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as if they were their own. In God-force they live ; yet they boast of their own independence, and their self-sufficiency makes them blind. It is not these unbelievers that see God. Those that have eyes see. The man of faith, the man of science, the man whose heart is true to nature, perpetually lives in God-vision, and sees and hears God ever and anon. Nay more. He touches Divinity. When I try to do something wrong, some one touches me on the back, I turn round to see who it is that touched me.

Who can it be? Is it an earthly friend that came up quietly and touched me on the back to warn me against evil ? No. I see nothing with: the outward eye. But the eye of faith sees the hand of God. The All-Holy saw me harbouring and hatching a foul and nefarious design, and instantly touched me and warned me, saying,-“ What are you about to do ?” I was frightened by the mysterious touch, which electrified the whole body and mind. Prophets in olden times, we are told, were touched by the fingers of God's angels. Say rather the unseen fingers of God Almighty. There are times when we feel not only the gentle contact, but the violent, pressure of the Divine hand. We are caught by the hairs of the head. We are in the clutches of the Almighty hand, from which there is no possibility of escape. The Lord has taken firm possession of my head ; He has taken firm possession of my heart. I cannot wrest them from Him. Always my sustaining force, He is at times an overpowering and pressing force, that holds me bound hand and foot in firm possession. Held fast in His encircling arms, I cannot move, but am moved ; I cannot speak, but I am made to speak. This is heaven's electricity. Those who have felt it know how utterly impossible it is to quench it. Shake off

this encompassing Divine touch ! You cannot. Put down this mysterious influence ! No, you cannot. Say unto this Pervading Presence, roll back ; it will not obey your voice. An irresistible force has gone deep into your whole system, You cannot pull it out. I would fain disentangle my muscles and nerves, my arteries and veins from this intertwining and pervading presence, but I cannot. In vain do I say to my lungs and heart, my eyes and ears and lips-be ye separate from this Unseen Hand. No such separation is possible. I may as well try to tear away my heart from myself, as well separate the tree from the root, the colck from the mainspring, the infant from the mother's breast. Right and left, everywhere is this omnipresent spirit, to which my life tenaciously clings and from which nothing can separate it. What is this spirit ? A Mother's spirit. Yes, our beloved Mother is here present. Behold a huge breast, the infinite breast of the Mother, overflowing with the milk of life ! O Mother, Mother ! Universal Parent! present everywhere, present here before me, Thou art encircling us with Thine arms and suckling us all. Thine unseen face, beloved Mother, so sweet, so beautiful to the eye of faith ! How Thy breast is pouring into us nourishing milk! Charming vision ! My Mother have I seen. See how the Lord of heaven and earth is revealing Himself. He reveals Himself unto us to-day as He revealed Himself three thousand years ago to Moses. For forty days and nights, we are told he enjoyed communion with Jehovah, He saw a “ devouring fire.” Yes, in those days of rigid monotheism, when idolatry was regarded as an abomination, and Israel looked up to One God, that great prophet, Moses, actually saw a burning bush, and the invisible Divinity spoke to

him through it. Fire was it? Yes, resplendent spirit burning in the bush, yet not consuming it! And as Moses saw we see too, though less brightly, yet as truly, a burning bush everywhere, yea all creation ablaze. The Living God is, indeed, a burning fire in every home, not only in the Parsi's temple, but in the Hindu's home too. Put it out you cannot. The fire burns from day to day. It is an everlasting fire which fills all space and time. It is no supernatural fire, but simply the glory of the Ruling Will-Force, the effulgence of the Holy King, the light of the Divine Mother Who reigns everywhere. We are going to enter into the domain of a new dispensation, that of science and faith harmonized. Under its banners we too shall have our inspiration, though only according to the small measure of our faith. The Lord will surely vouchsafe unto us the light and power of_His inspiration. In the light of true science the Lord our God will reveal Himself to all His children, and unite us in God-vision in one blessed family. How desperately, you my brethren, Christians and Hindus, are fighting with each other! What awful wranglings and jealousies separate you! Know ye not that your leading representatives are united above in the Father's home? We are incessantly quarrelling here, but the founders and elders of our sects and churches are joyfully united in the Father's inmost sanctuary. There they are all drawing the milk of life and vitality out of the breast of the Infinite Mother, merging all their differences in heavenly beatitude. There they are all united as one family. What a blessed sight! Children of God, be of one heart. See how the holy prophets and saints above are sitting around the Father's throne, the Queen Mother's throne, and enjoying the


bliss of communion in the blessed synthesis of Divine Force. Blessed are they, a holy family in which all disputes and conflicts are lost, and broken lights commingled in the unity of a Central Personality! Why should you then differ, little men, when your revered elders differ not in heaven, but rejoice in unity ? Ah! my friends, you do not care to see this living God-vision, but you boast of your theology and care more for your endless dogmatic differences. Your analytical conceptions, your abstract notions, your broken fragments of Deity must differences.


the God-vision I have presented to you there is not theology, but religion, pure and real. No analysis, but a beautiful synthesis, in which all souls on earth and in heaven are, in spite of their separate individuality, recognised as one in the Parent. In this boly synthesis of Divine unity, as revealed in God-vision, all the gods and goddesses of the many churches of the East and the West are gathered and unified. The various Divine. attributes which India has from age to age personified and worshipped are fused into One Living Personality, even that which we realize to-day in scientific God-vision. Abandon the controversies of dead theology, and accept the fire of living and burning faith. Leave the battle-field of dogma, where superstitious and priest-ridden men fight blind-folded, and accept the banners of the True God, Whom we can see and hear in real vision, and Who says in every force in nature I AM. Accept Him, my countrymen ; and all India, now disintegrated and dismembered, will become one in the Lord. Yea the whole world will be one in Him. Rejoice and sing, O Zion, for I am coming, saith the Lord. Sing then all India the glory of the Lord. Sing, oceans and seas, hills and moun,

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tains, the glory of God. He has come, and is coming to all of us on the wings of living inspiration, and India shall see her God in a marvellous vision, and drink the waters of salvation from the Living Fountain. Ye sons and daughters of India, let faith and hope fill your souls and hearts. - Rejoice, for the good and golden age of beatific vision is coming. Yes, the time is coming when not only will the Living God reveal Himself to man's immediate vision in all parts of the world, but the disembodied saints and prophets in heaven will hold communion with men in their hearts. All mankind shall then sit at the feet of Christ and other masters, and every Christian and every Hindu shall draw fresh inspiration from thieLiving God, and gather life and wisdom from the examples of those saints and martyrs, those Rishis and Yogis who were the glory of primitive Christian Europe and ancient India. Then shall there be a joyful and festive union of heaven and earth, and they shall talk with each other, and dance together before the throne of God Almighty. The Lord our God shall reconcile all our differences, and make this very earth of ours a heaven, a heaven indeed. The reign of the Supreme Mother shall be proclaimed and established throughout the world amid universal rejoicings, and many nations with myriad voices and diverse instruments shall sing that sweet name, Mother, which bringeth comfort to the sinner's heart and salvation to every trusting child. Let the trumpet proclaim the advent of the true God, at once the light and joy of the world, in whom both science and faith rejoice. And as his Holy light dawns upon our beloved country, may millions in one united chorus sing His love! The Lord coueth. Therefore rejoice, o Zion

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