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PAGE Lords, Knights, and Squires, the .. 76


cellany Poems, V, 1704. Love and Folly were at play

66 P. A. Motteux. In J. O. (J. OLDMIXON]'s Muses' Mercury for April,

1707 Love's an idle childish Passion

232 H. BAKER, F.R.S. In British Musical Miscellany, I [April, 1734).

(M.) Love is a scion cropped from ..... 61

T. ELLWOOD. In his Collection of

Poems (1730). Love, wearied with his roving 97

ANON In Oxford and Cambridge Miscellany Poems, ed. by E. FENTON, (1709). This Poem is on the same subject as Prior's at p. 86, published in the same vear.

PAGE Oft hast thou told me, Dick ! in 186

N. AMHURST. Poems, 1723., 0, grant that Marshal Wade

275 ANON. O, I'll have a husband! aye

271 H. CAREY. In Sir J. VANBRUGH and C. CIBBER's Provoked Husband, and

Ed., 1729 One day, the God of fond desire 282

J. THOMSON. Poems, 1750. 0, nightingale ! best poet of the.... 282

J. THOMSON. Poems, 1750.
On Thames's bank, a gentle Youth 249

In R. DODSLEY's Collection, $c., II,

0, ruddier than the cherry !..

159 J. GAY. Acis and Galatea, 1732. 0, say, What is that thing called 257 C. CIBBER, P.L. In British Musical

Miscellany, I (March, 1734). (M.) 0, the pleasing, pleasing anguish.. 45 Rt. Hon. JOSEPH ADDISON. Rosa

mond, 1707 'O, Venus! Beauty of the skies!.. 104

A. PHILIPS. The Spectator, No. 223,
Nov. 15, 1711. The text is that of
Pastorals, ģc., 1748. From SAPPHO.

Man 's a poor deluded Bubble

295 R. DODSLEY. Trifles, 1745. Me Cupid made a happy slave

63 Capt. Sir R. STEELE. In J. 0. [J. OLDMIXON]'s Muses' Mercury for February, 1707. My days have been so wondrous 114

Archdeacon T. PARNELL, D.D. In Pretical Miscellanies, ed.' by Sir R. STEELE, 1714. My time, o, ye Muses ! was happily 100 J. BYROM, F.R.S.

The Spectator No. 605, October 6, 1714. The text is from Miscellaneous Poems, Manchester, 1773



Persuade me not, there is a grace..


Miscellany Poenis, 1713.
Phillis is lively, brisk, and gay..:

E. HOWARD, Earl of SUFFOLK. In his

Miscellanies, 1725. Polly ! from me, though now a .... 206

R. SAVAGE. Works, 1775. Pope has the talent weil to speak.. 211 Dean J. SWIFT. Poetical Works,

Prithee, tell me, What a Beau is ?..

ANON. Poems, &c., published by J.



Not with more glories in th'.

A. POPE. Rape of the Lock, ist Ed.,

1714. No warning of th' approaching ...



[blocks in formation]





PAGE Says my uncle, 'I pray you

167 The snows are melted, and the 138 J. GAYIn Swift and POPE'S Mis

L. WELSTED. Epistles, Odes, &C., cellanies, 1727

1724. See! see, she wakes! Sabina.. 57 The various Suppliants which .... 294 W. CONGREVE. Works, 1710.

R. DODSLEY. Trifles, 1745. She said. The pitying audience 30

The Wanton's charms, however .. 284 A. POPE. Rape of the Lock, 5th Ed.,

J. THOMSON. Poems, 1750. 1718.

Though I never got possession 145 She was not coy!

LADY M. W. MONTAGU. Works, E. ROOME. His alteration of R.

1803 BROME's Jovial Crew, 1731.

Though women, 'tis true, are but.. 218 Soft kisses may be innocent


E. ROOME. His alteration of R. C. COCKBURN. Works, 1751.

BROME's Jovial Crew, 1731.
Stella and Flavia, ev'ry hour...... 221 Thou watchful Taper, by whose ..
M. BARBER. Poems, 1734.

W. CONGREVE. Works, 1710.
Sure, Cloe just, and Cloe fair...... 78

Thus Kitty, beautiful and young .. 84 M. PRIOR. Poems, Dublin, 1723.

M. PRIOR. Poems, Dublin, 1723: Sweet are the charms of her I love 140 Thus to a ripe, consenting Maid

56 B. BOOTH In Musical Miscellany,

W. CONGREVE. Old Batchelor, in II, 1729. (M.)

Works, 1710.
Thyrsis, a young and am'rous

Archdeacon T. PÄRNELL, D.D. Poems,
ed. A. POPE, 1722.
To ease my troubled mind of ...... 247
In R. DODSLEY's Collection, $c., II,

1748. "Tell me, Eunesia ! prithee, tell!..


