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Through all her works !), he must delight in virtue !
And that which he delights in, must be happy!
But when ? or where? This world was made for

I'm weary of conjectures! This must end them!

[Laying his hand on his sword.

Thus am I doubly armed! My death and life, My bane and antidote, are both before me! This, in a moment, brings me to an end; But this informs me, I shall never die! The Soul, secured in her existence, smiles At the drawn dagger, and defies its point! The stars shall fade away, the sun himself Grow dim with age, and Nature sink in years: But thou shalt flourish in immortal youth; Unhurt amidst the war of Elements, The wrecks of Matter, and the crush of Worlds !

What means this heaviness, that hangs upon me? This lethargy, that creeps through all my senses? Nature, oppressed and harassed out with care, Sinks down to rest. This once, I'll favour her! That my awakened Soul may take her flight, Renewed in all her strength, and fresh with life, An offring fit for Heaven! Let guilt, or fear, Disturb Man's rest: Cato knows neither of them! Indiffrent in his choice, to sleep, or die.

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Why, DAMON! why, why, why so pressing ?
The heart you beg 's not worth possessing!
Each look, each word, each smile, 's affected ;
And inward charms are quite neglected !
Then scorn her! scorn her! foolish Swain;
And sigh no more, no more in vain!

Beauty 's worthless! fading! flying!
Who would, for trifles, think of dying ?
Who, for a face, a shape, would languish;
And tell the brooks and groves his anguish,
Till She, till She thinks fit to prize him ;
And all, and all beside, despise him?

Fix, fix your thoughts on what 's inviting ! On what will never bear the slighting ! Wit and Virtue claim your duty! They're much more worth than Gold and Beauty! To them, to them, your heart resign; And you'll no more, no more repine!

WHEN DAPHNE first her Shepherd saw;

A sudden trembling seized her!
Honour, her wond'ring looks did awe;

She durst not view what pleased her!

When, at her feet, he sighing lay,

She found her heart complying ;
Yet would not to her love give way,

To save her Swain from dying !
The little God stood laughing by,

To see her dextrous feigning.
He bid the blushing Fair comply!

The Shepherd leave complaining !

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Cease, fair CALISTRIS ! cease disdaining !

'Tis time to leave that useless art! Your Shepherd 's weary of complaining!

Be kind; or he'll resume his heart!

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CALISTRIS. Damon, be gone! I hate complying !

Go, court some fond, believing Maid ! I take more pleasure in denying,

Than in the conquests I have made ! Damon. Why, cruel Nymph! why, why so slighting ?

Is this the treatment I must have?
Were not your beauty so inviting,

I would no longer be your slave!
CALISTRIS. Damon, be gone! I hate complying!

Your heart 's not worth the having ! Were there ten thousand Shepherds dying ;

Not one were worth the saving !

Of all the torments, all the cares,

With which our lives are curst; Of all the plagues a Lover bears,

Sure, Rivals are the worst !
By partners, in each other kind,

Afflictions easier grow!
In Love alone, we hate to find

Companions of our woe!

Sylvia! for all the pangs you see

Are lab'ring in my breast,
I beg not you would favour me;

Would you but slight the rest! How great soe'er your rigours are;

With them alone, I'll cope!
I can endure my own despair ;

But not another's hope !


DISTRACTED with care
For PHILLIS the fair,

Since nothing could move her,

Poor Damon, her Lover,
Resolves, in despair,

No longer to languish,
Nor bear so much anguish!

But, mad with his love,

To a precipice goes; Where a leap from above

Would soon finish his woes !

When, in rage, he came there,

Beholding how steep The sides did appear,

And the bottom how deep! His torments projecting, And sadly reflecting That a Lover forsaken,

A new Love may get ; But a neck, when once broken,

Can never be set ! And that he could die

Whenever he would; But that he could live

But as long as he could ! How grievous soever

The torment might grow; He scorned to endeavour

To finish it so!

But bold, unconcerned

At thoughts of the pain, He calmly returned

To his cottage again.

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