The History of Chivalry: Knighthood and Its Times, Volumen1


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Página 90 - Upon the top of all his loftie crest, A bunch of haires discolourd diversly, With sprincled pearle, and gold full richly drest, Did shake, and seemd to daunce for jollity; Like to an almond tree ymounted hye On top of greene Selinis all alone, With blossoms brave bedecked daintily; Whose tender locks do tremble every one At every little breath, that under heaven is blowne.
Página 248 - Now would I give a thousand furlongs of sea for an acre of barren ground ; long heath, brown furze, any thing : The wills above be done ! but I would fain die a dry death.
Página 377 - Christian knights ; and now I dare say,' said Sir Ector, ' thou Sir Launcelot, there thou liest, that thou wert never matched of earthly knight's hand ; and thou wert the courtiest knight that ever bare shield ; and thou wert the truest friend to thy lover that ever bestrode horse ; and thou wert the truest lover of a sinful man that ever loved woman ; and thou wert the...
Página 43 - Embrouded was he, as it were a mede Al ful of fresshe floures, whyte and rede. 90 Singinge he was, or floytinge, al the day ; He was as fresh as is the month of May.
Página 113 - cried the Lords — but when they looked again, They saw Ruy Diaz ruling him with the fragment of his rein ; They saw him proudly ruling with gesture firm and calm, Like a true lord commanding— and obeyed as by a lamb. And so he led him foaming and panting to the King — But
Página 123 - A generous friendship no cold medium knows, Burns with one love, with one resentment glows ; One should our interests and our passions be ; My friend must hate the man that injures me.
Página 171 - Now resting with a pilgrim by the side Of a clear brook ; — beneath an abbey's roof One evening sumptuously lodged ; the next, Humbly in a religious hospital ; Or with some merry outlaws of the wood ; 10 Or haply shrouded in a hermit's cell.
Página 179 - ... of infidels, and complained of the tardiness of Europe in attempting her deliverance. Some knights then advanced, to the sound of solemn minstrelsy, to the lord of the castle, and presented two ladies, who bore between them the noble bird, in its splendid dish. In a brief speech the ladies recommended themselves to his protection. The lord promised to make war upon the infidels, and sanctioned his resolution by appealing to God and the Virgin Mary, the ladies and the peacock. All the knights...
Página 342 - Thus the very ancient and sovereign Order of the Temple is now in full and chivalric existence, like those orders of knighthood which were either formed in imitation of it, or had their origin in the same noble principles of chivalry. It has mourned as well as flourished ; but there is in its nature and constitution a principle of vitality which has carried it through all the storms of fate. Its continuance by representatives as well as by title, is as indisputable a fact as the existence of any...
Página xii - The authors, like the artists of the period, invented nothing, but, copying the manners of the age in which they lived, transferred them, without doubt or scruple, to the period and personages of whom they treated.

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