To him who in an hour must die .. 247 ANON. 'In Miscellaneous Poems, ed.


In R. DODSLEY's Collection, &c., II, Thanks, Chloe! Thy coquetting.. 285 1748. R. WEST. In A. DALRYMPLE's Col

To keep thy saul frae puny strife.. 185 lection, $c., 1796.

A. RAMSAY. Poems, Edin., 1, 1724. The dusky night rides down the 261 To stifle Passion is no easy thing! 120 H. FIELDING. Don Quixote in

Archdeacon T. PARNELL, D.D. In England, 1734.

J. NICHOL's Select Collection, &c., III, • The heavy hours are almost past 245 1780.

G. LYTTELTON, Lord LYTTELTON. To wake the soul, by tender
In R. DODSLEY's Collection, &c., II,

A. POPE. In Rt. 'Hon. J. ADDISON'S 1748.

Cato, 1713. The Lass that would know how

204 'Twas when the seas were roaring 162 M. CONCANEN. In Musical Mis

J. Gay. The What d' ye call it(1715), cellany, I, 1729. (M.)

in Poems, 1720. The merchant, to secure his

80 M. PRIOR. Poems, 1709. The mind of a woman can never .. 219

E ROOME. His alteration of R.

BRome's Jovial Crew, 1731.
The minutes, the hours, the days.. 252

Unless with my Amanda blest 278

J. THOMSON. Poems, 1750.
Collection, &c., III, 1748.
The Play of Love is now begun 264

R. LEVERIDGE. In Musical Mis-
cellany, II, 1729. (M.)
The pride of ev'ry grove I chose .. 86 Vital spark of heav'nly flame
M. PRIOR. Poems, Dublin, 1723.

A. POPE. Odes, in Works, 1736.
There was an a May, and she lo'ed 202

Lady G. BAILLIE. In W. THOMSON'S Orpheus Caledonius 11725). (M.) There was an old fellow at

219 E. ROOME. His alteration of R.

Warned, and made wise by others' 238 BRome's Jovial Crew, 1731.

G. GRANVILLE, Lord LANSDOWNE. These, equal syllables alone ... 3 Works, 1732.

A. POPE Essay on Criticism, 17!1. Well! if ever I saw such another..
The lines within brackets are from the

Dean J. SWIFT. Poetical Works, Dublin edition of 1717.







PAGE While you, my Lord! the rural....

Rt. Hon. J. ADDISON. In J. DRYDEN'S Miscellany Poems, V, 1704. Why are those charms by frowns 205

M. CONCANEN. In Miscellaneous Poems, ed. by R. SAVAGE, 1726. Why, Celia ! should you so much 298

ANON. In Miscellaneous Poems, ed. by J. RALPH, 1729. Why, Damon! why, why, why so

M., Lady CHUDLEIGH. Poems, 1703. Why, lovely Charmer! tell me .. 62 Capt. Sir R. STEELE.

Husband, 1717.
Why should a heart so tender


Works, 1732 Why should those eyes, Florella! 251 W. POPPLE. In Miscellaneous Poems, ed. by R. SAVAGE, 1726. Why we love, and why we hate 106

A. PHILIPS. Pastorals, &c., 1744. Why will Delia thus retire

144 Lady M. W. MONTAGU. In R. DODSLEY's Collection, &c., 1, 1755. With an honest old friend, and.... 268

H. CAREY. Poems, 3rd Ed., 1729. With downcast eyes and folded

231 H. BAKER, F.R.S. In Musical Miscellany, III, 1730. (M.) With my frailty, don't upbraid me!

W. CONGREVE. Semele, an Opera, in Works, 1710 "Womani thoughtless, giddy... 230 H. BAKER, F.R.S. In Musical Miscellany, IV, 1730. (M.)

