Remarks on a Book Entitled Deism Fairly Stated, and Fully Vindicated, &c., in a Letter to the Author ...: Wherein it is Proved, Upon the Author's Own Principles, that His Undertaking is Irrational, Immoral, and Unjust

W. Willock, 1746 - 59 páginas

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Página 29 - More especially, we pray for the good estate of the Catholic Church; that it may be so guided and governed by Thy good Spirit, that all who profess and call themselves Christians may be led into the way of truth, and hold the faith in unity of spirit, in the bond of peace, and in righteousness of life.
Página 6 - Gofpel was a republication of the law of nature, and its precepts declarative of that original religion, which was as old as the creation.
Página 6 - Apoftles, in publishing the Gofpel to Mankind : And the firft is this : That the Religion of the Gofpel is the true original Religion of Reafon and Nature.
Página 36 - ... there is no kind of faculty or power in man, or any other creature, which can rightly perform the functions allotted to it, without perpetual aid and concurrence of that Supreme Cause of all things.
Página 80 - by our reason we are to make trial of what is offered to us as a revelation from God.
Página 46 - Society, abandoned to its own fortune, without fupport or protection, would, in no long time, be fwallowed up and loft. Of this opinion was a very able writer, whofe knowledge of human nature will not be difputed : " Were it not, fays he, for that fenfe of " virtue, which is principally preferved, fo far as it is preferved, " BY NATIONAL FORMS AND HABITS OF RELIGION, men would «* foon lofe it all, run wild, prey upon one another, and do what «* elfe the worft of favages do J.
Página 23 - ... therefore I, conceiving the contrary to be more evident, might well content myself to deny it without refutation : yet I cannot but desire you to tell me, if Scripture cannot be the judge of any controversy, how shall that touching the church and the notes of it be determined ? And if it be the sole judge of this one, why may it not of others ? Why not of all ? >those only excepted, wherein the Scripture itself is the subject of the question, which cannot be determined but by natural reason,...
Página 13 - deifm is np other than the religion effential " to man, the true original religion of...

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