Fourteenth annual report of the superintendent of public instruction


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Página 225 - ... 4. To prescribe the text-books to be used in the schools, and to compel a uniformity in the use of the same, pursuant to the provisions of this chapter, and to furnish the same to pupils out of any moneys provided for that purpose.
Página 322 - State should therefore establish the principle that the property of the State should educate the children of the State.
Página 107 - ... the whole number of children between the ages of five and twenty years in the district.
Página 219 - Books are a part of man's prerogative, In formal ink they thoughts and voices hold, That we to them our solitude may give, And make time present travel that of old. Our life fame pierceth longer at the end, And books it farther backward do extend.
Página 302 - Tis education forms the common mind ; Just as the twig is bent the tree's inclined.
Página 10 - SEC. 1. The taxable inhabitants of each school district in the State, shall have power, when lawfully assembled in any district meeting, to lay a tax on the district, not exceeding twenty dollars for the first year, for the purchase of a district library ; consisting of such books as they shall in their district meetings direct ; and such further sum as they may deem necessary for the purchase of a book case.
Página 96 - Agent for the New York Indians. SIR: The trustees of the Thomas Asylum for Orphan and Destitute Indian Children respectfully beg leave to report to you, and through you to the Indian department at Washington, the condition of the asylum for the year
Página 120 - Inspectors of the Council of Hygiene of the Citizens...
Página 59 - The levying of a tax for five successive years of one-eighth of a mill upon each dollar of taxable property in the State, for the purpose of aiding in the erection and improvement of school houses and their appurtenances.
Página 19 - Number of children of school age who have attended the public schools during some portion of the year...

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