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and are alive to the deeper interests of their souls,all such men, I say, are with us. I admit they are not all professed Brahmos. Many among them even hate the Brahmo name. Nay, they denounce many of our doctrines and movements, and look upon many of our teachings and practices as altogether false. With intense bitterness they treat us their enemies, and seldom lose an opportunity of obstructing our work in various ways. Yet are they with us, fellow-members of the National Theistic Church. They may not subscribe to all the tenets of our theology, but its fundamental principles,-Divine unity, man's immortality, and accountability, they fully accept ; idolatry and superstition they detest and abjure. Hence, if not in name, in spirit they are all Brahmos or Theists. That they object to the “ Brahmo" name is perfectly immaterial, so long as they think, believe and act as Theists. Verily there is no fascination in that name. myself would, at this very moment, disclaim it, if necessary. It is enough that these thousands and tens of thousands of educated Indians, here and in other parts of India, acknowledge and worship the One Spirit-God whom we glorify. They are our brothers and sisters in faith ; they are co-workers with us in God's vineyard. They are all engaged, more or less, in upbuilding the True Church in India. They are all doing our work,-yes, every one of them. Those

among them who deny us, revile us, persecute_us, know not alas? what they are doing. They unconsciously, others consciously, are being led by the hand of Providence towards the True Theistic Church of the future. Under different names and different colours, they are all marching the same direction, under the guidance of


the same Divine Captain. Whatever our differences and peculiarities, we are all moving onward like a great army under the banner of Theism. We are all moving onward, did I say ? Those who are not fully with ús may be said to be gradually advancing towards our Church. But are we, who have established ourselves upon a definite faith and are members of an organized Church, are we too moving on? Then you will perhaps say, our faith is uncertain, we have not yet found the truth, our light is in the future, and we are only groping in the dark, moving on, if haply we may find the truth. Ah ! my friends, stagnation is not redemption ; there is no glory in standing still but in marching on.


ask me whether we have succeeded after forty years in crystallizing our doctrines, opinions and beliefs into a fixed creed I say, no. Nor do we mean to do so. To be shut up amid hard barriers of dogmas is not the heaven we seek. To work steadily on in free air and open light is our heaven. Who would stumble midway in his Godward course with the huge mill-stone of lifeless dogmas hanging round his neck ? Now I tell you plainly we do not mean to stand where we

Have we then not yet found the truth? We have, but we need more. Have we not seen the light ? Yes we have, but how it shines unto the perfect day, we have yet to see. Dewdrops of heavenly joy and peace have we gathered and tasted, but the vast ocean of Divine joy still surges before

Therefore we mean to go further and further, under the guidance of God, in the path of everincreasing wisdom, love, purity and joy, never satisfied with what is achieved but always panting and struggling for fresh acquisitions. Our scripture is not closed, but fresh chapters are still being



written, and added year after year. What the Lord
will reveal to us ten years hence who knows save
He? We thank Him for the revelation He has
already vouchsafed unto us, but more He will yet
reveal. So has He told us. Towards fuller light
we shall, therefore, prayerfully and reverently press
forward. March on, my friends, and do not stand
still. Even if your prospects be gloomy and
frightening do not ignominiously run away.
every believer face the cannon's mouth like a true
and brave soldier, and die the martyr's death, rather
than surrender the banner of truth to the enemy.
Hindu brethren, Christian friends, pray fervently
and unceasingly for our welfare. Pray that the
Lord may direct our steps.


think we are in error, commend us to Him who removeth all error. If you think we ought to move in better paths, ask the True Guide to direct us. We will not submit to your guidance ; your shibboleths you need not impose upon us. Yet give us the benefit of your friendly and earnest prayers, and leave the issues in the hands of the Merciful Father who will lead us in His own way to truth and heaven. Let the devout and good of all nations bless us with their sympathy and prayer. Is not the path of the religious reformer in this country full of thorns, and will not dire difficulties beset his work for many years to come? Those who engage themselves in such a work must be prepared for the worst, and pay dearly for every inch of ground they win. Amidst the gloom and terror of such trying work it is indeed natural that the workers, a small and feeble band, should seek the sympathy of friends. But if such sympathy be not forthcoming, let the Lord's will be done. Let truth triumph in the midst of agony, bloodshed and death. Rest assured


that the persecuted shall be justified at last, and God's devoted servants and faithful ambassadors, though reviled and hated by men, shall receive the crown of glory in heaven. Fellow-Theists, whether men smile or look frowningly upon you, whether they praise or persecute you, you must honor all, friends and foes alike, and go on humbly discharging your duty to your country and to your God, and learning truth even from those who are hostile to you. Let us remember that our Church is small, and yet in its infancy. Let us look upon our Hindu and Christian brethren

our elders, and humbly sit at their feet to learn those things in which they excel us. Brethren, check all desire of vain glory. Cast away proud antagonism and sectarian malice. In a candid and lowly spirit confess your faults and shortcomings, and freely give credit to other Churches for all the solid truths and excellent virtues which adorn them. And to you, gentlemen, who for one reason or another, are antagonistic to us, I would say one word before I


seat. Perhaps you remember the advice which Gamaliel, that great counsellor among the Jews, gave as to how the apostles were to be dealt with. “ Then stood there up one in the council, a Pharisee, named Gamaliel, a doctor of the law, and said unto them, Ye men of Israel, take heed to yourselves, what ye intend to do as touching these men.

And now I say unto you, Refrain from these men, and let them alone : for if this counsel or this work be of men, it will come to naught : but if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it ; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God." Christians, Hindus, Mahomedans, and men of other religious denominations,


however hostile ye may be to these men, the Brahmos, ye should refrain from them, and let them alone. Ye may rest assured that if their teachings and their works be of men, they shall surely perish, and the Lord Himself shall confound His enemies. But if the work they are doing be the Lord's work, it is utterly beyond your power to discomfit them, however formidable ye may be. Ye shall not stand against the Almighty. Do not fight against these people, for by so doing ye may be fighting against God Himself. Therefore I say," refrain from these people.” That the country has been convulsed by some mysterious spiritual force you dare not deny. What is it that like a mighty wind drives these men, some here, some there, in the various cities of India, in state of spiritual excitement towards a better place which the eye hath not yet seen ? Why this onward rush of small groups of pilgrim soldiers in different parts of the country ? Whence all this enthusiastic devotion among people who have no outward revelation, no articles of faith, no visible Church authority to bind or sustain them ? Verily, verily this mighty wind is the breath of God Almighty. Do you despise and ridicule our Church because it is a small thing, and therefore cannot be from God ? Remember that with God Almighty nothing is impossible, and that out of little things hath He always achieved wonders among the nations of the earth. There is no power surely in numbers, but in the spirit of God. If half a dozen young men were imbued with the Holy Siprit, what would they not achieve ? What wonders would happen in these days if the Lord were to say, as He did of old, “on my servants and on my hand-maidens I will pour out in these days of my Spirit ?" Remember the day of Pentecost, when " suddenly there

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