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Convinc'd that 'tis the mighty work

of his avenging hand : 10 Whilst righteous men, whom God secures,

in him shall gladly trust; And all the list’ning earth shall hear loud triumphs of the just.

PSALM LXV. 1 VOR thee, O God, our constant praise

in Sion waits, thy chosen seat; Our promis'd altars there we'll raise,

and all our zealous vows complete. 2 O thou, who to my humble prayer

didst always bend thy list’ning ear, To thee shall all mankind repair,

and at thy gracious throne appear. 3 Our sins, though numberless, in vain

to stop thy flowing mercy try; Whilst thou o'erlook'st the guilty stain,

and washest out the crimson dye. 4 Blest is the man, who near thee plac'd,

within thy sacred dwelling lives! Whilst we at humble distance taste

the vast delights thy temple gives. 5 By wondrous acts, O God, most just,

have we thy gracious answer found : In thee remotest nations trust,

and those whom stormy waves surround. 6, 7 God, by his strength, sets fast the hills,

and does his matchless power engage; With which the sea's loud waves he stills, and angry crowd's tumultuous rage.

PART II. 8 Thou, Lord, dost barb'rous lands dismay,

when they thy dreadful tokens view; With joy they see the night and day

each other's track, by turns, pursue. 9 From out thy unexhausted store

thy rain relieves the thirsty ground; Makes lands, that barren were before,

with corn and useful fruits abound. 10 On rising ridges down it pours,

and every furrow'd valley fills; Thou 'mak'st them soft with gentle showers,

in which a blest increase distils. 11 Thy goodness does the circling year

with fresh returns of plenty crown; And where thy glorious paths appear,

the fruitful clouds drop fatness down. 12 They drop on barren forests, chang'd by them to pastures fresh and green;

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The hills about, in order rang'd,

in beauteous robes of joy are seen, 13 Large flocks with fleecy wool adorn

the cheerful downs; the vallies bring
A plenteous crop of full-ear'd corn,
and seem, for joy, to shout and sing.

ET all the lands, with shouts of joy,

to God their voices raise ; Sing psalms in honour of his name,

and spread his glorious praise. 3 And let them say, how dreadful, Lord,

in all thy works, art thou! To thy great power thy stubborn foes

shall all be forc'd to bow. 4 Through all the earth, the nations round

shall thee their God confess; And with glad hymns, their awful dread

of thy great name express. 5 O come! behold the works of God;

and then with me you'll own, That he to all the sons of men

has wondrous judgment shown. 6 He made the sea become dry land,

through which our fathers walk'd; Whilst to each other of his might

with joy his people talk'd. 7 He, by his power, for ever rules;

his eyes the world survey;, Let no presumptuous man rebel against his sov’reign sway.

PART II. 8, 9 O! all ye nations, bless our God,

and loudly speak his praise; Who keeps our souls alive, and still

confirms our steadfast ways. 10 For thou hast try'd us, Lord, as fire

does try the precious ore; 11 Thou brought'st us into straits, where we

oppressing burdens bore. 12 Insulting foes did us, their slaves,

through fire and water chase; But yet, at last, thou brought'st us forth

into a wealthy place. 13 Burnt-off'rings to thy house I'll bring,

and there my vows will pay, 14 Which I with solemn zeal did make

in trouble's dismal day. 15 Then shall the richest incense smoke,

the fattest rams shall fall,


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The choicest goats from out the fold,

and bullocks from the stall.
16 O! come all ye that fear the Lord,

attend with needful care,
Whilst I what God for me has done

with grateful joy declare.
17, 18 As I before his aid implor'd,

so now I praise his name;
Who, if my heart had harbour'd sin,

would all my prayers disclaim.
19 But God to me, whene'er I cry'd,

his gracious ear did bend,
And to the voice of my request

with constant love attend.
20 Then bless'd for ever be my God,

who never, when I pray, Withholds his mercy from my soul, nor turns his face away.

