American journal of psychiatry, Volumen27


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Página 387 - And by the same organ we become mad and delirious, and fears and terrors assail us, some by night, and some by day, and dreams and untimely wanderings, and cares that are not suitable, and ignorance of present circumstances, desuetude, and unskilfulness.
Página 456 - An only son of a weak and indulgent mother was encouraged in the gratification of every caprice and passion of which an untutored and violent temper was susceptible. The impetuosity of his disposition increased with his years. The money with which he was lavishly supplied removed every obstacle to the indulgence of his wild desires. Every instance of opposition or resistance roused him to acts of fury. He assaulted his...
Página 373 - Army, as exhibited in volumes one and two of the first part of the Medical and Surgical History of the war...
Página 62 - Pulpits and Sundays, sorrow dogging sin, Afflictions sorted, anguish of all sizes, Fine nets and stratagems to catch us in, Bibles laid open, millions of surprises ; Blessings beforehand, ties of gratefulness, The sound of Glory ringing in our ears : Without, our shame ; within, our consciences ; Angels and grace, eternal hopes and fears. Yet all these fences and their whole array One cunning bosom-sin blows quite away.
Página 453 - That to the use of actions fair and good He likewise gives a frock or...
Página 390 - ... who does not shrink from the implications even of the phrase that thought is a secretion of the brain as bile is a secretion of the liver...
Página 445 - I was not a little surprised to find many maniacs who at no period gave evidence of any lesion of the understanding, but who were under the dominion of instinctive and abstract fury, as if the active faculties alone had sustained injury.
Página 263 - ... of two or more reputable physicians, after a personal examination made within one week of the date thereof, and this certificate to be duly acknowledged and sworn to or affirmed before some magistrate or judicial officer who shall certify to the genuineness of the signature, and to the respectability of the signer...
Página 141 - Resolved, That the Medical Superintendents of the various incorporated or other legally constituted Institutions for the Insane, now existing, or which may be commenced prior to the next meeting, be, and hereby are, elected members of this Association.
Página 69 - Coleridge and myself walked back to Stowey that evening, and his voice sounded high "Of Providence, foreknowledge, will, and fate, Fix'd fate, free-will, foreknowledge absolute," as we passed through echoing grove, by fairy stream or waterfall, gleaming in the summer moonlight!

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