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Nabuchadonozor's image of monarchy,

Naples, Spain in competition with

France and Rome for, 461.

479. 500.
Natural and Experimental History,

hopes of Bacon to interest the collection of, 129, 130.
Its place in the Instauration, 373.

375, 376. 380, 381. 531, 532.
First instalments of, 395. 398.
Anecdote concerning composition

of, 525.
Bacon's last work, 550, 551.

See 406.
Naunton, Sir Robert, Secretary of State,

llis sentence on the Earl and

Countess of Suffolk, 59.
Candidate for the Provostship of
Eton, 407.

See 121. 153. 446.
Navarre, Spain in competition with

France for, 464. 500.
Navy, law for maintenance of, to be

prepared for Parliament, 123.
Negotium Posterorum, 509.
Neville, John Lord, notes upon his

New-hall purchased by Buckingham,

389, 390, 391.
Newport, battle of, 461. 492.
New World, England's first lot or por-

tion in, 175.
New Year's gifts to law officers,

Nicolls, Justice, a referee for the patent

of Inns, 185.
Norris, Sir John, 483. 485.
Nottingham, Earl of, his certificate

concerning some error in a bill

for Sheriffs, 55.
Lord Admiral in 1588, 487.
Engaged in the voyage of 1596,

Novum Organum, publication of, 119,

120. 122. 129–131.
Copy sent to the Cambridge Uni-

versity Library, 135.
The King's remark on, 168.
Why published in an imperfect

condition, 380.
A second part to be added, 512.

531. 533.
Noye, William, complains of the patent

of Inns, as abused in the execu-

tion, 184.
Sent to search the records in the

Tower for precedents as to the
power of the House of Commons
to punish delinquents against
the State, 187. 189.

case, 234.

Nevill, Mr., on the conduct of the

Speaker and the case of the

Referees, 195.
New Atlantis, question as to date of

composition of, 537.


Oath of the Judges, 217. 233, 234,

Of the Lord Chancellor, the Lord

Treasurer, the Privy Council.
lors, and the Barons of the Ex-

chequer, 219.
Odonnel, at Kinsale, 494.
Ogle, Sir John, service of at the battle

of Newport, 493.
Olivares, Conde d', 437, 438. 441. 448.
Oquenda, Michael de, 488.
Orange, Prince of, 485.

Transmits the direction of the

army at Newport to Sir Francis

Vere, 493.
Orations, register book of, 540.

Oratory, Fathers of the, 503.
Ore tenus,

See Dutch merchants.
Ormus, in dispute between Spain and

Persia, 463, 464. 498. 504.
Ostend, 495.
Ottomans, 461. 475.

See Turks.
Oxford, Earl of, letter from Bacon to,

desiring to be readmitted into
the House of Lords, 454,

Oxford University, letter to, with copy

of the De Augmentis Scien-
tiarum, 439.


Packer, Mr., Buckingham's secretary, Papists – continued.
320, 324. 412.

Date and origin of the severe laws
Padua, recovery and defence of, 472.

against, in Elizabeth's tine,
Paise, Stephen, Bacou's servant, legacy

to, 542.

Pardon, the ancient remuneration in
Witness to the publication of his

Parliament, 148.
last will, 5-15.

A more liberal one than usual
Palatinate, interest or King James in,

recommended, ibid.

Special, granted to Bacon, with
Threatened by the Emperor, ibid. exception of sentence, 305—308.
Cause of, discussed between the

king and Gondomar, 106, 107. The same stayed at the seal, 308—
Sudden march of Spinola upon,

312, 313, 314, 316 ; passed,

Resolution of the King to take up Clause in Lord Somerset's, ob.
arms in defence of, ibid.

jected to by L. Chancellor
Voluntary contribution for defence

Ellesmere, 311.
of, 118. 131, 132.

Bacon's suit for a full, 442.
How affected by the defeat of

Frederick at Prague, 153, 154. Rumour of a general, 443. 445.
Plans of action proposed for re- Draft of warrant for a full, 519.
covery, 162–164.