Ed., 1729



PAGE What dire offence, from am'rous.. 4 A. POPE. The first Three Cantos of The Rape of the Lock are from the Ist Ed. of 1714 ; the last Two, from the 5th Ed. of 1718. What man, in his wits, had not.... 199

Rev. S. WESLEY. Miscellaneous Poems, ed. by D. Lewis, 1726. What Nymph should I admire, or.. 78

M. PRIOR.' Poems, Dublin, 1723. What! put off with one denial!.... 93

J. PHILIPS. Cider, *c., 1708. What though I am a London 223

ANON. In British Musical Mis. cellany (March, 1734). (M.) What though they call me Country 270


C. CIBBER's Provoked Husband, and What Woman could do, I have

C. CIBBER, P.L. Love in a Riddle, 1719. When all was wrapped in dark



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Ye Poets ragged and forlorn

Dean J. SWIFT. Poetical Works, 1736. ‘Ye Shepherds and Nymphs, that 198

W. HAMILTON, of Bangour. Poems, 1760. "Ye Shepherds of this pleasant.... 196

W. HAMILTON, of Bangour. Poems, 1760. You ask, my friend! How I can .. 136

Rev. L. EUSDEN, P.L. In Poetical
Miscellanies, ed. "by Sir R. STEELE,

1714 You little know the heart, that you 146

Lady M. W. MONTAGU. Works, 1803. Young Strephon, by his folded

156 W. BEDINGFIELD. In A. H. [A.

HAMMOND)'s New Miscellany, 1720. Youth's the season made for joys! 170

J. GAY. The Beggar's Opera, 1728.

ANON. (? Edin., ? 1723.) D. MALLET touched up this old Ballad'; and passed it off as his own. When Britain first, at Heaven's 279 J. THOMSON and D. MALLET. Alfred, a Masque. It is thought that its

Songs are by THOMSON.
When Daphne first her Shepherd..

50 M., Lady CHUDLEIGH. Poems, 1703. When Delia on the plain appears.. 244

G. LYTTELTON, Lord LYTTELTON. In R. DODSLEY's Collection, $c., II, 1748. when I think on your truth; I.... 250

G. LYTTELTON, Lord LYTTELTON. In R. DODSLEY's Collection, $c., II, 1748. When mighty Roast Beef was the. 262

H. FIELDING. Don Quixote in England, 1734:-R. LEVERINGE. In British Musical Miscellany, III (May, 1735). (M.) •When Slaves their liberty require 54

W. WALSH. In The Grove, 1721. 'When thy beauty appears., 115

Archdeacon T. PARNELL, D.D. Poems, ed. by A. POPE, 1722. When you censure the Age.. 171

J. GAY. The Beggar's Opera, 1728. While at my house in Fleet'street 124

N. ROWE, P.L. Poetical Works, and While Butler, needy wretch! was 209

Anon. In Miscellaneous Poems, ed.

by D. LEWIS, 1726. While from our looks, fair Nymph! 77

M. PRIOR. Poems, 1709.
While gentle Parthenissa walks .. 62

Capt. Sir R. STEELE. Tender
Husband, 1717.

Ed., 1720.






A', 183, 194, all.
Ariosto, 34.

Court Ball given
Abigails (M. Prior), 84, Atalantis, 22, a satirical Ro. royal Birthday
ladies' maids.

mance by Mrs. M. Manley. Exploded Bite, 272, a hoax,
Aboon, 184, above.

Atterbury, Bishop

of a swindle.
The Act Tune, 264, the Over- Rochester; F., 134.

A Black Coat, 65, the Clergy.
Asia, 19.

A blackguard boy, 72, a boy
Addison, Rt. Hon. J., 38-45, Greater Assembly, 134, the carrying a link, or torch.
48, 49, 134

House of Commons.

Blackmore, Sir R., 132.
Affectation (A. Pope), 24. Ay (Scotch), 185, ever. Pushing Blades, 177, free and
Africa, 19, 161.

easy fellows, gallants.
Agamemnon, 33.

Blaté, 183, bashful, diffident.
Ain, 182, own.

Looking babies, 99, the small | The Blind Boy (C. Cibber,
Air, 14, 62, 63, manner, bear- image of oneself, reflected in

P.L.), 257
ing, appearance.

the pupil of another's eye. A purer blush, 9, by the use
Ajax (A. Pope), 3.
Save his bacon, 91, to save

of rouge.
Hoary Albula, 39, a stream himself from harm.

Blyth, 194, blithe.
flowing from the sulphureous Baillie, Lady G., 202, 203. Bohea, 29, a kind of tea.
Lake Ålbunea into the Anio, Baith, 183, 202, both.

Boileau-Despreaux, N., 4.
and thence into the Tiber. Baja ( = Baiæ), 40.

To boot, 65, into the bargain.
The latter also was anciently Baker, F.R.S.; H., 230-232. Booth, B., 140, 141.
called Albula.

Bangs me, 266, beats me. Painted Bow, 13, the rainbow.
Alcander (W. Walsh), 54. Bannock, 184, bread, made Thou bows, 183, bowest.
Alexandrine, 3; a line of in a round and flat shape. Bows his eye, 203, shuts it.
verse of twelve
syllables. Barber, M., 221.

