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taker of divine life. He that is a based shall be exalted. He that humbleth himself to the dust of the earth shall be carried on the wings of inspiration into heaven. It is only the holy spirit of God that can effect such a wonderful transformation. Nothing but His vivifying breath can convert a crawling insect into a heavenly saint. How poor, weak, and sinful is man ! How rich, mighty and holy is God! The son,--how like a worm, filthy and vile, immersed in the mire of iniquity! But the Father,-how majestic and ineffably pure! How much discordant and hostile elements can harmonize is beyond our conception. Indeed communion between such a Father and such a son is impossible, except through the condescending grace of God acting in inspiration. Man was originally made in the image of his Father. He manifested the charming innocence and the sweet simplicity of childhood. He was then absolutely under nature's law, and had no will of his own. He was true to the heavenly instincts of his nature. But as he grew up he rebelliously asserted his own will against his Father's, and for this original sin he fell, and great was the fall. In sin he died. Behold how he rises again and is born anew in divine holiness! The dove of God's spirit descends upon him, in inspiration, and he enters into communion with his Father. Divine life courses through his arteries, and his thoughts, words and actions are only streams that flow from the Fountain of inspiration. The will of the son and the will of the Father are thus identified in inspiration. The son and the Father are made one in the Holy Ghost.

Brethren, let me conclude by saying that I feel sure the light of inspiration will come to you and me and to all mankind in God's own time. Then we shall

cease to be satisfied with mere theories and dry dogmas of inspiration or narratives of other men's inspiration, but shall be enabled, through Divine. grace, to realize it directly in our respective lives. Let us pray to Him without ceasing, earnestly, humbly, and sincerely. With deep faith let us cry for His redeeming mercy.

And if I am sure of anything I am sure of this, that He will speak to each of us and breathe into us His holy spirit. His voice shall be heard even in the midst of the din and bustle of modern civilization, and in spite of all its discouragements and opposition. He will speak unto us in the town hall, the bank, the library, and the school, as well as in churches and chapels. In the streets and in our own homes will the Lord reveal Himself to us. Your trade and commerce, your studies and your ceaseless industry will not in any way interfere with the action of God's spirit. For all honest and useful work and all science will, be sanctified as God's work and God's truth. Even our lowest worldly pursuits will become hallowed when consecrated to His service. As you study other sciences, go and study the science of inspiration, and as you investigate the laws of the physical universe, investigate likewise, in a devout and inquiring spirit, the laws which govern the spiritual world. There is law everywhere in the amplitudes of God's creation ; even in prayer and inspiration there is science. Come then, my friends, let us, while we are seeking the philosophy and riches of this world, seek through prayer and faith the light of inspiration and the treasures of grace. In endless showers will inspiration descend upon us all, refreshing and cooling our parched souls and producing gladdening harvests for time and for eternity.




EHOLD that heavenly light in the midst of

India! How bright! How beautiful! How it ascends, extends and expands from day to day ! Do you see it ? It is the light of a New Dispensation vouchsafed by Providence for India's salvation. And do you hear that sound, like the rushing of many waters? It is the voice of the Lord. The Almighty speaks unto our country, now, to-day, as He did before unto other nations. It is His word, mighty as the raging whirlwind, yea mightier far than that, containing the message of life everlasting to the millions of this land. Let them that have eyes see ; let them that have ears hear. Everything proves, all the events of the age strikingly testify that the morning of India's redemption hath drawn nigh. We are in the midst of it. All things around us serve to encourage, animate and gladden our spirits. Who does not feel encouraged by the thought that after centuries of decadence, during which hardly a ray of redeeming hope was athwart the sky, a new dispensation full of promise has dawned on our fatherland ? Ever since the introduction of British power into India there has been going on a constant upheaval and development of the native mind under an overruling Providence. Whether we look at the mighty political changes which have been wrought by that vast and complicated yet wonderful administrative machinery which the British Gorernment has set in motion, or whether we analyze those deep national movements of social and moral reform which are being


carried on with commendable zeal and earnestness by Native reformers and patriots, we cannot but feel that this long series of events constitute one vast dispensation, and are only different parts of that gigantic plan of redemption whereby God Almighty has chosen to save India. Who can deny this? The history of modern India, they say, is profane. To me it is sacred, altogether ecclesiastical. Every page of that history, every chapter, every line reveals the working of God. In every event that has contributed to the country's advancement, whether political or social, there is a deep religious significance ; in every agency, foreign or native, that has helped our progress, we recognize an instrument of God ; and every man who stands forth as a reformer in these days, however humble, is truly a Heaven-appointed missionary. To me, therefore, and to every believer, the history of India is a book divine, the living Word of God, the gospel of our salvation, and it ought to be studied as such. I firmly believe that the Indian nation has been selected by the God of Providence in modern times, in order that He may convert it, and show forth onto the world the riches of His redeeming grace. Verily we are marching, under Heaven's guidance, out of the Egypt of idolatry and darkness to the promised land of light and joy.

What is the meaning of this word, Dispensation, which seems to puzzle many a scientist and theologian of the present day? Do I believe that God in selecting our country for special mercies has denied other countries His favor ? Are we to understand that He has, at least for the time being, forgotten the rest of the world, and that while showering the blessings of salvation upon a few with blamable partiality and exclusiveness, He has

cruelly excluded and neglected the world at large ? Surely not. We, Indians, rejoice in the light vouchsafed unto us, but we are not an “Elect” race, in the popular acceptation of the term. With God there can be no one-sidedness, no partiality. The dispen. sations of Divine mercy are all-inclusive, not exclusive; they embrace all mankind and exclude none. The redeeming mercy of Heaven is no respecter of persons. It knows no favoritism. It is universal and eternal. Providence works not, by fits and starts, now here, now there, now asleep, now active, but it works unceasingly and everywhere for the benefit of all created beings. But while it works for the general welfare of all, it works in a special manner in special cases. The fact is, the general dispensations of God's saving mercy adapt themselves in a special manner to the exigencies and requirements of special epochs in the world's history, True it is that the Universal Father loves all children alike, but He does not deal with them alike. In various ways does He deal with different nations, communities and individuals, to bring about their salvation. The same plan of salvation does not, cannot suit all, and must transform and mould itself to meet peculiar cases of individual or national degradation. How strikingly has the Lord of mercy been dealing with this degraded nation during the last hundred years, and adopting marvellous means and agencies to elevate its social and moral condition! All these means and agencies are singularly adapted to the peculiar capacities, wants and national habits of our people, and to the peculiar exigencies and requirements of modern times. They constitute, therefore, a special dispensation of Divine mercy to the Indian race. Do we not find similar dispensations in other countries as well ? See how the

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