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English Bible; its History and Results.

In 64mo, with two beautiful Steel Engravings of Coverdale and Wickliffe, tuck, gilt edges. Is. 4d.; neat roan, gilt edges, ls. ; stiff covers, 8d. ; as a Tract, neat covers, 2d., or 14s. per 100.

GEMS OF DIVINITY. Neatly done up, lettered, and gilt edges, Is. each ;

or, in stiff covers, 4d. each. Christ is all.-Wilcox. Life a Journey:-Toplady. And the Christian

Pilgrimage.-Davies. Full Christ for Empty Sinners.-Romaine. Christ the Glory of the Church.-Leighton. Chief Good.-De Courcy. Divine Breathings of a Pious Soul. A Holy Rapture.-Bishop Hall. Belshazzar's Doom.-De Courcy. Divine Sentences.-Venning. The Fears of God's People. -Toplady. A Thought a Day throughout the Year. Cruel Watchman.-Rutherford. The Excellency of Christ.- Edwards. The Sure Foundation.-Davies. And the Foun

dation Stone.-R. Hall. Christ Precious to all True Believers.-Davies.

And Christ the Centre of Attraction. The Temper of Jesus.-Grosvenor. Singers in the Hand of an Angry God.-Edwards. Sacred Laconics.-Prayer, by the Rev. J.

Strong Consolation, or the Penitent Sinner

Encouraged. By the Rev. J. K. FOSTER,
Tutor of Cheshunt College.

(To be continued.)

Christian Melodies. A Selection of Sacred

Poetry on the following subjects :-
Part I. The Sabbath. IV. The Saviour.

II. The Garden. V. The Gospel.

III. TheChristian. VI. Home & its Scenes. Gilt edges, with Four Steel Plates each. In cloth

boards, Is. each ; or the Six Parts in 2 vols., silk,

gilt edges, 2s. 6d. each. Edwin and Alicia; or, the Infant Martyrs.

By Miss SHERWOOD. 18mo, gilt edges. 2s. Efficient Ministry; a Charge delivered at the Ordination of the Rev. Joseph Elliot. Ey

the Rev. A. REED, D.D. is. Eleventh Hour. By the Rev. J. Adey. 4d. Eminent Piety. 18mo, price Is. 6d.



Draper's Bible Lives; from the History of

the New Testament. In 2 vols., 38. 6d., neatly half-bound.

Bible Lives ; from the History of the Old Testament. In 2 vols., hf. bd. 3s. 6d.

Bible Story Book. In 2 vols., 32mo, neatly half-bound. Ist and 2nd Series, 3s.

Lives of Eminent Youth. Illustrated with numerous Cuts. Price 2s. hf bd.

Bible Doctrines. In the Press,

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BY THE REV. J. MORISON, D.D. Morison's Counsels to Young Men on Mo

dern Infidelity and the Evidences of Christianity. 2s. 6d. cloth.

Counsels for the CommunionTable. ls. 6d. cloth,

Counsels to the Aged; or Companion for the Evening of Life. is. 6d. cloth 2s. 6d. silk.

Counsels to the Young. Is. 3d. cl.

Christian Pastor Visiting his Flock. ls. 6d. cloth.

Tribute of Filial Sympathy to the Memory of a Beloved Father; or, Memoir of the late Mr.J. Morison,of Mill-seat. Roy.

The Church; a Manual, intended as a Present to Candidates for Christian Fellowship. In 18mo, 2s. cloth.

Immutability of Christ. Is.
Self-Communion. ls. cloth.

BY THE REV H. F. BURDER, D.D. Burder's Supplement. A new and beautiBurder's Way of Salvation. In 32mo, neat cloth boards, 2s.

ful edition, in 32mo, price is. 6d., neatly bound in roan, and lettered ; also in 18mo, price 2s. 6d.

Psalms and Hymns, principally for Public Worship, selected from Dr. Watts and other Authors. A new and beautiful edition now ready. 18mo. 4s. roan, lettered.

Law of the Sabbath, in Four Lectures. 18mo, cloth, 2s.

Why should I become a Member of a Christian Church ? 18mo, 6d. sewed.

On Election. 18mo, 6d.

Right of Infants to Baptism, Price 6d. sewed.

Catechism for Children. 2d.


Chiefly on Education, and adapted for Domestic

Instruction and Preparatory Schools.

BY INGRAM COBBIN, A.M. Elements of English Grammar, designed for

Young People in general, but more particularly adapted to facilitate their Instruction in Preparatory Schools ; illustrated with Cuts. Four

teenth edit. 18mo, sewed, 1s., half-bound,is. 6d. Teacher's Key to Grammar for Children, 4d. Elements of Geography, on a new Plan,

rendered Plain and Amusing, more particularly adapted to the capacities of Young Children, and designed for Preparatory Schools. Illustrated with Maps by Sydney Hall, and cuts, 18mo, 4th edition, revised, half-bound, 2s.6d.


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Elementary Steps to Geography and As

tronomy, in which the Astronomy of the Globe is simplified ; designed for Families and Prepara. tory Schools. Illustrated with Plates and Cuts.

18mo. Third edition, half-bound, Is. 6d. Elements of Arithmetic for Children, on a

Plan entirely new, illustrated with Numerous

Cuts, half-bound, Is. 6d.
Teacher's Key to ditto, 4d.
Elements of Spelling and Reading; or, a

First Book for Children under Six Years of age,

with cuts, in 18mo, price 18. Moral Fables and Parables.

In 32mo,
cloth, price is. 6d.
Evangelical Biography for Young Persons.

Containing the Lives of John Howard, Rev.
John Newton, and Captain James Wilson,

Neatly half-bound, price is.
The Child's Prayer Book. Price ls. half-bd.
Also, by the same Author, in 7 vols. 18mo,

neatly half-bound, price 7s., illustrated with

numerous Cuts. The Child's Commentator, being a Commentary on the Holy Scriptures for Children.

The Publishers having bought the entire stock of this valuable little work, they are enabled now to offer it at this greatly reduced price. Pub. lished originally at 17s. 6d.

Also, price 12s.
The Arithmetical and Spelling Tablet, for

the Amusement and Instruction of Children.

Invented by I. COBBIN, A.M. By this invention, Children who cannot write may

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