Bow street, London, 125.
Alexis (M. Prior), 74, 75. The Baron [= Lord Petre), The Box, 6, at the theatre.
Almenon (T. C. Paget, Lord a little man, 5, (A. Pope), 4, The Boyne, 40, in Ireland.
Paget), 292, 293.

11, 18, 19, 20-22, 28, 30, 33, 34: Bra, 202, brave, fine.
Amanda (J. Thomson), 278, Bartlemew Fair, 132, held Braes, 184, banks.

in Smithfield on Št. Bar- Braided colours gay, 139,
Amaryllis (J. Gay), 169. tholomew's Day, August 24.

Amhurst, N., 186-193. Beau (Anon.), 98, 99, Bray, 147-149, in Berkshire.
Amintor (Anon.), 298, 299.

Bedingfield, W., 156-158. Breathing rocks, 41, sculp-
Amintor W. Popple), 251.

Belinda (Anon.), 95.
Amintor (L. Welsted)," 138, Belinda (Anon.), 149. Brillante,aSylph(A.Pope), 14.

Belinda l = Miss A. Fermor] Brimmers, 116, cups full to
Amoret (W. Congreve), 60. (A. Pope), 4–35.

the brim.
Amoret (J. Thurston), 227.

Belinda (1. Thurston), 226. Britain, 40, 44, 279.
An Amphitheatre, 41, the Belvidera (J. Thurston), 227. Britannia, 43, 109, 279.
Coliseum at Rome.
On the bent, 184, the grass.

Britons, 272.
Amynta (W. Congreve), 59. Berenice, 35.

Brown, Sir G. [= Sir
Amynta (W. Somervile), 215. Bergavenny, 289,, Aberga- Plume] (A. Pope), 27, 28, 32.
An, 202, once.

venny, Monmouthshire. A brushing fox, 261, a fox
Animated rocks to live, 43, Berries crackle, 20, the coffee having a bushy tail, or brush.

berries, as they were roasted. A Bubble, 73, 295, a dupe,
Anna, 30.

Betty [. = Belinda's lady's. a gull.
Great Anna! 16, Queen Anne. maid] (A. Pope), 9.

Bubbles, 176, mad specula.
Anne, Queen, 16, 148. Betty t = Lady E. Ílchester), tions.
Appose, 202, suppose.

288, 289.

Budgell, E., 134.
Arabia, 9.

Bevil (H. Baker, F.R.S.), 230. Burn, 183, stream.
Ardelia (= the poetical name Corn bing, 203, a place for Busk, 12, a strong piece of
of A. Finch, Countess of storing corn.

wood or whalebone in front
Winchelsea), 109.
Birt, Rev. –, 289, 290.

of a corset, to stiffen it.
Ariel, a Sylph, see Machines, Birth-night Beau, 5, one Butler, S., 208.
5-8, 12-15, 17, 21, 23.

elegantly dressed for the Byrom, F.R.S.; J., 100-103.



Cæsar, C. J., 47, 49.

Cob, 125,

a nickname of Daphne (M., Lady Chud.
Cain, 155.

J. Tonson.

leigh), 50, 51.
Calistris (M., Lady Chud- Cockburn, C., 277.

Daphnis (J. Gay), 164-166.
leigh), 51.

Codille, 19, when the Challen. Dapperwit (A. Pope), 32.
Camilla (A. Pope), 3.

ger at Ombre loses the game. Dapperwit (M. Concanen),
Camilla, 32, an Opera. Celia (W. Congreve), 58, 59. 204
Carey, H., 266-276.

Celia (C. Mordaunt, Earl of Date, 22, liinit, termination.
Carries me to Church, 267, Peterborough), 225.

Dawted, 184, favoured.
compels me to go with Coelia (Archdeacon T. Par Dead men, 37, empty bottles,
nell, D.D.), 119.

Declaration for Liberty of
Carse o' Gowrie, 183, on the Cog, 168, cheat.

Conscience, issued by James
river Tay, in Scotland.
Colin (Anon ), 300,

II in 1687, and again in
Caryl, J. E., 4.

Colin (the poetical name of 1688, 147
I turned the cat in pan, 148, J. Byrom, F.R.S.1, 100-103. Delany, D.D.; P., 229.

to make a right-about turn, Colin (?= Lord W. Hamil. Delavall, Admiral, 125.
to change sides.

ton!(? 1. Conway, Countess Delia (W. Congreve), 56, 57,
Cato, Uticensis; C. P., 46- of Hertford), 142.