Never received by Bacon, 548.

corquering army” resolved Paris, suburbs of, 495.
on, a council of war appointed, í Parliament, resolution to call a new,
and an estimate made of the

cost, 164, 165.

Preparations for, 114--116. 145–
The King's determination declared

152. 155.
to Parliament, 170.

Proclamation for, proposed by
Case of, and cost of army to re-

Bacon, 124–128.
cover, explained to the Com. Altered by the King and sent
mons, 179, 180, 506.

forth, 140.
Restitution of, undertaken by Precedents of Kings' eldest sous
Spain, 325.

summoned to, 142–144.
Promises held out by the King, Meeting of, prorogued, 166.

the council of state, and the Opening of: the King's speech
ambassador, 369. 400, 401,

to the two Houses. 169–171.
Not to be recovered except by the For what ends usually summoned,
marriage, 430.

171, 172.
Rutitution of, must be by treaty Bacon's advice to, 173. 177–179.
or arms, 450, 460.

The perfection of monarchy, 177.
Policy of the Government regard. What matters to be handled in,
ing, 456.

and under what limitations, 177,
Petition of the Commons, 457.

Advice of the Council, 457, 458.

Adjourned for Easter, 227.
Hesitation of the new House of Adjourned till November, 281,
Commons, 466, 468.

Recovery of, a just ground of war, Dissolved, 331. 369.
461. 470-474.

Question of calling another, 442.
In the talons of Spain, 479.

444, 445.
Change of feeling in the Commons Another meets under changed
regarding, 506, 507.

ditions, 457.
Mansfeldt's enterprise for the re- King Charles's first, summoned
covery of, and fate of the

immediately after the death of
English forces sent to help,

James I., 526.

Dissolved, 527.
See 497,498.

Another meets after the corona-
Palmer, Mr. Roger, letter to, 534,

tion,- the same in which Buck-
Panama, land enterprise of, 495.

ingham was impeached, 549.
Papists, the party of, 442. 447. 449. Reversal of decrees in Chancery by
461. 480.

Act of, 557.

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Pembroke, Earl of-continued.

Bacon's message of acknowledg.

ment to, 299.
Pension of 12001. granted to Bacon,

In arrear, 330. 381. 387. 396.
Petition for payment of, in ad-

vance, 511. 517. 521.
Of 20001. or 30001. to be obtained

for him by Buckingham after

his fall, 295. 297.
Percy, Mr. Henry, bequest to, 542.

A suit of, recommended to Sec.

Conway, 549.
Perient, Sir Thomas, 253.
Perrot, Sir J., moves for public de-

claration of readiness to sup.
port a war for the Palatinate,

Persia in hostility with Spain, 501.

See Ormus.
Peterson, Mr., Bacon's late chaplain, to
preach his funeral

Petition to the House of Lords, 321.

To the King, 387, 388. 395.

Petty Writs, farm of, sequestered, 381.

387. 396.
Suit concerning, 324. 389.
Proposed alteration in patent, 397.
Petition for discharge of rent,511.

517. 534.
Philips, Sir Robert, on the mismanage-

ment of the Conference, 195.
One of a committee to set down

the judgment agninst Edward

Lloyde, 273.
Supports motion for public de.
claration of readiness to support

war for the recovery of the
Palatinate, 281.
Opposes motion for more than
2 subsidies; knows of no war,


Parma, Prince of, 483. 485, 486. 488,

Parmenides, 377.
Patents likely to be complained of by the

Lower House, how to be dealt
with, 146, 147, 148. 151, 152.

Question referred to the Council,

and carried against Bacon's

judgment, 151. 183.
Policy of the majority respecting,

For manufacture of Gold and

Silver Thread, 184. 191. 195,

196. 188. 202. 204. 227.
For forfeiture of thie Recogni-

sances of Alehouses, 185. 227.
For Inns and Hosteries, 184–

186. 191. 196. 198. 202. 204.

