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For long Aftolpho's coming did the wait, 125
On Goltho's head who should have wreck'd his ire,
But when no such approach'd her open gate,
She doom'd the youth by poison to expire.

And by that draught (fo Heav'n divinely wrought)
Which for her guest the foully did intend,

130 By that same draught her own fall now is wrought, Which brings her foon to an unpicy'd end...

Her wicked damsels traightway filed amain,
And the rich house, and all its bravest store,
The spoils of nymphs decoy'd and heroes Dain, 135
Remain'd to Goltho and to Ulfinore.

But no such bawbles charm their longing eyes:
Not wealth they seek, but quit the house of Guile,
Nor wish to make the golden hoards their prize,
Gain'd by the triumphs of an harlot's smile.

With hafte the hated manfion did they leave,
And o'er the lawn, and thro' the foreft sped,
Where mazy paths their wand'ring steps deceive,
By the faint glimm'ring of the Itarlight led..

While thus perplex'd and unresolv'd they stood, 545
Seeking in vain some human track t' explore,

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The fouth winds whistled wildly thro' the wood,
And diftant thunders rolld with folemn róar.

Meteors, foreboding storms, with horrid glare
Gilt the dun horronts of approaching nighty 150
A dismal radiance darting thro the air,
A dire effulgence and unwelcome' light.

And nearer till as the rude tempest drew,
Still farthe cow'rds the foreft's chequer'd shade
Theyouthsapproach, while at each stepthey view 155
The horcours of the awful scene display'd.

$ Yet here," said Ulfinore, “ let not our hearts d
6. Sink in despair, which erst amidit alarms
“ Have never fail'd, while show'rs of hostile darts
Pour'd like thistempest on our shatter'darms." 160

Thußwhilche spoke, thick globés of hail descend,
And all the winds of heav'n their forces try;
Vaft dreadful sheets of livid fire extend
From eicher pole, and blaze along the sky,

To the loud winds the louder thunders roar, 165
Responsve, while the hail's continu'd found,
With all the storms that from the heav'ns pour,
The rattling branches thro' the wood resound:

XLIII. And swelling waters bursting from each rill, In flowing torrents coursing thro' the fade, With murm'rings hoarse, the troubled welkin fill, And the vex'd ear with deaf'ning sounds invade. 172

XLIV. “ Methinks the Pow'rs above,” said Goltho, then, “ Resolve to shake this globe's substantial base, “And hurl swift ruin on the sons of men, “ Long try'd an impious and ungodly race : 176

XLV. “Else why these pealing sounds, these fheets of flame, “ And heav'n's eternal sluices open'd round? “ This heavy gloom that wraps th' ethereal frame, “And these rude shocks that fbake the solid ground?"

For as he spoke the rending glebe gave way,
And fires infernal from beneath broke forth,
Disclosing horrid caves unknown to-day,
Deep in the bowels of the groaning earth.

XLVII. “ Brave Goltho," then said Ulfinore the sage, " Ev'n 'midst the horrours of this dreadful scene, " This boilt'rous strife of elemental rage, “ The philofophick foul may fit ferene. 188

XLVIII. “ What if the jarring feeds of Nature, pent “ In hollow caves, these dreadful shocks supply,



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“ And bursting vapours struggling for a vent,
“ Blaze in the upper and the nether {ky? 192

- Or what if heav'n's high pow'r in vengeance rise,

To hurl chefe holts that set the skies on fire ?
“ What if th’Almighty Mind these strokes devise,
“And groaning nations in the fock expired: 196

+ Think'st thou fot Virtue can maintain her seat,
" Offspring belov'd of heav'n's eternal King?
6. Think'st thousuch ihocks can reach her bleft retreat,
* Shelter'd behind the cherub Mercy's wing.

“ No! let the coward guilty only fear,
" Whose conscious hearts reproach them from within;
" It is their place alone to tremble here,
“Who link opprefs'd beneath a load of fin.

“ Believe me, Goltho, not the roaring war
“Oi yonder fiery cope, tho' mov'd etern',
“ Can with the dreadful pasions ere compare,
" That raging in unhallow'd bosoms burn.

“ For these all in their place the lot fulfil,
“ Which Heav'n to each most wisely hath allign'd,
" Whilft those tempestuous paffions thwart the will,
“ Andcross the mandates of th’Almighty Mind."212



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Touch'd with the words of one fo wife and young,
Regardless of the storm brave Goltho walks,
Hangs on the accents falling from his tongue, 215
And ev'n when fitent thinks that still he talks.

But now two paths full op'ning to the view,
To right and left, perplex'd the trav'llers stand,
Nor know which road to leave nor which pursue,
Alike they doubt to turn to either hand.

One track led winding down a shelving dale,
All arch'd with bending branches overhead,
The other op'ning to the northern gale,
Wide and more wide its greenwood carpet spread.

Goltho and Sigebert now firit descend

The darkling dell, and its recess explore,
Whilst where the wid'ning shades more free extend, .
With prudent step advanc'd brave Ulfinore.

This done, they all appointed to return
To that same place where both the ways did meet,
And Ulfinore, who early did difcern

231 The open plain, turn'd back, his friend to greet.

But when the spot he gain'd, in vain he fought
Those friends, for whom awhile he patient waits

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