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upon them, and let thy wrathful all such as delight in thy salvation displeasure take hold of them. say alway, The Lord be praised.

26 Let their habitation be void, 5 As for me, I am poor and in and no man to dwell in their tents. misery: haste thee unto me, O God.

27 For they persecute him whom 6 Thou art my helper, and my thou hast smitten; and they talk Redeemer: O Lord, make no long how they may vex them whom tarrying. thou hast wounded.

28 Let them fall from one wick The fourteenth Day. edness to another, and not come MORNING PRAYER. into thy righteousness.

Psalm 71. In te, Domine, speravi. 29 Let them be wiped out of the TN thee, O Lord, have I put my book of the be trust; me never put to ten among the righteous. confusion, but rid me, and deliver

30 As for me, when I am poor me in thy righteousness; incline and in heaviness, thy help, O God, thine ear unto me, and save me. shall lift me up:

2 Be thou my strong hold, where31 I will praise the name of God unto I may alway resort: thou hast with a song, and magnify it with promised to help me, for thou art thanksgiving.

my house of defence, and my castle. 32 This also shall please the 3 Deliver me, O my God, out of Lord, better than a bullock that the hand of the ungodly, out of the hath horns and hoofs.

hand of the unrighteous and cruel 33 The humble shall consider man: this, and be glad: seek ye after 4 For thou, O Lord God, art the God, and your soul shall live. thing that I long for: thou art my

34 For the Lord heareth the hope, even from my youth. poor, and despiseth not his prison 5 Through thee have I been

holden up ever since I was born : 35 Let heaven and earth praise thou art he that took me out of my him: the sea, and all that moveth mother's womb: my praise shall therein.

be always of thee. 36 For God will save Sion, and 6 I am become as it were a build the cities of Juda, that men monster unto many, but my sure may dwell there, and have it in trust is in thee. possession.

7 O let my mouth be filled with 37 The posterity also of his ser- thy prise, that I may sing of thy vants shall inherit it; and they that glory and honour all the day long. love his name shall dwell therein. 8 Cast me not away in the Psalm 70. Deus, in adjutorium. time of age; forsake me not when TASTE thee, O God, to de- my strength faileth me: liver me; make

9 For mine enemies speak me, O Lord.

against me; and they that lay wait 2 Let them be ashamed and con- for my soul take their counsel tofounded, that seek after my soul; gether, saying, God hath forsaken let them be turned backward and him; persecute him, and take him; put to confusion, that wish me evil. for there is none to deliver him.

3 Let them for their reward be 10 Go not far from me, O God; soon brought to shame, that cry my God, haste thee to help me. over me, There, there.

11 Let them be confounded and 4 But let all those that seek thee perish, that are against my soul; let be joyful and glad in thee: and let them be covered with shame and


Hliver nezem.ake haste to help

dishonour; that seek to do me evil. peace, and the little hills right

12 As for me, I will patiently ness unto the people. abide alway, and will praise thee 4 He shall keep the simple folk more and more.

by their right, defend the children 13 My mouth shall daily speak of the poor, and punish the wrong of thy righteousness and salvation ;doer. for I know no end thereof.

5 They shall fear thee as long as 14 I will go forth in the strength the sun and moon endureth, from of the Lord God, and will make one generation to another. mention of thy righteousness only. 6 He shall come down like the

15 Thou, o God, hast taught rain into a fleece of wool, even as me from my youth up until now; the drops that water the earth. therefore will I tell of thy won 7 In his time shall the righteous drous works.

flourish; yea, and abundance of 16 Forsake me not, O God, in peace, so long as the moon en: mine old age, when I am grey-head-dureth. ed, until I have showed thy strength 8 His dominion shall be also from unto this generation, and thy power the one sea to the other, and from to all them that are yet for to come. the flood unto the world's end.

17 Thy righteousness, O God, 9 They that dwell in the wilis very high, and great things are derness shall kneel before him; his they that thou hast done : O God, enemies shall lick the dust. who is like unto thee!

10 The kings of Tharsis and 18 O what great troubles and of the isles shall give presents; the adversities hast thou showed me! kings of Arabia and Saba shall and yet didst thou turn and refresh bring gifts. me; yea, and broughtest me from 11 All kings shall fall down bethe deep of the earth again. fore him; all nations shall do him

19 Thou hast brought me to service. great honour, and comforted me on 12 For he shall deliver the poor

when he crieth; the needy also, 20 Therefore will I praise thee, and him that hath no helper. and thy faithfulness, O God, play- 13 He shall be favourable to the ing upon an instrument of music: simple and needy, and shall preunto thee will I sing upon the harp, serve the souls of the poor. O thou Holy One of Israel.

