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What joy attends a new-paid debt!
Our Manciple I lately met

Of visage wise and prudent;
I on the nail my Battels paid,
The monster turn'd away dismay’d.

Hear this, each OXFORD Student !

With justice and with truth to trace
The grilly features of his face,

Exceeds all man's recounting;
Suffice, he look'd as grim and four
As any lion in the tower,

Or half-starv'd cat-a-mountain.

A phiz so grim you scarce can meet
In Bedlam, Newgate, or the Fleet,

Dry nurfe of faces horrid ;
Not BUCKHORSE, fierce with many a bruise,
Displays such complicated hues

On his undaunted forehead.

Place me on Scotland's bleakest hill,
Provided I can pay my bill,

Hang ev'ry thought of sorrow;
There falling fleet, or frost, or rain
Attack a soul resolv’d, in vain :-

It may be fair to-morrow.


To Heddington then let me stray,
And take 70. Pullen's tree away,

I'll ne'er complain of Phoebus;
But while he scorches up the grass,
I'll fill a bumper to my lass,

And toast her in a Rebus.

On Miss L

VITHILE Oxford Bards, with teeming fancy fraught,

W Display the texture of their fine-spun thought;

W t 's charms of symmetry inspire
Reflected ardor from poetic fire;
Shall I, tho' meanest of the tuneful train,
Tho' plodding for the Je ne scai quoi in vain,
Shall I my tributary strains refuse,
When merit claims allegiance froin the muse?

What pow'r of charms our ravish'd sense surprize!
What soft attraction ! brilliancy of eyes !
What sweet-attemper?d smiles, and roseat grace,

cei. With all the beauteous harmony of face !

Why should I dwell on her external pow'r,
And lavish odours on the fragrant Aow'r?
Since independent of those arts to please,
The lure of tutor'd looks and labour'd ease,
Şecure of conquest, the affails our hearts
With a bright magazine of keener darts;
Conscious how tranfient beauty's gaudy boast,
How short the triumph of a reigning toast;
Conscious, as fashy lightnings gild the sky,
So pass the lustre of a sparkling eye.

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. While other nymphs anxiety express
For filver-tinsel'd elegance of dress,
She, bleft with genuine taste of bliss refin'd,
Enjoys more real elegance of mind.
While the gay circle of bright nymphs you fee
Exhaling scandal o'er prolific tea,
Observe this fair, intent on nobler views,
Quaffs the Pierian nectar of the Muse;
Scans the just moral of fatiric rage,
Or virtuous Ethic's philofophic page.

As goodly elms support the wanton vine, As the soft lymph allays the sprightly wine, So wit, attemper'd with superiour senfe, Combines to speak her mental excellence : Ev'n captious tea-tables admire to see Such clashing inconsistencies agree ; A nymph, tho' fair, by pride not led away, Sublimely humble, and serenely gay, Of easy temper, amiably good, Free, no coquet, and virtuous, tho' no prudę : Such early fruit to bloom before its time, Forget its age and ripen into prime.

But hark ! Attention hangs in wonder loft, And speaking looks strive to admire her most. What elocution from a voice so sweet, Enrich'd with all the charms of tuneful wit ! By dint of found the adds to MILTON fire, Gives harmony to Pope and ease to PRIOR; Her tongue, with soft mellifluous accents fraught, Sets in the faireft light each brilliant thought ; Mean ones she casts in quite another mould, And by rich Alchymy turns all to golde

Ye prudes of prim-seț face and studied air,
Ye shining belles elaborately fair,
Say, does my fancy only pour the strain,
The gaudy fi&tion of an idle brain ?

, Behold the Graces dancing hand in hand,
The heav'n-born Muses, sweetly-warbling band;
The Queen of beamy eyes and dalliance gay,
The virgin Pallas clad in white array ;
All, all with smiles of approbation fee
Their choicest attributes combin'd in L

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On a bastard-child murder'd by its mother,


OVE, spite of Honour's dictates, gave thee breath ; hand Honour, in spite of Love, pronounc'd thy death,

Thus translated,

Spretâ jussit AMOR FAMA te, parvule, nasci :
FAMAque te spreto jussit AMORE mori.


EE, with what virtue Wit is fraught!

Its poignancy admire !
Which, by contracting flights of thought,

Can set the soul on fire.

So convex glasses, made compleat,

Contract the rays of light; Which when apart give little heat,

But burn when they unite,



T TNDE repentinam trahimus sub pectore Alammam

U . Alternasque nives? tantas quid fædere lites
Claudit? Hyperborei coeunt quâ pace Suëci
Marmaricis ? tepidumve Hebro quid miscet Hydaspen?
Arte Machaoniâ totoque in carmine Phobo
Eft opus, ingentes seu vult mulcere dolores,
Seu canere; ægrotis seu det, feu versibus ævum.

Felices animi ! queis tu, Thymbræe, potentem
Indulfisti artem, circum præcordia cæcos
Explorare ignes, morbique recludere fontes,
His licet instantis per mille pericula fati
Ire redire viam, flammatas. pollice venas
Tractare, & nocuus fi quis super halitus erret,
Securis legere, atque haurire & reddere febrim,
Qualis casta fidem testans Cunegunda marito
Fixit inoffensam candenti vomere plantam,
Non secus ac teneri per florea gramina prati
Ferret iter, celeremve pedes imitata Camillam,
Suspensa in gelidis legeret vestigia lymphis. ,
Sic pius Æneas, comitisque onerisque faluti
Dum studet, evadit, focios quibus eripit, hostes.

Nos gravior natura premit; nos, plurima pestis
Corporea exercet, quas aut incuria fundit,
Corruptusve æther, vel lævo Delius aftro
Respiciens. Ægras fensi violare medullas
Angorem, Ætneis incendiaque æmula prunis.
Namque putes Siculos imo fub pectore fabros
Exercere opus, hinc versare Pyracınona follem,
Hinc Steropem infandum præcordia tundere crebris
Ictibus, & prensare immani forcipe Brontem;
Mox gelido durare lacu, rursusque sub ignes
Formare alterno tormenta reciproca gyro.
Nam fimul ac venis inflatis triite venenuin


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