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caste nor sect nor nationality. Leaving the earth and all that is earthy below, we soar on the pinions of oriental transcendentalism into the purer atmosphere of yoga, and from there we see a vast sea of spirituality rolling below, in which Europe and Asia, the Atlantic and the Pacific are all swallowed and lost, and the whole world of sectarianism is drowned in the illimitable ocean of eternal truth, How grand, yet how real is this subjective heaven ! This is heaven indeed. Do not identify yourselves with any small sect, but embrace all humanity, Honor Christ, but never be " Christian” in the popular acceptation of the term, Christ is not Christianity. In accepting the former take care you do not accept the latter. Let it be

your ambition to outgrow the popular types of narrow Christian faith, and merge in the vastness of Christ, Neither should you become “ Christian," nor should you simply aspire to be “ Christ-like," for then you would represent the lower strata of spiritual life. Advance to a higher ideal, my friends. Be Christ. Do not rest satisfied with anything short of this. I say again, be Christ. Incorporate him into your being ; import him bodily into your own consciousness. Make him your flesh and blood. Let us all be so many Christs, each a small Christ in his own humble way. We shall have no outward Christ, however pure. For what is Christ ? Not a doctrine, but the eternal and universal spirit of sonship. He is the light that lighteneth every man that cometh into the world. As such, he lived long before he was born, and he still lives, though dead. As such, he shines in the Christian as well as the non-Christian world, and he excludes no saint, no scripture, no light vouchsafed by God before or after him. The “light” that is in every man cannot be exclu

sire. I cannot imagine a fictitious Christ. The Christ of the Gospel, the son of God, who embodies in himself the Father's will, and who by obedience has recovered the divinity in man lost by Adam, that is to me--and may he be unto you !--the true Jesus. I have no other Christ. I will accept no other Christ. It is in hiun and through him that we are reconciled to God and to all truth, and therefore to all dispensations and prophets. If Christ means, as every true Christian alleges, the reconciliation of human with Divine will, then let there be no war or discord in his name, but " peace on earth and goodwill among men.” If you have the true Christ in you, all truth, whether Jew or Gentile, Hindu or Christian, will pour into you through him, and you will be able to assimilate the wisdom and righteouness of each sect and denomination. Accept the prince of prophets, and you will find in him and with him all prophets, Eastern and Western. If you are Christians, you will quarrel and fight ; but if you are so many

little Christs, the harmony of heaven will reign among you, and there shall be no sectarian division. Fling away the sectarian's small Christ, and let us be one in the large Christ of all ages and creeds.

Such is the New Dispensation. It is the harmony of all scriptures and prophets and dispensations. It is not an isolated creed, but the science which binds and explains and harmonizes all religions. It gives to history a meaning, to the action of Providence a consistency, to quarrelling churches a common bond, and to successive dispensations a continuity. It shows by marvellous synthesis how the different rainbow colours are one in the light of heaven. The New Dispensation is the sweet music of diverse instruments. It is the

precious necklace in which are strung together the rubies and pearls of all ages and climes. It is the celestial court where around enthroned Divinity shine the lights of all heavenly saints and prophets. It is the wonderful solvent, which fuses all dispensations into a new chemical compound. It is the mighty absorbent, which absorbs all that is true and good and beautiful in the objective world. Before the flag of the New Dispensation bow ye pations and proclaim the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man. In blessed eucharist let us eat and assimilate all the saints and prophets of the world. Thus shall we put on the new man, and each of us will say, the Lord Jesus is my will, Socrates my head, Chaitanya my heart, the Hindu Rishi my soul, and the philanthropic Howard my right hand. And thus transformed we shall bear witness unto the New Gospel. Let many-sided truth, incarnate in saints and prophets, come down from heaven and dwell in you, that you may have that blessed harmony of character, in which is eternal life and salvation.

Brother-Apostles, before I conclude I must say a word to you. I charge you to stand forward boldly with the flag of the New Dispensation. March under the Divine Captain's command, and let victory and glory be yours. Let your faith and character so shine before men that you may be reckoned worthy of the flag you bear. Heed not the voice of evil counsellors, but seek wisdom in inspiration. Let Heaven's light be your guide. Realize the tremendous responsibilities which stand upon your shoulders, as the chosen apostles of the present dispensation, and in the discharge of your sacred duties turn neither to the right nor to the left. In these days of scepticism a whole army of

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infidels will attack you and persecute you. The light which the Lord has vouchsafed unto you is darkness unto all those who have no faith, and they shall laugh at you. Stand firm. Small is our number now, but many will come and swell your ranks in the fulness of time. With the living blood of all the saints and all the prophets in you, ye

shall know no discomfiture, but shall fill the land with light and love and life. Shrink not from trial, but let all who choose come and test your doctrines. Let the impostor tremble, for he deals in lies and unrealities. But my beloved brother-apostles, ours is real truth, and by the grace of our blessed Lord we will prove it. Gentlemen, whether you give us honor or not, give us your prayers, and we shall go on conquering and rejoicing, and glorifying the Lord of the New Dispensation.

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ARVELLOUS, indeed, is the mystery of the

Trinity. These eighteen centuries philosophers and theologians have tried to penetrate its arcana, and yet it is a marvel to-day. Who can fathom the profound secrets of the holy Trinity ? Who can. sound the depths of God's triune nature ? Yet the theme is inviting, albeit transcendental. The Trinity is the treasury in which lies the accumulated wealth of the world's sacred literature,-all that is precious in philosophy, theology and poetry, which has ever enriched saints and prophets, and exalted individuals and nations in the East and the West, in ancient and modern times. It is the loftiest ex. pression of the world's religious consciousness. It is an unexhausted and inexhaustible mine of wisdom, which still attracts, and will ever continue to attract, fresh explorers. So sublime, so marvellous is this idea of the Trinity that the most gifted divine and the most learned sage in utter amazement exclaim,“What manner of doctrine is this--the Father, the Son and the Holy GhostThree in One, One in Three !" Verily the Trinity is a precious jewel-box. Fain would I draw out of it that valued necklace which the Lord hath reserved for India, that she may put it on, and appear as a beautiful “ bride adorned for her husband,” when the time of her redemption draweth nigh. But my conscious unworthiness arrests my eager arm,

and I stand back in recoil. These mortal lips, black as sin, dare not touch a theme so sacreri. Its vastness overpowers me. Before its height and depth my feeble intellect sinks,

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