14 He shall deliver their souls 21 My lips will be fain when I from falsehood and wrong; and dear sing unto thee, and so will my shall their blood be in his sight. soul, whom thou hast delivered. 15 He shall live, and unto him

22 My tongue shall also talk of shall be given of the gold of Arabia; thy righteousness all the day long; prayer shall be made ever unto for they are confounded and brought him, and daily shall he be praised. unto shame, that seek to do me 16 There shall be an heap of evil.

corn in the earth, high upon the Psalm 72. Deus, judicium. hills; his fruit shall shake like LiLIVE the king thy judgments, banus, and shall be green in the

grass upon

the earth. unto the king's son.

17 His name shall endure for 2 Then shall he judge thy peo- ever ; his name shall remain under ple according unto right, and de- the sun amongst the posterities,

which shall be blessed through him 3 The mountains also shall bring and all the heathen shall praise him.

every side:

G God, and hy vighteousness city like

fend the poor.

18 Blessed be the Lord God, have condemned the generation of even the God of Israel, which only thy children. doeth wondrous things;

15 Then thought I to understand 19 And blessed be the name of this; but it was too hard for me, his majesty for ever: and all the 16 Until I went into the sanctuearth shall be filled with his Majes-ary of God: then understood I the ty. Amen, Amen.

id of these men; EVENING PRAYER. 17 Namely, how thou dost set Psalm 73, Quam bonus Israel! them in slippery places, and castest NRULY God is loving unto Is- them down and destroyest them.

rael; even unto such as are 18 O how suddenly do they conof a clean heart.

sume, perish, and come to a fear2 Nevertheless, my feet were ful end! almost gone, my treadings had well 19 Yea, even like as a dream nigh slipt.

when one awaketh; so shalt thou 3 And why? I was grieved at make their image to vanish out of the wicked: I do also see the un- the city. godly in such prosperity.

20 Thus my heart was grieved, 4 For they are in no peril of and it went even through my reins. death; but are lusty and strong. 21 So foolish was I, and ignorant,

5 They come in no misfortune even as it were a beast before like other folk; neither are they thee. plagued like other men.

22 Nevertheless, I am alway by 6 And this is the cause that they thee; for thou hast holden me by are so holden with pride, and over- my right hand. whelmed with cruelty.

23 Thou shalt guide me with thy 7 Their eyes swell with fat-counsel, and after that receive me ness, and they do even what they with glory. lust.

24 Whom have I in heaven but 8 They corrupt other, and speak thee? and there is none upon earth of wicked blasphemy; their talking that I desire in comparison of thee. is against the Most High.

25 My flesh and my heart fail9 For they stretch forth their eth ; but God is the strength of my mouth unto the heaven, and their heart, and my portion for ever. tongue goeth through the world. 26 For lo, they that forsake thee

10 Therefore fall the people unto shall perish; thou hast destroyed them, and thereout suck they no all them that commit fornication small advantage.

against thee. 11 Tush, say they, how should 27 But it is good for me to hold God perceive it? is there know- me fast by God, to put my trust ledge in the Most High?

in the Lord God, and to speak of 12 Lo, these are the ungodly: all thy works in the gates of the these prosper in the world, and daughter of Sion. these have riches in possession : Psalm 74. Ut quid, Deus ? and I said, Then have I cleansed o absent from us so long ? why

GOD, wherefore art thou my heart in vain, and washed mine bands in innocency.

is thy wrath so hot against the 13 All the day long have I been sheep of thy pasture? punished, and chastened every 20 think upon thy congrega. morning,

tion, whom thou hast purchased, 14 Yea, and I had almost said and redeemed of old. even as they; but lo, then I should 3 Think upon the tribe of thine

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inheritance,and mount Sion, where 18 Thou hast set all the borders in thou hast dwelt.

of the earth; thou hast made sum4 Lift up thy feet, that thou mer and winter. mayest utterly destroy every ene 19 Remember this, O Lord, my, which hath done evil in thy how the enemy hath rebuked ; sanctuary.

and how the foolish people hath 5 Thine adversaries roar in the blasphemed thy name. midst of thy congregations, and set 20 O deliver not the soul of thy up their banners for tokens. turtle dove unto the multitude of

6 He that hewed timber afore the enemies; and forget not the out of the thick trees, was known congregation of the poor

for ever. to bring it to an excellent work ; 21 Look upon the covenant; for

7 But now they break down all all the earth is full of darkness and the carved work thereof with axes cruel habitations. and hammers.

