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St. Michael's Church-continued.

Bequest to the poor of, 540.
Salisbury, Robert, Earl of, state of the

Exchequer at his death, 84.
Impositions set on by, 86.
Divulging of the King's wants

begun by, 87.
Sands, Sir Samuel, one of a committee

to set down the judgment against

Edward Lloyde, 273.
Sandys, Sir Edwin, moves for search of

precedents as to the power of
judicature of the House of Com.
mons, 187.
His part at the conference with the

Lords, 191. 193.
Santa Cruz, Marquis de, best Com-

mander of Spain by Sea, 486.
Saunders, 484.
Savile, Sir Henry, on the work of the

first session in 1621, 282.

Lectures founded by, 544.
Savoy, apprehension of the designs of

Spain, 497, 501.
Saye and Seal, William Fiennes, Baron,

on one of the Committees of
four for examination of evidence

against Bacon, 245.
His motion on Bacon's first letter

of submission, 248.
In favour of requiring him to

answer the charges in person,

In favour of degradation, 268,

One of the Committee to take ex.

aminations in the case of Edward

Lloyde, 277.
Sayers, William, legacy to, 543.
Scarcity of money, along with plenty

of all other commodities, 160.
Causes of, recommended for con-

sideration by the King to the

Commons, and debated, 184.
Scott, Richard, a suitor, 255, 256.
Scottishmen at the Battle of Newport,

Selden, John, consulted by Bacon, 330

To be consulted by Sir John Con.

stable as to the publication or
suppression of Bacon's MSS.

Seminaries, 481.
Seneca, restored after banishment, 297.

Behaviour in exile, 372.
Sermones fideles, sive Interiora Rerum,

Latin title for Bacon's “Essays,"

Seymour, Sir Francis-continued.

punish them if found guilty,

Sheffield, Lord, 39.

On one of the Committees of four

for examination of evidence

against Bacon, 2 15.
His part in the debate on Bacon's

punishment, 268.
One of Committee to take exami-

nations, in the case of Edward
Lloyde, 277.
Moves for warrant to commit

Bacon to the Tower, 279.
Sherburn, Edward, one of Bacon's

secretaries, 83. 255.
A witness in Bacon's case, 256,

Sheriff, Gabriel, a witness in Bacon's

case, 260.

Sexvir ,361.
Seymour, Sir Francis, moves to call the

Referees to their answer, and

Sheriffs, carelessness of the Judges in

presenting fit men for, 55, 56.
Shute, Mr., of Lombard Street, be-

quest to for funeral sermon,

Shute, Mr., his employment in the

cause of Fisher and Wrenham:


Of Richard Scott, 255, 256.
Sidley, of Kent, founded a lecture in

natural philosophy at Oxford,

- 547.
Siete Partidas, 361.
Silver, the raising of, by ordinance,

Sinclair, Lord, Ambassador from the

King of Denmark, 32.
Smith, old goodwife, legacy to, 543.
Smith, Richard, legacy to, 543.
Smith, Bacon's Bailiff, and his wife,

legacies to, 543.
Smith, Sir Thomas, 260.
Smithwick, a suitor, 259.
Solon's laws, 359, 360.
Somerset, Earl of, joint-patentee of

the reversion of Sir J. Roper's

office, 101.
Released from the Tower, 326.
“Hath his pardon and they say

shall sit in Parliament,” 549.
Southampton, Henry Wriothsley, Earl

of, 203.
Moves for committees to inquire

into the execution of the patents
complained of, 203.
Moves answer to Bacon's first

letter to the Lords, 216.
Chairman of one of the Com.

mittees of four for examination

of evidence against Bacon, 245.
Motion on his first letter of sub-

mission, 248.


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Southampton, Henry W.-continued.

Against requiring him to answer in

person, 249.
Seconds the Prince's motion for a

message, 250.
His motions in the debate on

Bacon's punishment, 267.269.
One of the Committee to take ex-
...aminations in the case of Edward

Lloyde, 277.
Complains that Bacon has not been

sent to the Tower, 279.
Letter to, from Bacon, desiring

him to favour his suit for re-
admission to the House of Lords,

453, 454.
Spain, short view of Great Britain and,

Suggests to James the office of

mediator between the parties in

the Bohemian war, 28, 29.
Alarmed by his consent to the levy

of Volunteers and the borrow.
ing of money for the defence of
Palatinate, 106.
Keeps him .in belief that the Pala.

tinate will be respected, until
ready to attack it, 112.
Vox populi, or news from," 153.
Peace with, would be broken by a

diverting army, 163.
Policy of opposition to, approved

by Bacon, but rendered im-
practicable by the King's pro-

ceedings, 368
Alliance with, how to be turned to

best account, 368—370.
Co-operation of, necessary for re-

covery of Palatinate, 369. 400.