For concealments, 191. 195. 202.
Complained of to the Lords as

grievances, 202.
Proceeding of the Lords with

regard to, 203.
Given up by the King, 227.
Of the survey of coals, stopped at

the seal, 513, 514.
For incorporation of the Apothe-

caries, 514, 515.
Patricius, 377.
Peacock, a school master, committed

for pretending to have in.
fatuated the King's judginent by
sorcery, his examination, 76–

Richard, a monied man and

suitor, 258. 260.
Peace, commission of the, revised,

Pembroke, Earl of, Lord Chamberlain,

recommended to the Prince by
the King when he thought lie

was dying, 9.
His sentence on the Earl and

Countess of Suffolk, 59.
A member of the Conference

Committee when Bacon and
Montagu spoke in their own
defence ; his motion thereupon,

Appointed to begin and to report

the next conference, 202.
His motion on Bacon's first letter

of submission, 248, 249.
Against requiring him to answer

in person, ibid.
One of the commissioners to

receive the great seal from

His part in the debate on Bacon's

punishment, 268, 269.

nor of any enemy, 507.
Accepts the failure to reconqı":"r

the Palatinate, 509.
Not chairman of committee, al-

luded to in p. 515.
Philip, King of Spain, his policy with

regard to the Palatinate, 400,

His secret communication to the

Emperor, 401.
His views as to the marriage,

Engagements to be required of

him, 457, 458.
Postpones the match indefinitely,

458, 459.
His two enemies, 501.
The latter, King of Macedon, 475.
Phillips, John, defendant in a Chancery


Philipps, Bacon's godson, bequest to,

Powerscourt, Lord—continued.

sums of money to the Lord
Treasurer Suffolk for favours

done, 57.
Powre, a suitor, 256.
Prague, capture of, by the Bavarians,

how it affected the question of
the recovery of the Palatinate,

153, 154.
Prayer or Psalm, 229-231.
Prerogative, royal, its relation to the

Common Law, 118.
Prerogative Court of Canterbury. See

Priests and Recusants, petition for

better execution of laws against,

181, 182.
Pretorian Edicts in albo, 360.

Courts, 473.
Proclamations and Commissions likely

to be complained of by the
Lower House, how to be dealt

with, 147.
Concerning the manufacture of

Gold and Silver Thread, 204.

Imprisonment for disobeying, 205

Prodromus Philosophiæ Secunda, 532.
Protestant Union and Catholic League,

treaty between, 108.
Prusias, King of Bithynia, 475.
Psalms, translation of certain, into

English verse, 523.

By whom printed, ibid.
Puckering, Sir Thomas, a magistrate,

Puritans, 442. 448.
Pursuivants, offences of, 39.
Pye, Sir Robert, Lord Treasurer's

Remembrancerofthe Exchequer,

letter to, 528.
Pym, John, P. for Tavistock, assists

at the Conference, 191.
Pythagoras, 377.

| Queen Henrietta, arrival of, 526.

suit, 80.
Philosophia Secunda, 530. 532.
Phæbidas, Thebes invested by, 472.
Physicians and apothecaries, patent

concerning, 514.
Picardy, 479.
Piedmont, 479.
Pinckney, a money lender, 255.
Pisistratus, tyranny of, 359.
Pitt, M., anecdote of Bacon in a book

published by, 563, 564.
Pitt, William, debts of, 564, 565.
Plague in London, 530. 533, 534.

Plato, opinion put into the mouth of

Clinias by, concerning war be-

tween nations, 476.
A just fear allowed by, for a cause

of invasive war, 478.
Pliny, the elder, natural history of,

Death of, 550,
The younger, preserved both his

orations and epistles, 546, 547.
Plomer, Bacon's servant, legacy to,

Pole, Michael de la, notes on his case,

Pope, Alexander, on Bacon, 553, 554.
Pope Sixtus V. and Urban VIII.,

Popish bishopricks, design for erecting

in England, 378, 379.
Porten, Thomas, a poor Yorkshireman,

victim of conjuration, 30.
Porter, Mr. Endimion, 437.
Porter, Buckingham's servant, letter

to Bacon on behalf of, 109.
Portugal, Spanish title to, disputed by

the right heirs, 464. 479.
Powerscourt, Lord, one of the com-
manders in Ireland, pays


Queen Anne, death of, 9. 14. 32.

