The Magdalen, or, history of the first penitent received into that charitable asylum, a series of letters [signed M.S.]. With anecdotes of other penitents by W. Dodd


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Página xix - By degrees we let fall the remembrance of our original intention, and quit the only adequate object of rational desire. We entangle ourselves in business, immerge ourselves in luxury, and rove through the labyrinths of inconstancy, till the darkness of old age begins to invade us, and disease and Anxiety obstruct our way.
Página xxi - ... ever unassisted; that the wanderer may at length return after all his errors, and that he who implores strength and courage from above shall find danger and difficulty give way before him. Go now, my son, to thy repose, commit thyself to the care of Omnipotence, and, when the morning calls again to toil, begin anew thy journey and thy life.
Página xviii - vigilance fubfides ; we are then willing to enquire " whether another advance cannot be made, and " whether we may not, at leaft, turn our eyes upon
Página ix - Our passions are therefore more strongly moved, in proportion as we can more readily adopt the pains or pleasure proposed to our minds, by recognising them as once our own, or considering them as naturally incident to our state of life.
Página iii - Did you but think how seldom fools are just, So many of your sex would not in vain Of broken vows, and faithless men, complain ; Of all the various wretches love has made, How few have been by men of sense betray 'd 7 Convinc'd by reason, they your power confess, Pleas'd to be happy, as you're pleas'd to bless, And, conscious of your worth, can never love you less.
Página xvii - We rise in the morning of youth, full of vigour, and full of expectation; we set forward with spirit and hope, with gaiety and with diligence, and travel on a while in the straight road of piety towards the mansions of rest.
Página xix - Here the heart foftens, and vigilance fubfides ; we are then willing to inquire whether another advance cannot be made, and whether we may not, at leaft, turn our eyes upon the gardens of pleafure. We approach them with fcruple and hefitation ; we enter them, but enter timorous and trembling, and always hope to pafs through them without...
Página xiv - ... for bread, and judge of the enormity of his guilt by the evils which it produces. " It cannot be doubted but that numbers follow this dreadful course of life with shame, horror, and regret ; but where can they hope for refuge ? ' The •world is not their friend, nor the world's law.
Página xviii - ... road of piety towards the manfions of reft. In. a fhort time we remit our fervour, and endeavour to find fome mitigation of our duty, and fome more eafy means of obtaining the fame end. We then relax our vigour, and refolve no longer to be terrified with crimes at a diftance, but rely upon our own conftancy, and venture to approach what we refolve never to touch. We thus enter the bowers of eafe, and repofe in the fhades of fecurity.
Página xxi - Happy are they, my fon, who fhall learn from thy example, not to defpair ; but fhall remember, that, though the day is paft, and their ftrength is wafted, there yet remains one effort to be made : that reformation is never hopelefs, nor fincere...

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