English Liberty: Or, The British Lion Roused: Containing the Sufferings of John Wilkes, Esq.; from the First of His Persecution, Down to this Present Time, Volúmenes1-2

T. Marsh, 1769

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Página 233 - I believe that the flinty heart of Lord Chatham has known the fweets of private friendfhip, and the fine feelings of humanity, as little as even Lord Mansfield. They are both form'd to be admir'd, not belov'd.
Página 329 - In the whole progrefs of minifterial vengeance againfl me for feveral years I have fhewn to the conviction of all mankind, that my enemies have trampled on the laws, and been actuated by the fpirit of tyranny and arbitrary power.
Página 130 - Crown, fol. 268, observing upon that statute's taking away this power from the king's coroner and attorney only, says, from whence it follows, that informations exhibited by the attorney general remain as they were at common law. Such informations can only be exhibited in the court of King's-bench, of which court the king's attorney general and the king's coroner and attorney, commonly called the master of the Crown -office, are officers upon record, and have their known seats and places there as...
Página 133 - ... for that purpofe, it was our duty to deliver over to thofe, whofe office it is to collect the evidence, and manage the profecution againft you.
Página 125 - The liberty of all peers and gentlemen, and what touches me more sensibly, that of all the middling and inferior class of people, who stand most in need of protection, is in my case this day to be finally decided upon ; — a question of such importance as to determine at once whether English liberty be a reality or a shadow.
Página 117 - I may perhaps ftill have the means left me to mew that I have been fuperior to every temptation of corruption. They may indeed have flattered themfelves, that when they found corruption could not prevail, perfecution might intimidate.
Página 85 - Prince was held in the moft abfolute flavery by his Mother and her Minifter, the firft Nobles of England were excluded from the King's Councils,, and the Minion difpofed of all places of profit and trufL The King's Uncles did...
Página 62 - His lordship paid me the highest encomiums on my courage, and said he would declare everywhere that I was the noblest fellow God had ever made. He then desired that we might now be good friends, and retire to the Inn to drink a bottle of claret together, which we did with great good humour and much laugh.
Página 90 - Lordfhip for the fubject of this Dedication, is that you are faid, by former Dedicators, to cultivate with fuccefs the polite arts. They ought to have gone further, and to have mewn how liberally you have rewarded all men of genius.
Página 50 - I never gave one to the moft intimate friend. Government, after the affair of the North Briton, bribed one of my fervants to rob me of the copy, which was produced in the Houfe of Peers, and afterwards before this honourable court. The nation was juftly offended, but not with me, for it was evident that I had not been guilty of the leaft offence to the public.

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