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of religion and morality. But do I wish that you should accept them because I have taught them ? Far from it. I wish to be judged. Let my doctrines undergo the severest scrutiny. Go home, sift ånd weigh every word I have said, carefully ponder every principle I have enunciated, and then adopt whatsoever truth will bear such thorough testing, and reject whatsoever will be proved wrong. Not one word that goes forth from my lips should find acceptance among my countrymen unless it be approved by the Spirit of God in them. It is for Heaven to decide whether I amright or wrong, and by Heaven's judgment I am ready to stand or fall. Accept the Lord as your only Master and Teacher, and let His spirit within you judge every word that comes from man.

It is alike your interest and duty, my friends, to discountenance my personality and deny all human authority, in dealing with those sacred matters of faith upon which your salvation depends. Sure I am that the Lord will vindicate the truths which I have presented to you, for they are His truths, and not mine. And it is because I cherish this firm conviction that I cannot but smile at the impotent threats and opposition of my antagonists. In the way of Heaven's dispensation in India men have planted thorns innumerable, as they always do. That truth which has been sent to us for our salvation is already confronted by thousands of formidable enemies. The light that has risen in the east after centuries of national degradation is bedimmed with dark clouds. Indeed many there are who have girded up their loins, and are doing desperate battle with God Almighty to shatter His dispensation, if possible, and bring His saving counsel and work to nought. Such opposition is inevitable. But it need not excite fear in the breasts of God's soldiers. For

it will only have the effect of strengthening and accelerating the work of reformation. In the economy of Providence opposition, far from extinguishing, sets ablaze the torch of truth by shaking it. Am I afraid of those who have conspired to resist the progress of the true gospel ? Depend upon me, the Lord shall confound and discomfit them, and His truth shall prevail at last. I do not say there has been persecution of a very serious or deadly type in this country. Far from it. Thanks to the British flag only a mild form of persecution is possible in these days. And yet it is of an insidious and poignant type. Have I not been slandered and abused, for some years past, in the cruellest manner, and has not the vilest calumny been heaped upon the men and women who have taken shelter under the present dispensation ? Most scandalous charges have from time to time been brought against us, which if true would render us odious and detestable in the estimation of all mankind. I repudiate these unfounded and false imputations with a clean conscience. Far be it from me to attempt a personal vindication. The righteousness of the cause I advocate and the purity and sincerity of my motives will vindicate themselves in the course of time. The bitterest invectives, the foulest calumny cannot pollute my character so long as I am true to conscience and God. The most formi dable antagonism cannot intimidate me so long as the invincible hand of God Almighty upholds me and my work. Countrymen, do you accuse this man before you of being an enemy of God and truth ? Do you charge me with infusing into the minds of native youths dangerous doctrines, calculated to jeopardize the moral and social interests of the country ? Do you think that I am actuated by sordid motives, and that my preachings are the preachings'

of a hollow-hearted hypocrite? Do you take me to be an impostor ? You may revile me and assail me with the poisoned daggers of public calumny and secret malice, but you cannot impede my work, for it is God's work. Nor can you injure my character, for it is safe in the hands of Him whom I serve. I appeal to my God most humbly, and I am sure He will vindicate me and my friends from the foul impeachment to which we have, from time to time, been subjected. O God ! judge Thy servants, and justify Thou Thy holy cause. Yes, often have I called upon my God for justice and solace, and. blessed be His name, He has positively and distinctly assured me that I do not stand convicted before His throne. If God then, the holy dispenser of Justice, acquits me, there is not one among the sons of men who can convict me. If the words I have said be, as I believe they are, words of truth, they shall outlive all opposition and opprobrium. They shall live when I and my opponents have passed away. This is truth eternal, that salvation cometh by worshipping the living God and serving men with self-denying love. Though the earth and heavens pass away, not one word of this eternal gospel shall pass away. There is then no cause of fear or anxiety my brethren, and we who have been entrusted with this saving message and charged to bring its light to the millions of our suffering countrymen, must go forth boldly on our sacred errand. We will not tremble even if all the artillery of the world's persecuting wrath be levelled against us. Come all friends and well-wishers of India, and let us work earnestly and prayerfully, each in his res. pective sphere of Heaven-appointed duty, for the ultimate regeneration of the country. Come all ye whom God has called to the work, and discharge


your respective duties under the guidance of Providence, so that His beneficent purposes may be fulfilled in this land. England's Queen, India's Empress, noble-hearted Viceroy, and all ye statesmen, legislators, governors, judges and commissioners, who have charge of the political administration of India, ye Native patriots, philanthropists and reformers, endeavour to discharge this sacred trust which India's God has reposed in you, with commensurate zeal, unflinching devotion, and selfdenying enthusiasm. Let us all unite to work out the high objects of the present dispensation as laborers in a common cause, The light of heaven has dawned upon our fatherland. May we all labor and pray so that the light may shine brighter and brighter unto the perfect day, and bring joy and peace and salvation into the homes of all men in this blessed land !

O God, my Father, Thou Helper of the helpless and Saviour of nations ! bless the light Thou hast vouchsafed to my country unto the salvation of Those for whose benefit Thou hast sent it. Teach us to see Thy presence and hear Thy voice and so love Thee and our brothers and sisters that self may be altogether lost in holy communion. Loving Father, my countrymen and countrywomen are dear unto me, deliver and sanctify them for Thy mercy's sake,


VERILY believe that, when Jesus Christ was

about to leave this world, he made over the sacred portfolio of the ministry of his Church to the Holy Spirit. To every true believer this significant surrender of his trust must appear to have been dictated by heavenly wisdom, sagacity, foresight and loving kindness. It was, indeed, most important and desirable that the Prophet of Nazareth should do so. At that solemn hour, when the disciples were about to lose the light of their eyes and the light of their hearts; when the great luminary that had been shining in the firmament of the religious world was about to set, and darkness and confusion threatened to swallow the world ; when with sorrowful hearts the disciples were casting their last glance upon him whom they had always loved as their father and friend, their joy and hope,- I say, at that solemn hour of separation, it was not only necessary but quite natural that a successor should be announced. No true leader can part with his devoted followers without arranging for their future guardianship. It would be cruel to do so. And surely Christ, with his loving and compassionate heart, could not take leave of his weeping disciples without commending them into the arms of a fit successor. Did not their eyes, as they tearfully looked up to him, indicate deep sorrow and utter helplessness, and did he not read in their throbbing hearts most gloomy anxieties and fears about the future? Ahl their dejected looks seemed to ask their departing master : “ Into whose hands, good shepherd, wilt thou consign the helpless sheep of

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