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What man, in his wits, had not rather be poor,

Than for lucre his freedom to give! Ever busy the means of his life to secure;

And so ever neglecting to live!

Invironed from morning to night in a crowd;

Not a moment unbent, or alone! Constrained to be abject, though never so proud;

And at every one's call but his own!

Still repining, and longing for quiet, each hour;

Yet studiously flying it still ! With the means of enjoying his wish, in his power ;

But accursed with his wanting the will!

For a year must be past, or a day must be come,

Before he has leisure to rest ; He must add to his store, this, or that, pretty sum;

And then will have time to be blest!

But his gains, more bewitching the more they increase,

Only swell the desire of his eye! Such a wretch, let mine enemy live, if he please!

Let not even mine enemy die!

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Phillis is lively, brisk, and gay;

And loves the crystal springs, Where she, with Fountain Nymphs does play;

And to DIANA sings.

She roves through sweet ambrosial bowers,

And meekly lives at ease.
She culls, in groves, the sweetest flowers;

And has no Swain to please!



HERE, CUPID puffed, and strung his bow; Resolved the Nymphs his power should know. DRUSILLA, this can testify !

For as the Nymph stood peeping by;
Because she could not hold, but smile
To see the Chit of VENUS toil,
The Boy, forsooth, offended grew;
And, at her breast, his arrow flew,
As, in the mead, the Virgin lay,
She did a heaven of charms display.

To view her wound, bright Venus grieved,
And, in her pain, the Nymph relieved;
Then vowed, by Styx! she'd Cupid bind,
If to the Maid he proved unkind.


A WANTON Bee, of ancient fame, From Hybla's mountain singing came; And, pleased, he flies through ev'ry field, Where daffs and kingcups odours yield; But lighting on VIRENIA's arm, When Sleep to rest her eyes did charm, He finer sweets does gather there ; Nor would he to his hive repair.

The waking Nymph, surprised to see Th' unusual fondness of the Bee, War to denounce she was afraid, And chose to form an ambuscade. To him a sprig of thyme did shove, A herb that every Bee does love. But he of this no notice took ; At which, with fear the Virgin shook : When, by indulgent Juno sent, A Fountain Nymph to help her went. The sportive Bee then flew away; And bright VIRENIA gained the day.

THERE was an a May, and she lo'ed na men,
She bigged her bonny bow'r down in yon Glen:
But now she cryes, ‘Dale and a well-a-day!
Come down the Green gate, and come here away!

'When bonny young JOHNNY came o'er the sea,
He said, He saw nathing so bonny as me.
He haight me baith rings and mony bra things:
And were ne my heart 's light, I wad dye!

'He had a wee Titty that lo'ed na me;
Because I was twice as bonny as She!
She rais'd sick a pother 'twixt him and his mother,
That were ne my heart 's light, I wad dye!

'The day it was set, and the Bridal to be,
The Wife took a dwalm, and lay down to dye ;
She main'd and She grain'd, out of dollor and pain,
Till he vowed, That he ne'er wou'd see me again!

'His kin was for ane of a higher degree,
Said, “What had he do with the likes of me?
Appose I was bonny, I was ne for JOHNNY!'
And were ne my heart 's light, I wad dye !

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They said, “I had neither cow nor calf,
Nor drops of drink runs thro' the drawf,
Nor pickles of meal runs thro' the Mill Eye.”
And were ne my heart 's light, I wad dye !

'The Maiden she was baith willy and slye.
She spyed me, as I came o'er the Lee;
And then she ran in, and made sick a din!
Beleive your ain een, an ye trow ne me!

'His bonnet stood ay fu'round on his brow,
His auld ane lookt ay as well as his new :
But now, he lets 't gang any gate it will hing;
And casts himsell down on the corn bing.

'And now, he gaes drooping about the dykes;
And a' he dow do, is to hund the tykes.
The live-lang night he ne'er bows his eye:
And were ne my heart 's light, I wad dye!

' But young for thee as I ha' been,
We shou'd ha' been galloping down in yon Green;
And linking out o'er yon lilly-white Lee:
And, wow gin I were young for thee.'

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