Visit of the Prince and Bucking,

to, 401.
Buckingham's quarrel with, 440,

“ The King will put a hook in the

nostrils of,” 445.
The uniting of the States of Europe

against the growing ambition of,

Views of the House of Commons

regarding, 456–460.
Notes for speech concerning war

with, 460-465.
Treaties with, declared at an end,

465, 466.
Considerations touching a



with, 469-505. 535.
Policy of, in invading England,

Policy of the Kings of, 482.
Strength of in 1588, compared

with 1624, 496,497.


Dominions of, scattered, 463. 498.
Population scanty, 499.
Peasants of, no soldiers, 502.
Treasure of, at the mercy of those

who are masters by sea, 464.

Greatness of, built on four pillars,

Weak at the spring head, ibid.
Devotion of, to the Catholic

Church, a matter of ambition

not religion, 503.
Support given by, to the Protest-

ants of France, ibid.
Issues of the war with, of little

interest to the new House of

Commons, 509,
Unsuccessful expedition against,

Buckingham's attempt to pull

down the monarchy of, 538.
Spaniards' valour, 499.
Spanish match, progress of negotiations

concerning, 16–19.
Treaty for, reopened by Gondomar

with offer to accept the con.
ditions which had been rejected

before, 107.
Likely to be broken off, 113.
Effect of the dissolution of Parlia-

ment upon, 369. 400.
Expected to be concluded shortly:

the Council made acquainted

with the Articles, 430.
Condition of, on the Prince's re-

turn from Spain, 440.
Advice to Buckingham concerning,

449, 450.
Finally broken off, 458, 459.

Declared at an end, 466.
Sparta, defence of, against the Thebans,

Speech of matters of state, proclama-

tion against excess of, 152. 154,

155, 156, 157.
Spencer, Robert, Lord, on one of the

Committees of four for examina-
tion of evidence against Bacon,

His part in the debate on Bacon's

punishment, 268, 269.
Spinola, sudden descent of upon the

Palatinate, 112.
Spright, William, a witness in Bacon's
Star Chamber, proceedings in, 4.

The King advised by Bacon to

come in person into, 70.
Uses of, 70, 71.
Commissions to be published in,

71, 72

case, 260.

Star Chamber--continued.

Constitution of, and order of pro-

ceeding in, 91.
Value of as a political institution,

according to Coke and Bacon, 92,

Abolition of, how brought about,

Clarendon's opinion of, 95.
Rules for, (drawn up by Bacon,

but lost,) would have been in
accordance with his aphorisms
concerning Censorian Courts, 96

- 99.

Declaration in, recommended, 289.
States General, Bacon's letter to the, 38.
Steel, the business of, 109.
Stephens, Robert, his catalogue, missing

papers entered in, 12. 35. 83.
111. 191. 292. 313. 321. 367.
382. 399. 425. 465. 524, 525,
5:26. 528. 534. 539. 546. Appen:

dix No. 2.
Steward, Dr., Mr. Heath's opinion of

his case, 5, 6, and Appendix,

no. 1.
Stuart, Sir Robert, 483.
Stukely, 484.
Subscription of the Nobility and

Council for defence of the

Palatinate, 118. 132.
Subsidies and Fifteenths, amount of,

Free gift of two (16 Feb. 1621-2),

Passed, 197.
Vote of one, 331. 456.
Promise of three, 465.

Subsidies and Fifteenths-continued.

Need of seven, 466.
Grant of two, 467.

