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The Fifth Number is HAMLET, beautifully embellished.

The Sixth Number is ROMEO and JULIET, ditto.

The Seventh Number is the MERCHANT of VENICE, ditto.
The Eighth Number is the MERRY WIVES of WINDSOR, ditto.
The Ninth Number is JULIUS CÆSAR, ditto.

The Tenth Number is MIDSUMMER-NIGHT's DREAM, ditto.
The Eleventh Number is TITUS ANDRONICUS, ditto.
The Twelfth Number is TWELFTH-NIGHT, ditto.

The Thirteenth Number is LOVE's LABOUR's LOST, ditto.
The Fourteenth Number is TIMON of ATHENS, ditto.
The Fifteenth Number is TROILUS and CRESSIDA, ditto.
The Sixteenth Number is AS YOU LIKE FT, ditto.
The Seventeenth Number is OTHELLO, ditto.

The Eighteenth Number is the COMEDY of ERRORS, ditto.
The Nineteenth Number is KING HENRY V. ditto.
The Twentieth Number is KING LEAR, ditto.

The Twenty-Firft Number is KING HENRY IV.Part I. ditto.
The Twenty-Second Number is KING HENRY IV. Part II. do.
The Twenty-Third Numb. is the TAMING OF THE SHREW, do.
The Twenty-Fourth Number is CYMBELINE, ditto.

The Twenty-Fifth No. is ALL's WELL THAT ENDS WELL, do. The Twenty-Sixth Number is KING HENRY VI. Part I. ditto.

To the PUBLIC.

THIS Work is intended to fupercede the neceffity for any other Edition whatever, as it will be calculated to gratify every clafs of Readers. The Publifher intends that it fhall not only be the most perfect and beautiful Work that Britain ever produced, but also, the cheapest; he humbly hopes for public Patronage, in proportion to the merits of the undertaking, and he respectfully folicits particular attention to the following circumstances.

The Plan is to print each Play, fingly, and entire, from the last revifions of Dr. SAMUEL JOHNSON, and GEORGE STEEVENS, Efq. &c. with their Characters of the Play, and the Origin of the Fable, as an introductory Preface to each Play.

The Plays to be printed by Meff. FRYS and COUCHMAN, on two forts of paper; the beft of which will be fuperfine writing-post quality, on a new Bourgeois Letter, caft and delicately dreffed on purpofe. Embellishments for this fort will confift of a characteristic Print, reprefenting a spirited likeness of fome favourite Performer, befides an original Vignette Scene Print, defigned and engraved by the most eminent Artifts in London and Paris. The Plays thus embellished and executed, will be fold at one shilling and fixpence each.

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