Delia (Rev. L. Eusden, P.L.),

Colin (Rev. J. Hoadly), 253. 136.
Celia (Anon.), 298.

Colin l = the poetical name of Delia (J. Gay), 166.
Celia (H. Baker, F.R.S.), 230.

N. Rowe, P.L.), 125-127. Delia (G. Granville, Lord
Celia (H. Carey), 273.
Colin (T. Tickell), 172-174:

Lansdowne), 240, 241.
Celia (M. Prior), 82, 83. Come-rogues, 213, fellow Delia (=Miss Greville, after-
A Chair, 6, a Sedan Chair


wards Mrs. Boughton (G.
carried by two Pages. Coming, 271, eager, forward, Lyttelton, Lord Lyttelton),
Charles II, King, 147.


Chear'd, 194, cheered. Concanen, M., 204, 205. Delia 1 = Lady Irwin) (Lady
China's' earth, 20, china Was ever concerned, 213, M. W. Montagu), 144, 145.

intoxicated, worse for liquor. Delia (A. Philips), 107, 108
Chit, 200, child.

The nice conduct of a Delia (J. Thurston), 227.
Chloe (H. Baker, F.R.S.), 232. clouded cane, 28, the ele- Delville, 229, near Dublin.
Chloe (J. Gay), 159, 164-166. gant handling of a Malacca Denham, Sir J., 3.
Chloe (Rev.” J. Hoadly),

Dennis, J., 133.
252, 253

Congreve, W., 56-60, 124, Dick (N. Amhurst), 186-193.
Chloe (f. Thurston), 226, 227. 125, 133.

Dido, 30.
Chloe (R. West), 285, 286. Conway, Countess of Hert. Discharge your quarters,
Chloe (Rt. Hon. Sir W.Yonge, ford; 1., 142.

99, pay your rent.
Bart.), 236, 237.

Cowdenknows, 194,

at | Ran a new division, 91,
Chloris (Rev. L. Eusden, Earlston, Berwickshire.

spoke upon another subject
P.L.), 136.
Crispissa, a Sylph (A. Pope), He

do, 202, to do.
Chloris (Archdeacon T. Par- 14.

Dodsley, R., 294-297.
nell, D.D.), 120.
Cryes, 202, cries.

Dollor, 202, dolour.
Christy (A. Ramsay), 182, Curll, the Publisher ; E., 132, Dorinda (Anon.), 148.

Doughtna, 183, could not.
Chudleigh; M., Lady, 50, 51. Cynthia (Rev. L. Eusden, A' he dow do, 203, does do.
Cibber, P.L.; C., 132, 256, P.L.), 136.

Downright Dunstable was

Cynthia (A. Pope), 23. I! 91, I used plain straight-
Cicero, M. T., 92.

forward speech
Circled Green, 5, a fairy ring.

The Downs, 160, at Deal.
Hyde Park Circus, 37-see

Drap, 182, drop.

Thro the drawf, 203, on
Cit, 204, a citizen of London. Daffs, 201, daffodils.

Clara (M. Prior), 75.

Damon (H. Baker, F.R.S.), Drawing Room, 169, the
Clarissa (A. Pope), 4, 21, 30, 232.

roval receptions for Ladies.
31, 32.

Damon (H. Carey), 273: Drolled, 117, jested, made fun
Clarke, D.D.; Rev. S., 90. Damon (M., Lady Chudleigh), of.
Smooth Clitumnus, 39, a 50, 51.

The Drops, 14, earrings.
branch of the Topino. Damon (Lady M. W. Mon- Drusilla (É. Howard, Earl of
Cloe (Hon. M. Monk), 137. tagu), 144, 145.

Suffolk), 200.
Cloei =H. How Countess Dan (A. Pope), 8.

D'Urfey, T., 132, 209.
of Suffolk] (C. Mordaunt, Damon (M. Prior), 86-92. Dwalm, 202, swoon.
Earl of Peterborough), 225. Damon (J. Thomson), 282, P'ye, 92, do ye.
See also p. I.


Dye, 202, die.
Cloe (M. Prior), 68–70, 73, 78, Damon (W. Walsh), 52, 53.
79, 80, 81, 86-88.

Danæ, 71.
Clorinda (M. Prior), 74, 75. The Dane, 44, Denmark.
Clown, 126, 204, 291, a rustic. The Danube, 40.

Edie r = Edward), 182, 183.
Coach and Six, 22, horses. Daphne, 157, 158.

Een, 182, eyes.


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