Offer of two, 507.
Suckling, Sir John, Comptroller of the

Household, 388.
Appointed by the King to treat

with Bacon's creditors, 394.
Suffolk, Countess of, involved in the

charges against her husband : ill

of the small-pox, 8. See 561.
Suffolk, Earl of, Lord Treasurer, ac-

cused of exaction, I.
Proceedings against, 2.
His answer in Star Chamber, 8.
His fine, 74.
A Referee for the patent of Inns,

A Commissioner for the patent of

Gold and Silver Thread, 204.
Against accepting Bacon's first

letter of submission, 248.
In favour of requiring him to

answer the charges in person,

249, 250.
Comes to Parliament though not to

Council, 549.
The point of the charge against,

Suitors in Chancery, Buckingham's

letters to Bacon in favour of, 5.
Sussex, Earl of, sells New Hall, and re-

signs his Lieutenancy of Essex

to Buckingham, 390.
Sylla, 360, 361.
Sylva Sylvarum, 537.
Sweden, negotiations with, 526.
Syllogism, use of in philosophy, 375.


Tacitus, 361.
Tanfield, Sir Lawrence, Lord Chief

Tite, the late Sir William, original

Baron of the Exchequor, letter

to, 12.
A referee for the patent of Inns,

Tasso, the King's remark on, 351.
Taxation, Parliamentary, largest sum

levied by in any single year, 164.
Amount of, in Elizabeth's time as

compared with James's, 170.
Thebes, city of, invested by Phæbidas,

Thelwall, Bevis, a witness in Bacon's

case, 252. 257.
Sir Euball, one of the executors of

Bacon's last will, 544.
Thorpe, Sir William, notes on his case,

232, 233, 234, 235.
Thucydides, on the cause of the Pelo-

ponnesian war, 474.

letter belonging to, 433.
Tobacco, proclamation to be sent out to

restrain plantation of, 64.

Business well settled, 100.
Torture, use of in examinations, 78,

Towerson, the merchant, answers for

the readiness of London to
contribute 20 subsidies in a
case of war for the Palatinate,

Trade, proposed treatise on reglement

of, 352.
Open into the East and West

Indies, 443. 446.
Trajan, 359.
Traske, a sectary, his retractation,

Treasury, in commission, 1.

Designs concerning, 54.

[blocks in formation]


Letter of advice concerning, 83

-90. 116, 117.
The King's last commands to the

commissioners of, 149.
Chief Justice Montagu made Lord

Treasurer, 149.
Treavor, Sir John, a suitor, 254.
Trevigi, loss and re-adeption of, 472.
Trinity College, Cambridge, letter to,

with copy of the De Augmentis

Scientiarum, 439.
Troughton, Bacon's ancient servant,

legacy to, 543.
Turks, their assumed right to make war

for propagation of their faith a
sufficient ground for invasive

war against them, 476.
Turner, a dealer in the Allum Works,


pays 19001. to the Lord Trea-

surer Suffolk for favour, 57.
Telesius, 377.
Temporis partus maximus, 532.
Tenison, Archbishop, papers sent to,

367. 382.
Alterations made in the text by,

Anecdote told by, on Rawley's

authority, 525.
Taylor, Sir Henry, his character of

Isaac Comuenus, 576, 577.
Twelve tables, 360.
Twickenham, bequest to the poor of,

Tyrone, at Kinsale, 494.
Tyrone's son, said to be gone for Spain,



Union of England and Scotland, 175.


Commission of, 349. 382.
Urbin, Duke of, 472.

Loss and recovery of, 472.
Usury, proposition touching, 410. 413

Draught of Act against, 419, 420.

Vagabonds and beggars, commission Vere,-continued.
for, 73. 81.

Sir Horace, 493.
Valdez, Pedro de, 488.

Verge of the Court, Bacon's exclusion
Valencia, in dispute between Spain and

from, 270. 291.
the Moors, 464. 501.

Petition for leave to come within,
Valtoline, the, put in deposit, 463. 498.

292. 300, 301. 305. 321. 322.
Dispute about with France, 500.

329. 335. 341, 342, 343. 346,
Possession of by Spain alarming to

347. 350.
Venice, 501.

Warrant for the same, 354, 355,
See also 479. 496, 497.

356, 357. 453.
Van der Dussen, one of the commis. Vergil, Polydore, 303.

sioners from the States General, Verulam House, 165, 166. 296. 551,

Van Lore, Peter, Bacon's debt to, 69. Villiers, Christopher, 112.

