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Página 484 - VicePresident, in the chair. — The minutes of the last meeting having been read and confirmed, the Chairman, on behalf of the President, declared the following to be Vice- Presidents : — Messrs.
Página 311 - ... coast of China, or be compelled to take refuge in any port within the dominions of the Emperor of China, the Chinese authorities, on being apprised of the fact, shall immediately adopt measures for its relief and security ; the persons on board shall receive friendly treatment, and shall be furnished, if necessary, with the means of conveyance to the nearest consular station.
Página 312 - It is agreed that either of the High Contracting Parties to this Treaty may demand a further revision of the Tariff, and of the Commercial Articles of this Treaty, at the end of ten years, but if no demand be made on either side within six months after the end of the first ten years, then the Tariff shall remain in force for ten years more, reckoned from the end of the preceding ten years; and so it shall be, at the end of each successive ten years.
Página 25 - All drafts or orders for the payment of any sum of money to the bearer on demand...
Página 348 - All provisions now in force in anywise relating to the offence of forging or altering or offering, uttering, disposing of, or putting off, knowing the same to be forged or altered, any East India bond, with intent to defraud, shall extend and be applicable to and in respect of any debenture or bond issued under the authority of this Act.
Página 789 - Then the question is, whether by the death of the principal he is to be converted in a Court of Equity into a specialty creditor against his assets. With respect to the bond paid off after the death of the principal, the questions are, whether, inasmuch as at the death of the principal...
Página 314 - British ships of war coming for no hostile purpose, or being engaged in the pursuit of pirates, shall be at liberty to visit all ports within the dominions of the Emperor of China...
Página 630 - Securities so paid or delivered respectively, and shall fully protect and indemnify the Governor and Company of the Bank of England, the East India Company, and the South Sea Company, and all other Persons acting under or in pursuance of such Order.
Página 382 - INTRODUCTION. THE interest in modern languages and literature which is so widespread in America to-day is of comparatively recent origin. What little there was at the end of the last century and in the beginning of this is to be traced to commercial needs or to social ambitions. Moreover, those who sought instruction were often compelled to study under incompetent and even self-taught men who had little notion of the literature, and sometimes no idea of the proper pronunciation of the languages they...
Página 461 - Any contract, which if made between private persons would by law be valid, although made by parol only, and not reduced into writing, may be made by parol on behalf of the Company by any person acting under the express or implied authority of the Company, and such contract may in the same way be varied or discharged.

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