Über Bodenrente und Bodenspekulation in der modernen Stadt

Duncker & Humblot, 1904 - 211 páginas

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Página 13 - LOST LEADER • JUST for a handful of silver he left us, Just for a riband to stick in his coat — Found the one gift of which fortune bereft us, Lost all the others she lets us devote; They, with the gold to give, doled him out silver, So much was theirs who so little allowed: How all our copper had gone for his service! Rags — were they purple, his heart had been...
Página 190 - Where it is otherwise, every person subject to the tax is put more or less in the power of the taxgatherer, who can either aggravate the tax upon any obnoxious contributor, or extort, by the terror of such aggravation, some present or perquisite to himself. The uncertainty of taxation encourages the insolence and favours the corruption of an order of men who are naturally unpopular, even where they are neither insolent nor corrupt...
Página 189 - All property, not exempted from taxation by this Constitution, shall be assessed for taxation at its fair cash value, estimated at the price it would bring at a fair voluntary sale...
Página 80 - The price of monopoly is upon every occasion the highest which can be got. The natural price, or the price of free competition, on the contrary, is the lowest which can be taken, not upon every occasion indeed, but for any considerable time together.
Página 204 - Seacoal is burnt is a great matter. Now if it follow from hence, that the Pallaces of the greatest men will remove Westward, it will also naturally follow, that the dwellings of others who depend upon them will creep after them.
Página 5 - The whole country waits the signal from London to fly to arms ! haste, break open gunsmiths and other likely places to find arms ! run all constables who touch a man of us ; no rise of bread ; no Regent; no Castlereagh, off with their heads ; no placemen, tythes, or enclosures ; no taxes ; no bishops, only useless lumber ! stand true, or be slaves for ever.
Página 90 - Das Grundeigentum kann nur aus Gründen des öffentlichen Wohles für ein Unternehmen, dessen Ausführung die Ausübung des Enteignungsrechtes erfordert, gegen vollständige Entschädigung entzogen oder beschränkt werden.
Página 204 - Westward, because the Windes blowing near 34 of the year from the West, the dwellings of the West end are so much the more free from the fumes, steams, and stinks of the whole Easterly Pyle; which where Seacoal is burnt is a great matter.
Página 16 - Wie die Entdeckungen jenes Mannes es möglich machten, die Bahnen der Weltkörper auf unbeschränkte Zeit zu bestimmen, so glaube ich mich durch meine Entdeckungen in den Stand gesetzt, den Menschen mit untrüglicher Sicherheit die Bahn zu bezeichnen, die er zu wandeln hat, um seinen Lebenszweck in vollkommenster Weise zu erreichen"^.

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