Interested, together with Mr.
Cause between Kenneday and, 255

Maude, in the patent of re-
A witness in Bacon's case, ibid.

cognisances for alehouses, 148.
Vaughan, Sir John, afterwards Lord, Villiers, Sir Edward, calls on Yelverton
receives Bacon on his liberation

to imprison certain tradesmen
from the Tower at his house at

refusing to enter into a bond not
Fulham, 283. 288. 301.

to make gold and silver thread,
Going to the Prince in Spain, 405.

Venice, Treasury of St. Mark's at, 463. Vintners of London, business between
League against growing power of,

them and the French merchants,

Her fear of the designs of Spain, Virgil, fault imputed to him, 547.
497. 501.

Virginia and the Summer Islands,
Vercelles, relinquished by Spain, 463. plantation of, 175.
497, 498.

Vox Populi, a book against Spain, the
Vere, Sir Francis, his commentary on

author of which the Government
the battle of Newport, 492, 493. were in pursuit of, 153.


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Wagstaffe, Lady St. Alban's late wait. | Whitelocke, James-continued.

ing gentlewoman, legacy to, Made Chief Justice of Chester, 109

Bacon's spe-ch to him on
Wallingford, William Knollys, Vis- duties of the place, 102-10

count, afterwards Earl of Ban- Wich, a suitor, 259.
bury, in favour of requiring Will, made by Bacon at the tim of
Bacon to answer the charges of his impeachment, 228.
corruption in person, 249.

Last, 539-545.
Walloons, good soldiers, 499. 503. Williams, Dean, (afterwards Bishop of
Walter, Sir John, recommends a course

Lincoln, and Lord Keeper,)
for dealing with patents with:

advice of, 291.
out meddling with the Referees, His advice to Buckingham, 306.

His objections to the assignation
War, the Holy, treatise on, proposed,

of Bacon's fine, and to the pro-

posed pardon, 306, 307.
Dialogue of, 367—371, 374.

Stays the pardon at the seal, 308.
Distribution of the parts, 370.

His reasons, 310—312.
With Spain, notes for speech on, His conference with Gondomar

about the titulary Roman
Considerations touching, 469—

bishop, 379.
505. 533. 536.

His advice concerning the farm
For religion, defensive and offen-

of the Petty Writs, 389, 390.
sive, 481, 482

Appointed by the King to treat
Of the Commons against the with Bacon's creditors, 394.
Crown, 409.

Letters to Bacon from, 404.
Wards, proposed treatise on disposal Begins to withdraw from his
of, 351.

dependence on Buckingham, 440.
Weldon, Sir Anthony, 227.

Receives from Bacon a patent
Welles, Bacon's ancient servant, legacy which had been stopped at the
to, 543.

seal, 514.
Wentworth, Sir John, 11.

Resigns the seal, 535.
Wentworth, Thomas, Baron; after- Bacon's register-book of speeches
wards Earl of Cleveland ; on

and letters bequeathed to, 540.
one of the committees of four To be advised with as to the
for examination of evidence

lectures in the Universities, 544.
against Bacon, 245.

546, 547.
His part in the debate on Bacon's On the value of orations and
punishment, 268.

epistles, 546, 547.
One of the committee to take Appeal against a decree made by,
examinations in the case of

Edward Lloyde, 277.

See 386. 399. 535.
Wentworth, Sir Thomas, on the mis- Williams, a patentee, 30.

management of the Conference, Willoughby, proceeding in Parliament

against decree in case of Whar-
Weston, Sir Richard, Chancellor of

ton and, 558.
Exchequer, letter from Bacon Wills and Inventories, patentfor engros-
to, 517.

sing, 121, 122.140, 141.150.154.
Warrants to be referred to, 521. Wilson, the historian, on the later
Speedy issuing of certain money relations between Bacon and his
to be recommended to, 522.

wife, 539.
Wharton, Lady, a suitor, and witness Winch, Justice, a referee for the patent
in Bacon's case, 253.

of Inns, 187.
Act to avoid a decree procured by, Winwood, Secretary, a referee for the

patent of Inns, 185.
See Willoughby.

Woder, Bacon's ancient servant, legacy
White, Mr. Richard, an acquaintance

to, 543.
of Galileo, 36.

Wolsey, Cardinal, 299.
Whitehall, fire at, 4.

Wood, Bacon's servant, legacy to, 543.
Whitelocke, James, relations of with Woodward, Tristram, a witness in
Bacon, 100—102.

Bacon's case, 253

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