diseases
Of Preservation of Liquors in Wells, or deep Vaults

Of Stutting
X Of Sweet Smells

Of the Goodness and Choice of Waters
Of Temperate Heats under the Equinoctial
Of the Coloration of Black and Tawny Moors
Of Motion after the Instant of Death

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Of Accelerating or hastening forward Germination
Of Retarding or putting back Germination
Of Meliorating, or making better, Fruits and Plants
Of Compound Fruits and Flowers

Of Sympathy and Antipathy of Plants
X Of Making Herbs and Fruits Medicinable

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CENTURY VI. Of Curiosities about Fruits and Plants of the Degenerating of Plants, and of their Transmutation one into another

506 Page


Of the Procerity and Lowness of Plants, and of Artificial

Dwarfing them
Of the Rudiments of Plants, and of the Excrescences of Plants,

or Super-plants
Of producing Perfect Plants without Seed
Of Foreign Plants
Of the Seasons of several Plants
Of the Lasting of Plants
Of several Figures of Plants
Of some principal Differences in Plants
Of all manner of Composts and Helps for Ground

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Of the Affinities and Differences between Plants and Bodies

Of Affinities and Differences between Plants and Living

Creatures, and of the Confiners and Participles of both
Of Plants, Experiments Promiscuous
Of Healing of Wounds
Of Fat diffused in Flesh
Of Ripening Drink speedily
Of Pilosity and Plumage
Of the Quickness of Motion in Birds
Of the Clearness of the Sea, the North Wind blowing
Of the Different Heats of Fire and Boiling Water
Of the Qualification of Heat by Moisture
Of Yawning
Of the Hiccough
Of Sneezing
Of the Tenderness of the Teeth
Of the Tongue
Of the Mouth out of Taste
Of Some Prognostics of Pestilential Seasons
Of Special Simples for Medicines
Of Venus
Of the Insecta, or Creatures bred of Putrefaction
Of Leaping
Of the Pleasures and Displeasures of Hearing, and of the other


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Of Veins of Earth Medicinal
Of Spunges
Of Sea-fish in Fresh Waters


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Page Of Attraction by Similitude of Substance

564 Of Certain Drinks in Turkey

565 Of Sweat

565 Of the Glow-worm

567 Of the Impressions upon the Body from several Passions of the Mind

567 Of Drunkenness

571 Of the Hurt or Help of Wine, taken moderately

573 Of Caterpillars

573 Of the Flies Cantharides

573 Of Lassitude

574 Of Casting the Skin, and Shell, in some Creatures

. 574 Of the Postures of the Body

575 Of Pestilential Years

576 Of some Prognostics of Hard Winters

576 Of certain Medicines that Condense and Relieve the Spirits · 576 Of Paintings of the Body

577 Of the Use of Bathing and Anointing

578 Of Chamoletting of Paper

578 Of Cuttle Ink

578 Of Earth increasing in Weight

579 Of Sleep

579 Of Teeth, and Hard Substances in the Bodies of Living Creatures

580 Of the Generation and Bearing of Living Creatures in the Womb

583 Of Species Visible

585 Of Impulsion and Percussion

586 Of Titillation

586 Of Scarcity of Rain in Egypt

587 Of Clarification

588 Of Plants without Leaves

588 Of the Materials of Glass

588 Of Prohibition of Putrefaction, and the long Conservation of Bodies

588 Of Abundance of Nitre in certain Sea-shores

590 Of Bodies borne up by Water

590 Of Fuel consuming little or nothing

590 Of Cheap Fuel

591 Of Gathering of Wind for Freshness

. 591 Of Trials of Airs

592 Of Increasing Milk in Milch Beasts

592 Of Sand of the Nature of Glass

592 Of the Growth of Coral


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