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Next to her, in roxy pride,
Sweet Society, the Bride ;
Last Honesty, full seemly drest
In her cleanly home-spun vest,

The abby bells in wak’ning rounds

The warning peal have giv'n ; And pious Gratitude resounds

Her morning hymn to heav'n.

All nature wakes; the birds unlock their throats,
And mock the shepherd's rustick notes.

All alive o'er the lawn,
Full glad of the dawn,

The little lambkins play,
Sylvia and Sol arise, and all is day.--

: Come, my mates, let us work,

And all hands to the fork,
While the sun shines, our hay-cocks to make,

So fine is the day,

And so fragrant the hay,
That the meadow's as blithe as the wake,

Our voices let's raise

In Phoebus's praise,
Inspir'd by so glorious a theme,

Our musical words

Shall be join'd by the birds,
And we'll dance to the tune of the stream,

[blocks in formation]



Kasuvai vaes, at wol subale Tgoiav, &c.

Axt. iii. ad finem.

THE barks how fam’d, by lab'ring oars

| Innumerable, driv'n to Phrygian fhores!
The blue-ey'd NEREIDS danc'd in jocund rounds,

The dolphin, by harmonious sounds,
Captiv'd, in gambols Aounc'd along the main,
All as ACHILLES fail'd to Troy's ill-deftin'd plain. .

The * Nymphs, Eubæd's strand forsook,
Their route thro' Pelion's facred mountain took ;
A maffy shield, with curious feulpture wrought,

From Vulcan's golden forge they brought,
Seeking, where Peleus rear'd thee, swift of pace,
Thee, THETIS' sea-born son, ACHILLES, pride of Greece.

The field (so whilom did relate
A wight return'd from Ilion's hapless fate).
Was with a various-figur'd group befpred: ..

There PERSEUS shook the Gorgon head,
Soaring with winged feet, as o'er the sea
With MAIA's peerless fon, Jove's herald, he did flee.



Full in the midst with dazzling blaze
The sun's bright orb shot forth his golden rays,
And all around the starry hoft appear,

Glift'ring, as in the heav'nly sphere :
Such ardent light fierce Hector could affray,
Hector, estrang'd to fear, appall with dirę dismay.

Suchtring, as in Harry host a


High on the helmet were display'd ..
Rich images emboss’d, with gold inlaid ;
There with destructive grasp her trembling prey

A SPHINX exulting borę away;.
There fell CHIMÆRA with impetuous force,
And breathing fire, rulh'd on the Pirenean horse,

. VI.
Sublime in his triumphant car,
ACHILLES press'd amid the thickest war ;
The generous steeds flew prancing o'er the plaing

And champing foam'd with proud disdain ;
Whilst, as he brandish'd high his deadly spear,
Thick clouds of dust arose, and darken'd all the rear.

Such chieftains on th' embattled plain
Own'd great ATRIDEŞ' sway, whọ basely Nain
By TYNDARIS, lewd partner of his będ,

At home, in peace, ignobly bled : -
Nathless thy murd'rous wiles thalt thou deplore,
When ’neath th' avenging steel fhall stream thy purple gore,

L. M. N. O.P.Q.


JOB, Chapter XXXIX.

n Eclare, if heav'nly wisdom bless thy tongue,

When teems the MOUNTAIN-Goat with promis'd

young ;
The stated seasons tell, the month explain,
When feels the bounding Hind a mother's pain ;
While, in th’ oppressive agonies of birth,
Silent they bow the sorrowing head to earth ?
Why crop their lusty feed the verdant food ?
Why leave their dams, to search the gloomy wood ?

Say, whence the WILD-Ass wantons o'er the plain,
Sports uncontrould, unconscious of the rein ?
'Tis his o’er fields of solitude to roam,

The waste his house, the wilderness his home;
He scorns the crouded city's pomp and noise,
Nor heeds the driver's rod, nor hears his voice;
At will on every various verdure fed,
His pasture o'er the shaggy cliffs is spread.

Will the fierce UNICORN obey thy call,
Enslav’d to man, and patient of the stall ?
Say, will he stubborn stoop thy yoke to bear,
And thro' the furrow drag the tardy share ?
Say, canst thou think, O wretch of vain belief,
His lab’ring limbs will draw thy weighty fheaf?
Or canst thou tame the temper of his blood,
With faithful feet to trace the destin'd road ?

Who paints the Peacock's train with radiant eyes,
And all the bright diversity of dies ?
Whose hand the stately Ostrich has fupply'd
With glorious plumage, and her snowy pride ?
Thoughtless she leaves, amid the dusty way,
fier eggs, to ripen in the genial ray;


Nor heeds, that some fell beast, who thirsts for blood,
Or the rude foot may crush he future brood.
In her no love the tender offtyring share, ,
No soft remembrance, no maternal care: ..
For God has steeld her unrelenting breast, ..!
Nor feeling sense, nor instinct mild imprest,
Bade her the rapid-rushing steed despise,
Outstrip the rider's rage, and tow'r amid the skies.

Didft Thou the Horse with strength and beauty deck?
Hast Thou in thunder cloath'd his nervous neck?
Will he, like groveling Grashoppers afraid, ...
Start at each found, at ev'ry breeze, dismay'd ?
A cloud of fire his lifted nostrils raise,
And breathe a glorious terrrour as they blaze. ...
He paws indignant, and the valley spurns, se
Rejoycing in his might, and for the battle burns.
When quivers rattle, and the frequent spear
Flies Aashing, leaps his heart with languid fear?
Swallowing with fierce and greedy rage the ground,
“ Is this, he cries, the trumpet's warlike sound?”
Eager he scents the battle from afar,
And all the mingling thunder of the war..

Flies the fierce HawK by thy supreme commands To seek soft climates and a southern land ? Who bade th' aspiring Eagle mount the sky, And build her firm aerial neft on high? . , : On the bare cliff, or mountain's shaggy steep, in Her fortress of defence the dares to keep; Thence darts her radiant eye's pervading ray, Inquisitive to ken the distant prey. Seeks with her thirsty brood th’ensanguin'd plain, There bathes her beak in blood, companion of the fain.

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