PSALM LXVII. 1 10 bless thy chosen race,

in mercy, Lord, incline And cause the brightness of thy face

on all thy saints to shine: 2 That so thy wondrous way

may through the world be known; While distant lands their tribute pay,

and thy salvation own. 3 Let diff'ring nations join

to celebrate thy fame; Let all the world, O Lord, combine

to praise thy glorious name. 4 O let them shout and sing

with joy and pious mirth; For thou, the righteous Judge and King,

shalt govern all the earth. 5 Let diff'ring nations join

to celebrate thy fame; Let all the world, O Lord, combine

to praise thy glorious name, 6 Then shall the teeming ground

a large increase disclose; And we with plenty shall be crown'd,

which God, our God, bestows. 7 Then God upon our land

shall constant blessings shower; And all the world in awe shall stand

of his resistless power.

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PSALM LXVIII. 1 ET God, the God of battle, rise,

and scatter his presumptuous foes; Let shameful rout their host surprise,

who spitefully his power oppose. 2 As smoke in tempest's rage is lost,

or wax into the furnace cast; So let their sacrilegious host

before his wrathful presence waste. 3 But let the servants of his will

his favour's gentle beams enjoy; Their upright hearts let gladness fill,

and cheerful songs their tongues employ. 4 To hiin your voice in anthems raise,

Jehovah's awful name he bears; In him rejoice, extol his praise,

who rides upon high-rolling spheres. 5 Him, from his empire of the

skies, to this low world compassion draws, The orphan's claim to patronise,

and judge the injur'd widow's cause. 6 'Tis God, who from a foreign soil

restores poor exiles to their home; Makes captives free, and fruitless toil

their proud oppressors' righteous doom. 7 'Twas so of old, when thou didst lead

in person, Lord, our armies forth; Strange terrors through the desert spread,

convulsions shook the astonish'd earth. 8 The breaking clouds did rain distil,

and heaven's high arches shook with fear; How then should Sinai's humble bill

of Israel's God the presence bear? 9 Thy hand, at famish'd earth's complaint,

reliev'd her from celestial stores, And when thy heritage was faint,

assuag'd the drought with plenteous show'rs. 10 Where savages had rang'd before,

at ease thou mad'st our tribes reside; And, in the desert, for the poor thy gen'rous bounty did provide.

PART II. 11 Thou gav'st the word; we sallied forth,

and in that powerful word o'ercame; While virgin-troops, with songs of mirth,

in state our conquest did proclaim. 12 Vast armies, by such gen'rals led,

as yet had ne'er receiv'd a foil, Forsook their camp with sudden dread,

and to our women left the spoil.

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13 Though Egypt's drudges you have been,

your army's wing shall shine as bright As doves, in golden sun-shine seen,

or silver'd o'er with paler light. 14 'Twas so, when God's almighty hand,

o'er scatter'd kings the conquest won; Our troops, drawn up on Jordan's strand,

high Salmon's glitt'ring snow outshone. 15 From thence to Jordan's farther coast,

and Bashan's hill we did advance : No more her height shall Bashan boast,

but that she's God's inheritance. 16 But wherefore (though the honour's great)

should this, O mountain, swell your pride? For Sion is his chosen seat,

where he for ever will reside.. 17 His chariots numberless; his powers

are heavenly hosts, that wait his will; His presence now fills Sion's towers,

as once it honour'd Sinai's hill. 18 Ascending high, in triumph thou

captivity hast captive led; And on thy people didst bestow

the spoil of armies once their dread. Ev'n rebels shall partake thy grace,

and humble proselytes repair To worship at thy dwelling-place,

and all the world pay homage there. 19 For benefits each day bestow'd,

be daily his great name ador'd, 20 Who is our Saviour, and our God,

of life and death the sov’reign Lord. 21 But justice for his harden'd foes

proportion'd vengeance hath decreed, To wound the hoary head of those

who in presumptuous crimes proceed. 22 The Lord hath thus in thunder spoke:

“ As I subdu'd proud Bashan's king, “ Once more I'll break my people's yoke,

“and from the deep my servants bring. 23 Their feet shall with a crimson flood

“ of slaughter'd foes be cover'd o'er; “ Nor earth receive such impious blood, “ but leave for dogs th' unhallow'd gore."

PART III. 24 When, marching to thy blest abode,

the wond'ring multitude survey'd The pompous state of thee, our God,

in robes of majesty array'd; 25 Sweet singing Levites led the van ;

loud instruments brought up the rear ;

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