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True Years Years
of Christ's of Common

Life. Account.




March 26. was the third passover during Christ's ministry, which he kept not at Jerusalem, but staid in Galilee. Mark ii. 23. Luke vi. 1.

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April 13. was the fourth pafover during
our Lord's ministry, which he likewise
kept not at Jerusalem, but staid still in
Gaļilee. John vi. 1. 4. &c. Matth. xv.
34. Mark viii. 1-9.
Tisri 15. (which was this year about the

middle of our O&tober) was always the
feast of tabernacles : which our Lord kept

at Jerusalem, John vii. Cifleu 25. (which answered to our December 16.) was the feast of the dedication ; at which likewise our Lord was present at Jerusalem, John x. 22. being returned thither from the places he had visited since his departure after the feast of tabernacles. Luke xiii. 22.

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Our Lord after the feast of dedication went into the country beyond Jordan, John X. 40. and after that unto a city called Ephraim, John xi. 54. And then pailing through the midx of Samaria and Galilee, Luke xvii. II. he came again into the country beyond Jordan, and so to Jericho, and thence to Bethany and Jerusalem, a little before the next pafsover. Matth. xix. 1. and xx. 29. and xxi. 1. Mark x. I.

46. and xi. 1. John xii. I. April 2. at evening, began the fifth palover during our Lord's ministry, being that at which he was crucified, April 3d. April 5. Our Lord rose from the dead. May 14. Our Lord ascendedo. And here the Gospel history ends.

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N. B. For the better understanding of the foregoing Table, it is observable, that the common account by the years

of our Lord is not exactly agreeable to the true years of his life

. What is the difference between the one and the other, is not agreed among the learned. But I think, that opinion is to be preferred, which makes it to be two years, viz. the common account to be two years too little ; according to which the foregoing Table is drawn up.







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