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Página 90 - ... Nature take her due repose ; Sweet, dearest Anna, be thy sleep, While I my joyful vigils keep ! O ! be thy joy sincere as mine, For sure my pangs have equall'd thine \ Sleep on — and, waking, thou shalt see All that may sooth thy pains, in me — Friend, Husband, and (O name most dear) The Father of thy new-born care. As thou on her thine eyes shalt cast, Thank Heav'n for all thy dangers past...
Página 90 - Exhausted by her painful throes/ Let Nature take her due repose : Sweet, dearest Anna, be thy sleep, .. . While I my joyful vigils keep ! , . '. , Oh t be thy joys sincere As mine ' For sure my pangs have equall'd thine.
Página 91 - Heaven for all the danger past, Heaven for no trivial cause ordains, That joy like this succeeds thy pains, But by this sacred pledge demands A parent's duty at thy hands; While thou thy infant charge shalt rear, My love shall lighten every care.
Página 92 - In her may I those manners see, Those virtues, I adore in Thee. . TO THO ORDE, ESQ. (afterwards Lord BOLTON,) IN RETURN FOR HIS "SKETCH OF A FAMILY.
Página 43 - Meanwhile behind, to wait th' event, remain In anxious filence, all the female train. Th' appointed hour now calls the maid away. Nor ever thought (he of the fleeting day, (Such lively tranfports in her bofom glow, So fair his form, fo fweet his accents flow;) When he, more cautions,-**-" Hence let us retire, " Ere the faint fun's descending rays expire.
Página 108 - Ah si vous pouviez comprendre Ce que je ressens pour vous ; L'amour n'a rien de si tendre, Ni l'amitié de si doux.
Página 37 - Phoebus' orient ray. Now on the ground abafh'd they look, and now With fmiles that beam'd beneath their joyful brow, From each to each the mutual glances ran ; , With fault'ring voice at length the maid began. " Learn how to thee I grant the promis'd aid, " While ilrift obfervance to my counfel's paid.
Página 34 - And her fix'd feet flood rooted to the ground. Now face to face (withdrawn the virgin band,) The princely pair in awful filence ftand ; . Like two tall oaks, or firs that neighb'ring grow. When all is calm, upon the mountain's brow Peaceful they reft ; but when the winds...
Página 35 - Toothing words, ah 1 feek not to deceive; " Regard the promife to thy fitter made, " And lend, O lend thine herbs' falubrious aid! " Lo !« I implore thee, by thy parent's love, "By awful Hecat, by protecting Jove, " Who takes the gueit and fuppliant to his care ! " To thee as gueft and fuppliant I repair.
Página 42 - I'd fly, to charge thee with thy perfidy ! " Oh ! that I then before thy face could...

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