Pauperism: Its Causes and Remedies

Macmillan and Company, 1871 - 270 páginas

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Página 248 - Thus an amazing number of people have been reduced from a comfortable state of partial independence to a precarious state as mere hirelings, who, when out of work, come immediately upon the parish.
Página 263 - February last my predecessor stated, in reply to a question put to him in the House of Commons, that...
Página 233 - The majority of the cottages that exist in rural parishes are deficient in almost every requisite that should constitute a home for a Christian family in a civilized community.
Página 97 - ... one at once so natural, so just, so consonant to the laws of God and to the best laws framed by the most enlightened men, as that each individual should be responsible for the maintenance of his own children ; that is, that he should be subjected to the natural inconveniences and difficulties arising from the indulgence of his inclinations...
Página 263 - ... to sell to any person any articles made in the exercise of the powers conferred by this paragraph which are no longer required for the purpose for which they were made.
Página 239 - I affirm, that they were neglected in consequence of the committees being permitted to remain in ignorance of the claims of the poor man, because, by reason of his...
Página 250 - Many villages may now be traversed, and not a single labourer can be found possessing a head of poultry; few even, keep a pig, and not one in ten thousand has a cow. What is the result of this ? The labourer does .not live as well as he did a hundred years since ; he and his family seldom taste meat, and his children often suffer cruelly from the difficulty he has in obtaining milk for them.
Página 164 - All experience shows that there can be no hope of introducing more harmonious relations, unless employers and employed are both made to feel that they have an immediate and direct interest in the success of the work in which they are engaged.
Página 164 - ... to expect any marked improvement in the general economic condition of the country, as long as the production of wealth involves a keen conflict of opposing pecuniary interests.
Página 86 - It should be remembered that this boarding-out system is an importation from Scotland; there it has been in operation for many years, and it is notorious that in spite of the religious zeal of the Scotch there is far more illegitimacy in that country than in any other part of the United Kingdom.

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