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A Short List of Evelyn's Works on Gardening, Forestry and Agriculture :• Sylva' and · Pomona,' 1664. Sixth ed., 1786,

by A. Hunter, M.D., F.R.S. • Kalendarium Hortense,' 1664. Tenth ed.,

1706. • Acetaria, a Discourse of Sallets,' 1699. Translations : The French Gardener,' 1658. Fourth ed.,

1691. • The Compleat Gard'ner' (from the French of

La Quintinye’s Instructions pour les jardins

fruitiers et potagers), 1693. • Of Gardens,' from the Latin of René Rapin

(published by Evelyn, but by his son). 6 A Letter to Lord Brouncker on a New Machine

for Ploughing.' Terra: A Philosophical Discourse of Earth,'

1676. Reprinted 1778 by A. Hunter, M.D., F.R.S.




Probate Divorce AND ADMIRALTY Division of
The High Court of Justice.

In the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. Moreparke, March 8, 1694/5. After having made several other Wills in more form I shall make this as short as I can to avoid those cruel remembrances that have so often occasioned the changing of them God's holy name be praised His will be done Being therefore in perfect health and sense at the writing hereof I leave to my sister Giffard my lease of Blansby in Yorkshire from the Crown for three lives now in being as likewise my Colledge lease of lands near Armagh in Ireland with all right title and interest I have therein or shall have at the time of my decease to be held and enjoyed by her my said sister during her life and after her death I leave both the said leases to my nephew John Temple I leave my house in the Pell Mell with my right and title therein unto my daughter in law Mrs. Mary Temple during her life and after her death to her two daughters Elizabeth and Dorothy Temple I leave my Colledge lease of Clownes in Ireland to my nephew John Temple I leave to my grand child Elizabeth Temple my inlaid cabinet my gold watch and seales with all the gold or silver I shall leave in my closet at the time of my death I leave all my goods stock and furniture whatsoever at Moreparke with pictures statues books purcelane to goe along and remain with the said house that is to the use of my sister Giffard during her life and after that successively to those persons to whom I have or shall by deed dispose the said house and lands with the rest of my estate late in Joynture to my dear wife desiring and appointing that

said house


be transmitted to them in the same condicon I shall leave it and as a possession or jewel I most love and esteem for many reasons I leave all the rest of my money debts goods plate or other personal estate not used commonly at More Parke nor disposed of by this or any succeeding will in the first place to the discharge of what debts I shall leave unpaid at the time of my

death or what legacies I shall leave by this or any succeeding will and the whole remainder of


and all such personal estate I leave and appoint to divided into four equall parts whereof I leave one to my sister one to each of my two grandchildren and a fourth to my two brothers

and of this last three parts to Sr John Temple and two to Mr. Henry Temple I leave for a legacy to Bridget Johnson Ralph More and Lennard Robinson twenty pounds apeice with half a years wages to them and all my other servants and twenty pounds to the poor

of the Parish of Farnham I leave a lease of some lands I have in Morristown in the County of Wickloe in Ireland to Esther Johnson servant to my sister Giffard I leave and appoint my brothers Sr John Temple and Henry Temple and my sister Dame Martha Giffard Executors and Executrix of this my last Will and Testament I desire my body may be interred at Westminster Abby near those two dear pledges gone before me but with as much privacy and as small expence as my Executors shall find convenient And I desire and appoint that my

heart may

be interred six foot under ground on the South East side of the stone dyal in my little garden at Moreparke In witness of all which I have hereunto set my hand and seale this eighth day of March 1694-W. Temple. Signed and sealed in presence of—Thomas Swift-Leonard Robinson-Ralph More.

Upon this ad of Feby 1697/8 I have thought fitt to add this codicill to my will whereas by a clause of

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