Radford, Peter, wife of, legacy to, 543. Ralegh, Sir Walter- continued.
Ralegh, Sir Walter, examinations re- His saying about the Spanish
lating to his case posssbily lost

Armada, 462. 489.
in the fire at Whitehall, 4. Ramsay, Mr. David, concerned in the
See also, 18.

business of Wills, 111.
“ Sir Walter Ralegh's Ghost," a Raveline, the, 495.

seditious book, the author of Rawley, Dr., Bacon's chaplain, avoids
which the Government were in

mention of Bacon's pecuniary
search of, 153.

difficulties after his fall, 524.






Rawley, Dr.--continued.


Pursuit of, silently dropped, 203.
Religion, petition of, 181, 182. 349.

Rémusat, M. Charles de, on the “great-

of Bacon, 574, 575.
Revenge,' the, her fight with the

Spanish fleet, 491.
Reynell, Sir George, his great diamond,

228, 258.
Rich, Sir Nathaniel, one of a committee

to set down the judgment against

Edward Lloyde, 273.
Sir Robert, one of Bacon's credi-

tors to whom letters of adminis-

tration were granted, 551.
Richardson, Serjeant, chosen Speaker

of the Lower House, 173.

Makes his oration, 174.
Ridgway, Lord, pays 3001. to the Lord

Treasurer for favour in passing

his accounts, 57.
Rimenant, battle near, on Lammas Day,

Rolf, Mr., Bacon's neighbour at St.

Albans, 258.
Roper, Sir John, afterwards Lord

Teynham, arrangements for re-

version of his office, 101.
Ross, Lord, married to Sir Thomas

Lake's daughter, threatened with
scandalous accusations, goes to
Italy, 3.

See Lake, Exeter.

Lady, makes a full confes-

sion, 34.
Rowe, Sir Thomas, on the mismanage-

ment of the Conference, 195.
Ruswell, Sir Henry, a suitor, 259.

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Saint Alban, Lady, bequest to, 228.

Her conference with Buckingham

about York House, 323–325,

326, 327.
Can make a shift to like the house

at Chiswick, 355.
Incurs Bacon's displeasure for

cause not known, 538, 539.
Devises and Legacies to, 541.

Revocation of same, 545.
St. Alban's, bequest to the poor of,

St. Andrew's in Holborn, bequest to the

poor of, 540.
St. Martin's in the · Fields, bequest to

the poor of, 540.
St. Michael's Church, Bacon to be

buried in, 539.

Passage on the subject quoted as

his, 524.
Anecdote relating to the composi.

tion of the Sylva Sylvarum, 525.
His list of Bacon's writings, 537.
Legacy to, 543.
Witness to the publication of

Bacon's last will, 545.
Recommendation of, to Bishop

Williams, 546.
Edited most of Bacon's MSS., 552.
Memorandum in his commonplace-

book of Bacon's remark on the
sentence against himself, 559,

On the sources of Bacon's know.

ledge, 565.
On his method of study, 566.
On his care of his health, ibid.

His opinion of him, 576.
Redborn, bequest to the poor of, 540.
Referees, in cases of petitions for

Patents, 184.
For patents of Inns and Alehouses,

185. 187.
Question of calling them to ac-

count in the House of Commons
for advice given to the King, 188,

189. 199, 200.
Why not named at the Conference

with the Lords, 193–196.
Omission supplied at a second

Conference, 197.
Offer of Bacon and Montagu to

justify their certificates at the
proper time, voted a transgres.
sion of the rules of the Upper
House, 198.

Sackville, Sir Edward, afterwards Earl

of Dorset, his motion in the first

debate on Monopolies, 184.
Bacon's bequest to, 228. 542.
Named as a friend to communicate

with Buckingham on Bacon's

behalf, 320.
Meautys's report of his proceed-

ings and advice, 324-326. 339.

342. 355.
His own report, 342–344.
Heads for a speech to be made by

him, 460-465.
His travels, 465.
Letter to, 529.

See 330. 356.
Saggi Morali, Italian name of Bacon's

Essays,” 531.


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