22 O let not the simple go away 8 They have set fire upon thy ashamed; but let the poor and holy places, and have defiled the needy give praise unto thy name. dwelling-place of thy name, even 23 Arise, O God, maintain thine unto the ground.

own cause ; remember how the 9 Yea, they said in their hearts, foolish man blasphemeth thee daily. Let us make havock of them alto 24 Forget not the voice of thine gether : Thus have they burnt up enemies: the presumption of them all the houses of God in the land. that hate thee increaseth ever more

10 We see not our tokens; there and more. is not one prophet more; no, not one is there among us, that under The fifteenth Day. standeth any more.

MORNING PRAYER. 11 O God, how long shall the Psalm 75. Confitebimur tibi. adversary do this dishonour ? how TNTO thee, O God, do we give long shall the enemy blaspheme thanks; yea, unto thee do we thy name ? for ever ?

give thanks. 12 Why withdrawest thou thy 2 Thy name also is so nigh; hand? why pluckest thou not thy and that do thy wondrous works right hand out of thy bosom, to declare. consume the enemy?

3 When I receive the congrega13 For God is my King of old ; tion, I shall judge according unto the help that is done upon earth, he right. doeth it himself.

4 The earth is weak, and all 14 Thou didst divide the sea the inhabitants thereof: I bear up through thy power; thou breakest the pillars of it. the heads of the dragons in the 5 I said unto the fools, Deal not waters.

so madly; and to the ungodly, Set 15 Thou smotest the heads of not up your horn. Leviathan in pieces, and gavest 6 Set not up your horn on high, him to be meat for the people in and speak not with a stiff neck; the wilderness.

7 For promotion cometh neither 16 Thou broughtest out fountains, from the east, nor from the west, and waters out of the hard rocks; nor yet from the south. thou driedst up mighty waters. 8 And why? God is the Judge;

17 The day is thine, and the he putteth down one, and setteth night is thine; thou hast prepared up another. the light and the sun.

9 For in the hand of the Lord Р


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there is a cup, and the wine is red; 2 In the time of

2 In the time of my trouble I it is full mixt, and he poureth out sought the Lord: my sore ran, and of the same.

ceased not in the night-season; my 10 As for the dregs thereof, all soul refused comfort. the ungodly of the earth shall drink 3 When I am in heaviness, I them, and suck them out. will think upon God; when my

11 But I will talk of the God of heart is vexed, I will complain. Jacob, and praise him for ever. 4 Thou holdest mine eyes wak

12 All the horns of the ungodly ing: I am so feeble that I cannot also will I break, and the horns of speak. the righteous shall be exalted. 5 I have considered the days of

Psalm 76. Notus in Judæa. old, and the years that are past. N Jury is God known; his name 6 I call to remembrance my is great in Israel.

song, and in the night I commune 2 At Salem is his tabernacle, with mine own heart, and search and his dwelling in Sion. out my spirits.

3 There brake he the arrows 7 Will the Lord absent himself of the bow, the shield, the sword, for ever; and will he be no more and the battle.

intreated ? 4 Thou art of more honour and 8 Is his mercy clean gone for might than the hills of the robbers. ever; and is his promise come ut

5 The proud are robbed; they terly to an end for evermore ? have slept their sleep; and all the 9 Hath God forgotten to be men whose hands were mighty, gracious; and will he shut up his have found nothing.

loving kindness in displeasure ? 6 At thy rebuke, O God of Ja 10 And I said, it is mine own cob, both the chariot and horse are infirmity; but I will remember the fallen.

years of the right hand of the Most 7 Thou, even thou art to be Highest. feared; and who may stand in thy il I will remember the works sight, when thou art angry ? of the Lord, and call to mind the

8 Thou didst cause thy judg- wonders of old time. ment to be heard from heaven; the 12 I will think also of all thy earth trembled, and was still, works, and my talking shall be of

9 When God arose to judg- thy doings. ment, and to help all the meek up 13 Thy way, O God, is holy: on earth.

who is so great a God as our God ? 10 The fierceness of man shall 14 Thou art the God that doeth turn to thy praise, and the fierce- wonders, and hast declared thy ness of them shalt thou refrain.

power among the people. 11 Promise unto the Lord your 15 Thou hast mightily delivered God, and keep it, all ye that are thy people, even the sons of Jacob round about him; bring presents and Joseph. unto him that ought to be feared. 16 The waters saw thee, O God,

12 He shall refrain the spirit of the waters saw thee, and were princes, and is wonderful among afraid ; the depths also were the kings of the earth.

troubled. Psalm 77. Voce mea ad Dominum. 17 The clouds poured out wa

WILL cry unto God with my ter, the air thundered, and thine

voice; even went cry with my voice, and he shall 18 The voice of thy thunder was hearken unto me.

heard round about: the lightnings


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